Sarah Palin stands by made-up word 'refudiate,' compares self to Shakespeare

Refudiate is not a word — at least, not one that appears in the dictionary. But don’t try telling former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She’s been dropping refudiate bombs all over the place lately, and she’s not about to give up.

Last week, Palin went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show to claim that it’s “divisive” for the NAACP to call out racist elements in the Tea Party movement. (See the clip below.) Her I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I argument built to this stirring conclusion: “[The Obamas] could refudiate what it is that this group is saying. They could set the record straight.” Liberal bloggers LOL’d at her word choice, but then she did it again yesterday. In a since-deleted tweet, Palin wrote, “Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn’t it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate.” After much Twitter mockery, she erased the tweet, re-posting new versions that used actual words like reject and refute instead of the one she made up. Yet she followed this with another tweet defending her imaginary word: “‘Refudiate,’ ‘misunderestimate,’ ‘wee-wee’d up.’ English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!”

After I finished cracking up at the idea of Sarah Palin comparing herself to Shakespeare, I had to admit: She’s kinda right. Languages evolve organically. The only reason you understood the noun tweet in the last paragraph is because somebody made up that sense of the word a couple of years ago. And at least in this writer’s opinion, refudiate isn’t even the worst part of Palin’s original tweet, a cynical effort to stoke ugly anti-Muslim sentiment. Blogger Jay Smooth posted a similar take on Twitter: “If Sarah Palin used all the right words, the idea expressed would still be just as wrong. So I refudiate this judgmentation of her wordery.”

So the question really is: As far as made-up words go, where does Sarah Palin’s refudiate stand? It’s not quite as versatile as George W. Bush’s classic misunderestimate or Will-Ferrell-as-Bush’s even more classic strategery, but I think this verb has potential. Let us know what you think of refudiate, and while we’re at it, tell us your favorite fake words of all time.

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  • Michael

    Has there ever been anyone who is as proud of their stupidity as much as this woman?

    • den

      I can’t refudiate that.

      • hc


      • Natalie

        My problem is that she obviously didn’t know “refudiate” wasn’t a word when she first said it, but to avoid looking like an idiot, said she was going to coin it. Of course, she looks like even more of an idiot because most people who coin words do so by NOT confusing two words that already exist.

      • cc


      • Shiny

        For all intensive purposes and irregardless of her lack of alakitty, Palin repre-cents for the stoopider Americans who have long suffered with taunts about them needing DNA tests to find out who the father of their children is, and about the awful spelling on their racist placards. Yes, we should all refudiate educazion and selebrake the Dummies of the Republican Party. Long live Dumbocrosy!

      • Anonymous

        I like Bush’s made up words more.

      • Deborah Lancaster

        Shiny – the phrase is “for all intents and purposes”

      • Deborah Lancaster

        PS Shiny – I get it now. Never mind.

      • jennrae

        Personally, I hate it when people write “should of” instead of “should have” or “should’ve.”

      • elsie

        Shiny, you win.

      • Melanie

        i repudiate her

      • barbie

        I literally spit my drink out reading your reply…good one!

      • Julie

        I hate when people say “supposably”

      • C Men

        Or pacifically instead of specifically.

      • danV

        I second er refudiade that!

      • WTF?

        I’d read the eugoogily at her funeral.

      • DL

        WTF, are you sure you’re a good enough eugoogilizer? There’s nothing worse than a bad eugoogily.

      • Sue

        If Sarah Pallin was as patriotic as she claims, she’d show more respect for the way the founding fathers
        articulated, right?

      • John


        I too, hate it when people use the word “supposably” but after I heard Keith Olbermann use it once, I looked it up and it is actually a word. Still, I would never use it but I was shocked to learn that it is an actual word.

        Ditto on hatred of the use of “should of” instead of “should have”.

    • donknottz

      That Woman is an IDIOT!

      • Some Idiot

        Please don’t insult my intelligence by comparing me to this woman.

      • donknottz

        Sorry this woman is a piece of garbage wrapped in human skin sorry to all pieces of garbage in advance

      • pennyforyourthoughts

        Keith Olbermann would be proud.

      • Mo

        snickers@some idiot

      • donknottz

        I like to steal from the best Penny

      • mike

        “A good American “hates” racism.” That’s probably the dumbest quote I have ever heard from this woman. America was built on racism. Why else did we need the Civil Rights Movement and Affirmative Action? I don’t even understand why they’re defending racismin the Tea Party Movement. There is definitely racism there. If other races aren’t even there, how can yo call it American? Isn’t America comprised of multi-cultures? Give me a break, Sarah. Your idea of American went out with the Eisenhower Era.

      • LegalChick

        Shiny–too funny! Maybe you could get her to hire you; she would probably think all your new words were real!

      • proud caucasian

        And sir, so are you. Yoiur lack of class is underwhelming.

      • Pete Chiste

        Yes, she’s a nitwidiot

      • Nic

        Pete Chiste – love the nitwidiot word. I’m going to use it now.

      • Shiny

        As Sinatra would say, “Is your figure less than Greek, is your mouth a little weak, when you open it to speak, are you smart? Don’t change a hair, Dummy. Not if you care for me, stay Dummy Valentine, stay…”

      • peartart

        but she’s adornable. And a notional additution. In her on-our, I preposition changing the verd “tweet: to :twit:.

      • Smarten Ewe

        Sarah is a politician. In that world things are real or unreal according to them. They do not live in the world we do, if you doubt that, look at the mess we’re in and what tyhe ‘think’ will fix it.

    • Gee

      It is so sad when someone like Sarah Palin is always making a fool of herself. Why does’t she just hush. Stop talking.

      • @Gee

        She’s making too much money, so why should she stop? Why should she care that she’s bringing race relations back to the 18th century?

      • Jacque

        I think you need to look at the Preisdent, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers as the people taking race relations back several steps… obama is as racist as they come

      • ALM

        I think she did it on purpose, to steer the attention away from Bristol and Levi’s impending nuptials. If the “liberal mainstream media” focuses on her mangling of the English language, we’ll all forget that her daughter neglected to tell her own mother she’s getting married to porno-dolt.

      • @Jacque

        Which half of himself is Obama racist against, Jacque? His black half, or his caucasian half?

      • Angelo Barovier

        Because, Gee, we need her when Lindsay is in jail and won’t be able to tweet. Where else will we get such unfiltered comedy? Jay Leno? I think not!

    • donknottz

      In the words of the Late Great Blue Iris from the Howard Stern Show. “This is better than Refudiation !!”

      • etm

        I LOVE Blue Iris!!! She was the best. Nyeahhhh. RIP Bluella. I love the phony phone call when she offered to **** the tow truck guy and his son six ways to Sunday.

      • donknottz

        My favorite senior pornstar ever.

      • Cindi

        HILARIOUS!!! Blue was the best

    • Pete

      Simon, Palin wasn’t attempting to organically evolve language with her choice of words. You should be ashamed for giving her credit for such a pathetic cover-up. The woman is too ignorant to realize that she is, in fact, a racist.

      • Margot707

        If she’d switch to FireFox, all the misspellings would be underlined in red. Or she could use a “Spell Checker” before hitting the “Submit” button. Only sayin’.

      • Tom

        So easy to call others racist yet it is old and tired. Racism exists but to constantly throw the accusation around is irresponsible. Keep at it Sarah haters–it just makes America love her more.

      • springs

        “Keep at it Sarah haters–it just makes America love her more.” – Seriously? So by that statement are you saying Sarah haters are un-American? That just makes me want to throw up a little.

    • TLBothel

      Yeah, his name is Barack Obama.

      • jodipo

        that made no sense TLBothel

      • verryBerry

        yes it does, jodipo. he was answering the original poster’s question.

      • springs

        Obama graduated from Harvard Law. I doubt he’s lacking in intelligence.

    • Zombie Jesus

      You can’t fix stupid :-(

    • B Collins

      I must say, I have never seen so much hatred toward one person as I have in these comments posted here. Someone uses a word supposedly not in the dictionary and now you call her an idiot, stupid,as well as many other names. Have any of you ever used a slange word not in the dictionary? No doubt you have. Do people publish their opinions about you as you have? No! Until you people can talk without bashing and tell us that you just don’t like her policies and leave it at that, please don’t post anymore of your hatred.

      • Mary

        I so agree with you! Every year new words get added to Webster’s, just imagine if Palin begins a new word…won’t all look foolish!

      • Chandler Hill

        How about this, B Collins and Mary: when you can compose a few sentences without managing to misspell words and mangle grammar, maybe then you’ll get to weigh in on intellect.

      • Jennifer Kate

        Yeeeah, slang is not the same thing as misusing a word by mashing it up with another. Plus, it’s not like this is the first we’ve heard from SP. You make yourself known for spouting off on issues you don’t really understand – you get judged.

      • Mary

        So Mr. Hill, your only complaint about our opinion being said is our lack of proper spelling and use of grammar? Sad arguement for disliking our OPINIONS. Remember they are like a-holes we all got them!

      • CAM

        Wow, Chandler! Glad we have someone posting here who never makes spelling or grammar mistakes. I bet you’ve never made a typo either. I am sure everyone who reads your post will be in awe of your command of English grammar and spelling and will agree that cutting down others who make simple errors somehow strengthens your argument. People are simply making quick comments here. Also, if Sarah Palin is so “stupid,” no one here has anything to worry about. But it is fun to see you squirm!

      • mike

        Misusing a word and coining a new one are far from the same thing. She obviously thought repudiate was spelled/pronounced refudiate. Thoughtful, intelligent, educated people don’t misuse language like that. It’s ok with her supporters though because they’re not thoughtful, intelligent, educated people either.

      • Yummy

        That’s because stupid Sarah Palin meant to say REPUDIATE, not REFUDIATE. It’s not about making up words. It’s about being too stupid to know how dumb she is. What is worth are the morons who follow in her wake and who are too ignorant themselves to know how fantastically stupid she is.

      • Matt

        But B.Collins and Mary, this isn’t a slang word, made up to refer to something no other word does — the word she actually wanted already exists (repudiate/refute). She wasn’t being poetic, she just delights in being uninformed.

      • Mike

        No one is saying shes an idiot JUST because of this statement. The woman hasn’t had an original thought, or for that matter a coherent one, since she has been in the public eye. She is a national embarassment.

        Will Ferrell as James Lipton might say, “she’s definitely NOT scrumtrulescent.”

      • navydad

        “Someone uses a word supposedly not in the dictionary and now you call her an idiot, stupid,as well as many other names. Have any of you ever used a slange word not in the dictionary?”

        You all have misunderstood Ms. Palin. You think that she is poorly educated and not very bright, when in fact she is simply trying to appeal to the syntactically challenged, such as the person who posted the above quote.

      • Bubba’s mom

        “I must say, I have never seen so much hatred toward one person as I have in these comments posted here.”

        Really B? Because you can go to any manor news outlet and see the same vitriol and hate spew, directed at liberals and conservatives alike. I must say, I see this kind of garbage written all the time. She’s an idiot, making lots of money, and I give no quarter to her. And why should I when conservative extremists have gone from pushing their own agendas to trying to render the entire liberal premise as illegitimate and anathema to democracy – as if a single party system was what the founding fathers had in mind.

        As for Mary: “Sad arguement for disliking our OPINIONS. Remember they are like a-holes we all got them!” You’re being an apologist for somebody who got caught their pants down, and then simultaneously defending your right to an opinion, while simultaneously taking somebody else to task for their own. Everybody is free to have their opinion, and is subject to being judged by others for that opinion. If the reactions of others on this site make your defensive and woozy, I suggest, for your own sake, that you take your opinion someplace that is agreement with you, so you don’t feel compelled to trivialize the opinions of others, just to validate your own.

      • Stephen

        To B Collins: If this was the first time she made a fool of herself I would agree but her history of ignorance on a number of topics makes her fodder for anyone. Just like Dan Quale years ago and the last Bush league president, if you are going to speak to the public be prepared to pay the piper with those who have nothing better to do with their time. Easier to speak to the wrong word or spelling than address the real issue!

      • SBK

        One minor problem – none of us are on the airwaves allegedly representing the US public or being a commentator on a national news service. Too often, Ms. Palin catches the “deer-in-the-headlight” look when she says something stupid and is too stupid to admit an error. Instead, she makes it worse and tries to explain herself without thinking. Don’t think William Shakespeare would be proud of her.

      • Bird

        I’m not sure why but I am amazed at how quickly people will attack someone for something like this yet nobody seemed to mind during the 2008 campaign when Obama promised to protect all 52 states. Sara Palin may not have as firm a grasp on the English language as she should but Obama has even less of a grasp on the country he is representing.

      • Angelo Barovier

        First, B Collins, look up some of the Jayden Smith or American Idol articles and read those comments. Vitriol towards famous people is nothing new. And, yes, I’ll be counted among those who piddle all over Palin’s eccentricities because misusing language is one thing. Defending your misuse with some arrogant allusion to Billy Shakes is entirely something else — something worthy of ridicule.

      • Tom

        I’m amazed at how quickly people will come to the defense of a person who has never once shown any signs of intelligent thought. Refudiate? Come on, seriously?

      • debbiejp

        What politics.. The woman has no politics. She is a hateful, spiteful person. She is DANDEROUS and all those like her.

      • Tom (a different one)

        Danderous? LOL! That must be what a Palinite is when you get his or her dander up.

      • Luddite

        I don’t like her policies. Not even a little bit.
        And the reason her mistake is garnering so much mockery is not hate. It’s because the woman seems pathologically incapable of admitting an innocent mistake. She doesn’t even have to admit it. She needs to move on and learn from the mistake like an adult. But when she tries to defend it, and in such a ludicrous fashion, she becomes ridiculous.

      • G

        She’s a bloody idiot AND we don’t like her policies. Too bad we didn’t just drill in Alaska FIRST, ruin HER coastline, and spare the beauty, tropical, tourism of the Gulf. Not bashing Alaska here, but perhaps if it were front and center on her doorstep, she might have changed her tune.

        Additionally – NEOLOGY is NOT a Politician’s job. They are supposed to use the existing lexicon to stand the best possible chance at convincing their supporters they are the most qualified. Showing your followers you have no idea what you’re talking about and are using words that don’t exist… shows how careless you are at attention to detail.

        Our leaders need to be smarter than the masses. I canNOT believe people want her to be PRESIDENT. She was the BEST thing to happen to the Democratic party. If anyone was on the fence in the last POTUS election, I’m sure she did a good job in tipping the scales in Obama’s favor. Yeeehaw!

      • JoJo Dancer

        Wait… Sarah Palin has Policies? You mean I can have another reason not to like her? Listen personally, I don’t know her, but what I see on TV, that’s not the kind of person that I would engage in any conversation other than …so how cold does it get in Alaska? and maybe Can you really see russia on a clear night?

      • peartart

        The difference is that most of us don’t get paid $$$ for our ability (or inability, whichever applies) to communicate. The woman is growing rich off her own ineptitude. You may find that admirable. I don’t. It’s a case of laugh or cry, and laughing feels better.

    • Carrie

      uh..yes. His middle initial was W.

    • Trisn

      You’re spot on!

      • Andika

        , “She has balls.” (And I mean this with respect and toaltly not in a degrading way–just so you know.) My husband replied, “I want to marry her.” I’d almost let him–if it meant she’d be my friend. Don’t you think she needs to be our friend? Oh, but I am loving her so much.And thus ends my political blogging tenure.

    • proud caucasian

      did you say anything about obama’s “54 states” or clinton’s the definition of”what is, is”. So quick to jump on her, look in your own mirror.

      • PMD

        I guess being Caucasian is enough to support Palin these days. Intelligence be damned. ]

      • Jenn

        First of all, it was 57 states. If you’re going to nitpick get it right.

        And Obama obvious knows/knew how many states there are. The guy was exhausted and he misspoke. But that excuse can’t be given for Palin. With Palin it’s a pattern. She consistently and repeatedly says uninformed and stupid crap. That makes me come to only one conclusion: Sarah Palin is uninformed and stupid. It’s pretty telling that the only thing you can come up with for President Obama is that. I could probably produce a hot 100 list of Sarah Palin’s moments in idiocy.

      • Mo

        Did Obama try to defend his statement by claiming that we should all get creative at math, or maybe split some of the existing states to come up to 57 for a truer, more real America? No. He made a mistake, big deal. Everyone makes them. Bush Sr. said in a speech that he and Ronald Reagan had sex. Hilarious, and still quoted, but no one seriously thinks that he meant it. People misspeak and mistype all the time. If she had shrugged off “refudiate” and said I misspoke, big deal, she would have made the people pointing it out look petty and over the top. Instead, she came out defending her idiocy and comparing herself to Shakespeare. My husband points out that this is typical Republican strategy: do not ever ever admit you were wrong or made an innocent mistake, and instead attack, attack, attack. I’d like to think this is not true for every Republican, but it certainly is for Sarah the hateful moron, who complains about the vitriol being directed towards her in the same sentence where she accuses anyone who disagrees with her of destroying America. Oh, and well put, Bubba’s Mom (this is about a comment further up).

      • lesley

        I would have forgiven Sarah Palin if she said oh I mean to say REPUDIATE (def. 1. Refuse to accept or be associated with. 2. Deny the truth or validity of.) But instead she started claiming that she was part of a living language and all that shit. No, there is a word matching the tense and definition you want the only difference is one letter you didn’t make up a word. Therefore Sarah Palin= idiot.

    • Mitch

      Yes, but atleast he became a President, you remember that guy? The Decider

    • Rock Golf

      I believe former half-term Governor Palin should be fornecitized until she is perbabbelated. And God help the nurbles who would disagree.

    • I Know

      Palin is a dreadful excuse for a human being and all these racist, horrible tea-baggers need to die like the rats they are!!!! Who’s with me?

      • Soldier

        I am with you. These BIGOTS will all burn in their own hell! Hip hip hooray!

      • Person Who Talks

        I usually try not to comment on these increasingly occuring political articles, but I have to say, @I Know and @Soldier: you are sad, hateful people. It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, but if you want a large group of people dead just because their political beliefs differ from yours, then there is something wrong with you.

      • Margot707

        Now, now. That’s the kind of language we leftists are supposed to denounce. Leave that kind of talk to Sarah “Kill ‘em” Palin and Sharron “2nd amendment remedies” Angle.

      • Angelo Barovier

        “Green!” “Purple!” (fight ensues)

      • Mike

        Um, I don’t know what makes you feel so entitled, but you’re self-righteous AND indignant “Person Who Talks”. Sarah Palin represents the corporatist/elitist, plays off the deep seeded racism of many old white people for support, and laughs her way to the bank while many of these tea partiers protest against and threaten the people trying to help them. Obama’s a politician, but at LEAST he’s doing whats right, and needed, within the realm of politics and GIANT unregulated institutions that control far more than most people understand. Murdoch controls the WSJ and FoxNews, but and so much more. He DOESN’T want regulation against his and his friend’s corporations, so his news organizations use sly methods in manipulation, easily convincing the the stereotypical uneducated sheep that there choices and ideas are theirs, and correct, when in fact it’s the bloody invisible hand of the wallstreet ilk, and inception-like stuff, lol.

      • Person Who Talks

        @Mike: I’m not trying to expouse one political view over another, all I’m saying is that when you wish death upon others, you’re crossing the line. All one needs to do is look at some of these posts and it will become quite clear who the hateful people really are.

    • El

      Sadly she thinks she’s smart and so do a lot of people of “low information” status. She’s just plain pathetic and scary.

    • Michael Anderson

      Barack Obama!

    • lraye

      She is quite confident and intelligent.

      • BZ

        Haha good one. That was a joke right? Right?

      • LL

        I refudiate Iraye’s comment.

        Seriously, I can’t wait to make a t-shirt with “REFUDIATE” across the chest.

      • gato


    • Mike

      Well, she does always say she represents REAL America, and statistics don’t lie. We’re 25th in the world in pre-college education!

    • emily

      Every Republican I know voted for Obama after this dimwit was chosen by McCain.

      I have to say though, that ALL, and I mean ALL of the people mocking her better be using ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ properly, as well as ‘their,’ ‘there,’ and ‘they’re.’

      • Mykiey

        Fair fare feared!

    • blind lemming spotter

      What is odd is there is no thread on this site about Obama miss pronouncing corpsman two times in a row.
      Clearly you are all a bunch of woman hating biggots right? That is that standard used when someone points out Obama is not perfect. Right.. The fact that all you rude, kool-aid drinkers hate here works like an endorsement for normal people.

      • Daniel

        There’s no thread about you misspelling mispronouncing either. Should we start a special prosecutor after you? Or are you a racist? (Is that similar to what you did? Deflect a story about Palin by making it like we are doing this because she’s a woman?)

      • JoJo Dancer

        @Daniel… Good Catch, on both fronts

      • ALM

        You also misspelled “bigot”.

    • Brian


    • Shuler

      EW writes about this yet ignored Obama’s 57 state comment?? I wish both Palin and Obama would disappear. Geez.

    • Daniel

      When will people realize that this two-year-of-a-four-year-term governor is just bloviating to keep her name in the media? Why anyone would expect her to fulfill an obligation to a full presidential term is shocking to me. Sarah, keep refudiating stuff. I’ll keep hoping the people I vote for stick to their committments like you stick to twitter. Or facebook. Useless political opportunistic has-been hack.


      Maybe she wrote the word on her hand

    • Lars

      Yes. There’s also Glenn Beck.

      But they both manage to discover new levels of idiocy all the time.

    • She’s just conversating

      We’ll see who’s laughing when she’s President. I’ll be on my way to somewhere more stable. Like Mexico. Or Chechnya.

    • Trish


    • Kim

      Yes, you who mock those who actually stand for something and are willing to voice it.This is our original dream, free thought, free speech such as yours.
      fyi- “bling” was a new word, or is that not worth mocking??

    • Just Jules

      Sure, Dan Quale and George Dubya for two…

      • Michelle

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose most of my rederas now. . I’ve done 2 political posts since her nomination and have a couple more in my head just begging to get out! I just can’t control myself anymore. I’m watching foxnews every day! I think I have a problem!LOVE, LOVE her. She is a solid believer too, from what I hear from Alaskans. We better get on our knees for this girl!Brandi

      • Esther

        The half term governor is a e2€œDan Quaylee2€9d in heels. Since we adlraey had an idiot e2€œWe2€9d that caused our current economic debacle, America knows not to trust in fools who think they are brilliant. One of the reason for e2€œWe2€9d failure was his drinking, Palin just has bad genes.

    • Dick Head

      Better than our OBAMA thinking we only have 48 states.

      • Sugi

        “I’ve always seen Sarah Palin as the chick in a small town who gets the upsesnucting black man lynched because she claimed he looked at her, when in reality he didn’t see her at all. To intimate that President Obama is the reason for all the racial attacks is yet another failed effort at some sort of reverse psychology mind trick that the Republicans continue to play.”

    • Zachary Medina

      You gotta have a clown in politics. That’s where Sarah P stands. She’s the perfect one.

    • Kemu

      Yes – Obama and his 57 states comment and Janet Napolitano and her 364 days in a year.

    • enigma

      She is just trying to ape peel to the conservative bass.

    • Carolyn Kennedy

      Responding to Michael: I think you’re the stupid one, and anyone else on the planet with your mindset, to pretend that you have never made a boo-boo (look it up) in pronunciation.

      GEEZ LOUISE!!!!

    • alwood

      Refudiate isn’t near as dumb as Corpse Man

      • Leonardo

        The old guard republicans have a diicufflt time letting go even when they are out of power. They tolerated Reagan. They are tolerating Palin. When the old guard doesn’t get their way in the primaries, rather than stepping down, they subvert the process and run independently. What has the old guard republicans recently given us? Not sure. Perhaps Obama. What has Reagan given us? Nothing that we are any longer familiar with. It was too long ago.

    • starlock

      Alright… agreed it isn
      t a word. But how many people have made up words to try to explain or convey something. Look at the Southern used word “Ain’t”… in school we were taught this is not a word… actually it is in the Websters Dictionary… it is just not considered by the so called educated circles as being a proper word. Personally I say if a word is part of your culture then it is proper. I also say even if the word is not officially considered proper but you get the point… then why not. Look at the latest show Caprica… they say the work “Frack”… but we all know what they are really saying… but no one says anything bad about the use of this made up word. We get a giggle and carry on. Just becuase someone has political views contrary to what some people want to accept I assume now makes them the target for badgering whether they are educated or not. I say grow up and leave well enough alone… and as for the so call educated folk… give it a break and stop publishing this nonsense reporting.

    • Rob

      Yes, Obama… and his 57 states speech.

    • Rocky Santangelo

      Michael.. I think you have it misconstrued.. she is certainly much jsmarter then you! My opinion merely derived from your misguided statement regarding her!

  • Tom Brazelton

    Sarah Palin’s rhetoric does not embiggen the spirit. I do not find her choice of words cromulent.

    • den

      I can’t refudiate that, either.

    • jules


    • kennedyDC

      God bless your Simpsons reference.

      • Tom Brazelton

        Thanks. At this point, if I don’t laugh, I cry.

    • Bobby’s Robot


      • Yujin

        Liberals are just jealous becusae, not only is Sarah Palin beautiful, she is also a genius who can put any MENSA member or MIT engineer to shame. She showcases her super-human intelligence rarely, but when she does, you clearly understand you are not her equal and are humbled appropriately. Sarah Palin also performs miracles, curing the blind, sick and downtrodden all over the world. She regularly turns water into Crystal Lighte2„a2, frees dolphins from discarded fishing nets and helps mothers to deliver stillborn children alive and in perfect health.Sarah Palin can fly.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Aaaagh! ;-)

    • kate

      I was going to go for the “cromulent” reference, but you beat me to it.

    • BP

      Tom speaks the truthiness.

    • Nick B

      I love you, Tom Brazelton. Thank you for bringing a bright spot to my day. I think Palin has a case of the ol’ Crayola Oblongota.
      By the way, the atomic weight of Bolognium is delicious. Or snacktacular.

      • Tom Brazelton

        Something I think Sarah Palin should look into is the decline of Spirograph and it’s direct correlation to the rise in gang activity.

    • Dave

      Damn you, Tom, first with cromulent FTW!

    • Corpsegoddess

      Frankly, I find her creation of new words both substitious and pretenderous. I wish somebody would go snickety-snack to her mic cord and spare us any more of these undignitaries.

  • cregis

    Call Sarah Palin “all stupid”.

    • Ugly Jenny

      I remember President Obama repeatedly and completely misprounoucing the word corpsmen when he spoke to U.S. military as “corpse men” and no one made a big deal about it. I don’t really see why people are making such a big deal about it. If you don’t like Palin then don’t vote for her, but to personally attack her and at times her family is out of line.

      • PMD

        When one is in the public spectrum people will judge. But also when someone is so proud to be so stupid its kind of embarrassing. Also when this same person hopes to run a country and has managed to persuade a lot of people that it is okay to parade your stupidity, that its okay to be a teenage mom, and to be racially divisive then other people are allowed to air their opinion and point out her ignorance.

      • ALM

        Are you kidding me? “Big deals” are constantly made over every teensy thing our President does, says, and supposedly thinks. Obama (and his family) are “personally attacked” in print and on air daily. Personal attacks are par for the course in today’s politics, and if Palin (and her followers) can’t handle it, they should go home.

      • elcy

        Excuse me, but Sarah Palin didn’t simply mispronounce a word; most public speakers, including our presidents, do that from time to time. She used a non-existent word (at least twice; she twittered it, but she’d also spoken it in an earlier Hannity interview), and even if she’d meant to use ‘repudiate’, it would have been an incorrect usage in the context of what she was trying to say about the mosque. So was her later correction, ‘refute’.
        The woman usually speaks in ‘word salad’, so it’s about time she received a ‘dressing’ down.

  • Laurie

    If she had only said it outloud I would have thought I misheard it or it was a slight pronunciation error, but to type it out that way? Clearly she knows what is she is trying to say (refute/repudiate), but was no one around able to correct her or do all of her minions live in fear?

    • Jamey

      Laurie, take a look at the video embedded in this story. You get your wish at 2:35.

      • etm

        Laurie means if Sarah *just* said it out loud and not typed it too. Sarah could have misspoken or Laurie could have misheard (is that a word?), but for Sarah to actually type the word out is inexcusable.

    • Jacque

      Laurie – you just made up a new word! outloud! maybe it will make it to the Urban Dictionary. Get over your alleged intellect

  • Jae

    This woman makes America look so stupid! And the Tea Party movement–comprised of the stupidest, most simple minded gullible people in America. OMG. They totally depress me. No age of enlightenment in the horizon I fear for this country. We are moving backwards!

    • etm

      I fear that too :(

    • donknottz

      Actually seems like a pretty good summary of our country at this point. Take a look around.

    • Chuck

      You’re right. This country is moving backwards in every way thanks to Palin and those in her party that are desperate to get their power back. They will strip away all of our rights, then blame Obama and before you know it, their simple-minded villagers will be storming the White House with torches, preparing to have a good old-fashioned lynching. It’s sad that these people can’t recognize how racist they are – or maybe they do know and are using that to discredit Obama and anyone who supports him whenever they can. i fear for this country.

      • PIZZA

        It does appear that ignorance once again is rearing it’s greedy, ugly head – trying with all it’s might to hold on with old tactics. However it tries, the tea party is failing because of ignorance. History has shown us this before. When and if our kids read of such sad and embarrassing hard work in our history books the lessons of this pathetic attempt will be of failure.

    • My Red Stapler

      First: I thought this was an entertainment website, not a liberal political forum. Second: What is with all this hatred? Some people don’t like the President’s policies so you immediately brand them as “racist”? You need to get a grip

      • Weaziller

        Agreed. The only people who call Obama ‘racist’ are racists themselves. He’s never made an issue of it.
        Get over it already.

      • Frustrated

        Racism is hatred. Telling someone that their actions are racist is not.

      • My Red Stapler

        @Frustrated: I disagree with many of the President’s policies, but I don’t hate the man; I’m sure he’s a decent, intelligent human being. But then you see all these people on here calling Palin and the Tea-Party supporters “stupid”, “backwards”, “simple-minded”, “idiotic”, and “ignorant”, and you don’t see consider that to be hatred?

    • My Red Stapler

      You know what the real problem with America is? All these people who endlessly complain on blogs and such, but never do anything themselves; they just contribute to the problem (this applies to people on both sides of the political spectrum, but especially to all the extremely left-wing posters here). You people need to stop looking for scapegoats (Bush, Palin, etc.) and saviors (Obama) and start trying to figure out intelligent ways to fix problems yourselves! Anyone can be a couch-potatoe coach or a backseat driver, but do you have what it takes to stop whining and prove yourself? I thought not…

      • PMD

        My Red Stapler – I agree with you a hundred percent. I do think though that this country is going in the wrong direction by backing someone as hazardous as Sarah Palin. I seriously feel sick at the thought of someone like her actually being the President. But as for doing something I think the Democrats have consistently been trying to do something to fix this nation, with little to no help from the Republicans. I don’t think any of the bills that the Democrats have passed to fix our broken health care system or re-regulate the financial industry, will actually work but at least its something. All we get from the Republicans is “No”, “Socialism is bad”, “And where are Obama’s birth records.” I would not have a problem with voting for a competent, Republican leader such as John McCain prior to his lobotomy or his daughter, if she ever decided to run.

      • ALM

        Thus speaks the couch-potato (no “e”, Dan) coach/backseat driver who’s on the internet…chastising people for having opinions on the internet. You have no clue what ANYBODY on this website does when they’re not on the logged on, no matter what their political leanings, and if you can’t handle it when people have opinions contrary to yours, you need to leave the sandbox.

      • Mac

        Why didn’t all of the idiots in the Tea Party become motivated during Bush’s fiasco as president. Obama gets elected and they start grabbing their pitchforks? Gee, I wonder why they are so angry…

      • springs

        You have valid points, but I’m bothered that you say Bush is a “scapegoat”. Bush and his administration are certainly not scapegoats. They actually screwed the country over in many ways. We’re blaming the Bush administration because it’s their fault. And now the country is outraged over Obama?? The illegal war in Iraq drove up the deficit outrageously. Where was the outrage before? As for Palin, I’m not blaming her for anything. I just happen to admire intelligence and it’s a quality that she’s clearly lacking.

  • darclyte

    You might be a redneck if you use a word like refudiate.

    • darclyte

      You might be a redneck if you pronounce the word as divissive and not divisive.

      • Linguist

        Not a Palin fan, but FYI “divissive” is an accepted pronunciation.

      • your friendly neighborhood editor

        Linguist is right. “Divisive” vs “divissive” is just regional variation. “Refudiate,” on the other hand, is just ridiculous.

  • Jack

    How do you spell obsessed?

    • GAC

      Libs write a story about her once a week to keep her in the news because they hope she is the Repub nominee in 2012. This strategery will backfire when she loses the nomination, because all they will have accomplished is driving themselves crazy in the process.

      • Brett

        No, they report her words and activities because she’s an attention seeking publicity whore.

      • fh&c

        Reality has a way of being much more powerful than fiction. Libs could not come up with this ignorance. It has to be innate.

      • erin

        People who get all their information from Fox News use the word “libs” about once a day when making disparaging remarks online about people who have the audacity to disagree with their world-view.

      • carneyva

        Sarah Palin, for Democrats, is the gift that just keeps on giving. Just wait until 2011, when the GOP presidential contenders start lining up to bash each other. Pass the popcorn and enjoy the show!

    • AmyK

      Why don’t you ask Sarah if she can spell that word? I bet not.

      • Lester

        reports that saw the light of day in . Here’s an .The spin on those reports is that aesnitbnce-only is is a failure, but the facts show that it has the same effectiveness as birth control-based sex ed. So either they’re both failures or they’re both successes.If Palin had been in favor of birth control-based sex ed and her 17 year old daughter had gotten pregnant would that have been proof that that approach doesn’t work or it would have been an example of the fact that kids sometimes make mistakes when it comes to sex?The kicker is I’m not even in favor of aesnitbnce-only education for my own kids, but I can look at the case and see the flaws in the argument of my side.

  • poultrypower

    Charming, charismatic Sarah Palin always adds to the color of our colloquy & the vigor of our vernacular. She is brilliant!

    • Tom Brazelton

      What you just wrote went over the heads of 90% of the Tea Party movement.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        And the remaining 10% blamed Obama for the big words.

      • Jeffrey C. Winter

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! My day is now complete.

      • duffy

        you people need to get a grip. who cares. How many times do you need to use big words to make yourself feel smart. I feel sorry for you

    • tiebaojin

      Poultrypower – your name says it all! Only people like you can call Sarah Palin “brilliant”.

    • Ugly Jenny

      Actually I was the former member of a College Republicans and recent college grad and know exactly what those words mean. Why don’t you try giving others who share different views the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to sweeping generalizations?

  • eliljah intelligent being

    this shara paininthe’ss issue is being discussed on ‘entertainment weekly’. leave it here and not on the political pages. nuff said!!!

    • Erin

      No this issue is perfect for Entertainment Weekly.
      Sarah Palin is not a real politician anymore, but an entertainer.

      • Matt

        What do you mean, “anymore?”

      • Cas

        Personally, I don’t find her all that entertaining, either.

  • mel tupaz

    English is a living language and Sarah Palin is a living Twit.

    • barnacle on yuras

      Before “Twit” – replace “living” with “brain dead”?

  • Brett

    Lewis Carroll’s poem, “Jabberwocky,” used dozens of made up words. Two of them, “chortle” and “galumph,” eventually became part of the English language. I know Palin’s no Carroll, but there IS a precedent for made up words gaining acceptance into dictionaries. (Of course, this doesn’t mean that Palin, like Bush before her, isn’t an inarticulate dolt.)

    • Bkwurm1

      There is a big difference in making up words for literary purposes and just getting caught in your own stupidity and trying to pass off the giant “oops” as something she was doing on purpose. New words shouldn’t be introduced to the language just to mask ignorance.

      • AmyK

        I agree, she meant to say the word “repudiate”, she wasn’t trying to make up a new word. There’s no excuse for stupid!

      • Big Dave

        Not to mention that Lewis Carroll was deliberately writing a nonsense poem.

      • Matt

        To AmyK: Or “refute,” and she ended up with a combination of the two.

    • Peter

      The Alice books are deliberately nonsensical, especially that poem.

    • Dayat

      before, if being a handicapper could get it done, Jimmy the Greek slohud have been POTUS And Rob, you miss the point entirely, yes, she IS a cheerleader, and SHE influences votes EVERYWHERE, read the comments from some right here She isn’t the voter, she is THE VOTE, and blind loyalists are lining up everywhere, ready to follow her off the cliff That b*tch is taking America for a ride, and the time to stop her is NOW Otherwise, you better get ready to call Obama SIR He’ll beat her ass like he beat her and McCain, even the Dems that are turned against him will line back up if Palin is the GOP candidate in 2012 WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Hugh

    Arrogance is much more insulting than ignorance. Unfortunately, she has enough of both.. Keep Digging Sarah, maybe you can ‘see china from your yard’.

  • Wes

    Does she know that Alaska isn’t “the Heartland”?

    • Caramia

      I know! To me, that Geography error is even worse than the Vocabulary error.

    • tiebaojin

      Really like that one!!

  • SLB

    Is there anyone stupider than Sarah Palin?

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Her supporters

      • Marie


    • JLB

      yes, those that think she would make a good president.

    • MD

      Being from Minnesota – Michele Bachmann is running a close second

      • BP

        Correct. MB is the WORST.

      • You Got That Right

        michele bachman is crazy and should also just stop talking like sarah palin

      • jodipo

        Gotta agree with this one. I am a minnesotan,and I can tell ya MB is all kinds of scary crazy. Palin is fun to laugh at, but MB just makes me scared for the world :(

      • WatchesEverything

        Wonderful! We’ve just found a running mate for Sarah!

        PALIN/BACHMANN 2012!!

      • Zawmer

        Another embarrassed Minnesotan here. I agree with jodipo that Bachmann is more chilling than funny.

      • Louise

        Bachmann is on a completely different level of cuckoo bananas.

    • Oh Yeah

      Obama and his supporters

      • Matt

        Right — juxtapose the IQs of Sarah Palin and Obama any day of the week.

    • ALM

      The scary thing is, I don’t think she’s really stupid–she’s just ignorant. She’s shown that she’s a master at self-promotion, manipulation, and tailoring her rhetoric to appeal to a large number of ultra-conservatives, which has to take some modicum of “smarts”. She fails when she begins to believe her own publicity, and thinks she does not need to further educate or inform herself in order to be a national leader of some sort. Truly intelligent people never stop learning, questioning, or educating themselves; Palin honestly believes she has no further need for improvement, and refuses to recognize it or apologize for it when it’s so glaringly pointed out to her.

    • Brett

      Probably not, though Joe Biden comes close.

  • cam

    I sorta think as long as the words are understandable then made u[ words aren’t a big deal. (I think I just made up a new word!)

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I agree. What’s wrong with making up new words. They have to start somewhere. The word D’oh is in the dictionary, and that is coming from a cartoon.

      • Jeffrey C. Winter

        Sarah Palin is a cartoon.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Good comeback

      • Strepsi

        Sarah Palin did NOT “make up” a word. She meant to use an existing word and got it wrong — there is a massive difference.

        To me, the worst part is in her list of “living” words, she quotes George W. Bush “misunderestimate”, which was also a misuse of an existing word.

        She is actually aiming at copying the least literate president in living memory. Oy.

    • GregR

      Yeah made up words are fine. If you want to look like an idiot. Like when people say “conversate”.

    • Diana

      You do realize that what you wrote makes absolutely no sense, don’t you?

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