'The Office' needs a new boss. Should they promote Pam?

Jenna-Fischer-PamImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBCWith Steve Carell’s impending departure on The Office, all eyes are on the World’s Best Boss mug. Who’s going to take up the scepter as the head of Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton branch? I’m pulling for Kelly to take the top spot, Mindy Kaling is rooting for Dwight to take the top spot, but there’s a petition afoot to Promote Pam. Iiiiiiinteresting.

Mrs. Halpert is the most emotionally intelligent staffer, able to communicate effectively with the various factions of crazyfolk that make DMHQ so fantastic, but she’s a bit underqualified in the sales department. Plotwise, though, I’d love to see the once-meek Pam inherit the earth paper company, especially because it would give her and Jim something to talk about other than parenthood.

Of the current cast members, whom would you promote, PopWatchers? Or are you hoping for some fresh faces, like David Cross or Michael Emerson?

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  • JMaG


    • Rachel

      I say make Kevin manager.
      We never see much of him

      • ugh

        Pam can’t be because she’s terrible at her job. she’s like the worst salesman.

        bring in a new face

      • Casey

        Kevin is not management material. Then again, he’s not fit for accounting either considering he originally applied for a warehouse job.

      • Barton

        Lol, Pam’s not a salesman. She’s a secretary. I can’t really see Kevin being the boss but we do need to see more of him.

      • amj

        Actually Pam has been a salesperson since she, Michael and Ryan sold their company back to Dundler Mifflin.

      • Big Walt

        Bring back Packer!

      • Luddite

        As ridiculous as having a serious discussion about whether Pam is qualified or not is (being a fictional character and all), I’ll bite. Michael was an excellent salesman, right? And a terrible manager. It’s a different skill set. In real life, my boss is great at everything she does except being a boss. She is bad at delegating, won’t tell lazy employees that they need to pick up the pace…she should not be a manager of anything. So in the fictional world of Dunder Mifflin, maybe Pam would be a great boss.

      • Luddite’s Boss

        You’re fired.

      • Luddite

        Ouch. Burn.

      • Brandon

        YES! i agree bring back packer!!!!

    • Clara

      Creed should totally be the next boss.

      • Matthew

        That’s brilliant! I would love that! Trouble is, Creed is so funny as this small secondary character that to make him too big a character might create the Fonzie syndrome.

      • Briar

        Totally Agreed!

      • joe

        creed, yes

      • Scotti

        GO CREED!

      • wooster182

        YES! CREED! He could grow seeds in Michael’s closet. The whole room could smell like death! Then Dwight would think he killed someone and begin an investigation in which Jim would convince him that Toby has disappeared.

    • Mike

      Well The Office should have ended after season three, that would have been a great ending. It should almost certainly end if Michael leaves. The only justification I could possibly see for keeping it going is to bring in a David Cross or Michael Emerson which would give us a new character to learn about and hopefully reset the characters of Dwight, Jim, and Pam who have been awful to watch in recent seasons. I mean when’s the last time Jim pulled a prank on Dwight? Those have been some of The Offices best moments.

      • Josh


        Dumb. Why would they end a highly successful show? Let it run as long as it provides a healthy profit.

      • Briar

        Sadly I must Agree…I mean what was the last “great prank” that Jim pulled? An dreally…what will be the office without Steve Carrell? He is the glue and the heart of the whole empty enterprise. Without his ridiculous and some what surprising Whit where will the show go?

      • dusen

        “Let it run as long as it provides a healthy profit.”

        Josh, are you an NBC exec? That is such a cynical viewpoint.

        How about ending the show while it is still (relatively) on top of its game, and leaving a decent legacy?

      • Billiam

        Personally, I really liked season 5 (with the Holly episodes and the “Michael Scott Paper Co.” arc).
        But NBC will not end this show as long as it is still a hit and so few other NBC shows are.

      • BonBon

        The thing is I really don’t know if this show can still be profitable without Carell. The show will undoubtedly be different without him, and for a show that is already only averaging around 7 million viewers a week, I can’t see them being able to consistently compete at the Thursday 9pm slot anymore.

        Carell’s departure gives the show a great opportunity to end right (instead of the way Scrubs fizzled out. Just have Holly and Michael get together or something.Plot resolved.

      • Heath

        Off the top of my head… I believe the last prank was the mega desk episode.

      • BC

        Didn’t Jim make the mega-desk or something like that near the end of last season? I thought it was pretty funny. Though no where near the caliber of his earlier pranks.

      • grace

        I agree. The first three seasons were gold, but although 4- present have had their moments it lost the charm that it once had.

      • Mar

        Michael Scott IS the show. Leave on a high note.

      • MS Paper Company

        Yeah, I think Michael should get Holly, then be done with it. I’m afraid The Office will spoil it’s good name if it trys to stay afloat with out Michael. But if the show must go on, I see Pam or Jim as boss.

    • LOL

      Most fans agree that this should be the last season.

      • Dawn Vassar

        They do?

      • Paul


      • Mike


      • marc

        The show is so completely driven by the Michael character and the brilliant Steve Carell that it would be difficult to envision the show without him. …..unless they could grab Ricky Gervais. That might reenvigorate the show. Remember – most folks thought that “Cheers” would die after Shelly Long left, but it got even more popular when she was replaced by Kirstie Alley!

      • Rachel

        Yes. Seeing Office join the ranks of “shows that should have ended sooner, before seasonal rot ate them alive” is just sad.

      • Jelana

        Agreed. Completely.

      • Bob


      • jake


      • Christina

        I think Ricky Gervais would be a good pick….he still is an executive producer on the show, and he was the original “world’s best boss” lol however he’s already said that he wouldn’t reprise his role, but it would still be pretty awesome!

      • james

        Yes, Carrel’s last episode should be the show’s last

      • corey


      • GorgeousGeorges

        Agreed. 100%. No more Michael, no more Office.

    • Greg


    • amj

      I say bring Kathy Bates in permanently! Or, promote Dwight? Wouldn’t that be funny!

      • BL

        David Cross!!!

      • Mothra

        DAVID CROSS! DAVID CROSS! Mrs. Featherbottom would be an awesome boss!

    • Josh

      Pam’s sales were improving, but that doesn’t matter. You don’t want your best salesperson as manager, you want them doing sales. Pam would be a very interesting choice, and I think one that could be really great.

      • Danadane

        Agreed! I think Pam is the only choice.

      • Big Walt

        Pam is a bad choice because she’s normal and she’d actually be capable of doing the job. You need someone who’s struggle or have trouble with the employees. Of the people who are actually there I’d say the Nard Dog is the best choice.

      • liz

        agreed. but i think Micheal should leave cause he’s moving to be with Holly.

    • Hayley

      I think it shud b an off and on thing like.. they bring in a new person and dwight beilives it isnt fair and him and some others lock him up somewhere xDD tht would b funny!!

    • Chocolate Rainbow

      For sure, Zack Galakanfis!!!!!!

    • Minervamichelle

      They should hire me !!! Every job I have had is quite comical, and there is always drama somewhere. There would never be lack of material or interest. Where do I submit my resume ?

    • kish


    • Jay

      Everyone’s forgetting about Daryl. He’s more the opposite of Michael than anyone else. He’s got running the warehouse under his belt. and kathy bate’s character likes him…

  • Clevershrew

    I think that if Steve Carrell leaves, the Office should close. As good as the ensemble cast is, Steve IS The Office.

    • Scott P

      Agreed. The show was pretty bad for the majority of the last season, they should end it as best they can at this point.

      • LDN

        Right, but even if it does end, they should offer up some idea of a replacement. LOST did that with Hurley and Linus replacing Jack. We don’t actually have to see the replacement in action.

      • Tiff

        I agree with this as well. I don’t want another “SCRUBS” experience. It will be awful without the main MAIN character.

      • Billiam

        Tiff: ironically, the episodes of “Scrubs: Med School” (as it should have been called) which did not include JD were generally better than the ones that did.

      • John

        The show has been on the decline since last season, but could still go out with a sterling reputation as a quality show if it cancels next season and ends with Kelly or Pam or Dwight or (if you want to get really fan-centric) Devon becoming the new Michael. If they pull a Scrubs or Roseanne and have it go well past its prime, it’s going to lose that luster and not become one of the “great” sitcoms. Shows used to leave them wanting more-hopefully NBC does that here.

      • Mike

        agree that they should name a replacement even if the show ends (which it should) after this season.

      • Mike

        Of course, if the show ends this year, then michael doesn’t necessarily have to leave the company in the end! lol

      • Big Walt

        Mike, you are absolutely correct. I guess the obvious just kind of flew right past the rest of us!

      • Big Tuna

        The season and the series should end with Michael getting promoted to corporate, another job he is totally wrong for, and then his plane should be shot down over Korea.

    • Jim

      It’s not that I think Steve IS The Office, it’s just that I think the show hasn’t been as good lately. Part of this is because we’ve already discovered all there is to know about the characters. With Steve leaving, it’s a good point to end the show. It would be a natural ending, and when I talk about the show I won’t have to preface my positive comments with “the first seven seasons of…”

      • Miranda

        I agree completly, they should end the season with the branch finally closing or something, theyve been having enough people, and the shows been bad lately. It started not doing good in Season 5, i think, and ssn 6 is not even anything to watch anymore. I think that with Steve leaving, there is no more Comic relief to the show.

      • Melissa

        I want to see Holly and Michael get together this season, have Holly get pregnant, and series over. There is no Office without Michael Scott.

      • Dan

        Remember the lecture series episodes when Michael traveled around the Dunder Mifflin branches… well Jim and Dwight were really funny running the office and dealing with Kelly’s birthday

      • Janice

        Melissa, I totally agree!

    • Diggity

      Even a bad episode of the office is pretty good. I think they should continue.

      • Ghostface Killa

        The office is one of the funniest and most entertaining shows out ther, id rather them take a stab at continuing the series without steve carrell, even if it sucks without him, at least i wouldnt have to think about what couldve been

      • Jen

        I agree with Ghostface Killa (never thought I would say that in my life). As much as I think leaving on a high note is a good thing I am still enjoying the Office and think they should at least try to take a stab at a new character. At least if it starts to fail after than they can say the new boss just didn’t know what he was doing and then the branch closes. I hate the “what ifs” or “what could’ve beens”. I think Friends left on a high note but am glad they tried to kind of continue on (with Joey) even though it never went anywhere.

      • Kay

        I agree with all of you. It wouldn’t be fair to the real fans if they cancelled the show just because one character won’t be there anymore.

      • LC

        Kelly should be the new boss! Her character has a lot potential and the wheels were already set in motion when she was chosen for that diversity program “print in all colors”, the show can continue with Kelly as the new female version of Michael!

      • Dawn Vassar

        I agree.

      • Dawn Vassar

        I agree with Diggity.

      • Ellemarisa

        I agree with Diggity and Ghostface Killa!!! Keep the show! At least just to see if it could work which it probably will because it’s an amazing show and the writers are great, they know what they are doing. They can create new things and better things. I love Steve Carell and I love his character but I love everyone else in the show too and I would definately keep watching it when Michael Scott leaves. I watch the office everyday and I don’t know what I would do if it got cancelled. The show is hilarious and as long as the writers keep doing what they are doing and coming up with new great ideas, the show will continue to be great. Honestly, there is not one episode throughout season 1-5 that I have not loved. Please keep the show!! At least give it a chance. Oh and I definitely agree that Pam should be promoted!! Go Pam!<333

    • Drake

      As much as i hate to say it, I gonna have to agree with you.

    • Jennifer

      I agree. No Steve Carell, no Office. At least not as it is. Maybe a new series with the other characters. Kind of how like Corner Gas ended, but Hiccups and Dan for Mayor were born.

    • Randy

      I have to agree. Steve Carell is the show. I wish him luck making movies, but if you look at other stars who left for big and better things, they dont make it.

      • Casey

        I kind of think it’s a combination of him wanting a movie career and of him knowing the Office is in its end days.

      • Derrick

        I think Steve Carell has established that he is already a movie star who brings in money. While Evan Almighty was considered a flop (it was, but it still made close to its budget worldwide), the movies that he has been in the lead since then have outdone most projections and made much more than their budgets. Get Smart and Date Night both have about tripled their budgets and, even though it is animated, Despicable Me has been heavily advertised as Steve Carell’s movie and will also more than triple its budget. These are also all $100 million + movies, I’d say he’s a movie star right now.

    • joe

      yeah, this is true, it’s gonna lose some viewers due to his absence.

  • Ceballos

    If we’re talking current characters, then definitely Toby.

    Because Michael would burn the building down before he allowed Toby to take his place, and the show would end after seven seasons the way it should.

    • Karate Pants

      ^ Perfect scenerio ^

    • Jake

      Have to agree with ^perfect scenario^

    • Madd


    • Alia

      Yes, this.

    • ER

      GREAT idea. I totally agree.

    • Miranda

      Love it!

      • Amanda

        Right there.

    • chris

      That is an AMAZING idea and I would LOVE to see that

    • Amanda

      The only acceptable scenario.

    • Danadane

      HA HA HA … GREAT suggestion!!!! That would be perfection!

    • Jelana

      Wow, Ceballos, you are always right there with the great comments!

  • Drea

    YES!!! Pam would be an AWESOME leader! Maybe Jim could be her second in command, Andy could be Assistant to the regional Manager, and Dwight could be Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager!

    • Dave

      HAHAHAHA! perfect!

      • Dartey Abednego

        Any office need a good person to take over,so is better to change every year a new boss,

      • GorgeousGeorges

        Oh Dartey. That’s the worst idea yet.

  • dusen

    Just end the show on a (relative) high note.

    Unless they can get Ricky Gervais…then I’d be happy!

    • Edwin

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Tanner

        Ricky would ruin the show though. He would be horrible on The US Office

    • Ronnie1

      Then they could do a “Mad Men” take…a Briton taking over a Yank office, and everyone walks out to form another paper company!

  • homerox13

    A hearty “no” to the idea of Pam being promoted to manager. She and Jim were insufferably smug for most of last season (her more than him, especially after having her baby). To give her a position with real power would, I believe, swell her head to Goodyear Blimp-size proportions. Probably best to bring in someone entirely new.

    Toby’s a fun idea, though, not because I actually want to see him manage, but just for what Ceballos predicted would be a category 5 meltdown from Michael in response.

    • JMB

      Totally agree with everything you said. I used to love Pam, and now I can’t stand her. And I don’t know if I can ever forgive the show for making me dislike Jim.

    • BC

      Agreed. Pam’s character is obnoxious and no longer funny. At all.

      • jules

        THANK YOU. Haven’t been able to stand her for the last 2 seasons.

    • johnston

      If these people were real (which they’re not) they would probably have good reason to fear for their safety.

    • Big Tuna

      I think if the show does have to continue there should be a semi hot older female boss that has eyes on Jim. Rumors in the office would create chaos. Some of my favorite episodes are when Jim is jealous of Roy or Pam is jealous of karen. I think it would be a good way to stir it up.

  • Dean

    Has to be Ricky Gervais

    • BL

      David Cross!!!!!!

    • Neely

      RICKY GERVAIS!!! Yessss. with or without a new boss I would love to see fresh British import David Brent cross the pond to replace Mike Scott! If not for the length of the series, then for a bunch episodes! Or get his co-conspirator on everything: Stephen Merchant!?!

  • Jenny

    Frankly, this show should have been canceled three seasons ago.

    • DC

      Yeah good idea cancel NBC’s highest rated comedy, the anchor of Thursday night. What a programing genius you must be.

  • Sara


  • Taylor

    I still like the show, but I am mainly watching because of how much I like the way Steve C. plays Michael Scott.

    He is what makes the show for me, and I know that I won’t watch after he leaves.

    I don’t want to see actors unemployed, but he often carries the show and some of the other characters.

    Hope it works out well for them all.

    • Ceballos

      It’s not just that Carell is great AND that he carries the show…

      Michael Scott is SO ingrained in that world and all the other characters, that I don’t even like thinking of the show without him. Think about it: if he leaves you lose 1.) Dwight’s never-ending quest to win his approval, 2.) 85% of the reason for Toby’s existence (the other 15% is his crush on the now-married Pam) 3.) 100% of Stanley’s existence. (Does Stanley really do anything other than make bored, snarky comments about Michael’s ideas and eat pretzels.)

      …and that’s just off the top of my head.

      • AM

        Stanley also does a lot of crosswords.

  • Sarah

    Nard Dog.

  • Esther

    What about Holly? She’s pretty much the female equivalent to Michael and she’s coming back next season, they could make her regional manager and still have all the craziness of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

    • Karate Pants

      Holly without Michael? I don’t know that her unique personality would be as meaningful without him.
      End it!

    • Madd

      NOOOOOOOOOO. Holly and Michael are soup snakes (soul mates).

      • Tanner

        hehe, soup mates.
        I don’t want Holly without Michael, i already had to suffer enough when Michael was without Holly.

    • Miranda

      This is the best idea i’ve seen on here so far!!

    • Corey

      Cant be holly…she is why micheal is going to leave ;)

  • Jake

    I’ll just repeat what has already been said: Michael Scott leaves on the last episode of the show and is replaced at the last minute by David Brent.

  • Shawn

    I love The Office, but Jenna Fischer is probably the weakest link on this show. Though I’ve rooted for Jim and Pam since day one, as the seasons go on I just find her character (and her acting) more and more bothersome. If NBC is going to continue with the show post-Steve (which I hope they do not) I would be happy with any character except Pam.


    I vote for Stanley

    • John-Michael

      I definitely agree about Stanley. He’s pretty much the anti-Michael, so it would be interesting to see him as boss. Maybe Phyllis though. She would be a pretty funny boss as well.

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