Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' season finale

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI’m so happy this season is finally over and you’ve all seen how it really ended — and how beautiful that ending really was. There were more rumors, wild stories, and supposed leaks this year than ever before. I’ve wanted to tell all of you just how great this season really was, but didn’t want to give anything away and ruin the ending. Why anybody would ever want to destroy the ending of a show for you, I’ll never understand. Some people just have this need to tear down what others create.

I’ll be honest: Ali truly couldn’t have made a bad choice with her final two. Chris and Roberto are two of the finest men we’ve ever had on this show. Obviously in the end, Roberto was the right man for Ali. In true form this season, where rules are made to be broken, Ali took a bold step and let Chris go before their final date. I really respect Ali for doing this, and I know Chris does as well. Ali felt so much for Chris, respected him so much, that she didn’t want to lead him on any further when she was clearly one hundred percent in love with Roberto. While this was a respectful move, it was also a gamble. At this point, Ali was hoping for a proposal from Roberto, but she couldn’t be sure she would get one. This also changed things dramatically for the production. We not only lost a date that we would normally show you, but we also lost half of our proposal day. Like Ali, we never really know if there’s going to be a proposal until the bachelor gets down on one knee and pops the question. This is one reason I know this show is so compelling. When we’re taping that final day, we’re glued to our TV monitors just like you, waiting to see what happens.

When Roberto got down on one knee and proposed to Ali, we all went nuts just like you and your friends probably did. I know Roberto looked a little hot and sweaty, but he had good reason. First of all, he was about to propose and that’s enough reason to make any man sweat. What’s more, Roberto arrived by boat, and while trying to jump to me on shore, he missed and went ankle deep into the ocean in his tux. We then had to climb straight up a mountain to get to Ali — scaling about 100 stairs in ninety-degree heat and ninety percent humidity. The climb was obviously well worth it considering the view from the top of that mountain overlooking all of Bora Bora.

I have to admit I rather enjoyed not having a second guy in the mix for that final day. It meant that the day was going to be nothing but positive. I always hate that awkward meeting with the person who isn’t going to be chosen. By this point in the season, I know them very well and hate that they’re about to be hurt. So this time it was all good as Roberto was the only guy left, and I knew his feelings for Ali and vice versa. The only question remaining was whether there would be a proposal. It was a beautiful proposal, and I know these two truly love each other. I’ve seen Ali on several occasions and spent time with the two of them on the “After the Final Rose” set. They are incredibly happy and looking forward to moving in together and starting their new life together.

Speaking of the AFR special, I want to talk about Frank and his non-appearance. Last week in this blog, I talked about looking forward to speaking to Frank. We intentionally kept Frank off the “Men Tell All” episode so we could do a more in-depth interview on AFR. I was incredibly disappointed to find out he decided on his own not to show up. I find myself and many others constantly having to apologize for and defend Frank. I can’t do that for him on this one. He could have very easily shown up to face Ali, step up, and own what he did. I hear he and Nicole are doing well, and I wish them all the happiness in the world. All the more reason he should have shown up and just owned what he had done and how he feels. I don’t think anybody can blame the guy for not loving Ali and falling back in love with another woman. The heart wants what it wants. But the true measure of a man is how you handle it.

Next Monday night I hope you’ll join me for our new show Bachelor Pad. It’s everything a Bachelor fan could ever want and a little more. It’s fun, sexy, don’t-think-too-hard summer TV at its best. Sit back and enjoy! I want to put a bow on this season of the Bachelorette by thanking you, our fans, for once again making this franchise a huge success. And I want to say congratulations to Ali and Roberto: I wish you two all the best in your new life together.

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  • HP

    This has renewed my faith in the Bachelor/Bachelorette – great recovery from last season! Looking forward to more romance to come!

    • LOL

      No one cares about this crap.

      • alexis

        ummmm….then y are you reading this??? hahaha

      • Kali

        Then why are you commenting?

      • James

        Then why mention it MORON!

      • Steph

        Hey LOL, in denial much? You can’t get enough of this “crap” and you know it.

      • LOL

        If I don’t tell you it’s crap then you will never know. I am always suprised at how many people watch and care about this tupid crap. Oh they found LOVEEEEEE. They will break up by Thursday. So no one should care about this crap, it if you do it is a bad reflection on you.

      • eugene

        Some people just like to argue, and they are usually people who are so self-absorbed that they can’t see a good thing when it is right in front of them.

      • nomnomnom

        I didn’t watch the show, but I still wanted to know who she picked. I’m so nosey.

      • Kali

        Oh, LOL, you are so much smarter than us! Or maybe you just don’t have anything better to do.

      • Alli

        Hmmmm then why are you reading it… people are so negative!

      • LOL

        Thank you Kali.

      • TBfan

        Not sure whats more entertaining, the rest of us watching the show, for what it is and enjoying it, or LOL watching it, calling it crap (every week) and continuing to watch again so you can tell us how miserable we should be.

      • Casey

        Yeah secretly LOL loves this show. It’s quite obvious. He/she reminds me of a little kid throwing things at their school-age crush because they cannot express their true feelings.

      • Cosmo

        I think someone was seeking a little attention…happy now? There is so much crap on TV, you just have to pick what crap entertains YOU. My guess is Jersey Shore or Pretty Little Liars?

      • Elle

        Must be a bitter Reality Steve!

      • Paige

        Oh this show is crap…but oh so entertaining crap much like the jersey shore/keeping up with the kardashians/disney channel original movies/abc family original movies. Anyway, although it seems doubtful, hopefully Roberto and Ali will make it, you know, so at least we can stop throwing reality tv show dating contestants back in the general dating pool.

      • roberto&ali

        why are you reading it if you don’t care about it?

      • Heather

        You are the one that clicked on the link to read the story…If you have such a problem with the show, why read the blog.

    • BR

      Seriously! I couldn’t agree more! I love Chris L, but I was so happy for Ali & Roberto! They truly look genuinely in love. I hope that it lasts and works out for them. She definitely made the right choice. Now I hope Chris L will become the bachelor! And please find decent, real, down to earth women for him to choose from – not skanky, fame-driven, nasty girls. Please!

      • Butterbuns

        I totally agree! I would love to see Chris as the next bachelor, but I think he has too much class to grope 25 women at once. And he absolutely needs a salt-of-the-earth, honest woman. You don’t see too many of those on ‘The Bachelor.’

      • Stef

        As much as I love Chris I really don’t want him to be the next Bachelor. I really liked the last two Bachelors (Jason and Jake) before their seasons started, but after I definitely didn’t like either of them as much. Jason is not so bad I guess since he did end up marrying Molly but I still think the way he dumped Melissa was wrong, even if it was mostly contractually obligated. And as for Jake, after his little sit-down with Chris and Vienna about their break-up, it could not be more clear that he is a controlling skeezeball. It takes a lot to make me feel sorry for Vienna (who is no saint either of course), but he sure did. So while I don’t think Chris would handle himself like these two did, I still don’t want the show to have any chance of corrupting him!!

      • Hannah

        He’s nice but a bit boring

      • Angie

        Chris L was my choice all along because he is the man I would have chosen. But ultimately it was Ali’s heart that she had to follow and that lead her to Roberto and I do think they will be happy together…as long as they can stay out of the limelight and live a normal life (look at Trista and Ryan).

      • Sharon L

        I do not think Chris and The Bachelor are a good fit for him finding love with all he has been through with his mother. He is an incredible guy and deserves and will find love on his on. PLEASE DON’T ASK HIM TO BE THE NEXT BACHELOR!!!

    • Steph

      Agreed. I thought this show had proven over and over it doesn’t work, but Ali and Roberto seem truly happy and in love. That’s reality TV at its best. Loved this season!

    • Jude

      I think this season was great. I am sorry for Chris but from the beginning it was obvious that Roberto was right for Ali in prvious shows I have heard the young woman say he is perfect for me and then choose the wrong one and most of them have not worked out. Congrats Ali you were serious on the show and found your dream. Stay off tv shows and let your love grow and hope to see your wedding. You are a cute couple and so meant to be

      • Sylvia

        Okay but first let them do DWTS to make me happy.

    • Marci

      @Eugene – You are right. And people like LOL, love to try to stir up a reaction on the internet so they can feel a smug superiority (in their own mind). I see LOL on lots of sites spewing the same hate filled message. Seems this person doesn’t watch a thing, but takes a LOT of time to read recaps and post the same comment. Really sad when you think about it, isn’t it?

    • MarySueBob

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Ali is no more ready to get married than my 5 year old niece. And more importantly, they are not ready to marry each other. They haven’t had the time together to develop a REAL relationship and that is why these things rarely ever work. And to think that I know gay couples that have been together for over 10 years that can’t get married and that just makes me dislike this show even more. I hope Chris is not the next “Bachelor” – he seems like a nice guy and deserves something better than that.

      • Auburn

        I disagree. Time is not really a good indicator. I’ve know a few couples who got married rather quickly and have good long term (10-40 years) marriages. I’ve also known couples who got married after dating a long time (10-15 years) and then got divorced within a year of marriage. It’s the shared values that are important and no amount of time is the judge. I could be wrong, but I have a good feeling about Ali & Roberto. They remind me of Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos.

      • MarySueBob

        Yeah Auburn, I know peoiple who have connected quickly as well and have lasted, but not when dating 20 other people and being filmed for a “reality” TV show. Give me a break. Ali & Roberto haven’t even had time to figure out what each other’s values are – or even if they have a true connection – especially since something about both of them makes me feel that they both just want to be famous. Go ahead and dream your dream, but I think this show does a massive disservice to the word “LOVE”.

    • Cari

      I agree… one of the best seasons ever! It was refreshing that the spoilers were WRONG!!!

      • Gina

        The spoilers were not wrong. They may have been late, but 7+ hours before the finale aired the actual ending was leaked.

      • MissK

        People keep defending the spoilers, but the truth is, they WERE wrong until hours before. I’m glad, and I avoided all chances to have the ending given away because I wanted to be surprised. Just because I enjoy watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette doesn’t mean I’m stupid or don’t understand that a lot of it is staged. People like RS seem to think if we don’t know every detail then we’re being scammed. I like to take it as it comes and make up my own mind.

      • Lisa

        But the spoilers (at least Reality Steve) are more fun to read for me than the show is to watch! I don’t even watch the show anymore, but I really enjoy RS’s column. The game that’s developed between ABC and Fleiss on the one hand and the leakers who give the info to RS and RS on the other hand is fascinating in and of itself, and is true reality, versus this show which is not “reality” any longer (the first couple of seasons may have been though).

        I’m not against this show, but I simply enjoy it from a different angle. I don’t think anyone who is a fan of the show is wrong or bad or has bad taste. It’s all in good fun.

      • Elle

        I agree Cari. I understand that some people may prefer spoilers – that’s their choice. But they should be respectful to those of us who prefer to SEE things as they happen on air – they way the show intended it to be viewed. The Haters shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us. If that’s their thing then they can do their posting on RS and keep it off of here.

      • RaRa

        I love reading the spoilers and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans the producers and editors pull. That said, I enjoyed the fact that the spoilers were wrong. It was a nice surprise!

    • Nicki

      Mine too, however, does anyone feel sorry for Chris? What a great, genuine guy! I would love to have a guy like this int life!

    • Nicki

      I agree, this was my second season watching, however, does anyone feel heart broken for Chris? What a great, genuine, person!

      • MG

        Great guy and not the correct person for Allie and vice-versa. One telling sign was when Chris had to give Allie a ride on the scooter and he was going so slow and she is quite the opposite; which was also shown in her last date with Roberto on the jet skis, as she was blasting through the water. That she also said she like adrenaline rushes as does Roberto, that is something that a couple can spend together doing in mutual enjoyment.

        The best part of the show was how Chris handled the news and discovered the rainbow that developed afterward. Which was made even better when later in the show, Allie had seen and thought the same thing – that was awesome.

  • Me

    I’m embarrassed by how excited I am for Roberto and Ali.

    • tennisfan

      I know! I mean, I feel like I have to explain before stating this, that yes, I do have a life, a full life that I LOVE (husband, kids, career), but I actually felt an extra spring in my step this morning walking into work because I was so happy with the outcome yesterday! I hope it remains true love for them, and I wish for them the joy I’ve experienced in life with love, family, career, and juggling it all with my wonderful husband. I think I was equally excited last night because my hubby had picked Roberto from day one (he’s gotten pretty good at predicting at least someone who makes it to the final two) and he’s been hoping for this show to actually end a real relationship and marriage again, so we have a little faith in it again!

      • Jojo4

        I’m with you tennisfan! Was so happy to see how cute Ali and Roberto were together. Was a little worried after the Frank thing but am so happy things turned out the way it did. Chris is/was so sweet about the whole thing.. Was very happy Ali let him go early even if the way she was saying it was all over the place! (Ali- Do you understand what I’m saying?) Atleast that part of it definetly wasn’t scripted! So happy for them! Kirk for the next Bachelor?

      • Tamera

        Only comment I have is when are we going to find out who the next Bachelor will be?
        Chris?! ;)

    • Julie

      This is SO funny!!! I feel the same way! So excited for them. But have to admit, I am a happily married woman who feels a tad jealous that Ali gets to be with Roberto! Whoo-ey, he is one HOT and GREAY guy!!!

  • Mikey M

    This guy is a tool.

    • LOL

      a big one, that is why Ali picked him.

      • Karen

        Roberto is absolutely ADORABLE and seems to be so genuine. HOw anyone can not like him is beyond me. These two have what it takes to make it long term. Best wishes to Ali and Roberto!

      • KC from NJ

        Shut up…both of you.

      • Obviously

        KC is a relative of Roberto.

      • LOL is an idiot

        This is for LOL:
        looking at the previous comments!
        If this is such an ‘CRAP’ WHY WATCH IT, OR EVEN COMMENT!

  • JH

    I avoided spoilers as much as possible, but had still heard the rumor that Ali didn’t pick either of them. I’m so glad that wasn’t true! It was a great show, & while I’m sad that Chris was heartbroken (I’ll gladly be here to comfort him if he wants), I’m glad it turned out the way it did. When did you actually film the AFTR special, and why was there no audience? I have to say, I still hate when previews/commercials show clips that aren’t even on… what was Ali saying “That is not true!” about?

    • Robin

      For the first time I couldn’t pick my favorite between the final two guys. I don’t think anyone could…Chris and Roberto are wonderful men. I just thought it would be Frank from the get-go…I remember how he was so excited when he found out that Ali was The Bachelorette and it seemed like she was crazy for him. Too bad he chickened out on AFR…says a lot. Good luck Ali & Roberto!

    • Butterbuns

      I wondered about that clip, too. The way it was juxtaposed with a shot of Chris, it looked like she was arguing wtih him. She never even uttered those words last night. I’ll bet it was from last week’s show with all the bachelors.

    • James

      They didn’t have an audience so they could keep the lid shut on who Ali picked, since the AFR was taped about 10 days before last night.

    • Kevin

      And the clip where Ali says that she’s wasted her time? (Don’t know if it was broadcast, but that clip was shown on the ABC website all of last week.)

      • Hollister58

        I wondered about that too, never saw it anywhere.

    • RealitySteveRules

      See Reality Steve for Bachelor pad spoilers!

      • realitysteveis adouche

        why would we go to that reality idiots site-some people like to watch the show ans see what happends

      • RealitySteveRules

        to realitysteveis adouche

        It takes one to know one.

  • Lisa

    ALI!!!! Great choice! You showed such class, dignity and wisdom throughout this season. PLEASE show the future Bach’ette’s how it is done. Love your laugh, your spirit, your resilience through the wretched producer’s constant manipulation of you and others. You deserve Roberto and the genuine yummy goodness you and he shall create. ;-}
    Finally, a smart sweet mature Bach’ette that the camers just adores and so does America! xxoo

    • JR

      She didn’t show a whole lot of class, dignity, and wisdom last season. Repackaged herself to try and get the fame for her nonexistent future TV career.

      • BRae

        I agree JR. I never quite forgave her for being such a mean-girl last season. But I am happy for the two of them. And yes! You can find true love in just 2 months. I did and have been happily married for 32 years. I love you Jimmie D!

    • Sylvia

      Yeah Lisa!!! My feelings exactamente.

  • mary

    Chris… great finale. ALi and ROberto are a great team. Chris L is a class act. ARe you and Michael Fleiss going to donate to Chris’ ALS race? . You should …he made your show popular this year!! People tuned in to see him. But Roberto and ALi’s story as worth it in the end.

  • Lisa

    Sorry Chris, but there was nothing admirable about the way she spoke to Chris when she was letting him go. She was patronizing then, she was patronizing at the ATFR. All she cares about is herself.

    • Mylissa

      I don’t think it’s selfish in a negative way..the heart wants what it wants. In the end, she obviously belonged to Roberto. I think that he told her he loved her and it was what she needed to let go. At that point, she did, and it was so obvious to her, and any one paying attention. She wasn’t patronizing; she was crying her eyes out. I think what you’re seeing is just that she was SO incredibly happy and in love – it couldn’t be hidden. It just wasn’t gonna go away.

      • RealitySteveRules

        So if the “heart wants what the heart wants” then why are you so mad at Frank for leaving. Obviously, his heart wanted someone else.

      • Raina

        RealitySteveRules, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m personally upset at Frank for not at least informing Ali of the feelings that were creeping up on him for someone else. He didn’t tell her he was going to Chicago to see his ex. He didn’t tell her anything but instead laid it on her like a bombshell. Chris knew from week one that Ali would be dating other guys and developing feelings for them, and he knew that there would always be the potential that she would choose another man over him. Ali had no clue about Frank and Nicole.

      • RealitySteveRules

        Raina, perhaps the producers had something to do with keeping Ali in the dark…like they did with Justin.

      • Raina

        Ali had stated that she and Frank talked about his past relationships, and she said he didn’t even mention Nicole. He was avoiding the subject with her. Whether or not the producers forced Frank to stay longer than he wanted (which I’m willing to believe), he could’ve at least mentioned Nicole in that conversation he had with Ali or at any other point.

    • A

      I agree with Lisa–I didn’t like how she talked down to Chris

      • kkp

        This whole season I was disappointed that she didn’t say more positive things to the guys or much of anything really when she let them go. This was no exception, but at least she did kind of recover at the ATFR. Chris handled the whole thing really well, and that rainbow thing made me cry. That was just unreal.

      • Juneau

        ITA – the guys always did more talking than she did when she rejected them. She would just give her sad face leaving the guys to talk and usually thank HER for dumping them. LAME! I don’t think she has the maturity to really communicate bad news (which is surprising given her behavior towards Vienna last season). Hope she and Roberto can make a go of it, though. And CH, when you say that Ali respected Chris L enough to let him go early, it implies that all of your other Bach/ettes didn’t respect the runner up. What Ali did to Chris is the same thing Frank did to Ali. Chris was looking forward to a date and BOOM, she tells him she’s in love with someone else. Give Frank a break. And how could she be so broken up about Frank if she was head over heels for Roberto?

      • kitkat

        Thank you! So glad others saw and felt what I did when she broke up with Chris. I mean, she came in all giddy and then, wham! Just like Frank did to her, which she said was selfish. Same, exact thing! Only difference, Chris knew she had feelings for someone other than him and Aly didn’t know Frank did, but still, she came, while he was expecting a date and broke up. AND was smiling!! What?!?! Lost a lot of respect for her right then! Glad she did it before the ceremony, but she sure could have been a lot more gentle, feeling and compassionate about it! Chris is so much better off without her and way too good to be the next bachelor!

      • BRae

        I don’t think she meant to talk down to him. I just saw someone who was nervous and uncomfortable. Haven’t you ever been like that? Your jaw kinda gets tight and you have trouble finding the right words…

      • Megan

        I really respect that Ali broke up with Chris before the final rose ceremony. It made her love and the proposal so much more sincere. I’ve always hated that they have to break up with someone they really care about and then immediately get engaged after. The heart can’t handle that much! This renewed my faith in the show.

      • Jen U.

        I don’t think her letting Chris go early was 100 percent for his benefit. It was also for hers. She didn’t want to spoil her engagement day by having to break up with Chris minutes before getting engaged to Roberto. I also agree about her not saying much as she let guys go. I think she could have been more gracious — prepared things to say to them. I noticed she would just look sad then ask THEM for a hug. (“Yes, I know I’ve just broken your heart, but can you do one more thing to make me feel better before you go?”)

    • Marci

      What are you freakin talking about?! She could have gone through with her date with Chris, made him even more hopeful, then let him walk up 90 steps in 90 degree humid heat, only to be crushed with disappointment and have to walk down all those steps with a camera crew following. That would have been better? To spare him that ordeal was a loving thing to do.

      • kitkat

        No, I think you missed what they were saying. It wasn’t about doing it before the date so much as it was how she did it. Granted, they may have edited some of it, but the way she came in and was so giddy and blah blah blah and then she told him she was in love with someone else. You could tell he had NO IDEA. I think she could have done it a lot better! Again, hypocritical of her considering Frank did that to her and she called him selfish and Chris took the high road and let her off the hook. It was the way she did it that we were shocked by. But you are right, so much better than waiting until the ceremony. I’m sure everyone would agree with that!!

      • Marci

        Okay, I see what you are saying…now that I think about it she didn’t say “I’m sorry,” did she?

      • kkp

        She appeared obviously very nervous to me, hence the giddiness. I don’t think that was on purpose. I think she was having a hard time dealing with having to hurt him, knowing what he was expecting and what he had already gone through. I think she was right to not lead him on when she knew. It would have been nice to hear her say more at the time, but who knows how we would have all done in the same situation. I just hope Chris got to watch the finale with his family all around him so that they could share in him reliving that rainbow moment. That was awesome.

    • Vicky

      I kept waiting for an “I’m sorry” to Chris. So glad Frank was not on last nite, didn’t need to hear from him again.

      • Vanilla Thunder

        I was kind of waiting for a “sorry” too, but then I think back to when I was dumped or rejected, and I always hated hearing “I’m sorry”. I don’t know why. Plus, that’s the nature of the show, eventually it would get down to one guy, so Chris had to know there was a good chance he’d be the dumped one. And why should she be sorry that she’s in love? All that being said though, it was surprising she didn’t say she was sorry.

    • JustJenna

      Chris L didn’t seem to think she was patronizing. You’re just pissed because your favorite guy didn’t get chosen.

      Oh and btw I was hoping she’d pick Chris, so don’t think I’m just saying that because I’m happy with the outcome.

      I’m happy Ali’s happy — any true fan should be.

    • Sylvia

      No, no, she was protecting him because her sister told her that he said he was going to propose and she knew his expectations were such that he would be crushed. She did a great big empathy wise thing and of course, it was probably not something anybody knows how to do very well. Her energy was very stricken as you can see when she walked in. She made a great decision and he responded in a beautiful way. Rainbow and all.

    • alisemaria

      I agree – Ali was very patronizing to Chris. She starts off with how her family loves him and she thinks he’s a great guy – just get to the point. Frank was much better at dumping Ali than she was at dumping Chris.

  • Larissa

    Beautiful finale. Classy and well done. Bravo!

  • Rachel

    Thanks Chris, this was the best finale ever! I adored both Chris and Roberto, I also felt like she couldn’t go wrong with either guy. She followed her heart. Best of luck to Roberto and Ali! Wow! They have some smokin’ hot chemistry.

    Chris will find his wife soon, he only has a few million women wanting his number right now. :)

    • Brenda

      I am one of the millions of girls who would love a shot with Chris. I absolutely like everything I know and see about him. I know the chance is small but I am asking for someone to have chris call me or let me call him. He resembles a guy of my dreams

      • Sylvia

        He lives in Cape Cod and does landscapring. Call him up.

  • Shannon

    I’ll say it once more this season. For the first time in countless seasons of watching this series, I’m emotionally invested in Chris’s happiness now. I hope more than anything that this wonderful man finds his one and only and gets to grow old with her. He deserves nothing but unconditional love. It was so refreshing to see someone so real, so normal, so uninhibited and candid as he was, and I wish him nothing but the best. I respect Ali so very much for letting him go before the date. And he took it like a man. Even with the hurt, he was so gracious and level-headed about it. And to have that moment with the rainbow? I was in tears for him. He’s an extraordinary man, and I pray he finds the happiness and love he so deserves. I have to say that it was difficult watching him see Ali once again at the ATFR because you could tell he’s still so in love with her…the smiling and giddiness. He’s wonderful. Best of luck to him. Oh yeah, and congrats to the happy couple. I really hope they make it.

  • shane

    This is the best ending! OMG it was so perfect! You guys out did yourselves!

    • Pamela

      If by “guys” you’re referring to the people in charge – they had nothing to do with it. Ali, Roberto and Chris were the reason it was such a moving ending – as well as that amazing rainbow. Ali may not have been the director but she eased what would have been an excruciating experience for Chris – climbing those stairs with his heart in his hands, seeing her face and suddenly knowing he wasn’t her choice and going back down all those stairs feeling stunned. Ali is a class act – giggles too much, yes – but a class act all the same.

    • Sylvia

      YES, how can ABC ever reach this level again????? Will be eager to see.

  • ChrisnAliFan

    The only real love shown this season is the love shining through the Lambton family. To see the love that Chris had for his mom through out the show and then for her to send him that rainbow, it was the most beautiful scene I have ever witnessed. It was AMAZING.

    • peggy lytle

      This was the first Bachelorette or bachelor where I cried my eyes out with the heart broken expression on Cris’s face and then the rainbow. No hollywood movie could touch those scenes. Cris you deserve the best.

    • Butterbuns

      That moment with the rainbow was the most beautiful thing. I cried for Chris, for the loss of his mother, and for the idea that his mother was right there with him.

    • D

      I was crying WAY before that! I like Roberto, but I was SO rooting for Chris. The look on his face when Ali let him go was HEARTBREAKING! My husband was a Frank fan early on, but by the end of the season, even he wanted Ali to choose Chris :-)

      Maybe Chris will be as lucky as Ali and find what he’s looking for when he’s the new Bachelor!

    • MG

      The rainbow was the best thing this whole season . . . amazing.

  • karenaperville

    WONDERFUL ENDING!!! Perhaps my favorite, ever! What a beautiful couple they are, too.

    I thought Roberto was the one for Ali from the start ….but I was beginning to think I was the only one rooting for him, based on all the posts about Chris each week.
    I hope Ali and Roberto can now spend the time they need together as they plan their future. I’m also hoping for a wonderful TV wedding we can all enjoy!


  • Squirk

    Great season. Isn’t it amazing how a strong, intelligent woman of character can select strong, intelligent men of character as well? I hope they find lasting happiness. They seem to have the depth it takes to make the commitment necessary to do just that. (And so did Chris L. The rainbow was the crowning touch to a scene that showed Ali at her most thoughtful, and Chris at his most generous.)

    • Mylissa

      I so agree. Integrity and character chose integrity and character. I wish the producers realized that this is what people want to see..keep the riff raff off the show. That’s not the kind of drama I want to watch.

      Roberto and Ali are just perfect together. I truly was a Chris fan before tonight. I’m still a Chris fan, but who can watch Roberto and Ali together and think she belongs with Chris? Chris is SO amazing, and it’s hard to think of him hurting. But no matter how wonderful he is, he wasn’t meant to be with Ali. The rainbow, to me, was a sign of confirmation that all was good. His mom’s spirit was there saying that all that happened was supposed to happen and everything was as it should be.

  • JH

    By the way, I am firmly in the camp who believe Chris should NOT be the next Bachelor. He is too real, too classy. (OK, and really, I’d be jealous. Don’t tell my husband that though.) Seriously though, get someone new! If Chris IS the next Bachelor, please please PLEASE pick some decent women for him! Not a bunch of models & stuff, some down to earth REAL women.

    • CT

      I would LOVE to see Chris as the next bachelor, but agreed, please pick GOOD, decent kind women for him. Not attention seeking models etc. Pick women who deserve him.

      • Mylissa

        Agree. Chris for the bachelor – but skip the drama seekers, the weirdos, etc. I think they try to chose a diverse group of people, but there’s variety in normal. Plus, we already know what kind of man Chris is..there’s no reason to throw in women that aren’t for him. Give us more integrity and character.

      • SharMatt

        I would love to see Chris L as the next bachelor. He is such a sweet, wonderful loving man! (okay, so I’m a bit in love with him myself). But I agree he deserves some wonderful, down to earth women! Please give him the kind of woman that he deserves.

    • Tay

      JH, I totally agree…Chris is too nice to be the next Bachelor. Fleiss has already said he casts half the contestants for their drama quotient alone; Chris doesn’t deserve that!

      • Chris

        I gotta disagree — pick someone NEW as the next bachelor! enough with the previous season’s rejects.

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