'True Blood': Is this the best Eric's ever looked?

eric-light-blue-sweaterImage Credit: HBOEverything looks better in the King of Mississippi’s mansion, including Eric, who donned this cashmere V-neck J. Crew sweater in last night’s episode. (Yeah, I asked HBO.) Now I would say my appreciation for this look was enhanced by my extreme dislike of his hair in the Viking flashback, but we saw the sweater first and I immediately swooned. Is this the hottest Eric has ever looked? If not, what ensemble topped it?

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  • laura

    Nope! the best he has ever look so far was last season. When he was leaning on the sofa wearing a grey suit while he listen to Sam talk ….

    • Madd

      Oh God yes.

    • dee

      Oh man, that was a good look, too.

    • DimitraX

      I agree laura,the best he ever looked DRESSED on the show is in the famous grey suit.NAKED was showing his abs (and a lot more!)on this season 1st ep.

      • Diva

        Ooh yeah! Naked.

    • leonix8238


    • Mary

      Definitely! That was the best!

    • ilgattopardo

      Oh absolutely! That grey suit or the long-sleeved black t and black jeans the night7morning godric died.

    • Viv

      Me thinks Eric in his leather jacket is the best item of clothing so far. With that low neckline top that suppose to pass for a shirt. XD

    • trubieb

      that’s the first outfit i thought of! that suit was CLEAN!

    • Dani C

      This particular happens to be my desktop wallpaper….him lounging on the couch, discussing “teacup humans”…so dreamy!

    • erics-tiny-human

      i couldnt agree more ! he is spectacular lounging there like that *swoon*

    • yoss

      when he was dreaming of sookie <3 he looked so vulnerable

    • Storm

      Normally, Laura I agree with you 100% on the gray suit thing. That was my favorite shot for a long time. However, if you think about it, isn’t it really the camera angle and the pose he is giving and his nonchalant deamnor juxtaposed with Sam’s urgency that makes him so sexy in that shot? Truly, the blue J Crew is what it do boo! Because it shows all of my lovely Alexander S. The sweater clings to his muscles, brings out his eyes and skin color, but most importantly the sweater helps remind us how tall and sensous he is. Plus, we get to see a new side to Eric in that scene — humble and vulnerable which the sweater helped to do (open V neck as oppossed to the large and in charge leather jacket from episode three). Anyway, the scene helped make him look a little more sexy/sensitive than the usual Eric.

      Eiher way, I am just so pleased that someone else out there had the same reaction I did when I saw that sweater. I thought I was crushing too hard, but really the man must just be smokin’ hot.

      • Bovinekitti

        Oh, so well said. ;) I’m a Bill fan but also an AS dreamer… Really now, why can’t I just have both?!

    • AM

      I have to agree- he looked awfully yummy in last season’s finale in the sharkskin suit. But the V-neck comes in a -VERY-close second.

  • Madd

    The best Eric’s ever looked was when he was in Sookie’s first dream. YUMMMMMMMM.

    • tiebaojin

      Gotta agree with that one!

    • Tanahy

      I completely agree. Eric ALWAYS looks good but he looks BEST when he doesn’t have clothes on!!!!

    • wecamp

      Yes, oh yes.

    • Shnerfle

      Definitely. Eric is always hot, blue sweater, sweat pants, gray suit, Viking hair, whatever, but NAKED Eric is always the best look.

      • lisa

        He looks good in all suits,but his birthday suit is my favorite of them all!!

  • monique


  • ag

    There’s no denying he looks EXTREMELY hot in that sweater, but my vote for “hottest ever” is in this season’s premiere, in the basement of Fangtasia, wearing verrrry low slung warm-up pants and an untied kimono. Yum yum yum…

    • Slirpee777

      I’m with you, ag!! Yumyumyummmmmmmmm

    • rose

      i agree. the warm up pants and kimono outfit was the hottest so far.

  • Meghan

    I voted yes, but I have to clarify: this is the best he’s looked while clothed. Naked Eric >>>>> Clothed Eric.

    • Leigh


    • Nita


  • TheObserver

    um….this might be a bit shallow of me, but earlier this season, as far as I’m concerned, Eric naked was the best he’s ever looked…that body need not be marred by clothing

    • Liza

      Not shallow at all! A naked Eric is a GOOD Eric! sigh . . . drool . . .

    • pede

      Personally I think the majority of men on this show need to be naked, or at least shirtless, at all times. Its Louisiana, its hot & humid, who needs clothes?

  • Martin Haro

    No, I like him in tanks!

    • Juice

      I agree! I love him in the black tank. Full shoulder and arm exposure ftw!

  • rke

    While it’s true he looks best naked, I LOVED the blue sweater; however, I also love it when they put him in the black wife-beater to show off his neck and shoulders and arms.

  • cj

    Was this really an article?

    • Jennifer

      No, it’s a PopWatch blog post.

  • Ceballos

    I just consulted my GF, and her verdict:

    When Eric shows up while Bill is shopping for clothes for Jessica, and unveils his new haircut while wearing a track jacket (with no shirt underneath, natch) and jeans.

    • Elizabeth

      Ceballos gets bonus points for consulting his GF… fantastic!

      • lw

        I loved this brilliant contribution by Ms. Bierly. She clearly has excellent taste, and I suggest that she post a new picture of Eric, with appreciative commentary, every day. It’ll keep me logging in!

      • Ceballos

        She has the day off, so it was a snap…but even if she didn’t, I think she would’ve found a way to weigh in.

    • Madd

      Bonus points for not getting all defensive like some people (cough my husband cough cough) and saying something like “Yeah Eric’s good looking….for a DEAD guy…and a FICTIONAL GUY.”

      • Ceballos

        What can I say?

        As with Jon Hamm, I’m secure enough to say that Skarsgard’s just a damn good looking guy (and it helps that the character and actor are awesome), so all I can do is tip my imaginary cap and say, “Well played, sir.”

        Now, if he ever tricked my GF into drinking his blood, we might have a problem.

      • Madd

        Yeah, like I’m fine with my husband’s crush on Christina Hendricks because I’m also in love with her, and my husband is fine with my crush on Jon Hamm because, in his words, “Jon Hamm just seems like a cool guy to have a beer with, right?” (which I’m sure really means that he has a slight man-crush on him).

      • Ceballos

        That’s exactly what it means.

    • emma

      totally agree! even in the bright lights of the store, eric looked super sexy in the track suit

  • harry


  • Michelle

    Clearly, naked Eric trumps clothed Eric. That said, the blue sweater was fantastic. *swoon* You don’t necessarily need to see Eric’s assets to know they’re there. That sweater fits him exactly right.

  • val

    I didn’t think it was possible to be jealous of a blue cashmere sweater — but I stand corrected.

  • rowan729

    Oh Mandi, what about when he and Talbot are in the “trophy” room, looking at the vamp erotica, and he’s in this sweater and his nipples are hard? I’m sure you also noticed that. Blue sweater, hard nipples-best looking ever!

    • Bovinekitti

      LMAO! Not only did I notice it but I rewound & slow-mo’d it. I told hubby I thought there was a continuity issue to double check his hardness with each camera angle ;)

  • Irish

    I was a fan of the black tank top from last season.

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