Lunchtime Poll: Is Taylor Momsen the cost of freedom?

Like everyone who watches Gossip Girl, I’ve enjoyed seeing Taylor Momsen grow from a delicate teen ingenue into a  proud, beautiful transvestite. But it turns out, not everyone is so happy with the singer/actor/anti-pants activist‘s recent life choices. In a deep-thought Fox News piece, several people with more fun jobs than you criticize Momsen for a recent interview with Disorder Magazine, where she mentioned being “bored of men” and noted that her best friend is a battery-powered adult toy. (Having not seen the actual article, I can’t help but wonder if Momsen is just quoting from every episode of Sex and the City.) According to Dr. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, “Our society was a much happier place when Annette Funicello pranced around as a ‘Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer,’ and now we have Taylor Momsen prancing around with a dildo in hand.”

Now, naturally, what Donohue meant to say was “Our society was a much happier place for middle-class heterosexual white males who hated communists and loved Nixon,” but this merely brings up a more troubling conundrum. PopWatchers, we all know that liberty brings complications. The rise of the Internet makes information available to everyone…and ensures that teenagers have easy access to Swedish adult films. A library that refuses censorship must carry one copy of Mein Kampf. My question is: Is Taylor Momsen the price we must all pay for freedom? And is it worth it? Take the poll after the jump…

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  • Madd

    I hate how people keep comparing her to Courtney Love or Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain had a troubled upbringing-she was fraken Cindy Lou Who. It’s not like she ever lived under a bridge. What has she got to be so ****** about? I highly doubt her band has any songs that are anything like “Come As You Are” or “Violet”.
    About her behavior…I mean, we all do crazy things as teenagers. I mean, when I was her age I was a stereotypical ****** cheerleader who was embarrassed to love Fellini films. Although that’s not the same as what she’s done at all…but still.

    • LorLor

      I agree. I think most of us were a mess at 17 – trying to figure out who we really are. She is doing the same just at a different time when everything she does is scrutinized 24/7. She does need same parental intervention, but it would have probably been more helpful 2 years ago before the fame monster really took over.

  • Meg

    I personally love in the Fox article that there’s a quote from the National Center for Biblical Parenting. I can only imagine the kind of punishments they dole out.

  • Lisa Simpson

    Can we PLEASE get back to important issues on the Lunchtime Poll. You know, like Disney Princesses.

    • Ceballos

      …or food!

      • sparkle the gym bag

        can’t wait for her playboy spread…cindy lou hoo as ho…nah really I love Taylor..let Freedom ring…or just go back to your droid teenage clone bimbos

  • Jason

    Please, give me a break. Taylor Momsen is not the problem. The problem is parents who aren’t involved in their children’s lives. Your children’s morals and values are YOUR responsibility, no one else’s.

  • Miss Talk

    Taylor Momsen is an attention-seeking joke. I don’t care if she’s 17 and if she has the right to act like a rebel, she’s just ANNOYING.

    • saint of E. 69th st

      she can annoy me anytime she rocks but there have always been haters of those who choose paths others fear to tread

  • L

    This chick tries to act so hard that it’s pathetic. But she should keep it up, people need to have something to laugh at.

  • Mikka

    Oh, c’mon, part of the fun of being a teenager is imitating Courtney Love. I had the best time. But I am also ecstatic that no one was interested in what I had to say, much less published it around the world. When she hits 27, she is going to be one mortified actress.

    • Viv

      Exactly. She’s allowed to play bad music and run around with smudged eyeliner. That’s the point of being 17. And why does no one care that Ed Westwick is doing the same thing?

  • Mary

    Are you seriously using transvestite as an insult? Fail.

  • Kelly

    Personally I’d pick Annette Funicello over Taylor anyday.

  • Bruce L

    Wow. 52% of respondents pick the option that begins “I don’t care if you revoke the Bill of Rights.” That’s the kind of sentiment that ought to be a hell of a lot more unsettling (to the very core of our American values) than a teenage girl with a vibrator (not at all).

    • wooster182

      Exactly! What’s so terrifying about a teen having healthy, normal masturbation? I mean, she should probably learn not to be so vocal about it–but if it teaches one girl that it’s better to have sex with herself rather than a teenage boy, I say keep preaching to the adolescent choir. And come on! We’re really saying that teens in the 50s didn’t masturbate? Please.

  • wooster182

    Considering she’s apparently 17 (I don’t even know who she is), I think we shouldn’t feel like we’re paying for her. In fact, she sounds like one less pregnant teen to have to pay taxes for. I say brava. We should teach more of our teens to masturbate instead of saying no sex at all, because that’s obviously not going to happen.

  • Jasmine Scott

    Well put “L”. As well as “Bruce L”. Oh Goodness,

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