‘Charlie St. Cloud’: Can Zac Efron just sing and dance in every movie?

charlie-st-cloudImage Credit: Diyah PeraPopWatchers, I can’t explain how I ended up seeing Zac Efron’s Charlie St. Cloud on Friday night. Reviews were toxic for the movie – our own Owen Gleiberman gave it a C-. Maybe it’s because there was a two-story-high Charlie St. Cloud billboard down the block from EW’s offices. (Efron’s eyes looked like giant cerulean watermelons.) But for whatever reason, I dragged my girlfriend to see a movie about cool sailboats and tasteful cemetery sex. We learned a valuable lesson about not driving your little brother anywhere, ever. (In the movie, Ray Liotta plays a saintly medic named Florio Ferrente, which is right next to Chev Chelios on the list of “Names That Only Exist In Movies.”) Leaving the theater, I had a simple question: How come Zac Efron doesn’t just sing and dance in his movies?

Listen, I understand that not everybody likes musicals, and I also understand that not everybody likes handsome dudes with gym-rat pecs and girlfriends who look like this. But the dude is talented. And especially since Hollywood went out of its way to cast the tone-deaf Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia!, isn’t there any musical project that could let Efron flex all of his performing muscles? (It was sad enough waving goodbye to an Efron-led Footloose.) Yeesh, if the best they’re going to give him is sub-Nicholas Sparks dreck, can’t they just bite the bullet and turn it into a musical? After the jump, find the SPOILER-heavy theme song for Charlie St. Cloud! The Musical, never coming to a theater near you…

Charlie St. Cloud!
(Sung to the tune of “Bye Bye Birdie”)

Char-leeee St. Cloud
He loves his li’l bro,
Char-leeee St. Cloud
And he loves his boat!

Uh oh, car crash.
How’ll they play baseball now?
Li’l bro’s a cute ghost
The cannons go: Ka-pow!

Char-lee St. Cloud!
Abby Sunderland loves him so,
Char-lee St. Cloud!
Don’t forget li’l bro!

She’s a ghost, oh no!

Or is she…whoa?

Did you see Charlie St. Cloud, PopWatchers? Would the movie have been better with more singing and dancing? Come on, wouldn’t you want to see Ray Liotta do a tap dance on his way to heaven?

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  • Rachel

    Loved the lyrics for the musical Charlie St. Cloud! Why can’t Zac Efron be a constant song and dance man? I think he is a great talent and a pleasure to watch in musicals.

  • wooster182

    The bigger question should be how in the hell does Ray Liotta land in the films you’d least expect him to be in ever?

  • Michael

    Hahahaha that song is so good. Yes, Zac should stick to remakes of musicals/new musicals. If they ever reboot Xanadu, please let Zac be in it!

  • Faye

    wait, what?!?! she’s a ghost?

  • Evie

    I really do wish Zac Efron could be one of those go to guys for musicals. He’s perfect and I was so upset when he wasn’t doing Footloose! Maybe now that he’s done a serious role, he can go back to his musical roots. Fingers crossed! I’m a sucker for movie musicals!!!

  • mikey

    zac was great in this movie. dunno why you would deny that.

  • Bridget

    haha omg that was amazing!! The only redeeming factor was his amazing blue eyes and when he finally whipped off his shirt! this movie was a mess but i’m ok with spending my $13.50 for Zac!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Don’t forget, you need to work in basketball into the movie somehow.

  • claudette neely

    Zac was great in this movie. He is great in any movie, musical or not musical. His facial expressions are so perfect. It was a very good movie. My husband, to my surprise, said he would see it again. I don’t know why anyone would deny how great Zac is in CSC. And I will be 66 years old this month.

  • Mari

    I don’t understand why nobody ever mentions that this movie is based on a book by Ben Sherwood, and the fantasy elements of the movie that critics are slamming are central to the message of the book. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever read, but it is a good, hopeful story. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but probably will at some point. Oh, and Florio Ferrente is a perfectly plausible Italian name, nothing strange about it.

  • Erin

    Does anyone not remember that he didn’t even sing in High School Musical 1? They hired someone else, cause he can’t really sing either!

    • Michael

      So was I just imagining him singing in the other two HSMs and Hairspray?

      • fancypants

        I saw Hairspray. I don’t remember him singing in that. He had kind of a minor part.

      • Kat

        Kinda, Michael! I mean he sang in HSM…but my understanding is they blended his voice with someone else’s voice on at least one song. (Can’t remember if there’s any others, but I remember that specifically the “Getcha Head in the Game” song was, um, supplemented.) It’s weird. If they did that for him, couldn’t they have done the same for Vanessa Hudgens, whose voice is actually pretty damn annoying? I’ll cut her some slack and assume that it’s because she was young and therefore her voice was immature but still…

      • Livia

        No Michael. He sang in all 3 of the hsm movies (although the first one they blended his voice with Drew Seeley’s) and he did sing in Hairspray (fancypants, I recommend that you rewatch the movie considering he sang in the following songs: “Ladies Choice,” “Without Love,” “You can’t stop the beat,” and “It takes two”). Personally I think Zac has talent, especially with the acting. I hope he can find the success he’s looking for.

    • mscisluv

      No, they hired someone else because Zac is a tenor and the parts were already written for a bass (or vice versa, but I think that’s right). He did sing in the other two movies.

  • Poppy

    I took my two tween daughters to this movie and really enjoyed. Not sure where the hate is coming from!

  • sam

    Why should he be limited to singing and dancing? I haven’t seen this movie yet and I am not in his fan base age group, but I saw 17 Again and he was fine in that. Just because he is attractive doesn’t mean that he can’t act. Give the kid a break and let him develop as an actor and develop his career. Johnny Depp started as a “teen idol” in a TV show and look at the fantastic actor he is now. Efron may not be as good as Depp, but he certainly has enough talent to give him a chance.

  • Rasha

    I’m fine with Zac not signing and dancing in every movie. I just feel like the script was more of a downfall for this movie than Zac was. He worked with what he had. And those giant cerulean watermelons made it worth it!

  • Sue

    On behalf of Pierce Brosnan fans everywhere, can you please stop ragging on him for Mamma Mia? It’s really getting old & obnoxious. Move on.

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