John Ratzenberger is Kevin Sorbo's guardian angel in 'What If…': Who's yours?

Behold, the return of Kevin Sorbo and Kristy Swanson. In the movie What if…, in theaters (?!) Aug. 20, Sorbo plays Ben, a man who left his college sweetheart, Wendy (Swanson), and his dream of becoming a preacher to pursue a business opportunity. Fifteen years later, his Mercedes breaks down and a tow truck driver (John Ratzenberger) claims to be his guardian angel and gives him a look at what his life would have been like had he followed his original path. Watch the trailer below. Yes, it looks like it should be on the Hallmark Channel in December, but Sorbo and Swanson appear to give surprisingly understated performances (that could land them a Hallmark Channel movie!).

Ratzenberger is totally a guardian angel I would get. I’ve always imagined mine as like a George Carlin, who really has no interest in my life and only pays attention to me when I speak inarticulately, at which point, he takes out his annoyance by screwing with me. That explains so much…. Who do you picture as your guardian angel? (God, by the way, looks like Steve Martin.)

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  • Ceballos

    My guardian angel is Alex Trebek. He has all the answers, and he gently mocks me when I make silly mistakes. (Like when, on “Jeopardy”, he says something like “Remember, each response in this category begins with the letter ‘S'”)

    (Also, Kevin Sorbo and Kristy Swanson in film that’s going to be in theatres? Is it 1997 now?!)

    • mtraptor

      If by “gently mocks” you mean “is a smug ass”, then yes. And yet, I watch every day anyway.

      • Ceballos

        Ha! I guess you’re right about him being a smug ass…but you’ve gotta admit that he does it so quickly and almost politely that the contestants can barely register they were just insulted.

        If he were truly snarky, I think he’d turn a lot of people off (which is probably why you’re still watching).

      • Zan

        This is just a remake of FAMILY MAN which starred Nic Cage!!!

      • Zan

        Seems like a remake of FAMILY MAN which starred Nic Cage!

    • Sue1

      They are both talented and deserving of renewed success (even in 2010), I hope the movie is a cut above the usual tearjerker.
      My guardian angel…a Golden Retriever named Sandy.

      • Ceballos

        Hey, it’s nice for Sorbo and Swanson that they’re getting a shot in a movie with a theatrical release in 2010….but that doesn’t change the fact that this entire production still screams ABC Family Movie.

      • Sue1

        Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

  • Josie

    Do neither of them age? She still looks like Buffy and he still looks like Hercules.

  • Marten

    I love you Kevin Sorbo. I would watch that man perform the phone book. I find it hilarious though that he does this after “Bitch Slap.”

  • Felicia

    This movie sounds like Nic Cage’s “Family Man.”

  • Chaddogg

    I liked this when it was called “Family Man.”

    • pastafarian

      I liked this when it was called Mr. Destiny

  • jessica

    wow, Ratzenberger in a movie that doesn’t feature his voice coming out of the mouth of a piggy bank, a snowman, or a fish. I’d watch it just to see him punch Sorbo out again!

  • Madd

    I think mine might be George Carlin as well-would explain my need to quote his jokes all the time. My husband’s is probably Lenny Bruce, since he does the same with his jokes…and the fact he was so happy when I wanted to name one of our dogs Lenny after him.

    • pastafarian

      George Carlin as a guardian angel.. the irony is delicious.

  • Nadia

    I was actually interested in this movie until it mentioned the producer being an author of “the Left Behind series.”
    I can be accepting of others people’s beliefs, but I refuse to support a movie and thereby a man who in his novels espouses hatred and damnation.

    Besides, this movie is a complete rip-off of It’s a Wonderful Life and The Family Man (which was an altered rip-off of IAWL in the first place.)

    However, I do love Kevin Sorbo and John Ratzenberger. And there’s an affectionate nostalgia in me for Kristy Swanson.

    • theBigE

      Yeah Nadia, if there’s one thing I can’t stand either it’s judgmental people! Let’s get rid of them!

      The movie was written and directed by his son. It’s been getting very positive early responses and is not overly preachy. Of course, you won’t ever see it because you’ve already made up your mind!

      • Scott

        Yeah Nadia, if there’s one thing I can’t stand either it’s judgmental people! Let’s get rid of them! Wow, talk about judgmental, what about showing love and forgiveness, have you read the left behind books? I follow and trust the teachings of Jesus and I know this, Jesus would hate this kind of talk, it is this us against them mentality that keeps everybody from loving each other, Jesus told us to love one another, I may disagree with what you think, but if we can not love each other and look passed all the junk we will never move forward.
        Peace and find someone to hug it will totally make their day.

  • steph

    For some reason I just love John Ratzenberger. I blame Pixar. lol

    • Karate Pants

      I love him too…but I blame Cheers.

  • Vighorois

    John Ratzo is DILF. My guardian angel probably looks like Bruno Ganz in Wings of Desire.

  • Carla

    My guardian angel is the late Freddie Mercury. He encourages my riskier decisions by saying “Remember, my dear, we never compromise” :D

  • john w.

    attended premier showing at historic Ramsdell Theater of movie What If…was pretty darn good and location in Manistee was fantastic-actors were way above average especially Toni Trucks-good going 10 West!

    • theBigE

      John W – I wanted to be there myself! Hopefully I’ll see it when it hits the big screen.

  • Carol Fentress

    I’ve seen it and it is a lovely movie–the little girl steals every scene she is in–it’s funny and heartwarming all at the same time–Everyone in the movie delivers a top notch preformance. As far as riping off “It’s a Wonderful Life” just about every movie is riping off from another that’s gone before so we should be used to that. But I don’t think you’ve ever seen a movie where a Pastor at his first sermon tells the congregation to “go out and make more money and then buy more stuff”. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it–as far as the author of the Left Behind series, I don’t know anything about the book so have no opinion. I do know that Dad put up the money so his son could make a movie he wanted to make.

  • Rhonda

    I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. BTW,my guardian angel is my dad-I know he is watching over me & my mother.

  • Starr

    Great movie but Voluptuousfriends was better

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