President Obama on 'The View': Elisabeth Hasselbeck chooses 'aggressive terrier' over 'attack dog' mode

obama-on-the-viewImage Credit: Steve Fenn/ABCPresident Barack Obama visited The View today, and depending on your worldview, his pop-culture cred either took a major hit, or went up a few points after responding to a series of silly questions from Joy Behar. “I’ve got to admit that I don’t know who Snooki is,” the President said, laughing, after being asked if the Jersey Shore firebrand should run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Obama was also forced to admit he doesn’t have any Justin Bieber tunes on his iPod, just moments after saying if you could name a song, it was probably on one of his playlists. And later, when asked about his Twitter account, Obama conceded that “some 20-year-old is doing a lot of the tweeting.”

Still, the President’s freewheeling, hour-long appearance — the first-ever visit by a sitting U.S. president to a daytime talk show, Whoopi Goldberg proudly noted — wasn’t all air-kisses and softball questions. The View‘s own commander-in-chief Barbara Walters, pressing pause on her recovery from heart surgery to appear on this special episode, point-blank asked Obama why the U.S. doesn’t get out of Afghanistan, while panelist Sherri Shepherd, discussing the Shirley Sherrod imbroglio, wanted to know if Obama thinks America is “still racist.”

And then, of course, there was The View‘s conservative poster child Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose first question to the President —  which followed Behar’s query about the right wing and Fox news “hijacking the [political] narrative” in the country — was surprisingly softball: “I want to ask you about the country, too, because you know, seeing you here truly is an honor to have you here as the President of the United States. It does seem as though we are a very Divided States of America right now on so many issues, and I think even those who did not vote for you felt a hope that there would be a uniting factor when you took office. Are you frustrated that this country still feels so divided and you have not been able yet to bring back unity?” Obama responded that indeed he was frustrated, explaining that for starters, the “politics of the economic recovery” became more “controversial” as the depth of the financial crisis became understood by the public. What’s more, he added, we’re currently in a climate where the focus is sometimes more on “the next election” rather than “the next generation.”

Hasselbeck got more aggressive the next time it was her turn to speak, questioning Obama’s rhetoric and facts about the current state of the economy: “You had promised that the stimulus bill would cap unemployment at 8 percent. We’re at 10 percent across the country, 12 percent in my home state of Rhode Island. We are in a state of chronic joblessness. Yet we heard in the beginning of the show as well, you claimed that there’s ‘saved jobs,’ a standard that’s not been used before by any administration. [Sigh.] It’s frustrating to hear that saved jobs boasting, because it doesn’t feel that way to Americans when they don’t have jobs and they’re losing jobs. How can you continue and your administration continue saying you’re saving jobs when in fact people are losing jobs?”

Obama, who later in the interview explained that the reason he seems “calm all the time” is that he prefers to take “the long view,” responded by pointing out gains in private-sector jobs over the past five months, and noting that federal aid to struggling state economies helped avoid layoffs of teachers, firefighters, and police officers. He also refuted Hasselbeck’s criticism over his use of “saved jobs,” noting that John McCain’s former economist had recently used the same terminology in discussing Obama’s stimulus plan.

Hasselbeck fired her final and yippiest jab in response to Obama listing his accomplishments during the first half of his first term: health-insurance reform, stricter rules for credit-card companies regarding hidden fees, a tough financial regulatory reform law, avoidance of the next great depression, and a range of education reforms. As the President noted that more kids are going to college and studying math and science, Hasselbeck interjected,”Will they have jobs when they’re out of there?” To which Obama responded, “They’re gonna create these jobs.”

Did you catch Obama on The View today? Did you notice how the show’s hosts were color-coordinated: Whoopi, Barbara, and Sherri in black-and-white combos, Joy in all black, and Elisabeth, naturally, in all white? How do you feel the hosts handled themselves on this much-buzzed-about episode? And was Obama smart for accepting their invitation? Sound off in the comments below, and to get all my pop-culture commentary, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.

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  • Jennifer

    I’m not a fan of Elisabeth’s at all, but why do you say she was “naturally” in all white?

    • Mc Prophet

      She needed an ensemble that matched her self-appointed role of “Conservative Sacrificial Martyr.” Duh.

      • Beti Pol

        Interupting is rude. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a rude, crude prude. Respect is not in her vocabulary.

      • Ann

        The all white is her holier than thou, sanctimonius, POTUS interview day outfit.

      • obama girl -NOT!

        It’s pretty obvious from the comments that it’s mostly liberals that watch The View and comment on this blog. Why is it that there are always four obnoxious liberals and one ineffectual conservative on this show? No wonder it appeals to all you democrats!!

      • steve

        obama girl – NOT! : It’s to counteract the four obnoxious conservatives and one flaccid liberal-esque that you see everyday on Fox News. No wonder it appeals to all you republican’ts!!

      • fireflystare221

        To Obama girl -NOT!: I was just about to say the exact same thing as Steve. I can’t believe you really just complained about The View, a day time talk show and nothing more, showcasing only one ineffectual conservative in the midst of competent democrats as though that was a major sin. This has been the Fox “News” modus operandi since their inception. Have you not noticed this while wacthing Hannity and Colmes? It’s disgusting coming from someone who calls themselves fair and balanced. At least The View doesn’t make such ridiculous claims.

      • Agatha

        Your comments are so rude and offensive. In your eyes, Elizabeth couldn’t do anything right so why am I wasting my time with you??…..

    • Tigerlily

      White = purity, innocense, goodness. However, they probably did color coordinate and because Elizabeth is the youngest and thinnest, she’d look best in white. That’s probably all it is!

      • Jackie Olsen

        who cares, anyway?

      • Maria

        Elizabeth is politically naive so give her a break she was just repeating the biases that republican pundits speak of.if she was to examine the history of the presidents . Bush junior put the country in this mess expecially the war and lied about the weapons of mass destructioThis president is in office less than a year so her desire to fault him is clearly a lack of maturity and hatred for anything that is not in the tiny radius of “her world.
        Look everyone on the View had work in the entainment industry except her. What was hers? a reality show( looking for fame) and marrying a football player? come on that is what she is building on and she is conservative. Liberal is broad based open, the ability to be respectful of different point of views not monolithic.There is one tape in this woman’s head and it is not an inspiring and exciting one.It is gloom and doom when it dosen’t fit her view. Ok, so her voice is annoying and her views are boring and lack originality and depth. So she is trifling so what that is entertainment. Something to laugh at and If she was not on we would have not much to laugh at and sneer at . So give her a break let us have our fun while she earns a living with the only” talent” she has to show at the moment until she could showcase anything other that. Children and husband and the boring one on the view.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      He’s implying that she usually wears a Klan robe…or not, probably not.

      • Meg

        Your comment is both hilarious and inappropriate, a great combination. Thank you for the chuckle.

      • nykolus

        guh!!! thanks, chaz…

      • lulu

        i had to laugh too, good call.

      • MultiPass

        no, she’s far to narcissistic to hide under a hood… oh wait, you were kidding.

        smiley smile

      • Cheri

        This might be the best comment I’ve ever seen on EW. Amazingness.

      • jared4ever

        It’s funny because it’s true.

      • dropper


      • SillyHead

        . . and she’s frigid


      • jessica

        ‘Conservative’ does NOT equal ‘racist.’ Get a REAL fact before you accuse someone of something–like the Obama administration and Sherrod!!!

      • pastafarian

        exclamation points make it extra true!!
        See? It’s at least double true now.

      • led

        Hahahahaah you go Chaz!

      • EEK

        I know you’re kidding and everything, and I don’t usually agree with her politically, but I will givre Elisabeth that she is anything but bigoted. She is pro-gay marriage, clearly not a racist in any way…some of her views definitely have a WTF??? quality and can be somewhat hypocritical at times, but just because she is conservative doesn’t mean she’s a bigot. Liberals do not corner the market on open-mindedness.

    • starbbycat

      as a Canadian – it was wonderful to see your President in a more informal way – he is actually a really cool dude – very likeable. From what he said and what I do know about US politics and your scene – I think he inherited a whole lot of problems from Bush which he has worked steadily to resolve. It was a treat to see him.

      • johnc

        Why don’t you ask him to be your President then? Over 60% of Americans disapprove of Obama.

      • Erika

        No they don’t.

      • Mary

        Actually, according to the latest poll numbers, 60% do disapprove of his job performance.
        I don’t want my President to be a, “cool dude.” I want my President to get the job done. While this President was a great campaigner, he doesn’t seem to know how to actually do the job. It’s one thing to criticize the problems, it’s another to find the solutions.

      • jared4ever

        I think Obama has done an amazing job at getting the country back on it’s feet. The problem is people want results overnight, and that’s just not possible, he’s not God. And he certainly not the devil either as so many Republicans would like to believe.

      • Hubs

        I’m sure you could do a much better job, Mary. Or maybe you would prefer to have Bush, Jr back? The president who seems like he would be more comfortable getting faded with a group of friends at the local bar? BTW.. where are all these polls? I don’t remember adding my vote.

      • politics schmolitics

        Hubs, it would be nice to believe that there’s an alternative to Bush and Obama, actually. You know, like Hillary?

      • Beti Pol

        I loved the show. Obama has a great command of English. What a positive change from the past.

      • moviemenace

        Well Mary, it’s not easy to find solutions to the problems the past administration caused. Bush and Co. threw sugar into our well-oiled machine, undoing all the good work of the Clinton administration. Obama’s “cool dude” demeanor is a problem. He should tell the Right to “eat it” and stop trying to appease everyone, especially Republicans. Look at Obama’s healthcare bill, with over half of it clogged with Republican ideas, and he still catches flack from the right, labeling him a “socialist”. Republican’s would rather see Obama fail than see him get this country get back on it’s feet. Descension from the right, not our President is the real problem.

      • Lovenothate

        I so agree with you starbbycat! The man can only do so much. The economic issues that we face have been inherited from the previous president…as far as John C’s comment. Who gives a care if 60% of America disapproves of Obama!? 60% of America is also bias in most of their views…go figure!

      • Ann

        His numbers are still higher than Reagan, Clinton, Carter and Bush at this point in his presidency. and part of that is because he’s being doing what the American people want him to do…governing instead of campaigning. Can’t say the same of the the party of NO!!! To paraphrase POTUS, the republicans spend more time on the next election rather than the next generation. POTUS all the way!!!

      • Ann

        And your numbers are wrong!!

      • jarvis

        That’s what I want, “a cool dude” as president.

      • Niix Starkyller

        60% of Americans also don’t graduate college/university. Obviously some of those non-graduates are here displaying their lack of basic comprehension, pedantic understanding of current world affairs, and limited perspective of politics. I’d rather have a cool dude POTUS than an embarrassing idiot.

      • Buffi

        We don’t want a “cool dude.” We want a leader. Unfortunately we don’t have one of those either. The people who approve of him are the parasites that leech off the social system and welfare and are waiting for free health care too! And about ObamaCare – what does it involve? He still won’t say, and they won’t put it out there for anyone to read. He didn’t inherit a mess – he has made one. Bush did the best he could with what he was given, do you not remember his 90% approval rate after 9/11. We had many years of good economy under Bush, but any problems that come up now get pinned on him by Obama and his “cool dude” administration so that he doesn’t have to take any blame for his part in it all. We will make NO progress while he is in office. Period.

      • JJ

        One question..Why you people keep saying 8 years of Bush..umm one important info you all should know.
        In 2006 Democrats got Congress&House,so why blame Bush for all 8 years..if the Congress&House decides what to do with the country…Shouldn’t we blame both parties and included Obama because remember he was a senator (2004) during Bush years,he voted for the war,Clifton programs and all the congress&house decisions.
        One more been 2 years and when is Obama going to take Responsibility for his bad actions,like more expending(btw the same expending and same policies during Bush years,happining since 2006 when Democrats took both houses.)and the jobs that you all taking about he did with OUR stimulis money, were Temporary jobs..What happen to the rest?

        So I think we should stop the blame in one side and look both sides of the coin. “COOL DUDE” needs to stop the Bush game is getting old 2 more years of Bush game is not good for Mr.untouchable.

      • cathy

        @BUFFI 90% approval rate of bush makes him a good president? LMAO this is why the world mocks you americans and call you ignorant.


        BUSH got you into 2 wars you moron one of which was based on LIES.

        the universal health care thing is so beyond me why you americans dont approve of it. all industrialized modern countries have it and are happy with it. Canada (where I am from), Australia, UK, France. Peopl dont die because they dont have the money to get health care. That is just ridiculous.
        it is not “socialism” as you ignorant americans call it, it is BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

      • Lisa

        No its not him…it’s just his publicist…

      • fireflystare221

        Buffi- I approve of and support Obama, and I am hardly a leech on society. I got a job several months after I got out of college (in 2008), commuted over an hour every day while making little, worked my way up, and got a promotion. I now make enough to support myself and have health care through my job. Guess what?! I still support universal health care because I don’t think people should die because they can’t afford to pay ruthless corporations for medication and treatment. Generalization # 1 debunked. Now #2, Bush’s 90% approval rating after 9/11. After the horrific attack on our country, OF COURSE people would rally behind our President. Plus, if you didn’t Buch and Co. branded you unAmerican and a traitor. What about his approval rating toward the end of office? I noticed you left that out. Didn’t conveniently fit into your anti-Obama rhetoric so we will just ignore it. PLEASE do some research before you speak. You will generally look like less of an idiot..maybe.

      • Maria

        67% of Americans dissaprove of the current US President. Are you aware of how fickle polls are? and how fickle the American people are and how impatient they are. Have you ever listen to ourselves lately. When we get upset and said speak English and every European and African country have included English as part of education. We are the one going in to other countries destablizing other countries and do not have enough soldiers that speak the language of the country that we are attacking attacking. How arrogant. We better examine our ills and get better our illness will become a cancer that we will die from. We need to wake up and collectively improve ourselves because this thing with us being the best and we cannot have the 5 basic needs. Food, clothing, Shelter, land and medical care for the majority of it’s citizens is the mark of failure. regardless of the president since it reflects the shallowness of the people we do not collectively come together and ask our reps to change course for the better. No we just want and want and do not build and sustain. learn from others improve on what we have. our constant criticism of any president after the stink load that Bush left us in should put us on notice to reexamine and change course. We have different times and need to get out of capitalism. We are busy kicking and screaming to stay in this system that has run it’s course. It created individuals that are consuming and not producing sustainable goods that sustain human life (Food)
        We need to wake up or we will fade away complaining about the same old ….

    • KFed

      Because white is the Devil’s color. After Labor Day.

      • Nicole


        Get your facts straight! Bush was handed a thriving, working economy. We were not at war with anyone. Pay attention: we were assistig other countries but we were not engaged in a war with another country. Obama was given 2 wars and a recession. Our country will not thrive as long as there are separatists such as the Tea party and the hateful conservative news outlets. Every President deserves the respect to govern, without having to combat lies that are being fed to mis-informed Americans such as yourself. As for Obama’s supporters wanting something for free, that is simply not true. Look at the demographics of those who voted for him.

      • cathy

        Thank you Nicole! Finally an american that gets it!

        and then you ask why 60% disapprove?? most are uneducated, no culture hicks that just wanna hold on to their guns.,

      • RS

        you must be black brother, why don’t you go where you belong, in the long run you don’t belong in this white man’s place.

    • jodipo

      I would imagine its “naturally” due to Joy wearing all black and they tend to opposites.

      Why am I the only person on here that has any common sense? All of you are trying way too hard

  • Lauren

    Personally, I thought she handled herself well. She’s much more well-spoken than people giver her credit for, and it wouldn’t have been the right thing to only ask “nice questions.” She took her opportunity to try and get real answers for the public, not drag Obama down. It was nice to see. Also, I’m glad Barbara was there to ask some solid policy questions too.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      She was on Survivor, right? Did she live or was she killed by the smoke monster?

      • BSue

        Unfortunately, she lived to go on and be hired by the producers of this show despite her obnoxiousness, complete lack of talent, and simple-minded regurgitation of the opinions of her right-wing cronies.

      • Anna

        People loved her when she was on Survivor. Mind you, it was, in my opinion anyway, one of drippiest seasons of Survivor ever. Not because of Elizabeth though, even back then Colby left me cold and creeped out.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        So she didn’t end up with Sawyer? Thank god!

      • Jenny

        Chaz – I just spit out my diet pepsi – the smoke monster – LOL

      • holly

        Chaz, this theory has finally explained LOST and the View. Kudos to you, sir!

      • Carla

        If the dumbarse had been eaten by the Smoke Monster, I wouldn’t have to listen to her constant jabbering, would I???

      • teresa

        Ha Ha! That was Lost, silly! But I wish Smokey had taken her out. Then we wouldn’t have to listen to her high pitched annoying voice.

    • nancy

      she’s well spoken. but she’s also a blow hard.

      • allie

        because you don’t agree with her? Isn’t that what democracy is about? How is she less entitled to her opinion? and how is she less entitled to defend that opinion? You do realize that she is on the show BECAUSE she has a differing opinion than most of the others.

      • Jenn

        “blowhard” does not refer to someone’s opinion, it refers to how that person *expresses* his/her opinion.

      • Noni

        They’re all blowhards… but she does present her points (even if you don’t agree with them) far better/intelligently than Joy Behar, who is pretty much slings her leftist rhetoric without doing much research thought

      • Amanda

        Funny, that’s normally how I describe Obama.

      • Steph

        @allie: And we are entitled to our opinion that she is a blowhard. See how that works? America is great!

      • Ann

        I get the impression that she thinks the questions she asks will actually trap him into saying something inappropriate. POTUS is so far above her level intellectually that he can run circles around her twit-like brain.

      • Erika

        Exactly Ann.

      • Mary

        Thank you, Noni! I get so frustrated with the constant criticism of Elizabeth. Joy comes off mean and spiteful and she does not do her research!

      • Beti Pol

        Steph: Yes! Right on.

      • teresa

        I think she gets her questions from Bill, the producer. He’s the conservative and he’s why she’s on the show, never to leave…damn.

      • Ann

        I think there are people on this blog that say Hasselbeck is entitled to her opinion and so we should back off. I agree that she should voice her opinion ..that is what democracy is all about. BUT….Elizabeth’s opinion doesn’t come from any type of critical thinking but from talking points from Sean Hannity. She doesn’t articulate her points effectively and when she’s losing her arguments she resorts to interrupting people and being snarky. Her voice gets raised to a higher octave and tends to be shrilly. That behaviour deserves ridicule and that is what the mejority of the people on this comment section have an issue with. Aren’t we entitled to our opinions too??

      • jarvis

        And there you have it. Behavior doesn’t have a “u” in it in the US Ann. You opinion just quit mattering.

      • Ann

        Ah jarvis,…you assume that I’m not an American. Yes I have used the british spelling of behaviour but I am a perfect example of what makes this country great. Its cultural diversity. you and your assumptions are a perfect example of what will ultimately bring down this country if it keeps getting fostered…intolerance to anything that is “different”. Yes, I can state my opionion because the first amendment protects that right. Just like what you said is protected. Its a shame that a naturalized citizen has to tell a natural born citizen that. Our country..yes I said “our”… has always been at its greatest when it embraced its challenges. Be part of the solution not the problem.

      • steve

        Preach, Ann! Jarvis, put your sheet back on and go back to Rush, wouldja?

    • @Lauren

      What does “well spoken” have to do with it? It’s the fact that she’s part of a political party that is out of touch with the common people that makes her an idiot. Being well spoken has nothing to do with intelligence or having good values that are in line with what the American people really want.

      • Diggity

        abot half the country is included in that political party that is “out of touch”. Your comment was not very well thought out.

      • Alex

        @Diggity – Sorry, but half the country are neither Republicans or Democrats.

      • Kay

        I love when it’s a liberal view it is in touch and conservatives are out of touch. It amazes me on how arrogant some liberals are…just because we don’t all agree with the Hollywood agenda…it doesn’t make us out of touch.

      • @Kay

        It’s a well known fact that the Republican party is only interested in big business. The middle class and common folk don’t factor much in their ideology. That’s why they aren’t “in touch.” It doesn’t benefit them to be in touch.

      • politics schmolitics

        Democrats and Republicans are both out of touch. Not so much the voters, but the people who hold office. If they’re not elitists when they start, they soon become elitists after election. Unfortunately.

      • dani

        All of you are out of touch if you don’t think the stimulus didn’t save any jobs. Come to the DMV and see how much construction is going on…jobs from stimulus money.

      • Mike

        Yes, Democrats are very in touch with the struggles we common folk face everyday. The Clinton’s $5,000,000 wedding for horse face proves that point. They have an absolute grasp on the value of a dollar.

      • teresa

        The Clinton’s can spend whatever they want on their only child’s wedding. They earned it so they can spend it. Just like me and just like you.

      • teresa

        Oh, and Mike, calling someone a horse face is really disrespectful and unnecessary. Chelsea is quite beautiful. If she’s not your cup of tea, you don’t have to insult her just because you don’t like her parents. Grow up. You’re not in high school anymore…are you??? It would explain a lot.

      • @Mike

        We’re talking ideology and what the 2 big parties stand for. You’re talking about rich. Both parties are run by rich people. That has nothing to do with the argument.

      • Mary R.

        I can tolerate Hasslebeck about as much as I can Palin—-zero percent. God help us all if either one of them are given power to make decisions for the rest of us. Palin needs to go back to Alaska & stay there. President Obama is doing the best he can considering all the junk he inherited from Bush. Thank goodness we now have an intelligent person running the country. Our problems are not going to go away overnight–remember Bush made the mess over 8 years!!!!

      • Mick

        Ann, WHAT? Obama is an academic elitist to the Nth degree. Who is the one that said the PA “common folk” were “clinging to their guns and religion”? He might as well have just called them white trash. Oh, and Alex, although half the country may not be Republican or Democrats, more than half the country considers themselves as right of center. It’s so interesting, liberals love to consider themselves the party of peace, love and tolerance, non-judgemental, etc. – give me a break. I’ve never seen so many generalizations in my life – talk about stereotyping and hatred. You guys play that game as well as anyone else. Finally, as far as Hasselback’s party being “out of touch” with the common people – have you looked at any polls in the last year (and no, I’m not talking about FOX news). Almost everything that has been passed in this administration has been against the will of what the MAJORITY of the American people want. I also love how this article has one sentence about Behar’s totally biased comment, and then three about Hasselback. It just never ends…

      • Ann

        Mick, For one I like my president to be intelligent. It helps during those oh so nuanced decisions he has to make (seemed to escape Bush btw). Second… quit doing a Breibart on that PA incident. That incident was taken out of context. He has explained that incident and quite effectively since in 2008 his margin of win over McCain was pretty significant in PA. Third, Obama has done more in the last two years than Bush ever did in his eight years. Bush had a high approval rating after 9/11 and surplus which he squandered and the countries trajectory went down till he left office. Obama’s approval might have started high and is lower now but when you do the level of change he has done there’s always going to be uncertainity amongst people. But if you look at the trajectory of the country it has turned around and started to move up. That is what is important. Not instantaneous poll. There’s still a lot left to do and I rather have Obama than the party of NO in charge.Look at what the GOP did w/ the 911 first responders healthcare bill….shameful

    • Ann

      Really she handled herself well??? Did you catch that disingenous, theatrical sigh at end of her sentence when she said people thought Obama’s election would end the partisanship and unite America??? I’m sorry… were we watching the same interview? I don’t object to the question but the manner in which she put it. Republicans are all about personal responsibility (supposedly) she should set an example and make some initiatves on her own to end the partisanship. So far, I don’t see her doing that.

      • Mick

        And Joy Behar was the epitome of ladylike behavior?

      • Ann

        At least Joy is funny :)

      • steve

        No, Mick, but Joy WAS the epitome of the average, Italian mother. Which she is. Just like Elizabeth was the etpitome of the average, hateful conservative mother. Again, which she is.

    • Mary Murphy

      Elizabeth represented many of us who do not want nor do we need a “cool dude”. We have real concerns about the future of the country and sadly he is “campaigning” still. Elizabeth is the only one who speaks respectfully and correctly and asked about the issues that concern most of the country.

      • Ann

        Obama never represented himself as the “cool dude” candidate. he just is…

      • Byrd

        Understand that the coolness may be necessary for President Obama when he is thinking and talking at the same time. Some other politicos don’t think while they’re talking or before they talk.

      • SarahB

        Elizabeth doesn’t represent my views at all, Barbara Walters & Whoopi Goldberg do. I think by “Cool dude” most people mean an intelligent, articulate and likeable guy, someone who actually seems in touch with most Americans and maybe someone you could go shoot hoops with after work, as opposed to someone who always looks like they’d rather be at the Country Club watching a Polo match – and can’t put a coherent sentence together. Someone you would like to bop with a shoe, in other words.

      • Nikko

        What is wrong with being laid back (cool dude)? Have you ever thought that having a cool demeanor means that he has a plan rather than jumping the gun on important issues? I’m just saying!!

    • Niix Starkyller

      While she certainly has a fair vocabulary and decent debutante polish, Elisabeth lacks class at her core (in my opinion). As the POTUS was giving his final ‘Hurray for the USA’ summation she chose to interrupt with her ‘Will they have jobs?” question/jibe. Poor form from someone who expressed what an honor it was to have President Obama on the show. I try to be fair-minded with her but I find her increasingly ingratiating and impudent.

  • Ahmed

    I really enjoyed hearing the President on the View today, and loved the free-wheeling conversation. Over-all a great hour. Thank God that the President didnt know JERSEY SHORE — his cred just shot way up!

    • Diggity

      Too bad he mentioned Snooki by name at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Just another lie.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        How about a spoiler alert next time buddy? I haven’t watched it yet!

      • Rod

        Too bad he probably didnt write all the jokes

      • Randelle

        Most likely the only reason the cast of Jersey Shore was mentioned in the speech was because one of his younger speech writers included the joke. He could still not know who Snookie is. I just recently learned what a JWOWW was.

      • Alex

        Writers from The Daily Show helped on the dinner jokes.

      • Diggity

        The words came out of his mouth.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Oh, good grief, Charlie Brown! He must be lying about Snooki. Impeach him!

    • Royal

      No–he just appear on a fluff piece of a gossip show.

  • Bick

    I actually thought everyone handled themselves very well. I was glad the president got an opportunity to say many of the things we need to hear to counter the incessant negatives. Elisabeth started by saying Obama promised unemployment would not rise above 8% which is oft repeated but not factual. The report (by economic advisors) which did mention 8% was written and produced before he took office when no one yet appreciated how bad things were going to get. See Politifact for a thorough vetting.

    • TV_Pete

      I think Elisabeth should have asked how denying rights of a secured loan/investor to give precedence to an unsecured (unions) would be considered “pro-Business”.

      Also, she should have asked how increasing the demand of a service (those covered by health insurance) will decrease the price/cost of that service. It really is pretty simple supply-and-demand economics that most Americans should understand. (i.e. increasing the demand and/or decreasing the supply of a good or service will result in an increase in price/cost and/or decrease in quality)

      She may have also noted that adding regulations increases the cost of goods and services as well as potentially decreasing the quality.

      • mscisluv

        She’s not an investigative journalist; none of them are, except for Barbara Walters. That’s partially why they all have free reign to ask/say stupid, vapid things.

      • Econ

        Americans in general don’t have a great grasp of economics. It can be a problem when it prevents them from understanding the nuances of economics. For example, sometimes they think outside of Econ 101 in the real world that supply and demand economics can be simply applied with the same results as widgets.

      • Terry

        I generally approve of the President, but I would have asked how someone who was elected the president of this country could have stood by when a president from another country(Mexico) starts badmouthing a US state is front of his host. Especially when his country’s immagration policies are much harsher than the US’s. Can’t see Reagon doing that, he’d have probably said, well, I’d rather live in Arizona than anywhere in that pit you call a country. Then Bush woulda thrown up on him.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Yes, Reagon would have totally said that. You are absolutely right. Now, Ronald Reagan, on the other hand…

  • BSue

    Her use of the word “boasting” was deliberately chosen to be confrontational and argumentative. Obama, being the wise, intelligent leader he is, did not take the bait but remained calm and respectful in answering her question. I wonder if Babbleback was coached by Palin last night. And what was with the black and white outfits? Whose idea was that, and why?

    • Daria

      Love your answer BSue. I completely agree.

    • Mardel

      She is a so called christian, you know the ones who LOVE EVERYBODY!!!!

      • Royal

        No one, even Christians, are perfect–just saved!

    • Desmo

      Oh wise and honorable Obama-sama please teach me your ways!!!

    • Niix Starkyller

      Oh, I thought the passive aggressive sigh of exasperation was her ‘cutest’ move.

  • Cheryl

    He cancelled the Boy Scouts for this???????

    • Amy

      Really? National Boy Scout Jamboree can succeed without President Obama. Maybe if the BSA didn’t prohibit gay leaders maybe the leader of the *free* world would attend. Thanks for perpetuating the negative image my nephew’s own troop leader and Jamboree staffer spreads about our leader.

      • Trinity

        Amen, Amy! I pulled my son’s out of Boy Scouts back in the early 90’s when I became aware, through a gay friend of mine (who is also an Eagle Scout), of the racist & discriminatory doctrine of the BSA.

      • The Truth

        I am an Eagle Scout and the BSA is not racist or discriminatory. If it were it would be sued out of existence, which it has not. It is a private organization and is entitled to determine what is acceptable in its membership in accordance to its beliefs and ethics. Most of all it does not force its views or hold anyone outside the BSA to its standards. Which by the way is what you are doing now. Agree with you or we are wrong and terrible people. The BSA does not do that, so really who is discriminatory.

      • Steph

        @The Truth: Just because what the BSA does is not strictly illegal doesn’t make the practices of the BSA right. Also, the BSA does hold people to it’s standards, the children of this country. I applaud Trinity and Amy.

      • Rocky

        @The Truth, I don’t agree with the BSA’s position on gays, but I don’t think you’re terrible people. Just wrong. And I don’t force my views on you, I have simply chosen to not support your organization.

        When my son was little, he hated that he couldn’t be a boy scout, now, he thanks me for being strong in my convictions.

      • jarvis

        I’m sure Rocky. That’s what all kids do….thank their parents for dstrong convictions.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Actually, now that I’m grown, I thank my mother quite often for her convictions. I admire and appreciate much of what she did and sacrificed for the benefit of her children. Perhaps I could be as awesome as you, jarvis, and not be burdened by such appreciation of parenting.

    • Mark

      He didn’t cancel on the Boy Scouts. He was never scheduled there. It was just Drudge making (stuff) up for one of his typical eight word misleading headlines. If you had actually read the story, it said that there was an invite and that most presidents had attended one jamboree during their presidency. Nothing about Obama accepting OR canceling.

      Quit parroting the BS right-wing corporate media line for once, m’kay?

      • Amy

        Thank you Mark!

      • Erika


      • steve

        Preach, Mark!! Any of the conserva-nuts squalk when Ronnie, GHWB, or GWB skipped out on the scouts? Probably not. Go figure, they probably said something along the lines of, “Well, he’s the PRESIDENT!! He’s got MORE IMPORTANT THINGS to do than roast marshmellows with a bunch of KIDS!” In other words, IOKIYAR. (I’ts OK If You’re Republican)

    • Gina

      He never accepted.

  • Missy

    I don’t know what kind of a conservative Elisabeth is – she’s dressed in such a revealing outfit (the skirt is TOO short) and when the President is on, for God’s sake!

    • casey

      Elisabeth takes fashion clues from Ann Coulter. At least she wasn’t wearing cocktail dress in the morning.

      It was nice to see Barbara released from her hyperbolic chamber and trying out her new heart.

      I enjoyed Obama on The View and no cross talk.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Yeah, waaaaay too much ankle.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Maybe she was expecting Bill Clinton! High-o!!!

      • Missy

        Or Sanford……

      • Missy

        Or heck, maybe even Al Gore.

    • Marci

      Whoopi, on the other hand, looked like a street person who layers all the clothes she has on her body so no one will steal them. And were those blue jeans (or black jeans)? That was classy? Nice boots though.

      • Chaz Winterbottom


      • Missy

        Yeah – she needs to fire her stylist/fashion consultant.

      • politics schmolitics

        I admire Whoopi for her unwillingness to bend to other people’s fashion tastes. She’s comfortable, and she knows people are interested in her mind, not her appearance. On the other hand, Barbara is a great dresser and I give her props for turning out some style, especially at her age.

      • Sue

        Agreed!! You may be a larger person, but dressing in huge layers like that just makes you look terrible!

    • UncleWalty

      I would brand her as a “typical conservative.” Clueless, argumentative, and threatened by reality.

      • Rocky

        I am a proud democrat, liberal to my core, but I can’t stand the childish name calling on both sides. Show respect and progress can be made.

      • Desmo

        Yes the wonderfully tolerant and understanding democrats are out in full force today…

      • politics schmolitics

        The whole country’s lost their minds with all the political hate. Hopefully people will wake up soon and stop buying into all the propaganda from both sides. It’s unhealthy.

      • Niix Starkyller

        (fight ensues)

      • Ann

        I refudiate that!


  • BSue

    When she was accusing the president of not doing enough to halt unemployment in The U.S., I wish someone had asked her why her clothing line is made in CHINA!

    • Jenn

      Oh SNAP!

      • Kelly

        Low paying factory jobs are not the jobs Americans want or need.

      • Econ

        Kelly – the same jobs in America would not be low paying. I’m willing to bet most people on unemployment would be willing to work a factory job. It might not be their dream career but they would rather do it than starve/lose their homes. Best way to get those good paying jobs back is to manufacture in America which would require people to buy American made – which I believe was BSue’s point.

      • politics schmolitics

        If the factory jobs in the US were low-paying, the companies wouldn’t have moved them offshore to squeeze out that last nickel. We need to bring manufacturing back to the US or we’re just going downhill from now on.

      • Gina

        We can only bring those jobs back to the U.S. if everyone is willing to pay the higher prices that would result from paying a living wage to American workers. It’s that or we allow sweat-shops on our own soil and (I hope) no one wants that.

    • jarvis

      Those shirt factories would be great for everyone….everyone besides the consumers of the products (Amercians) and the suppliers of the cotton (also Americans).

    • SarahB

      Great point! Two thumbs up!! I would be willing to shell out a few more dollars for an outfit if I knew it was made in the good old US of A! Even if Elisabeth ParrotBeck was the owner!

  • Jack

    How dare she ask challenging questions of the President?! What does she think we have, a free press or something?!

    • BSue

      Everyone on the panel asked challenging questions of the president. No one is criticizing her for that.

    • lefty

      the nerve of some people…

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      I thought he had an immunity idol.

    • sandasavi

      It’s called respect. The office of the US Preseident should be respected. He is the President and he should be given questions that are hard to answer but they should be given in a respectful manner. She did the right thing for such a nasty Conservative. I am tired of people refereing the to Presdident as Barack Obama or Obama, he is President Barack Obama.

      • TV_Pete

        I heartily agree. I note this even to talk show hosts who call him PresBO or similar names. I believe that all people, regardless of opinion (or intellect or skin tone or political party), should be treated with respect.

        Of course, I also did the same with President Bush to people who called him Bush or Bushie, etc. Do you bring this up with people who speak ill of conservatives?

        I believe that the current administration has made serious errors and is perceived as very anti-business (take a look at how much private sector experience is found in the current administration). The current environment is not viewed by businesses and investors as a safe, stable environment in which to invest to make a profit. Hiring is considered an investment, in this regard.

        THAT may be the biggest reason why the Great Recession has continued without growth in the private sector: perception of anti-business administration and congress that may raise taxes and regulations.

        The previous administration, of course, also made numerous choices that I considered to be in error, including expanding the deficit and supporting the Democratic majority’s TARP. (viewed as better to support something bad than be seen as doing nothing)

      • lefty

        He’s Barack, Obama, or anything else that people will recognize him by. Unless I’m addressing him in a formal manner, I will most likely drop the “Mr. President” act.

      • Desmo

        Yes cause we have seen so much respect for the office of the president these past eight years.

    • David

      Exactly. God forbid anyone disagrees with the messiah in the White House. If they do they get attacked and called a buffoon by those who can’t see anything outside their narrow worldview. Pathetic.

      • Zombie Jesus

        Well, if your worldview is narrow, as you so stated, then you should be attacked and called a buffoon. And for the record, the only people that call him the messiah are the ones that absolutely hate him.

        They wish he was the messiah, because being an intelligent, long-road view thinking Democrat who plays neither to the far right nor far left just drives Right Wingers, Libertarians and even Liberals downright crazy

      • UncleWalty

        the right complains about Obama being the messiah (and you’re right Zombie Jesus…only the reactionary wingnuts call him that), yet they talk about Reagan like he was God, Elvis, and the Easter Bunny all wrapped up in one. Know why some people like Obama so much? Because after 8 years of a nose-picking fraternity doofus who could barely string together a coherent sentence, we finally have a president who isn’t an embarrassment to himself and his country.

  • LOL

    Hasselbeck is an uninformed buffoon and this show is garbage.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Nice legs though.

      • Beti Pol

        Ha Ha! With that dress you could see forever.

    • David

      “Hasselbeck” is paid quite handsomely for offering her opinion on national television. When was the last time anyone gave you anything for expressing yours?

      • BSue

        Just because she is paid well does not mean she is intelligent or that her opinion is worth more than anyone else’s. This is the same show that keeps giving Kate Gosselin a guest spot on the panel. Nuff said.

      • @Bsue

        Just because you don’t agree with her does not mean she is not intelligent. She is smart enough to keep this gig – what are you doing?

      • jaybee

        This is also the same show that has had Anderson Cooper guest host multiple times. So…what’s your point?

        Can we all please try to remember that this show is on air because it GETS RATINGS. If every host had the same political views, it wouldn’t be all that interesting to watch, would it? Elisabeth (yes, ELISABETH – that’s how you spell her name) is kept on this show because she makes YOU people so angry you can’t stop talking about her. It’s like when Howard Stern first came on the radio – you keep tuning in to hear what she says next, so you can yell at the television and criticize her.

        Something tells me she’s not getting nearly as worked up as most of The View’s audience is.

    • johnc

      You are right. The show is garbage but not because of Elizabeth.

      If the show is garbage, why would our President showed to appear on the show and not attend the boy scout event?

    • SarahB

      Um, no offense but no it is NOT.

  • coastal

    I am personally embarrassed beyond words that the President of the United States, whose approval numbers are in the toilet, whose country is falling apart at the seams, is sitting on a daytime gosspi show discussing Lindsay Lohan. We have reached a new low in this country and its no wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us.

    • Maria

      I guess he should be twittering with Snooki (like McCain)? Or going camping with Kate Gosselin (like Palin)? The Pres is reaching out to the public and using a positive and far reaching venue; I think it was a wise move. If he ever decides to go on Jersey Shore, then I’d have a problem with that lol.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      I couldn’t agree more. This was worse than going to war under false pretences. Oh wait…never mind.

      • Desmo

        But is it worse then knowing that the war was started on false pretenses and continuing to fight and muder innocent people anyway?

    • BSue

      He was hardly “discussing” Lindsay Lohan, so can the wild exaggeration. In a lighter moment of questioning, Joy asked him if he knew Lindsay was in jail and he said yes. End of topic. That in no way qualifies as a “discussion.”

    • Julz

      Oh lighten up. Is he not allowed to have a personal life and make jokes every once in a while. The majority of the show was on serious subjects.

    • jenkay


    • Trinity

      Coastal, Let them all laugh and instead of griping about it on a “GOSSIP BLOG” start researching your Senators & Representatives. They are the people who actually put this Country in the toilet. It wasn’t Clinton, Bush or Obama…I do blame Chaney though :). I don’t watch The View but it is waiting on my DVR today.

    • Suck it Coastal

      No coastal the world is all done laughing from the JOKE of a president we had for 8 years. You know the one who couldn’t pronounce the word NUCLEAR.

      • Amanda

        Are you kidding me Coastal?! Where were you when Bush was in office?! I mean the world rolled over and peed on the floor from the hilarity of Bush’s antics! Here is a youtube video to prove it:

      • nika

        Great argument there…so Bush couldn’t pronounce “Nuclear” properly. BFD… The same can be said of Obama and his pronounciation of the word “Corpsman”…at least Bush’s mistake was likely an accent issue…you would think our Commander in Chief would know how to correctly pronounce military ranks.

      • Mick

        Sorry, Suck It Coastal, but having a degree from Harvard and being well-spoken does not necessarily make you a better leader or president. What a snob.

    • Amanda

      Heres another one. Enjoy the WORLDWIDE EMBARRASMENT that was George W. Bush.

  • Maria

    Actually, the President had a very good comeback to Hasselbeck’s passive agressive “concerns”: When she noted that the Administration “boasting” they saved jobs is meaningless, the Pres replied – “it’s not meaningless to those folks whose jobs were saved.” The audience applauded loudly to that answer and I hope she felt like a fool for her attempted “gotcha”.

  • qjersey

    Elizabeth is NOT well spoken. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a jumble of sound bits from Faux News. If she didn’t watch that channel, she’d have nothing to say.

    • BSue

      How is she qualified to be a panelist on a national talk show featuring Barbara Walters? She’s nothing but an ignorant TV reality show airhead. There are plenty of intelligent young female conservatives out there who ARE well-spoken and well-informed. Shame on BW and Bill Geddie for keeping this embarrassment on the air. Yesterday she was saying that older women become lesbians because there aren’t enough men to go around! She is beyond stupid! I only watched today to see Obama. The rest of the time I hear about the ridiculous babblings of Babbleback on other shows.

      • Marci

        Gees, BSue, did she run over your dog?

      • Desmo

        What is it with democrats and nicknames? Faux News, Babblebeck, and Teabaggers… The list goes on!

      • Niix Starkyller

        I’m not a Dem. And I think Faux News is totally appropriate. Seriously, FOX’s Rep/con slant makes MSNBC’s Dem/lib slant look like a green pea next to a basketball — a statement which Beck would spin into: “Internet agrees FOX News has bigger balls.”

    • Ann

      Again, I have to refudiate any and all comments against Hasselbeck.



      It must be hard to have a brain the size of a pea–and a closed minded pea brain at that, maybe she will run with Palin, ha ha. What a joke she is.

  • diane

    Elisabeth is two-faced. She will talk crap when you are not present to defend yourself but is far less confrontational in person.(Unlike Joy who openly challenged McCain when he was there).

    I remember when Michelle Obama was on the show during the campaign and she was was civil to her than mocked her at a Republican women’s function alledging that there certain questions that were off limits on the View and stating that Cindy McCain didn’t have those kind of limitations.

    She is the mouthpiece of Bill Gedde, who gets her talking points from Fox and various GOP outlets.
    I don’t think she has ever had an original comment since joining the show.

    As to whether Obama should have been there I don’t think there was a gain or or loss. It was just another interview.I wasn’t expecting much of it and nothing much happened.

    • Kathi

      Joy was hostile and rude to McCain, but heaven forbid anyone treat Obama that way! Elisabeth was MUCH more respectful towards Obama. Joy makes any type of rude comment and the panelists (and many of you) would let it slide, but if you don’t agree with the post, suddenly it’s ok to attack Elisabeth. Why aren’t we commenting on Joy’s rude, meanspirited and hateful rants?

      • Rocky

        Newsflash @Kathi, McCain was never our president!

      • Desmo

        So let me get this straight Rocky… It’s ok to be rude to people when they aren’t the president? Cause that’s all I’m getting from your comment and the fact that Kathi never said Mccain was the president.

    • Mick

      Kathi, do you really think that if McCain were president and sitting on that couch Joy Behar would have treated him any differently that she did before? Not likely.

  • Julz

    I thought it went very well. They asked good questions and had some fun.

    • casey

      I agree. I was prepared for the worst but it was a good hour of TV.

    • Marci

      I agree. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea, but the President is a very personable man, I enjoyed seeing him. And I love the “rose and thorn” bit – what a great way to put your day in perspective.

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