Will Smith's got a new movie -- but no Broadway play

Will-SmithImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosNow that Jaden Smith is a bona fide movie star, what’s his dad up to these days? Funny you should ask. Will Smith’s spokesperson confirmed a Deadline report that the elder Smith is attached to star in The Legend of Cain, an epic version of the Bible’s Cain and Abel tale with a “vampiric twist.” (Smith would play the sinful Cain.)

UPDATE: Will Smith’s spokesperson denied a report in Michael Riedel’s N.Y. Post On Broadway column that Will and wife Jada Pinkett Smith have been in conversations to play Stanley and Stella Kowalski in a 2011 Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. Movie or play, I’m about ready for a Will Smith fix soon. How about you?

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  • Bob

    A bona fide movie star? Who are you kidding? If Jackie Chan wasn’t in the movie, no one would have gone to see it.

    • Mark

      have they forgotten MIB 3 that opens in less than 2 years?

      • Joe

        the biblical story of cain and able with a vampirical twist? you have GOT to be kidding me….

    • Ceballos

      I’m no Jaden Smith apologist, but come on now! Let’s be fair here.

      Smith is the lead in the movie and, from what I understand (I haven’t seen it) is in pretty much every scene. It seems like he had SOMETHING to do with the movie’s success. Not to mention the fact that Jackie Chan hasn’t exactly been setting the US box office on fire the last few years.

      • Cin

        Please remember, Jackie Chan is HUGE everywhere else. The fact he’s honorable, multi-talented, and incredibly intelligent might have something to do with it. Hmmm, sounds like Jaden’s dad, to me. :) I can’t, however, do anything but roll my eyes at the marketing slant on this movie…it’s a KUNG FU movie, NOT karate. Heard a rumor it was tagged as “The Karate Kid” because Americans would respond better to it with that name. Name recognition and all that. I’m sure it will turn out fine for Jaden and Mr. Chan. Plus, he got to train with Jackie Chan. Pffff, that’s just up there on the cool-o-meter. :)

    • Henry

      I would have. Jackie Chan has never been a reason I’d see a movie. It was always his co-star (i.e, Chris Tucker).

    • Hannah

      I was interested in the movie because of Jaden Smith and the storyline. Plus, I think this is Jaden’s third movie and his first leading role. I think that makes him a movie star for the sake of interpretation.



    • robinepowell

      You’re right about that. I went and saw it and liked the A-Team better.

  • Ceballos

    Will Smith as Stanley Kowalski?!

    I’m ok with color-blind casting when the role isn’t a specific race or ethnicity, but if this is a straight revival of “Streetcar”, won’t it be weird when Blanche calls him a “Polack.” (I realize they would change this to the N-word or something.) I like Smith as a performer, but this has definite trainwreck potential if it comes to pass.

    • Johnification

      Let’s also not forget that the play is about Blanche, too, and playgoers would be very confused that the movie stars are effectively sitting in supporting roles.

      Personally, I’d rather see the Sydney-produced Cate Blanchett “Streetcar” get imported to NY. It killed in Washington DC.

      • Ceballos

        Good point about Blanche.

        I don’t live in New York, so I wouldn’t be able to see Blanchett is “Streetcar” anyway, but I’m rooting for it to get to Broadway, so Blanchett could win the Tony and get one step closer to EGOT-ing.

      • Barry

        It played in Brooklyn.

    • Henry

      Brando wasn’t Polish either. What are you saying?

      • JR

        Henry, you idiot. Do you know many black Polish people? “Streetcar” isn’t a play where you can just insert people of different races into the roles without it being totally awkward and ridiculous. So stop being a hyper-racially-sensitive d0uche.

      • Mark

        JR, I think the douche comment is a little harsh. Who’s really being “hyper-racially-sensitive”? I think what he meant is that since Brando is Italian, calling him a “Polack” doesn’t entirely work either (though I see your point as well that it might be more “acceptable” to American audiences to buy an Italian as Polish before a Black person).

      • JR

        Mark, you must be kidding. Do you really think there’s such a visual difference between American-born Italians and Polish people? No. Casting one as the other would trouble absolutely no one at all. They’re both American-born white guys with European heritage. But having a black man play that role? It’s just silly. And impossible. Unless they changed the script, which would be a disgusting decision (Tennessee Williams’ play should not be butchered because of who wants to play the part). And for what it’s worth, Brando was German, Dutch, Irish and English… not Italian.

      • @JR

        you can make a point without being so freaking hostile. calm down.

      • @ everyone

        I love Streetcar, but Tennesee Williams isn’t all that, that it’s sacrelige to change one iota of his words. I mean, look at what people have been doing to Shakespeare, who seems to be the god of theater, for the last 400 years. What about Patrick Stewart doing Othello as white with an entirely other black cast? I think Will and Jada Smith as Stanley and Stella would be an interesting choice, and I would like to see it, if it happened.

      • Joe

        Uhhh… are you guys kidding me? You really believe that NOOOOO Africans have immigrated to Poland and actually might have had a child who was ‘African-Polish’ to put it into Americanized words?

  • mscisluv

    I love, love, love (love) Will Smith but think his talents are much more suited to television and film than to the stage. I would be happy to be proved wrong, but this project doesn’t sound like the right one…

  • tru

    i would never underestimate will smith but he and his wife in “streetcar …” … DON’T DO IT, WILL!

  • sam

    This sounds like a horrible project for Will and it has nothing to do with race. And Jaden won’t be a bona fide movie star until he stars in a movie without a franchise built in audience and attracts big numbers. The Smith family are talented, but EW really needs to stop pushing them constantly. Jada can do that all by herself.

    • BL

      Thank you – I am also getting sick of EW pushing the Smith family. I LOVE Will, but Jaden has yet to live up to EW’s fawning praise, and Jada is just plain abrasive.

  • WTF

    Will Smith as Stanley Kowalski. To quote Homer Simpson; “Oooh, I love legitimate theater.”

  • disgruntled redhead

    Nothing against Jaden Smith here; I loved him in The Pursuit of Happyness, and I’m sure he’s great in The Karate Kid (I haven’t seen it yer). But as far as I’m concerned, he won’t be a bona fide movie star until he makes a movie in which his parents have absolutely no part in (producing, directing or costarring).

  • Donna

    Um….no. Just no on everything.

  • Alan of Montreal

    Will Smith does not strike me as the smouldering type. But if it’s a re-imagining of Streetcar, that would be different.

  • pastafarian

    The Legend of Cain sounds like a third rate video game title (and way to stay out in front of the Vampire craze before people tire of it…). If the movie is any good, I hope they have the wherewithal to come up with a less trite name.

    • Tajah

      It sounds like it is based off of the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG books and game. If it is, it should be a good watch.

  • Mel Gibson sucks

    Whats up with Will Smith and movies with title ‘Legend’ in it?

    – Legend of bagger vance
    – I am Legend
    – Legend of Cain

    Whats next Legend of Zelda?

    • JoeC

      I am Legend is one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last decade; he was great in that….

    • Mel is a douche

      Dude this was hillarious

  • Peggy

    It says that the rumor about Will Smith in Streetcar is false, so why all the negatives. I love him as an actor, and would go see Legend of Cain.

  • Joshua

    I think Will Smith as Cain is a bold choice for the studio and the actor if this is done right. There are many people out there who believe that the “Mark of Cain” is dark skin. Imagine if twenty minutes into the film, Cain kills Able and God turns him into Will Smith. That will probably never happen because no one in Hollywood has the baIIs to try and tell that story. Whether you believe it’s true or not, it would make for a great movie.

    • J H

      LOL. Especially if when God suddenly turns Cain into Will Smith he’s wearing silky purple parachute pants and starts rapping about it.

  • mel

    I’m just waiting til we find out will Smith has raped someone or molested someone or robbed someone or beat his wife or murdered someone just like every other black celebrity. its just a matter of time!

    • Diva

      Stop being ignorant

    • Niix Starkyller

      Look everyone, it’s the not-so-rare Dumbass.

    • Nen

      Oh you mean like Charlie Sheen? Gee, I didn’t know he was Black.

  • ghgf

    he is a Scientologist! yuck…i will not go any of his movies

    • fancypants

      no he isn’t. it’s all speculation and hearsay, not solid fact.

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