A fifth Mel Gibson tape: Enough is enough

oksana-gibsonImage Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Wireimage.comUgh, now there are five. You can spend nearly 30 minutes listening to five separate recordings of Mel Gibson purportedly raging against ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva on Radar Online. It’s almost like Radar isn’t even a proper noun anymore — this is literally the radar. “What’s on the Radar today? Another Mel Gibson tape, of course.”

Radar’s decision to release these one-by-one seems increasingly bizarre. (An editor for the site claims that the audio came from a third party, not Grigorieva herself.) It’s beginning to feel like a record company “dropping” albums. Vol. 1: The N Word, Vol. 2: A Time to Kill, Vol. 3: The Nanny Diaries, Vol. 4: Burning Down the House, and now Vol. 5: Gold Digger. I’m not trying to be flip but to make the point that this step-by-step rollout seems more like the work of a publicist for a mysterious entertainer. The saddest part is, if you’re still listening, fatigue is likely setting in, and the impact is lessening. The tapes are still in every way terrible, but due to the sheer repetition, they’re also becoming sort of mundane. You can’t help but become desensitized to something that happens every day. And unfortunately, the public’s chief reaction to these tapes is shifting from disbelief a couple days ago over the horrible content to disbelief today that there’s ANOTHER one???

When we asked yesterday if you’d listened to any of the tapes, 61 percent of you said “No, I’d like to avoid them.” Has a fifth tape changed that? Have your feelings toward the whole sordid mess changed after five separate tape releases?

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  • Karate Pants

    Ugh, yes. Enough is definitely enough. He’s a violent, hateful monster. Case closed.

    • LOL

      I think I got through about 60 seconds of one tape and that was enough. It’s tiresome. His career is over.

      • CATE

        I listened to a few them. It’s exhausting – they are scary – you can hear the rage. The whole thing is sad.

      • Joe

        I’m kind of interested in knowing wht Oksana would really sound like in one of their arguements had she not been taping the conversation. Maybe Mel should do the same when she calls. I don’t pity either one of them, she freaking knew about him before she had the baby so she’s just as responsible for that poor childs misfortune.

      • Slugo

        no one cares

    • james

      its fake or she deserves it,

      • That Guy

        TOGTFO :-)

      • marianewyork

        She was taping private conversations. I can wind my husband up too if I want to, tape him and it would be misconstrued. He is a brilliant artist who made the mistake of hooking up with a bimbo looking for a payday.

      • jtt

        wowser, you must have had some great girls heh

      • Wickeddoll

        You must be a real hit (literally) with ladies, James.

      • Ashley

        You’re an idiot

      • LD

        Mariane you should probably get a divorce! Sorry. Yes people get into arguments and yes can say some nasty things but if the man you’re married to goes this far you two are dysfunctional. At the very least you’re immature! People should be able to have arguments like adults. It doesn’t always happen that way but if it gets this bad run for the hills.
        Mel clearly just has a drinking problem. I hope he gets help soon.

      • Matt

        LD. Keep your fat mouth shut. Commenting on a news story isn’t an invitation for advice on getting a divorce.

    • james

      he really is a nice guy, just going through a tough time with a mean manipulative B*t*h, plus he is one of the best actors ever, she is just after his money, hope you signed a prenup Mel

      • Wickeddoll

        I don’t begrudge him anger toward this woman – she’s a homewrecker at least, golddigger at worst, but that doesn’t excuse his bringing up race, especially when yelling at someone who is white. Who does that?!

      • Chanti

        I have read some of what he said to her and no doubt he is vulgar and full of rage, but does that really mean that he was physical with her? As some one else mentioned we haven’t heard anything that she said to make him so angry!! I think is she is mad at his behavior and wants to ruin his life…

      • Sharon

        Excuse me, but nice guys don’t punch women in the face. Nice guys don’t blame Jews for all the problems in the world (yes, don’t forget Mel was a racist a-hole long before Oksana came along). Nice guys don’t call the mother of their children c**t and nice guys don’t threaten to kill you and bury you in the yard.

        Mel Gibson is a loser and now his career is O-V-E-R and it couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy.

      • Anne

        I’m sure you are really close friends with Mel and know his “real” personality; that’s why you’re such an authority on how he’s just being misunderstood. You are a moron.

      • @sharon

        U said it sister

    • Slugo

      Poor Mel, this is what happens when you take home the trash

      • Will

        Poor, Mel? Even if she is trash or worse there is no excuse for some of the racist comments he made.

      • Sharon

        Mel is a racist pig for sure, but the bigger issue is that he PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE and broker her teeth. He admits it right on the tape.

        That he is also a vile racist is only a small part of his disgusting personality.

    • james

      he is a nice guy

      • Allie

        james– you keep saying he’s a nice guy — which he may very well be — but why do you keep saying that? you know him? you know instances where he’s being nice? or you just assume the girl is at fault, the way most people are assuming the worst about Mel? I’m just curious.

      • anonymous

        Because he’s a troll, Allie. I can’t believe how easily people at this site take the bait.

      • Ben

        Obviously Mel was talking about James when he said, “But first you will blow me!”

    • Kev

      I guy can only take so much. Many couple have similar spats, it too bad he’s famous and sh’e a gold digger. Like what she doing trying to make a buck off getting yelled at. She pushes Mel’s buttons so she can tape his tirade,

      • Bea

        Many people end up with gold-digging girlfriends/wives/family members without spewing racial epitaphs and threatening to burn down a house! The man has a problem, and as much as she might be “trash” she is NOT the problem! He needs a lot of medication and a little bit of time being the b*tch in prison.

    • The Real Dustin

      I disagree. He’s not a monster. He’s a man. She’s a woman. They are human beings. If hes crazy for losing his temper, what does that make her for selling the tapes to the highest bidder. No disregard for their child, who will now hear this all her life. IN FACT, I like him more now. Because at least the tapes are humorous. UH-OH, I have a sense of humor. SUe me

      • bk

        He is a domestic abuser.

        There’s no proof she sold the tapes or she was even the one who leaked them. There’s nothing wrong with her exposing him as an abuser, and their daughter would have known about him being an abuser anyway. You are blaming the victim.

      • meliot

        He’s an alcoholic before anything else. I am familiar with alcoholic rage and this is it to a T. The man needs rehab/counseling/AA and until HE decides to get in control of his life he will never change. Thoughts go out to his family.

    • jan

      there was value to the abuse issues the first few gibson tapes raise. he deserves what’s coming. but yes, now it’s all about radaronline’s self-interest… we don’t need to know how broke he is. that’s just cruel and unusual.

      • Sharon

        Plus its a lie. That guy ain’t broke.

    • Wickeddoll

      It is becoming tiresome, but you can’t blame Radar for doling it out in sound bytes – keeps the clicking going on their site.

      • @Wickeddoll

        Kind of how it keeps the clicking going on EW’s site.

      • bill

        brilliant. exactly.

    • wino

      enough is enough. he needs help and to stay away from Oksana and the baby.

    • HELLO

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      • Mike

        mel gibson’s rant is spamtastic

    • long island Guido

      Mel’s tapes are better entertainment than his movies. Keep them coming.

    • long island Guido

      Who else but an “old white guy” can provide the entertainment Mel is giving out. Keep the tapes coming.

    • Carla

      Indeed-point made-the tapes should go to the police department and the judge in the custody case at this point.

  • Josie

    This is kind of a cold hearted post – I didn’t realize it until someone was reading over my shoulder and pointed it out to me.

    Personally, I feel like the more tapes that are released the worse it seems. It wasn’t just some one time hissy fit that got a little too racist – this is what he does.

    Overall, I would rather not think about it. I’m taking the ostrich approach from here on in.

    • Kat

      Lord knows I’m not trying to defend him, but I thought this was one long rant that got broken up into parts? As opposed to repeated aggressive behavior. I could be totally wrong though, but that’s what I read.

      • RememberMe

        It’s my understanding that this was one long rant that RadarOnline has chosen to expose in snippets in order to get more publicity.

  • John Stewart

    Just who the hell is leaking these tapes anyway?

    • Strepsi

      4 words:

      • Kristen

        Strepsi gets 1000 points!

    • Diana

      Who cares who is leaking? It is the content that is mesmerizing. It is like a replay of an ugly divorce I had many, many years ago. Only, I didn’t have tapes, nor the law to support me. At least, hopefully, Oksana has that in her favor.

      • CalDre

        I haven’t heard the tapes, but perhaps someone can answer me: is it possible the tapes (assuming they are authentic) have been edited, to hide the fact that Mel is responding to some provocation? E.g., perhaps she threatens to kill him, then he threatens to kill her, but only the second part is released? I am very suspicious where a non-objective source controls which part of the recording is released (e.g., Israel with the flotilla raid tapes).

      • John Stewart

        My heart goes out to U, Diana.

      • QQmore

        Everyone’s a victim….I’ve had girlfriends flip out almost to this extent and they were dumped the next day. Period. It’s a big world, you’re not limited to being with 1 person out of the 6,700,000,000 available.

      • Joe

        Get over your divorce and stop sobbing for women that go through divorce. It hurts men as well. And who said that these were REAL tapes? I know a bunch of people that can do a great Christopher Walken.

    • Dave B .

      It’s obvious SHE is releasing them , and staying calm , while he rants .. she is a cool,and calculated character. She knows mel is nuts , and is milking this for everything she can get . women like these are everywhere .. Russian? you bet .

  • eric

    Oh, please. So much namby-pamby hand-wringing. Don’t listen to them if you don’t want to, or better yet, EW, don’t cover them and get people clicking on your stories. Or stop writing a million blog items on them to get more eyes. A lot of people, me included, find them a stupid breath of fresh air in a summer filled with heat and bad news.

    • jp

      Well put! I totally agree. It’s like watching a car wreck, though the only one truly getting hurt is the rascist misogynist.

    • Me

      A breath of fresh air, really?!

    • talkin’

      I don’t think I breathe the same air as you

    • @eric

      yeah, that air smells like fresh blood and broken teeth.

    • rerun

      Mel Gibson’s greatest work since Lethal Weapon 2.

      • That Guy


  • dee

    No question mark necessary at the end of this headline. Enough is enough. Period.

  • John

    Lil’ Mel!

  • That Guy

    Mel Gibson is an entertainer.

    These tapes are entertaining.

    2 thumbs up.

    • james

      yesss, he is an amazing actor, 2 thumbs up mel

    • Shawn

      It kinda has an Al Pacino movie vibe to it.

  • onewhoknows

    He is Bipolar and this is evidence that he is going thru a personality breakdown. I know cause I have an exhusband who was just like this right before I divorced him. One minute telling you he would be nice and the next screaming at you for nothing at all.

    • justsomeone

      Bingo, onewhoknows. The man is bipolar, and you are the first one I’ve heard mention the fact in the entire course of this spectacle. While the behavior is unacceptable, can’t we have a little mercy on a man who is suffering? Who’s getting him back on his meds and away from the alcohol?

  • John

    Glad you’re entertained by someone else’s misery, Eric.

    • Cincykid

      Oh, brother. You need to chill, bro . .. so you’re sitting at home crying for Mel? Please.

    • That Guy

      He’s also the #1 contender for Hypocrite of the Year.

      Given his evangelical leaning, I’m betting tape #6 is ranting to his gay meth dealer.

    • gtop

      I guess you’re not entertained by this. I guess the reason you’ve read this article is to … what, further your education? Ah the stink of sanctimonious hypocrisy…

      • Jimbo

        LOL! Perfect! Suck on that!!!!

  • rc

    Its an ugly divorce using ugly devices, none of my business.

  • lb

    Grigorieva got her 15 minutes of fame…or maybe infamy. She’s manipulating the press and this day of tabloid journalism is eating it up.

    • ship

      None of which makes Gibson’s behavior any less reprehensible.

    • Tetyana Krasner


  • ForMel

    I have seen man (and woment) who have been serverly emotionally abused behave like this. What has that gold digger done to this man?

    • dscott

      She did nothing to him, it happened a long time ago to Mel. probably his upbringing. Sounds very much like BPD to me! Can’t be fixed and the more it is pointed out, the worse the rants become. Good luck to Oksana

    • ship

      Gold digging doesn’t cause a man to have misgynist, biggoted rants. Misogyny, biggotry, alcohol, and probably psychiatric issues causes it.

      • Kate

        Thank you. You cannot push a decent, caring person into these diatribes without the basis being there already. I love that people call her a golddigger – and what? Mel was in it for the love? It’s OK that he was using a young woman to make himself feel like more of a man, but she can’t get hers?Please. Even if she is a golddigger, he knew it when they got together. And none of that excuses this kind of behaviour. The man needs help.

    • whateverrr

      Y’all victim blamers can shove it up your asses.

  • Klatu Berata Nicto

    You people have no idea what she said to set him off BEFORE she hit the record button. Not only that, but the guy is a diagnosed bipolar. As someone who is bipolar myself,you must understand it’s like flipping a switch. Liek going from a “zero” on the anger scale to a 10 with no discernable cause. Sadly people with Bipolar are looked at as aimply “angry people” or “monsters”. In fact, after most episodes, I usually feel very bad about what was said. Its not a controlled thing. Bipolar people also get the road rage BAD!

    • Lizarde

      Hon, you need to get medication if you are going from 0 to 60 in no time at all. Beats going around regretting everything you’ve said.

  • Remy

    Could be released or sold by people in law enforcement, could be her attorneys. Whether it is about money (if sold) maybe it is because she doesn’t want to end up like OJ or Robert Blake’s wife.

    Mel has masses of money– this is grotesque and sad for his former wife and all his children. Clearly this is a raging alcoholic in tremendous pain, and clearly he is a danger to himself and others.

  • Agnostic Theist

    Normal people would already be locked up in jail. One can’t punch a woman and threaten to kill her and avoid jail….unless….you’re celeb…

    • Kate

      I was thinking that: isn’t uttering threats in and of itself a crime? It is here in Canada. I work with offenders, and one I work with has done little else apart from repeatedly threatening to kill people (no physical violence, but the threat of death is enough to traumatize most of us). He still needs to be in prison getting treatment, and so does Gibson.

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