The full 'Social Network' trailer hits: Will you friend the Facebook movie this October?

I’ll admit, when I first heard that a movie about the creation of Facebook was in the works, I was pretty skeptical. First of all, I’m not too big a fan of Facebook (too much oversharing for me). Second, I figured there couldn’t possibly be much dramatic interest in watching a handful of college-age software whiz kids develop an innovative new way to kill time on our computers.

But when the first teaser for The Social Network hit the web, I became intrigued. Now — having just watched the full trailer for the movie, which opens Oct. 1 — I’m totally sold. Director David Fincher is a master of mood, whether he’s dealing with cold-blooded serial killers in Seven and Zodiac or a bunch of entitled, squabbling college kids here. The first minute of the trailer, layering an eerie choral cover version of Radiohead’s “Creep” by Scala and Kolacny Brothers over screenshots of Facebook, is brilliantly haunting. The casting, from Jesse Eisenberg and Rashida Jones on down, looks perfect. And the tagline — “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies” — belongs in the tagline hall of fame. With a trailer this dense with emotional tension, pitch-black comedy, naked human folly, and overall zeitgeist-iness, Oscar watchers are now on notice.

What do you think? If this trailer — embedded after the jump — were trying to friend you on Facebook, would you accept it or ignore it? If you were writing a status update on your reaction to it, what would it say?

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  • Bruce

    Really, a movie about facebook???? Hollywood, this is an ultimate low.

    • moviebuff

      A movie about one of the most revolutionary movements in social interaction and media, brought to the screen by one of the best working directors today isn’t an “ultimate low.” Just because you scoff at the idea of social networking doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s pretty damn fascinating to see the origins behind the spearhead of this movement.

      • Annette

        Right! that’s why it didn’t gain attention in till just last year!

      • Will

        what rock have you been hiding under Annette…I got a facebook in 2007 and most of the people I knew had facebooks by then.

      • ww7

        also annette, the word is “until” not in till….therefore your argument is null and void

      • Bruce

        I have a facebook, but making a movie out of it just shows a lack of creativity to me.

      • Bruce

        And half of the things the movie is going to show about the “creation” of facebook will be overly dramatic.

      • Kat

        Annette – I don’t know if this will be a good movie, but facebook has been a big effing deal for years. If you were in college in the mid-oughts, odds are you were totally on facebook and ferociously friending everyone you ever met. I came in to the game a bit late, after I graduated and starting actively using it to keep in touch with my friends, but I remember being forced to sit down and create an account in 2005 because all my friends were SO into it. Those were the days…back when you had to have a legit college email address in order to sign up!

      • miss k

        It’s not ABOUT facebook. It’s the story behind the CREATION of it. And I know I’m not the only person who wants to know that story. It not only defines the younger generation but older adults are on it as well. And I agree, the cast looks great.

      • kb

        I agree w/ Kat. I started college in fall 2004 and in Oct. 2004 my school was admited on the website. Initially, it wasn’t just having an .edu email that got you on facebook, your school had to be invited. EVERYONE was talking about it and after a month of holding out, I finally made an account. I had no idea facebook would become what it is. I’m interested in learning how this website came about.

    • Devin Faraci

      Bruce is an idiot.

    • The Real Dustin

      You’re right. A movie about a social evolution written by one of the best modern screenwriters and directed by one of the most heralded and sought out Directors is definitly a new low. GO WATCH YOUR STUPID PAUL BLART

  • Dean

    I don’t know… I’m conflicted. It LOOKS kinda good. But I just think the idea of a major studio movie about the founding of FB at this point and time is just weird. And I hate, hate, hate the stupid name of the film more than anything. I may stay away for that reason alone.

    • f11

      Sounds like a lot of superficial reasons to stay away from a film you admit looks “kinda good.” Are you going to lose cool points or not be able to sit at the cool kids lunch table if you go see the facebook moive? I’ll call it the facebook movie since it’s title is more than your little head can take.

      • f11


      • Dean

        WOW. Get off your pretentious high horse, you nasty little person. My “little head” is years removed from high school, so unlike you, I’m past the part of my life where I feel the need to maliciously attack people anonymously on an online message board. Take a Xanax and chill the eff out. Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but the age of douchey sarcasm died years ago.

  • Ceballos

    I was skeptical too when I heard there was going to be a movie about Facebook…then I heard David Fincher was doing it. I knew he was going to bring his incredibly-detailed/dark sensibility to the project, but I also figured there HAD to be something to the story to interest a guy like Fincher.

    On a related note, there should totally be a movie tagline Hall of Fame.

  • Briana

    I still am waiting for Pinkberry: The Movie to happen.

  • William

    Personally, I’m onboard for anything Aaron Sorkin writes, especially when it focuses on the behind-the-scenes story of a well-known organization (see Sports Night, SNL, or the Presidency). That said, the trailer isn’t really highlighting the rapid, clever dialogue which is a Sorkin highlight so much as the heavy mood. I’ll absolutely see it, but the ads wouldn’t have sold me if I hadn’t known about Sorkin’s involvement from the beginning.

  • Karate Pants

    I think the most controversial part of that trailer is the ‘Creep’ cover…Bollocks!

    • Scooter

      the ‘Creep’ cover is the best part!

  • Liz

    Two words why this movie will be great… Aaron Sorkin. Oh and curly haired Justin Timberlake doesn’t hurt either. :)

    • Andrew M

      Another two words, David Fincher

  • KT

    Sorry but this looks LAME. I don’t want to see a movie about Facebook. I don’t care about Facebook. I don’t care about Mark Zuckerberg’s story. Fincher is talented but I’ll pass.

  • gogo

    Josh you wrote: “Belongs in the tagline hall of fame”, which leads me to…

    Can EW PLEASE do a “tagline hall of fame” gallery? I would greatly enjoy this.

    Category tag: Things that are an even bigger waste of time than Facebook

  • marie

    This movie looks very intriguing. After watching this trailer I can’t wait. Plus any movie from David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin is bound to be brilliant. The casting looks brilliant too.

  • DW

    I think the knee-jerk reactions in this thread prove that the movie will be a tough sell, though I was ready to buy a ticket the instant I heard David Fincher’s name. The idea of a Facebook movie sounds so silly that they’re definitely going to need great reviews and Oscar buzz to sell this.

  • Annette

    It’s way to early to have a movie about social networking in general!
    Mark Zuckerberg is a liar who steals someone idea for his own gain. But then again I have a Facebook so I’m just as stupid as everyone else and you know what this movie going to bomb big time!

    • DT

      The hubris of the amoral Mark Zuckerberg is the focus of this. It’s not PR for the guy or the site, really. The use of “Creep” and the attention to the antics of the guys who created it, not to mention the self-indulgent nature of those who stay on it and the fact that it’s a social network for people who don’t really get out and talk to real people that much, highlight the fact that the filmmakers aren’t really saying it’s wonderful but actually kind of sad. They seem to be making Zuckerberg out to be a nerdy Gen-Y Daniel Plainview type. All in all, I’d say it actually looks interesting. Fincher and Sorkin don’t involve themselves in crap either, generally.

  • Joe

    This looks booooorrrring. What do you bet Scott Rudin and David Fincher make it 2.5hours or something? Yawn.

    • Andrew M

      3 hours and 10 mins actually

      • Dean

        Are you serious? Is that a fact?

  • Annette

    Myspace was discoverd by it’s self it didn’t need to be over hyped by media like Facebook because Myspace is a “Place for Friends”! Facebook is the media and idiots by into it!
    Myspace was and always will be first for social networking!

    • Andrew M

      are you really defending myspace? what about friendster?

    • t

      Yes, if you are into porn.

    • ick

      LOL myspace is the most obnoxious site ever created. The initial appeal of facebook for many was that it represented a mature, organized, classier way to connect with people, without massive ads or eyewateringly annoying gifs taking up the whole screen.

    • ag

      Annette, myspace may have been discovered by itself, however it is also a place where trashy ppl with 3 teeth and 8 kids find you, tell you you’re hott and ask if you want to get together. Creepy. Facebook, you can set it up where ppl don’t even know you is less complicated and a lot less creepy, if u don’t want ppl stalking u and want someone with all their teeth, its as simple as pressing a button. I think this movie will be great..I may not be the first in line, but I will see it.

  • abby

    I can see why this movie is getting so much buzz everywhere. The two teaser trailers now this full length one have been great. I can also see why it’s been picked to open the New York film festival. I see Oscar in it’s future.

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