'Mad Men': Your season 4 premiere wish list?

mad-men-season-3-finaleImage Credit: AMCIn honor of Mad Men’s fourth season (FINALLY) debuting tonight, let’s all name the four things we’d most like to see in tonight’s premiere.

1. Casual Friday implemented at the new Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce so we can feast on at least one gratuitous shot of Don Draper in leisurewear
2. At least a passing reference to dearly departed Sal
3. Sally Draper threatens to burn training bra; Betty makes proper use of Victorian fainting couch
4. Many more than two scoops of Joan, the real brains behind the operation

After the jump, a few Mad Men-themed internet gems that could help as you meditate on the emergency of having nothing to do until 10/9c tonight.

Three seasons of Mad Men in less than five minutes [Gawker TV]

My favorite part is the description of Betty’s father: “He’s a handful.”

The Periodic Table of Mad Men [Flavorwire]

Favorite elements: “Betty in Italy (Bi) as one of Don’s girlfriends, “Washing Machine (Wm) as a Misc. temptation, “Girdles (G)” and “Carla (C).”

Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce job interview [AMC]. All of the heavy hitters will ask you a question! Don’s is the best. Look for some uncharacteristically voluminous Peggy Olson hair on question 2! I’ve been offered the position of Marketing Manager, which is insane.

What’s on your Mad Men wish list, and how are you mentally preparing for the most important night of the summer?

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  • kevin

    There is a BIG thing to do before Mad Men and that is watch True Blood

    • Echos Myron

      True Blood is the worst show ever to air on HBO.

      • Frank

        I second that. It’s absurd and sloppy.

      • Buffy Freak

        Well I wouldn’t go as far as that (John From Cincinnati comes to mind) but yeah it is REALLY overrated. No way it deserves an Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series.

    • evietoo

      Agree! So glad they do not overlap. I don’t want to have to delay-watch either one.

      Though yes, of course, Mad Men is far superior. But then it’s far superior to anything that’s been on television, ever.

    • J.

      Mad Men IS much better, but True Blood is a guilty pleasure.

  • LauraBC

    I’m really, really hping for some Beatles references. And of course, Roger and Don rolling their eyes over it.

    • Nirveeze

      You can’t forget the obligatory “it’ll never catch on” or “they’re just a fad/one hit wonder”

  • Sam

    After last season I’ve really started to hate Betty so all I want from season four is for bad things to happen to her.

    • Bubbatwo420

      haha, I agree that Betty has been selfish and needs to wake up but i think that’s just how good January Jones is to make you hate her.

      • Madd

        Eh, I’d credit the writing more than January. She’s the same in every performance as well as in real life. It was painful to watch her on Jimmy Fallon.

      • Fatima

        January Jones gives one of the most deceptively great performances on TV. Her stilted real life appearance has no baring…on Mad Men she’s made Betty a fascinatingly frustrating mixture of ice queen and petulant toddler. Complaining about her being one note is kind of missing the point.

      • Tom

        She was horrendous as host of SNL

    • orville

      Or at least a realization that she’s the type of person who won’t be happy anywhere, in any situation. Wonder how long it will take her to get bored with the new guy?

      • Ashleigh

        Probably longer than it takes Don to start screwing around on his family after begging to be let back in.

      • Dylan

        See, that’s how I feel about Don Draper’s character. I’ve kind of stopped caring about him, and mostly tune in for the other characters. He will never be happy or satisfied with what he has, he will always sabotage whatever “family” he creates for himself, and he will always be a total douche to whatever lucky girl gets to call herself his wife (he hasn’t had the best track record with his mistresses either). I think people have just become kind of immune to Don’s selfishness.

  • Bubbatwo420

    what i want in this season:
    – Peggy and Don to hook up
    – Pete gets a client over Don, more rivalry b/w them
    – Betty goes back to Don for the kids
    – Competition with old coworkers at rival business

    • Jenn

      Peggy and Don should never hook up. And, I cannot wait for single Don Drapper. Him and Hank Moody off Californication are more fun and interesting to watch that way.

    • Dylan

      “- Peggy and Don to hook up”

      No, no, no. This is one of those deal breakers for me with the series.

      “- Betty goes back to Don for the kids”

      Ew, no. I hope Betty finally realizes that trying to live up to this ’50s ideal of what a woman should be has made her crazy, and no matter what she does, she will never be good enough in Don’s eyes. Although she’s such a product of that kind of ’50s brainwashing that I’m not sure she can manage the concept of “single mother.”

    • MCS

      I would vomit on my TV if Don and Peggy hooked up.

  • Amanda

    My fave is “Betty sleeps with Captain Awesome from Chuck in a coatroom.”

    • pop

      i loved that part too. and the “he’s never gonna golf again” “damn straight” part

    • Zoe

      Absolutely hysterical: “He’ll never golf again.” Perfect delivery.

  • pop

    -joan and roger start up their affair again
    – sal surprisingly appears!
    -betty’s new man cheats on her
    -someone spills coffee on don and roger, they both end up shirtless.

    • Michelle

      POP POSTED: “-someone spills coffee on don and roger, they both end up shirtless.”

      Pop, I looove the way you think.

    • evietoo

      Shirtless! Yes, abs, please.

    • anne

      Wow, I’m indifferent regarding all things Betty, but otherwise you are eerily spot-on, esp regarding Roger and Joan.

    • pop

      arg i didn’t say anything about pete! i want more pete being pete and trudy appearances.

    • SUSAN


      • Lenii

        yes please Shirt/pants off would be fabulous !!

  • Madd

    1. As little Betty and Henry as possible (I find them snooze-inducing)
    2. Greg to die in the army
    3. Joan and Rodger hook up again
    4. Trudy and Pete to stay together
    6. More of Don coming up with brilliant ideas (nonexistent last season)
    7. As much Joan as possible
    8. I magically go from having Kate Moss’ body to having Christina Hendricks’.
    9. Jon Hamm is shirtless as much as possible.

    • Madd

      My least favorite elements are Jr (Joan’s rape) and Sf (Suzanne Farrell).
      Also, I got Copywriter, but to be honest I wanted Secretary. What? I would’ve gotten to work with Joan all the time!

    • Anne

      I largely agree with this list. I wholeheartedly agree with 1,2,3,& 7.

    • Lisa Simpson

      #8 in reverse.
      #9 definitely.

    • ChristineOH

      Right on Maddd!

  • Gretchen

    - Sal being hired at the new agency
    – Pete telling his wife about his child w/ Peggy
    – Joan getting more of a stake in the new agency than office manager
    – More episodes that leave me with the excitement I felt with last season’s finale

  • K. Watson

    -Joan’s awful husband stays in Vietnam
    -Roger’s wife leaves him for someone richer (although Fast Forward has been cancelled so there’s that)
    -Betty has no chemistry with her new husband
    -More advertising pitches for everything we take for granted

  • Iggy

    One story line I’m hoping for is Joan’s hubby being sent to Vietnam, getting killed, and Joan being free!

    • Katie

      I think we all hope for that.

      • Cate

        God, yes.

  • Crystal

    Looking forward to some great Pete & Peggy moments because I think Vincent & Elisabeth play off each other perfectly.

  • Fatima

    These comments make me happy we have the Mad Men writers we have.

    • Echos Myron

      To be fair, this is EW. Don’t expect originality from these lemmings. They’ve probably watched Inception 5 times already.

      • Fatima

        It’s like when I’m watching TV with friends who are begging the writers kill of characters just because they aren’t nice people.

  • scienceofsex

    I want to see Pete accidentally causing some kind of harm to someone or something with his rifle. Something has to happen with that rifle! He carries it everywhere, and since he’s such a little boy, you know something has to go wrong with it.

  • Mary Cimino

    Betty has her ‘one true” orgasm by having more anonymous sex
    Don ‘doesn’t’ become a hippy
    Peggy gets EVEN more competitive
    Joan’s husband is history
    Sal comes back
    Lots of crazy Peggy and Joan

  • Mo

    ACK! I answered every question in the job interview as if I were Pete, and I got offered a post as mail-room clerk!!!!

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