Comic-Con: Guillermo del Toro announces 'Haunted Mansion' remake for Disney

del-toro-haunted-mansionImage Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/; DisneyIn a surprise appearance following Disney’s TRON: Legacy presentation at Comic-Con, director Guillermo del Toro announced he will be developing a new big-screen adaptation of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride. Unlike the 2003 movie version of Haunted Mansion, which starred Eddie Murphy, del Toro said the live-action film will not be a comedy (“We are not returning Eddie Murphy’s calls,” del Toro said to applause), but instead will be “scary and fun at the same time …. if you take the children, they will scream.” Del Toro said he has visited the Haunted Mansion ride many times since he was a kid, describing it as “a place where I go when I need to think and to relax.” The director, who recently announced he would not be directing The Hobbit, described the Haunted Mansion project as “a dream come true.” He will produce and co-write the film, and may direct as well.

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  • Lights

    This is the big announcement? Not At the Mountains of Madness?? How disappointing. :(

    • mrgnexus

      Lovecraft or Disney: which is a better fit for del Toro?
      Apparently, it’s Uncle Walt…

      • Juuuust a little outside

        After fattening up Uncle Walt’s wallet, he could finally make his Lovecraft film.

      • mrgnexus

        @Juuuust…makes a good point.
        A little extra (non EW) digging confirms that del Toro isn’t slated to direct, he’s just developing the property. This could be a good thing after all, freeing him up to bag a payday and then do something really cool.

    • LOL

      This is just a ripoff of True Blood – try something new!

      • Ryan

        What does this have to do with True Blood in any way?

      • :)

        Completely different from True Blood… the ride was there first ;)

      • LOL

        WOW – you must be blind not to see it

      • Brian

        How is it a rip-off of True Blood?

      • cry me a river

        what? Rip-off lol I think not! sound like some one just wants some attention….

    • J.

      I’m seriously underwhelmed.

  • Anissa

    This is ridiculous. The ride isn’t scary and there is already a movie based on it. Just write a new haunted house movie if you want to so badly. He’s actually excited about this and turned the Hobbit down?! Wow…

    • DL

      The ride is a classic loved by any true Disney or Disneyland fan. Of course it isn’t really scary it’s a Disneyland ride for crying out loud but it’s the story, history and atmosphere that the fans love. However, as a fan myself, I’m a little worried about this adaptation.

    • tarc

      The ride is scary to kids, and the last movie was… well, pathetic, and had nothing to do with the ride. I’m looking forward to a real director making a real movie based on one of the Disney park mainstays. It worked beautifully for Pirates Of The Caribbean.

      • kh

        Pirates of the Caribbean had Johnny Depp, unfortunately Haunted Mansion will not.

  • sam

    This will be AWESOME.

  • Ceballos

    I think I remember him saying getting a chance to direct “The Hobbit” was also a “dream come true.”

    I’m starting to think that when he orders a particularly good sandwich he likens it to a “dream come true.”

    • therealeverton

      Or maybe they were both dreams come true. It’s not that hard to see how a guy who likes making “scary” fairy tales would think the chance to make a very big budget scary movie was a dream come true. With The Hobbit gone it may have been a while before he got a massive budget to play with again.

    • Juuuust a little outside

      Yeah! How dare he have more than one dream!

      • Ceballos


        Del Toro’s obviously a really passionate guy and I was just having a little fun.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        And gratuitous use of exclamation marks are usually totally serious.

    • MLL

      That was too funny!

    • Laura

      Ceballos, I was thinking exactly the same thing.

  • Screens

    This movie is going to be awesome. They’re finally doing it right after messing it up with Eddie Murphy.

    • Zoe

      I agree. Haunted Mansion was always one of my favorite rides, and there are so many set-pieces and moments in the ride to build a (good) story around. Hopefully they can balance it to be the perfect mix of fun/creepy like the ride. (I’ll never know what they were thinking with the Eddie Murphy movie.)

  • Hotbeedinjection

    wow what a loser.. he gave up the hobbit for this crap.. money talks

    • Juuuust a little outside

      He gave the Hobbit because it would be about 5 years before he could get to do something else. Get your facts before being wowed.

      • nyckid

        Chill, Frodo. Hobbit vs. a reimagination of a bad movie based on an unscary kiddy ride at a 50-year-old amusement park? I’m with the naysayers on this one.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        WHat part of stuck for the next 5 years on a single, legally stuck project do you not get? Pirates of the Caribbean proved naysayers wrong before, although Prince of Persia did suck.

    • Steve

      Yeah, because he wouldn’t have made any money off of the Hobbit…

      • Juuuust a little outside

        In how many years?

      • Ryan

        Juuuuuuuuust a little outside

        Should the time spent matter if it’s a dream come true or a project you are passionate about? The hold up on the project means it wouldn’t be starting right away, so why not do another project while waiting?

        You just keep throwing that 5 years on one project out there and in my eyes that should not matter. Most people I know would kill to spend the next 5 years doing a job they love.

        That said he needs to secure funding for a new Hellboy.

    • Grrr

      MGM and their money woes are the reason for the Hobbit delays. They wouldn’t let them start making it, so he had to move on. The man’s gotta eat!

      Don’t be surprised if the Hobbit is shelved altogether because if MGM’s screw up.

    • Fuzzbug

      The Hobbit movies do not officially exist. They have NOT been greenlit. MGM is bankrupt. They have cancelled the next Bond movie and pulled Red Dawn and Cabin in the Woods from their release schedule because they can’t afford to market them. The sad part is that del Toro was sidelined for two years when could have been making movies.

  • Anonymous

    Make a movie about a haunted house…maybe dead children, make it scary, heck why not call it El Orfantano, he hasn’t done that before!

    Oh wait….

    Come on Guiellermo, do something NEW!!! I loved El Orfantano but this sounds like nothing more than and english remake of it!

    • DrChocolate

      Ummm…. del Toro only attached his name to it in order to get it made for a friend. He didn’t write or direct the film.

      • Anonymous

        It is still VERY similar to El Orfanato

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    Totally what John Lennon would look like today.

    • RyRyNYC

      HAHAHAHA… you comment for the win!

    • Lisa Simpson

      Such blasphemy.

      • Fani

        No clue where it might be. But hey, at very worst I’m sure I can find a replacement for a dozen bucks or so. And Twilight Princess shulod sate my Zelda fix for a while, though without Wind Waker’s funky awesome look.

  • Lala

    He didn’t make El Orfanato, he merely produced it. IMO they should make a movie out of the Haunted Mansion story in Disneyland Paris, Phantom Manor. That ride is WAY scarier.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct, my mistake, it still seems far too similar for comfort…

  • Kevin

    I for one am excited about this. I’m kind of hoping for something on the scale of PotC but that has the feel of Sleepy Hollow. I need a new perennial Halloween favorite… you can only watch Halloween, Sleepy Hollow, and Nightmare Before Christmas so many times.

    • MissBettyLulu

      I’m excited, too, Kevin. I actually made this little, “Oooo! Ooo!”, covered my mouth, and bugged out my eyes when I read this. I can’t wait for this!!

    • Lisa Simpson

      There’s also “It’s the great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “Young Frankenstein”, as well as my personal fave “Arsenic and Old Lace”.

    • Fuzzbug

      Your list is missing Trick R Treat, which deserves to be Halloween staple. Best Halloween set movie since the original Halloween.

  • Laura

    Didn’t del Toro have a bunch of projects set up at Universal (like a remake of Frankenstein) that he had to “push back” in order to make The Hobbit? And wasn’t Universal really mad at him for doing so? You would think he would go back to working on those numerous projects, but… well, I guess he was never that interested in them in the first place.

    • BC

      My guess on Frankenstein is that, after the Wolfman flopped, the studios are hesitant to do a re-tread of a classic horror movie character. I’m sure Frankenstein will come out at some point, but I think they’ll wait for a little distance from Wolfman.

  • V.M.L.

    I am very pleased with the news! The Haunted Mansion has always been one of my favorite rides at Disneyland. I was disappointed with the movie adaptation of it. They could have done something very great with the source material, but it ended up being something overly family-friendly (and short!).

  • Sara

    This is so awesome. The haunted mansion is an amazing ride with such a rich story within it and it is a great start for a great movie. Eddie Murphy’s version was just an unfortunate use of this great attraction.

  • Hugho

    This is so disappointing……..he is one of the best filmmakers of our days, and we know what he is capable of when it comes to original work “Pan’s Labyrinth” anyone?
    I can only hope he is doing it for the money so he can produce he’s next film

  • bob from binghamton

    Ugh. What a waste.

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