'The Hills': Lo Bosworth says it was real

Lo-BosworthImage Credit: MTVJust when I was starting to move on with my life, The Hills pulls me back in. After a much buzzed-about series finale on Tuesday, which led fans to believe the entire six seasons of the series was fake, one cast member is dispelling possible conclusions and defending the reality of the show. Today, Lo Bosworth posted this message to fans on her website:

TWIST! Tuesday night, viewers said in disappointed shock, “OMG was ‘The Hills’ really fake all this time?” I mean, that’s what you guys have been saying forever, right? Ha ha. Don’t worry. It wasn’t fake. I have never shot any ‘Hills’ scenes on a stage of any kind.

To retract the closure we gained from finale, or what some may call, “Okay, I no longer have to feel stupid for thinking this is real,” would be an insult to fans. But Lo’s explanation also continues what the series finale was so brilliant in doing: getting people to talk about The Hills more than anyone has in the last year. But how much is too much? When will we reach The Hills‘ saturation point? Sure the finale was impressive (some of you even called it brilliant), but it’s over. There are other, more important, respectable shows to think about. Right?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is this just an attempt to comfort disappointed fans? Will we ever know if The Hills was real or fake? And do we care?

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  • Summer

    The funniest thing in this article is the fact that Lo Bosworth has a website – that people read! Crazy…

  • Sarah

    I don’t believe the show was entirely real, but i don’t believe it was scripted and “acted”. My guess is the people were real but some scenes and situations were, ‘enhanced’…i guess is the word, to make the show more dramatic.

  • JJB

    We all know it wasn’t entirely real…but of course Kristin C wants us to think it was all fake so that she doesn’t look like such a tool.

  • Jade

    Kristin has made it fake because she is so uninteresting. Lauren was actually, a little, just a little, interesting. What does Kristin do for a job? Lauren had a job (of some kind).

  • Ceballos

    Who knew that the two most debated, hotly-contested series finales of 2010 would be “Lost”…and “The Hills”?

  • Adam

    If the show was fake, why wasn’t it more interesting? The best they could come up with was endless nightclub scenes where the characters worried about how “awkward” it would be to run into Justin Bobby, or whatever? On a basic level, the show was always “fake” anyway because it never acknowledged that the girls were all semi-celebrities & tabloid regulars… it just acted like they were ordinary people who nobody recognized, worried about their day-to-day fashion career stuff. As the saying goes, “truth dies in front of the camera.” The only thing about the show that seems believable is that most of the guys are probably douches in real life too.

  • Jaymii

    No, they never shot anything on a stage and I’m willing to bet everything with HER was real, just as it was for Lauren — but everything else? Fake Fake Fake!

  • stefanie

    I think Lo is telling the truth. I love Kristin, but I feel her and Brody are the only ones saying that it was fake. Simply because he wants his gf avril to think it was fake. According to sources, Brody has been hooking up with Kristin behind Avrils back, even when the camera wasn’t rolling.
    I do believe some situations were set up by producers, but I believe what Lo says.

    Kristin/Brody have been on and off for 5 years now. Its obvious these two have real connection. And the Hills clearly showed me how immature Brody Jenner really is.
    He has had many girlfriends over the years, but he keeps going back to Kristin. Why doesnt he just admit he loves Kristin and make a commitment, am I the only one that sees this? The guy is 26 and is obviously afraid to truly commit. Eh what a useless tool LOL. He’s hot. But he needs to grow up

  • Lunna

    I agree that some situations were probably real. I believe Lo and that her scenes weren’t fake. It makes sense because she mostly stayed away from the drama. But the whole Kristin-Brody-Audrina-Justin thing was fake; Spencer and the bartender was fake; Brody-Kristin-Mckaela-Allie was fake… etc, etc, etc.

    • Jaymii

      I believe Audrina still loves Justin though. I think that idea got completely manipulated for the show.

    • stefanie

      Yeah, adding Justin and Mckaela into the Brody/Kristin thing was obviously set up and fake.

      But the connection between Kristin/Brody. I’m in between with that, I think they want us to believe its fake. Because he was sort of linked to Avril when they were taping.
      But many people have said (including his close friends on twitter) that Brody/Kristin have been doing this on and off again thing since they broke up. And is it really that hard to believe that brody Jenner is a cheater? haha not really.

  • Shannon

    The show has been fake from the beginning. If you watch “The Hills: Revealed”, which is on MTV’s website, the show’s producers say things like “storylines” and “characters”. Apparently at one point Audrina was in danger of being let go because her storyline wasn’t developing enough.

    • Jaymii

      Well, yeah, Audrina was “cast” as a friend and all that. They know what parts of their lives they want to film and some times, they had to make some up.

  • Aurora

    I completely believe Lo when she says her scenes in the show were real. We saw her out with her friends, at work a little bit this year, and becoming serious with the guy she’s been seeing for a year. I definitely believe she was real throughout the show, as was Lauren (though she did admit one time that she was not on the receiving end of Spencer’s “apology” phone call) and Whitney. I believe the rest of it was all a bit contrived or reenacted, especially once Lauren left and Kristin stepped in. Regardless of how “real” or “fake” it all is, the show provided mindless entertainment for us for 6 seasons. It was good escapism television.

  • pamb

    lo, just because your scenes weren’t shot on a stage doesn’t make the show real! Notice how she doesn’t say ‘I was never told what to say/where to be/how to act.’ There were storylines that were scripted, and the cast had to play along. The Hills was never real, it was ‘reality’.

  • Melissa Luv

    No one cares it was stupid but Swedishmatchmaker was better

  • Stephanie

    I think the series started off relatively real, back when Heidi had a normal human face and Lauren was dating Jason.

    I view the series finale as MTV’s clever way of redeeming themselves after the series had gone into a downward spiral of scripting, far-fetched plots, and Speidi. All-in-all MTV did a good job of wrapping the series up and getting viewers talking about the show in a new light.

  • M2

    If you read Lauren’s novels, you find out that the show is somewhat real in that it is actually what is happening in the characters’ lives, not shot on a set… BUT the producers do plant situations, and all characters have to arrange a shooting schedule at the beginning of each week. When they shoot, they are surrounded by 10-12 crew members…and sometimes they have to do “retakes” if lighting, etc is off.

    SO… the show is partly real and partly fake. But at least you know the cast reactions and what’s going on in their lives is generally the real deal.

    Loved The Hills and will miss it!!!

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