'Glee': Comic-Con panel reveals some spoilers for Season 2

Jenna-Ushkowitz-Kevin-McHaleImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty ImagesThe Gleeks were out in full force at San Diego Comic-Con for Sunday afternoon’s panel (moderated by EW’s own Tim Stack) with the cast and crew of Glee. And while many interesting, witty, and adorable things were said about the show and its place in the pop-culture universe, let’s first cut to the chase and get to some tidbits about Season 2, shall we? So, if you are in any way averse to spoilers, shield your eyes!

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) will fall out of love with Artie (Kevin McHale) and in love with Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.), to which the entire audience responded with the pained whimper of a thousand puppies. “I can fall out of love too,” joked McHale, who proceeded to put his arm around Amber Riley.

– “People think we’re going to get bigger next season, but we’re going in a different direction,” said Murphy, who added that he plans to place a greater emphasis on individual characters (such as Brittany) instead of on massive production numbers. “We’re doing about five music numbers per episode instead of eight.”

– But don’t worry, Gleeks, Season 2 will still feature a few big tribute episodes, including one devoted to Britney Spears. Murphy revealed that Matthew Morrison (who wasn’t present at the panel) once told a reporter that he never, ever wanted to sing Spears on the program. “So the entire episode is Schuester saying, ‘I don’t want to do Britney! I don’t want to do Britney!'” said Murphy. Also, Murphy said that the episode will be very “hallucinogenic.” As if a tribute episode to Spears could be anything but hallucinogenic.

– Chris Colfer expressed his desire for Kurt to sing “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Show. Three seconds later, cue Murphy’s response: “Funnily enough, we are doing a Rocky Horror episode.” To this news, the Gleeks lost their bloody minds.

– Speaking of Kurt, Murphy reiterated that Kurt will find a boyfriend this season. “I wanted Kurt to have the high school experience that I didn’t have,” said Murphy, who is openly gay. “I want him to have a boyfriend and for them to be prom king and king. I think that’s something important to put out into the world.”

– When a fan asked Amber Riley if Mercedes will have any more solos in Season 2, Riley deferred to Murphy, who replied in the affirmative. “We’re working on an episode about religion, and we get to go with Amber’s character to her church,” said Murphy. “And Kurt comes along.” Upon hearing this news, Riley and Colfer looked at one another with befuddled expressions plastered on their faces.

– One Gleek asked Naya Rivera and Heather Morris what they thought about the fan response to Santana and Brittany’s relationship, but the topic quickly turned to whether the two characters will ever kiss. “We’re writing an episode where we’re debating whether they should kiss,” Murphy said. “Heather and I make out all the time,” joked Rivera.

– And both Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will be appearing in the second season.

A few other, non-spoiler moments from the panel:

– Colfer was asked how he personally differs from the character of Kurt. “Well, I don’t care for 10-inch heels,” replied Colfer. “And I had no idea who Marc Jacobs was when we shot the pilot. I’m really just a huge, huge nerd. I’m very awkward, [whereas] Kurt thinks he’s superior to everyone.”

– When asked about cast member pet peeves, the panel turned against Amber Riley. “Amber videotaped me on a treadmill and then put it on Twitter!” said Colfer. And apparently Riley has a way of sticking her tongue out of her mouth that drives Cory Monteith absolutely bonkers. So, naturally, all of the female cast members now stick their tongues out at Monteith.

– Who was more intimidating to sing for: President Obama or Oprah? “Oprah,” the entire panel immediately replied.

– “This is a show about why the arts matter,” Murphy responded when asked for his greatest joy about working on Glee. Murphy added that’s he’s received letters from high-school teachers about how Glee‘s success has encouraged schools to reconsider cutting their music programs.

The second season of Glee premieres Sept. 21 on Fox. PopWatchers, just how pumped are you for Glee‘s return? And what do you hope to see in Season 2 that wasn’t addressed the first time around?

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  • Rion

    It’s BRITNEY Spears, not “Brittany”.

    • Brittany

      Lol, but “Brittany” is the correct way to spell it ;-)

      • JC

        no not really, bcuz they are pronounced differently

      • Brittany

        @JC. Um, not always. And I would know.

      • Kylie

        At this point it there is no correct way to spell names, it’s all personal preference. People choose to spell more common names differently (Hilarie instead of Hilary for instance) because it sets them apart more. That said, Britney is a very common way to spell it as well.

      • OMGq

        LOL – I thought you spelled it Overrated Lipsyncher

      • Gan

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    • John Young

      Thanks for the catch.

      • illegitimate_son

        WTF does glee have to do with comic books?

      • Marianne


        A lot of the things at Comic Con doesn’t have to do with comic books.

      • Prosper

        @david. I agree, what’s next American idol, Gossip girl, i-carly. Ridiculous

      • David

        It has Nothing to do with Comic-con. It’s now becoming another big press event. Comic-con is being infiltrated with a whole bunch of people who are getting in the way of those of us who are interested in comics, video games, and include stuff relating to sci-fi

      • Stever_B

        And you are all incapable of ignoring things you aren’t interested in at Comic-con? Ridiculous complaining.

    • anthony

      i think you misread. The writer spells Britney Spears correctly. However, the character on the show with the same-sounding name is spelt Brittany

    • Jenna

      @ rion- “Britney” is Britney Spears. “Brittany” is referring to the glee character.

    • G

      It’s Britney spears… and it is spelled correctly. And Brittany is a different name that is the dumb blond cheerleader on the show…. two different names and people in this article, get it straight people!!

    • WhiteLady

      I actually think that when they say Brittany they don’t mean Spars, they mean the dumb blonde that is a great dancer and is always together with Santana, the one with all the cool one-liners… Though I could be wrong ;)

      • Miss Talk

        I think you got it right.
        People who are talking about that Brittany/Britney mistake obviously don’t know so much about Glee , that’s it.

      • springs

        No, at first there was a typo and they spelled Britney Spears as Brittany. The author has fixed it now.

    • tigger851

      it’s BRITTANY for the character on the show, not the “lack of” singer

  • gleeky

    Why is it important to put out there a prom king and king? People need to realize that gay people are not cute, funny guys that like fashion. They actually commit disgusting acts together. Next time you look at Kurt, picture him giving a guy you-know-what, and see how cute you think he is after.

    • Molly M M


    • laylagalise

      Your prejudice and bigotry are the exact reason “why it is important to put out there a prom king and king.”

    • Walter

      Obviously, you don’t get it. Glee is a gay show. I’m surprised that it isn’t on Bravo. Even the most macho person on the show (Sue) is really gay.

      • J

        Funny, I didn’t know television shows had a sexual orientation. Thanks for clearing that up, idiot.

    • lynn

      as a straight female i think xxx kurt would still be cute!

    • indiana

      it’s bigoted comments like this that terrify kids across the country from even admitting much less liking themselves. thanks for once again affirming my lack of faith in humanity. tool.

      • grace

        thank you, indiana.

      • Fred

        Indiana, you rock. Gleeky is such a bigot/douche.

      • Annette

        Wait so your upset that this person is just admitting their opinion? Don’t take offense to it because it’s just like when someone talks about their faith some people don’t wanna hear it and they go off about it!

      • Woot

        Annette, expressing your opinion is one thing. I would have no problem if someone told me “I don’t like the movie ‘Citizen Kane’ or he/she was a Buddhist” but Gleeky is not simply expressing his opinion, he is expressing hate. Gay people are humans, just like you and me and what they do is not disgusting. This is dehumanizing and comments like that are the reason gay people can’t get married, and black people and women couldn’t vote until amendments were made. And Annette you are no better for thinking it’s okay for people to preach their fear mongering hatred. And Gleeky, think about all the gay teenagers that are swallowing too many pills or slitting their wrists because they are afraid of people like you.

      • Tarc

        @Anette – The Internet is this fabulous place where idiots and bigots put a giant ‘kick me’ sign on their backs and egg people on to do just that. I’m happy to oblige…

      • @Annette douche

        When your opinion is that an entire group of people who does no harm to no-one are bad people, then your opinion is of no use for anybody.

      • Sarah

        So because Hitler didn’t like Jews and that was his opinion, it’s ok?

      • Monty

        @ @Annette douche
        “When your opinion is that an entire group of people who does no harm to no-one are bad people, then your opinion is of no use for anybody.”

        Don’t harm anybody? Tell that to my friend who had his cellphone stolen by a group of gay, transvestite men one night at the bars. Nails AND a nasty right hook are a painful combination.

        And no. I’m not anti-gay, I very much like glee and the characters they create in an effort to promote tolerance. I just found my friend’s recent misfortune funny in context of you saying gay people don’t hurt anyone. Some do, at least when that specific person steals your cell phone, scratches your eye, then punches you in the face.

      • jaylinbee

        @Monty Those guys didn’t harm your friend because they were gay, they did it because they were theives and obviously bad people. If a group of preppy college kids did the same thing, you wouldn’t say, “college kids are a dangerous menace.” That’s a perfect illustration of bigotry that you aren’t even aware you have. The point is, who a person loves and/or has sex with doesn’t do anything to hurt those not involved with them.
        @gleeky I’m guessing you don’t even watch glee? Do you just troll the internet looking for places to spew your hate and fear? I feel sorry for you.

    • Ashlee C.

      I think you should have “glee” banned from your name. wtf dude. You are disgusting!

    • Fred

      Sounds good to me!

    • Zoey

      Ignorant and bigoted, much? People like you drive society backwards.

    • JennBell

      Ridiculous comment. Men and women do “disgusting” acts to each other, too.

      • Tom

        LOL, really – first thing I thought was does this dude think it’s disgusting when he imagines Megan Fox giving a “you-know-what” to some guy?

      • Grizzly

        It doesn’t really matter what gender the person whose poop you get on your junk is. It’s nasty (and fun) regardless.

    • Gerri Blank

      So, your logic dictates that if a sexual image in your mind grosses you out, then it must wrong… right? OK dude, picture you mom getting nailed by your dad. “Oooh yuck! Straight sex is icky!!”

      • Chris Teen

        Best. Response. Ever.

      • Sara

        I love “Strangers with Candy”!

    • Jane

      You obviously have issues. Were you not prom king in high school? Oh wait…I don’t think you’ve reach maturity yet to have graduated from high school.

      • OMGq

        No Jane, he/she probably went to prom with their cousin.

    • Steven

      This might be because I’m ay, but Kurt doing XXX things would be HOT!

      • Steven

        This might be because I’m gay, but Kurt doing XXX things would be HOT!

      • J

        Not gay, but still pretty hot ;-)

      • jaylinbee

        I’m one of those girls that loves boykissing, so yeah, hot. I hope they give Kurt a sexy bf.

    • Jodi

      I knew it was a mistake to let rednecks on the internet.

      • Megan

        Yes, because stereotypes about gay people are bad, but stereotypes about people from the south are a-ok!

      • googliezoo

        Eh, rednecks aren’t necessarly from the south. There’s plenty of rednecks in my home state of Maine. That’s as far from the south as you can get. The term just describes people who are willfully ignorant, bigotted and racist.

      • Grizzly

        Actually the term redneck describes someone who works hard at an outdoor, blue collar job, breaking their back every day, and getting a helluva sunburn on their exposed neck. You know, like a farmer. It’s a pejorative for those who do physical labor. The term I believe you are looking for is “willfully ignorant, racist bigot”.

    • JesseJ


    • Mere

      gleeky, crawl into a hole and die.

    • SG

      Gleeky…i guarantee it grosses someone out to think about you having sex as well. You even sound ugly.

      • Billl

        And there’s the possibility Gleeky might breed and spread its hatred!

      • Funny


    • erf


    • Deb

      Hate to break it to you, Gleeky, but we heteros can commit some pretty darn disgusting acts together, too.Do you think sex between heterosexuals is all hearts and flowers and annointed by Jesus in the dark, misionary style, and simply for procreation?
      You need to get out more and learn how the world REALLY is.

    • Grace

      There’s no need for people like you. Really.

    • Toni

      Do I have to picture YOU, Gleeky? Because I bet you’re gross. Also fat.

      • CPav

        Hey. I’m gross and fat. And I take being lumped together with Gleeky as an insult. :S

    • ks

      Kurt would still look adorable. If you want to see something disgusting, look in the mirror.

    • rick

      wow- you are now banned from watching glee ever again……and from having any kindness apparently

    • Larry M.

      Maybe people would find what YOU do to your “significant” other as disgusting as well. If all you see in Kurt is a sexual character you don’t follow Glee at all. Get out of here!!

    • Larry M.

      Gleeky, maybe people would find what YOU do to your “significant” other as disgusting as well. You shouldn’t throw stones because I don’t think you are all pure and light. If all you see in Kurt is a sexual character you don’t follow Glee at all. Get out of here!!

    • levelheaded

      @Gleeky. My husband would be very upset if I stopped given him ‘you know whats’.

      Calling an act of affection and love disgusting when it isin the context of two people who love and care about each other is the truly disgusting thing.

      You make me very agnry.

    • levelheaded

      @Gleeky. My husband would be very upset if I stopped given him ‘you know whats’.

      Calling an act of affection and love disgusting when it is in the context of two people who love and care about each other is the only truly disgusting thing here.

      You make me very agnry.

    • Renee

      @gleeky- if you immediately go to people performing sexual acts on each other, then the problem is with you, not them. It is just as “disgusting” for straight people to do those things as gay people. I’m sad that you are so full of hate, and such a disgusting person yourself.

    • Belly

      Did it ever occur to you that straight sex may be disgusting to gay people and some straight people as well? Sad hateful person you.

    • Lisa

      Why is it so important??? YOU are why it’s so important. People like you need to see gays for what they really are…normal every day people.

    • Robbyrob

      Mel Gibson, is that you????

    • DoingGleeky

      gleeky clearly wants it up the butt and feels very guilty about it.

  • Sharlin

    Glee is sooo overrated.

  • Molly M M

    I’m not gonna lie — the news about Artina’s demise makes me really sad. Let’s hope it’s short-lived!

    • Fred

      I know!

    • Loki

      Same. I actually cried for an hour.

  • laylagalise

    Matt Morrison, I officially like you now.

    • Zoey

      I’d be saying that if I didn’t already like him.

    • Lights

      I normally don’t like him much either, at least as an actor, but I agree. I don’t want a Britney episode. I really want Glee to spotlight music more broadly, and with the Gaga and Madonna eps, we’ve had enough 90’s and 2000’s pop!

      • Renee

        Totally. People seem to think of this show as a “musical,” yet there is very little Broadway music on the show.

      • Amen

        A musical is simply a show or a movie that is half singing/half speaking. Not everything on Broadway is a musical, and quite a lot of things that are off Broadway are musicals.

  • Mike

    Britney Spears * … The chick has been in the industry for 10+ years now, only true icon to emerge this decade, and you can’t spell her name right

    • CarpeDylan

      They spelled her name right. When they said “BRITTANY”, they meant the character Heather Morris plays on Glee.

    • Laura K.

      Since the author of the article said “Good catch,” I’m assuming that there WAS a “Brittany” up there that referred to Ms. Spears as well and has since been corrected.

      • richie

        very observant my dear!

  • Isolde

    I can’t wait for Glee to come back! I could do without any Britney songs, but I won’t tune out for that episode. I’d rather see the Glee Club tackle Elton John’s songs, but maybe that will come along in Season 3! Here’s hoping!

  • Lisa

    Hope this season gets back to the magic of last years first half. I think the ‘Britney’ episode will rock, her music suits the age group. I can for sure see ‘Womanizer’, ‘Everytime’, ‘Boys’ and ‘Toxic’ in there. According to the pannel, they’ll feature 6 Britney songs.

    • Garrett

      Heres my set list that i think of for briney episode, Everytime, Toxic, Stronger, Oops I did it again, and then the last ones are between Womanizer, Circus, Gimme More, and Sometimes

      • G

        I think this mightthe 6 songs: “toxic”, “everytime”, “womanizer”, “circus”, “if u seek amy”, “I’m a slave 4 u”… or alternatively, “not yet a girl, not yet a woman” and “lucky” for one of those. We’ll see!!

      • Christy

        I think it’s a great idea to do a Britney episode. I would be surprised if they didn’t use the original Britney song, “Hit me baby one more time” as the video took place in a high school. I would frankly be shocked if the censors allowed the use of “If you seek amy” on an 8 o’clock show in this context…Too much opportunity for controversy.

  • Dennis

    Lol, seriously?! It’s BRITNEY Spears, come on!

    • Dav

      LOL, seriously?!? It’s two different women who’s names are spelled differently. Read the article, come on!

  • Michael

    Soon every “Gleek” will be singing “Dammit Sue Sylvester!” for the Rocky Horror – themed episode, and they’ll think it’s so funny. It won’t be. And I pray to God that they’ve learned how to do a tribute episode because “The Power of Madonna” was just awful.

    • LAJackie

      I agree with that. I was hoping no more tribute episodes. Just get on with the story and throw some songs in there. The premise of the Madonna episode was flawed and it went downhill from there.

  • Katy

    Wow! glee + rocky horror sounds amazing!

    • Chappel

      Lea Michele would make a great Janet.

    • hobokendave

      Well I’m sure Ryan will mix it up, but please put Mark Sailing the in “Frank-n-furter” costume.

  • ryan

    can’t wait for the Britney episode.. her music is exactly what Glee should be; fun, showy, and often reltable. i hope the 6 songs they feature are Oops, Slave, Not A Girl, Toxic, Everytime and Piece Of Me

    • Maureen

      How about “Womanizer” for Puck? ;)

  • Ashlee C.

    Brittany is the name of the blonde cheerleader. The Britney Spears episode is also Brittany-centric.

  • JamesC

    My family and I are falling in love with Glee. I trust Ryan Murphy to show us the way. If I have a wish to be heard about one thing, it would be that I would love them to consider asking our first lady of soul, Miss Arthea Franklin, to come on the show and jam with Mr. Shue and the kids and I want just more great parents like Kurt’s father, Finn’s mother and I hope, Rachel’s mom.

    • richie

      great post- thank you!!

    • NT

      Aretha on the show? That would be awesome. But

  • Kase

    About Kurt getting a boyfriend…I’m still catching up on eps from the second half but isn’t Kurt hung up on Finn? Does that get resolved in the season finale? If not, I have this horrible fear that Kurt will get a boyfriend just to make a show of getting over Finn when it’s just another plan or something. I really hope it’s gonna be him really deciding to move on and really falling for someone who can reciprocate.

    • Fred

      Yes, Kase. Watch the gaga episode. I think they come to an understanding by the end of that.

    • richie

      the writer/drama queen in me really thought the shows writers were headed towards a very serious episode with kurt/depression/suicide attempt….i know it sounds VERY dark, but it is the reality of many many gay teens….it could have been amazing- ending with a failed attempt, a new understanding for the characters and some anmazing, moving music- ie- Sara mac.s Angel, etc…

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