Everyone's a critic: Sarah Palin knocks Obama's 'View' appearance

Sarah-Palin-Obama-ViewImage Credit: Mandel Ngan/Getty Images; Steve Fenn/ABCEarlier today, prolific (and creative!) Twitterer Sarah Palin tweeted about Barack Obama’s appearance on The View yesterday. Not surprisingly, she was unimpressed with the president’s hot topics, writing “President w/no time to visit porous US/Mexican border to offer help to those risking life to secure us,but lotso’ time to chat on The View? I’m headed to border in near future… let’s see how quickly his travel schedule will allow that border visit after all.” (Interesting gambit, turning it back on immigration. And here I thought she’d call out Obama for Snooki-gate.)

My friends and I often talk about celebrities whose Twitter privileges should be revoked. But when it comes to politicians — for the most part, at least — I think they all should be effectively banned from tweeting. Twitter’s just too flip a medium and the bad grammar just looks…undignified. That’s all well and good for my favorite celebs, but I don’t want to see it from people who may or may not want to lead the free world. Should Sarah Palin just resist the urge from now on? I mean, she won’t. But should she?

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  • Bryce

    Sarah Palin really needs to just go away.

    • Liz


      • Leader

        Twitter is the perfect medium for Palin. We all know English is not her favorite subject.

      • MB


      • “Prolific Twitterer”

        She has a pretty paltry following on Twitter.
        To put things in perspective…Sarah Palin has a little over 200,000 followers. Weird Al? Over 1.7 MILLION.
        There ya go.

      • jj

        Even half of conservatives have a bad view of her in most polls. Go away dummy!

      • miss k

        You betcha!

      • Pete

        Palin is an idiot for criticizing Obama especially since she wasn’t actually at the border offering help today, she was watching Obama on The View and abusing her twitter account.

      • dani

        I cosign this statement – it says it all: “Twitter’s just too flip a medium and the bad grammar just looks…undignified. That’s all well and good for my favorite celebs, but I don’t want to see it from people who may or may not want to lead the free world.”

      • amy

        @ “Prolific Twitterer”

        I think that says more about the American people than it does about Palin. People are more interested in Paris Hiltons love life or Weird Al’s latest parody than they are in the state of American politics.

    • Wow

      You know, I really, honestly try to find the good in all people. I pray to my Lord and I follow the Golden Rule and I just try and respect my fellow human being. But not Sarah Palin. This woman is a virus, a germ, a mutant creature who somehow or another has gained this self righteous sense of entitlement that is absolutely disgusting. You take to Twitter to knock a President for being on a talk show. A medium that only allows you to spell words using 1/2 of the ingredients? Seriously, Sarah? You’re a pretentious fool and I wish you would shut the hell up and go away because you’re the biggest waste of time and space that the United States has seen since the AMC Pacer! Shut your hole and go back to killing animals in the wild you looney toon!

    • Casey

      Hell yes. And take her family and Levi Johnston and his brood with her.

    • J.

      Hell yeah!

      • BL

        Quit giving this moron media coverage every time she opens her mouth, and maybe then she will go away.

    • pam

      I agree with all of the above. I don’t know who she is to critize everyone all the time. She certainly has a few skeletens in her closet.

      • Michael

        It’s not that she’s criticizing…that’s what politicians do. I just loathe this dumbing down of politics. There are forums for this. Twitter is not one of them.

    • LOL

      The GOP hates America. The feeling is mutual.

      • amy

        The GOP hates America?? I don’t think so. Liberals hate America and everything it stands for. They hate freedom, hard work, independence and self-reliance. Liberals want the Government to solve all their problems, pay all their bills and provide them with a secure existance. That is as far from the true American Spirit as one can get.

      • @amy

        Please stop…thanks

      • mike

        No, what liberals want is for people to think beyond their own insular world, to remember we are all in this together, that helping your fellow man is not some horrendous crime. The conservative stance seems to be, what’s mine is mine and I don’t give a flying flip about your problems – unless of course, you are exactly like me. And frankly, I get a little tired of conservatives thinking they get to define what America is for the rest of us.

      • Sara

        That’s right, Amy, I HATE freedom. I love tyranny, evil, oppression, concentration camps, brutality, and dine-and-dashing. Every night I torture a kitten and then drink its blood, laughing uproariously. Because that’s what liberals do.

      • jen

        Very well put, Mike!

      • Julz

        @mike well said.

      • Sean

        Amy, you’re a joke.

      • JD in Alaska

        Amy, just get laid already will ya?

      • @mike@jen@Julz@Sean

        What liberals want is to create a sense of entitlement in everyone. They want to tax everyone to the bone, open up the borders to all who will then gratefully keep their liberal politician asses in luxury and power. The notion tha liberals have an altruistic agenda is as fallacious and simplistic as claiming that the GOP hates America.

      • @@mike@jen@Julz@Sean

        ^^CUCKOO!! CUCKOO!!^^

      • Annette

        Amy your paranoid! Go back to the Day of G W Bush Jr and tell me if everything was alright?

      • amy

        Wow, you liberals sure are a nice, tolerant bunch aren’t you? Oh wait, you’re message of “we’re all in this together, we should think about others” only applies to people who think like you. Your “tolerance” completely disappears when confronted with someone who actually thinks for themself and has a different opinion about this country than you do. Conservatives do care about others, but unlike the liberals we believe that people should take some responsibility for thier own lives and not just sit around and wait for the government to save them.

      • dani

        Oh Amy, the government is SUPPOSE to take care of the people. Conseratives sign up for tax breaks too….

      • daniel s

        I love you – that made my morning

      • Michael

        @amy…conservatives DO care about people, as long as they aren’t homosexuals, immigrants and people on welfare.

      • Tarc

        @Amy – you have some incredibly bizarre nootions about liberals. That’s the kind of lies and propaganda people spew after a steady diet of Faux News. Put down the Republican FoolAid, drop the cattle act, and get real. (And, no I’m not a ‘liberal’.)

      • amy

        @Tarc – my views on liberals do not come from Fox News. While I do watch Fox, I also watch CNN as well as network news. My views are informed from actual interaction and conversation with liberals in the real world, not what some talking head on TV tells me. Why do you have such a hard time believing that people can think for themselves??

        @Annette – Were things better for me under the Bush administration? Yes, they were. Pease, tell me one thing Obama has done in the last year to actually improve things.

      • Tarc

        @amy – Because most conservative, bu definition DO NOT. This is further supported by the nonsense you spouted regarding ‘liberals’. I don’t believe for a second that you: 1) have any real education, 2) have any real life experience, and 3) don’t have an opinion about anything beyond what’s handed to you to propagate. You’re view of these mythical ‘liberals’ is absurd.

      • Tarc

        Again, your comments to Anette support my view. If you actually understood anything about econmics, you’d understand that powerful economic trends like this recession take a couple decades to manifest. The current recession was started by the gross overspending under reagan and promoted by 30 years of massive, unnecessary spending and deregulation, as well as a bizarre and ultimately obscenely greedy undermining of the middle class by the wealthy (primarily Republicans). Were you better off under Bush? No. A bipartisan panel of scholars recently stated Bush was the worst president of the modern era. He drove the US farther into debt than Obama every did, and GWB did it to CAUSE the problem, not relieve it. Please, get an education.

      • amy

        @Tarc – I am highly educated. I have an advanced degree and am gainfully employeed. I have excelled in my profession and have many friends that are republican, independent and/or democrate. One of my best friends *gasp* voted for Obama and continues to support him and his ideals. We discuss/argue politics frequently. We both enjoy the debate. Even though it seems to be beyond your understanding, conservative people are not all uneducated hillbillies with no friends and no brains. Talk about perpetuating crazy and baseless stereotypes…

        As for my being better off under Bush, how can you possibly answer that for me personally? You can’t. I, however, can look at my own life, my own finances, etc… and see that, bottom line, I was better off 4 years ago than I am now.

        Anyway, I am done here. It is impossible to hold a serious conversation with someone who only wants to deflect by calling you names and trying to insult your intelligence.

      • wcjrad


        You may be educated, and you may not be brainless, but that does not mean you have not been taken in and blinded by GOP propaganda. I would like to ask this question, what about your life is so much worse off now than it was under Bush? Specifics please.

      • amy

        I am in education and what has happened to education in the last 2 years is awful. I have seen our budgets slashed to almost non-existant. Teacher’s have been fired (one local district in my state laid off over 500 teachers at the end of this past school year) and class sizes have been increased to ridiculous levels. I don’t even have enough books for all the students in my class and what books I do have are old and falling apart. I also don’t have any budget money to purchase more books. All this has happened under a democratic president, and a state level democratic house and senate. Obama has spent all his time and attention on passing a socialist healthcare bill and bailing out banks, mortgage companies and the auto industry. He has paid virtually no attention to the education crisis in this nation. So professionally yes, my life is far worse now than it was 4 years ago.

      • amy


        I know I said I was done, but I have one last thing to add.

        I understand economics perfectly well, but I also understand that the party in power always blames the other for all the problems. You say that this problem is a result of 30 years of overspending. Then you go on to say that Bush “caused” the problem by driving the US further into debt than “Obama ever did”. So which is it…does the problem date back 30 years or did evil GW cause it all by himself? Not to mention that is a horribly invalid comparsion. Bush was in office 8 years, Obama has only been in office for 2…give him time, I am sure he will catch up with Bush in the deficit column. And don’t tell me Saint Obama is doing this all to “save” the nation with nothing in it for his personal agenda. No politian, republican or democrat, is that altruistic.

        And going by your 30 year period, shouldn’t Clinton get some of the blame?? And I think you should go back a few more years and include Carter. If ever there was a president who created an economic mess it was Carter.

        There were many contributing factors to this recession. One man, one party did not cause it. It was a result of an overinflated housing market that finally burst and a corrupt lending culture that finally had to pay for all the bad loans made over the years. Before that is was an overvalued tech sector in the stock market which finally self corrected. Not to mention a terrorist attack which seriously crippled the airline industry. Did government overspending contribute to the problem…yes. But it is awfully simplistic to say that was the one and only cause.

      • jj11

        @ amy, I am in education and I feel your pain about budget cuts and the like. However, it is my belief that the majority of the problems dealing with the state of education is the fault of Bush’s NCLB act. I don’t understand why people think that every kid needs to go to college? Why can’t we train kids who want to go into the work force in our public schools instead of training them to take useless standardized tests. NCLB was a conservative push and it was/is stupid and a complete waste of money.

      • wcjrad


        Excellent example. You are in education, and budgets have been slashed. Can you honestly tell me you think this is Obama’s fault? If you can, then you are not as educated or as brainless as I gave you credit for. Let’s walk through the chain of events here. Bush cuts taxes -> Bush inflates economy -> Bushes creates what could be known as biggest economic bubble in history -> Obama is elected -> Economic bubble bursts -> Economy drops into recession -> Obama takes office -> Revenue is down -> Budgets get slashed. Yes because of a recession caused by an economic bubble that the previous president most certainly did cause (and before you start screaming “All you can do is blame Bush”, well, when it’s the truth, and you keep attacking an issue, I’m going to continue to defend that issue. Just because time passes and you choose to attack an issue doesn’t mean the cause of it will change.). All of this is undeniable fact. To think, say, or defend otherwise only confirms someone’s lack of ability to see the truth for whatever the reason my be.

      • amy


        Look I am not saying none of this is Bush’s fault. I am not a fan, never was, of NCLB. I think it did more to hurt education than to help. And yes, I realize that the recession is to blame for some of the budget slashing going on. As far as the recession being all Bush’s fault, we will have to agree to disagree. The roots of this recession date back to the Clinton administration when the stock market was running unchecked and certain industries were so overvauled it was only a matter of time before the bubble burst. So Clinton shares some of the blame with Bush. That said, Obama cannot be held blameless. Name 1 thing he has done to change things in education. Has he repealed NCLB? Has he introduced his own education overhaul? The answer is no…he has done nothing to address the situation. Whether dems want to admit it or not, he bears some of the blame for what is happening right now.

        Do you know how districts are getting away with firing so many teachers? They are allowed to appeal the legally mandated maximum class size limits. Just a few years ago, that was not possible. Now districts can ask to go over the limit so they can get rid of teachers. How is that good for education? I was in a trailer last year and thanks to this policy, I had 36 high school kids and only 30 desks in a trailer with a max. occupancy of 32. I had 6 kids who had to sit in the floor or in plastic chairs, with nothing to write on, for the entire semester. Some classes had as many as 40 kids per teacher! If education where any type of priority to Obama, this wouldn’t be happening, recession or not.

      • wcjrad


        Hmm, take a look here


        That just goes to show contrary to your claim, his administration has in fact taken steps toward helping education. I agree they haven’t done enough yet. Why not take your concerns to them. You should troll around whitehouse.gov and get familiar with it. If you care so much about our issues, as opposed to just using them as excuses to bash a so far excellent president, then make your voice heard, not here, but where the president and his administration will actually hear it. I mean seriously. Get in touch with the administration for yourself. Don’t listen to the ignorant media propaganda spouted by anyone (liberals OR conservatives). See what kind of difference you can make. He’s already shown that he will listen and that he cares about America. That’s all I have to say. I’m done with the comments on this story.

      • me

        @amy: I am an Independent. I vote for the individual I feel is most qualified for the position, so I have voted both Republican and Democrat in the past. I voted for Obama, and I probably will in 2012. I believe Obama has had to face a lot of problems. I believe Obama is not getting the credit he deserves. I believe America needed Universal Healthcare, and because of the Great Recession — Financial Reform. I believe the Stimulus did help the economy because I believe without it many more Americans would be without jobs.

        As for the blame, well, both political parties and Corporate America are to blame for the Great Recession. I will not provide the details unless you want them, but the major culprits were: Gramm (R), Rubin (D), Greenspan, Bankers involved in shadow banking (Credit Default Swaps) and subprime mortgages, and SIGs.

        A lot of people weren’t doing their jobs, and America as a whole is suffering because of it. You are not the only one to see co-workers laid off because of these tough times. You are not the only one to see budget cuts throughout their organization.

        I am sorry to hear about your troubles in the education field. Hugs!!! I suggest if you haven’t already to write your Congressman and the President. If you have ideas on how to resolve the problems, then let them be known.

        As for me I cannot vote Republican because they don’t seem to have solutions to the problems of America. The Republicans had control of the Congress from 1998-2006, and the White House from 2000-2008, and I can honestly say that I did not prosper like I expected under Republicans. I did better under Clinton, and I’m doing better (recovering) under Obama.

        Unfortunately the economic recovery is going to take time regardless of which political party is in power. My fear is that America will not learn from the Great Recession and will repeat it in a few years.

    • look

      I love Obama and hate Palin but she does have a point.

      Obama needs to do something about the border. It crazy down there.

      • WhiskeyT

        Statistics say it’s actually better then ever. Crime rates are down and border crossing is down. Numbers don’t lie.

      • wcjrad

        I’m pro Obama, but “numbers don’t lie” is not always true. Statistics can and are manipulated. Am I saying the border statistics are? No, I have no idea. Before I draw any conclusions about that I’d want to see some serious transparency on how the statistics are gathered and some level of confidence that border patrol isn’t manipulating statistics. You know, the same way the NYPD has been doing?

      • amy

        @wcjrd – surprise, surprise I actually agree with an Obama supporter. Anyone who has taken statistics or done any type of research knows that numbers can easily be manipulated to make them say what the person presenting tham wants them to say.

        I don’t know the exact numbers on border crossings either and I would imagine it is a hard thing to accurately track given the lenght of the border.

        The funny thing is, Obama doesn’t really need to do much of anything. We have laws on the books regarding immigration that aren’t enforced. Why pass new laws and regulations if the ones already in place are ignored? All that is really needed is for the laws that are already in place to be enforced.

      • Lebron! @James

        obama sucks

    • Molly

      Thank you and agreed. Just the sound of her voice makes me cringe.

    • wakeforce

      Hope when she goes to the border, they kidnap her and keep her there! And before you Repugnicans write and call me a name, don’t bother! I won’t be back to read your juvenile posts.

      • Ruby

        You spelled “Republicans” wrong. <_<

      • me

        um… they know what they were spelling there kiddo. it’s a play on words.

      • amy

        To read a “juvenile” post, you need not look any further than your own!

    • joi


      • gen

        Russia isn’t far enough away. She can see it from her house for crying out loud.

    • joe

      You are exactly right..Maybe she should go camping & if we are lucky a bear will eat the bitch.

    • DN

      I hope Palin becomes the GOP’s presidential candidate. They will be trounced! Making up words won’t go over well on the campaign trail or in debates. She’s like the movie, ‘Transformers’, in that she is mindless entertainment for the right wing, but offers zero substance.

    • rae

      Yes indeed, she needs to take her hateful @ss somewhere and sit down! She has created quite the empire from feeding on other people hatred and fear. The sad part is that people can’t or won’t see that she is manipulating them.

  • Tim Lade

    Sarah Palin should actually be banned from anywhere that has a stable atmoshphere. I hear the sun is lovely this time ofyear.

  • Tom

    Can’t she at least try to write correctly when attempting to make a political point: she’s just too ridiculous. I still read news about her for the shock value but it’s scary that so many people take someone so vacuous seriously as a political voice

    • :P

      Its not her fault she cant Read or write, Isn’t that why Mcain Picked her as his VP? Because shes not professional or smart in any way: Just regular Folk

      • darclyte

        Whenever I read something she wrote or hear her speak I always think of Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons saying, “Me fail English, that’s unpossible.”

      • maff


      • Sara

        She bent her wookiee.

      • Pisces228

        Obviously, you’ve also got a problem with proper English. Look at your pathetic attempt to compose a paragraph. You don’t even know how to correctly punctuate a sentence. Until you’re able to express yourself better than my 4th grader, your complaint has no merit.

      • Ruby

        I think that was insulting to “regular folk”…

        Just like a liberal to make the same insulting comment as Obama’s “guns and religion” speech. Why don’t you just leave the country if you don’t bother trying to understand that not everyone believes that more government and more taxes is a godsend…

      • Marsaili

        I’m a “regular folk” who is insulted that Sarah Palin tries to compare herself to people like me! What is it about Repugs that they think everyone who doesn’t agree with them should leave the country? This is my country too and my brother, father, grandfather, uncle, great grandfather, great-great grandfather and so on fought so you can have the freedom to be an A$$!!!!

  • butters

    There are caribous thinking, “I can’t beleive we were afraid of this woman!”


    I hope she runs for president. I really do. Think of how much fun it would be making fun of her! That was most of the fun in 2008! AND, she would lose… miserably.

    • Panxy

      LOL. The press and every comedian on earth will….EAT.HER. ALIVE.

      • Brett

        You know something? They did that with Bush. And he lasted 8 years in office.

      • mmarsdenn

        Yep, and that’s the reason why this country is in the horrific shape its in thanks to incomepetent Bush. You know??

      • Regy

        It’s a shame Tiny Fey is not a regular on SNL. We get so few of her paradies of Palin these days. Do you think Kristen Wiig should take over? Indeed Tina made it iconic but Kristen is brilliant too!

    • etm

      OMG especially with her reality show and her daughter’s (supposed) reality show. I want my president to be smarter than I am. Not some twittering, ignorant, reality-show having idiot.

      • MarySueBob

        Sorry, but it seems that you might be in the minority with this. “People” seem to like folksy Presidents that don’t seem very bright at all (see Bush – both of them). And while I think that Clinton is a very smart man I think the reason he was elected was because he came across as being a good ol boy from the south. And I think that is part of Obama’s issue – he’s smart and people don’t like it. They feel as if he’s “talking down” to them when in fact he’s simply stating the facts. I personally want the President to be WAY smarter than me, but I honestly feel that the U.S. is quickly becoming an idiocracy.

  • Riley

    Sarah Palin is a skank and a hag.

    • jules

      Please. That is an insult to all the skanks and hags out there.

      • @jules


      • joe


      • Andrew

        Love it! You betcha!

  • @Sarah

    Go to Alaska and get eaten by a bear and take your white trash family (including Levi and his white trash family) with you. Thanks!

    • Panxy

      Is Levi’s mom still in jail??

  • Marie

    She’s a complete hypocrite. Isn’t it about time she just went away?

    • nj13

      Exactly. She has no place to criticize anyone since she herself QUIT on her own state.

  • Paul

    She sucks a$$ wish she would disappear

  • jezoebel

    Palin needs to go away already! She’s just jealous that she wasn’t invited to the show. Danm you, McCain, for unleashing this annoying harpie on us!

  • Yes

    She’s got nothing else to do except getting paid to show up places so why not go get some sun at the border?

    • Karate Pants

      Well, to be clear, the border run she’s making is just a trip to Taco Bell. Just try and keep that girl from burying her face in a chalupa.
      Besides, if she tried to navigate herself to the actual US/Mexico border, she’d just end up in Florida anyway.

      • pastafarian

        @Karatepants. You should get your facts straight before you just post whatever comes to mind. It’s actually a combination Pizza-Hut-and-Taco-Bell.

      • me

        frakkin hilarious!!

  • Julz

    Right because an hour is lotso’ time. She’s a joke.

    • Wow

      AMEN JULZ! AN HOUR! These people are making a big deal out of an hour. What about when W went to Camp David after the first bomb of the war was dropped? God forbid that day that Clinton took to spend with his family after the Oklahoma City bombing. I mean, come one. She is really reaching here. The poor guy can’t fart without dumb ass Sarah Palin taking to Twitter or Facebook or any available news camera within a 10 mile radius to talk about how incompetent he is. PALIN: YOU SUCK! YOU ARE A MORON! And honestly, I effing hate the lady.

      • nodnarb

        Or when W was on Dr. Phil.

      • Karate Pants

        What was he on Dr. Phil for? Parenting intervention with his promiscuous, drunk daughters? Issues with his overbearing mother? Deviant sexual behavior affecting his marriage?

      • @Karate Pants

        Or perhaps deviant sexual behavior with his promiscuous, drunk daughters and overbearing mother.

      • Karate Pants

        That’s one Bush-y mess!

      • Brett

        Sounds like Obama could spend a little time with Dr. Phil. You know, to get over the nepotism, cronyism, and old-school Chicago politics way of doing things that he’s been up to for the past year.

      • pastafarian

        Nepotism you say? Bush Jr., nuff said.

      • mmarsdenn

        LOL. Goodnight Brett.

      • me

        not to mention the deciding state in the first election was run by a relative, and they wanted it to be fair??? like there was any way they would have taken action.

  • couchgrouch

    I refudiate Palin. how will her appearence at the border make a difference to me as an Arizonan? she’s not an elected official or affiated with law enforcement. might as well be Sherri Sheppard.

    • Eshia

      HA! Refudiate! I love it.

    • Karate Pants

      Totally. I question why they even refer to her as a politician. If they insist on doing so, I think “politician” would be more appropriate.

      • The Ween

        I “love” your use of quotation marks!

      • amj

        @Karate Pants—I agree. I don’t understand why she is referred to as a politician either. A real politician would not have quit her state the way she did and exchange it for that book and a reality show. I have more respect for Levi Johnston (at least he is honest about trying to be a pop culture fame whore) then Sara Palin.

  • couchgrouch

    frak. affiliated.

  • BJohnson

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she make an appearance on SNL? Whatever, she wants to get on the View so bad now she can taste it. LOL

    • Panxy

      Yeah, great point!!!! She broke her neck to get on SNL, and refused to go on Meet The Press.

      • amj

        Another great point. She would never have been able to handle Meet the Press.

    • April

      Palin in The View? Yeah right.

    • jenny jones

      Seriously, this from a woman who went on SNL while trying to prove she’s fit to run the whole country, but allowed Amy Pohler to blatently make fun of her, while she bobbed her head and a guy in a MOOSE costume came out . . . I’m speechless at her stupidity.

      • Annette

        What the frak? Is Sarah Palin the entire time of 2008!

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