Mel Gibson recordings: Have you listened?

mel-gibsonImage Credit: Michael Caulfield/OG/Getty ImagesIn Mel Gibson’s film Apocalypto, audiences watched as characters were beheaded, sliced open, and violently beaten to death. Yet, I would rather watch that graphic 2006 flick a dozen times with my eyelids taped open than listen to one of the three (so far) recordings in which Mel Gibson purportedly rants against ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. (In the first, he purportedly uses the n-word; in the second, he allegedly threatens to kill Grigorieva; and in the third, he reportedly uses a racial epithet when discussing the couple’s nanny.)

I am not avoiding these clips out of support for Gibson, but because there’s something so inherently disgusting about the tapes — the way the actor all-too-easily drops racial slurs and shows no shame about violence towards women — that immediately triggers a resistant response in my brain. I understand why folks like EW’s Owen Gleiberman are mesmerized by the recordings and Gibson’s self-delusion. But unlike other private celebrity conversations gone public (Alec Baldwin’s voicemail to his daughter, Christian Bale’s on-set rant), this one seems so ultimately unforgivable, vile, and downright scary that I’m not sure I could listen and then just go about my day after peeking inside such a dysfunctional — and dangerous — relationship. This is one private conversation that I don’t want to be a part of, even if I feel it’s necessary for us all to be aware of it.

I imagine I’m not the only one — who else can’t bear to listen?

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  • Alexander

    Wow, everything you said was a hit on the nail for me…I feel the EXACT SAME WAY! I too have not listented to the tapes, I’ve heard the short clips on tv and that was enough. It makes me uncomfortable, angry and destested unlike the other celeb meltdowns that were more “trainwreck/can’tlookaway” situations. It seemed so normal and easy for him, I will never took at him again… GREAT PIECE! Really resonated with me.

    • Dana

      I heard the a clip on the radio. It was disgusting, vile and sad. I have never been a fan, and am proud to say I have not seen one movie from him, save watching ten minutes of the Patriot, but that was for Heath Leger. So no love loss betweem us.

      • Michael

        His movies are great. He is a master story teller. I really think you should see them. It doesn’t make you any cleaner having not seen them.

      • Fiz

        Why exactly are you proud you’ve never seen any of his movies? Does that somehow make you morally superior to those of us that have? Strange comment Dana.

      • James

        I totally agree with you. Well done on saying you are proud not to have seen his movies. So am I, and I certainly will never ever again so much as touch any of his despicable work ever again. Good on you. And to anyone who disagrees with you not only are you wrong but you don’t even deserve to call yourself a human being. I hope you enjoy the same fate as that excuse for a human being that was Mel Gibson

      • James

        And yes Dana and anybody who expresses themself thus is not only morally superior to you but also aesthetically superior. Because it is people of that calibre who also notice how useless and dead his work is.

      • Kelly

        His movies are great, thats why this is so very sad. These tapes are heartbreaking to hear that someone that talented could say and do the things that we have read and heard about. What a waste. He has ruined his career and he has lost the respect he once had from his fans.

      • Steve

        Mels movies are very good. Watching them or liking his acting does not mean you support his actions. I have no problem saying I like his movies. I just dont like him as a person anymore.

      • Nancy

        Hey Dana, you say you are proud to have never seen a Gibson movie, but Have you ever saw a Woody Allen movie, if so, how ashamed are you of that?

    • Carla

      Exactly my feelings-the little bits I’ve heard on tv shows just terrifies me. Mel Gibson is clearly a monster. Whoopi Goldberg states he has been around her and her kids and is not a racist. I ask you Whoopi…don’t you think Gibson needs you as ‘credibility’ as a friend? You know Whoopi, so he can say “Some of my best friends are N—–s”.

      • Johnny33405

        This is a very good case of the modern backwards – backwards means wrong in social stuff becaue it it actually breaks civil rights and laws without being detected AND IS overlooked further increasing the uneasiness and/or anger of preumed guilty party in a hate argument or crime. It smacks of double standards, fighting about advantages of age differences, gender differences AND differences in same gender colors, (as in the defferences in how much we sympathise not only with a woman first over a man. Making us all very quick to judge or react just as quickly as the angry lovers themselves. The same gender but different color issues take it even further. How and who we tend to have more sympathy for from the outset when it comes to the same gender (M or F) yet of a different color of skin (w, b, brn, r, y).
        Is true and the double standard is the catch 22 thay mainly (not always, but most often) falls into the hands of the white male. Even from other countries although here in America today is so prevalent and so damaging and almost always certain to set up a white male for a fight, a break up, a job loss, an educational opportunity.
        I do not know how much a slanderous rascist Mel Gibson really is but I ACTUALLY believe Whoopi Goldbergs defense of his character on the racial slurs and somehow know she knows and understands EVERYTHING I am writing about here. (the real causes and conditions that go overlooked until too late).
        On another note, with the type of guy Mel was for years and man married for long time with many children and never having heard of much from him other than great things as famous actor until he got divorced and married this one. Is too bad. His true husband/father personality type was not meant for this kind of gal and even though he may have thought he could handle her type because he was “Mel Gibson” he was wrong. He needed to remarry a REAL woman of less a gold digger character, and more a wanting to be and nurturing mother that not only would love to have a child and love it but would also love to have a husband and father of the child.
        Once a woman has a child, she will more than likely love it (not necessarily love having the child but love it none the less). THIS ALSO MEANS it does not mean she will love the man it came from no matter how genuine, caring, in love with the woman and fatherly he really is. Personally, I like Mel Gibson. Screw the Gold digger.

      • bryan

        You obviously have not heard the tapes. No one deserves to be talked to that way especially not to your baby’s mama. And defending Whoopi? She is a complete idiot. Remember her comment about Polanski? “Its not rape-rape…” What a piece of sh*t.

    • ildarabbit

      I agree with Kate & Alexander, I *can’t* listen after making the mistake of listening to the first one in full. The raw hatred left me feeling disgusted all day. I would never have expected to have the feeling from just listening to something. There was also a creepy element of “I should not be listening to this” but private or not, no one should be speaking that way to or about anyone.

      • shaaa

        Who really knows what goes on behinde closed doors. How do we all know what she did or said to get him in a uproar. Or what he said or did to get her to tape him. If you ask me all these celb’s are a bunch of w**re’s they marry for maybe a year they divorce they find another ect ect … how many boyfriends or girlfriend do they go through. If that was you or I our name would be mud in the town we live in. So I bielive you get what you deserve.

    • Jon

      Imagine all the other celebrities that act like this but we don’t know about…

    • limonaise

      I have only heard the first tape. It was very personal conversation and he was obviously upset. And he felt betrayed by her. You could hear it in his tone. I wonder about judging everyone based on their worst or their best moments only. How do we sound in arguments? What I found strange is how planned that recording is. She had no emotion, was very calm. Regardless, its very, very sad. His movies are really good. He’s very talented.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Who cares. I will still watch his old movies and if he decides to make any new ones, will still see them if they are any good.

    • Jenna

      Very nice Rusty. Your “who cares” attitude is why we continue to have violence in our world. If this so easily rolls off your back and you are so willing to continue to support him (although I don’t think there will be much of a career left to support) then you’re essentially agreeing with his actions. “All it takes for evil to flourish is good men to stand by and do nothing”. Your sentiments are very sad. What if he were speaking to you sister/mother/daughter? Would you feel differently?

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Don’t be a hypocrite. I can name countless movies and TV shows you probably watched or will watch that have people who do worse things than this.

      • Jimbo

        No Jemma, there’s violence in the world because violent people still keep doing violent things. Put the blame where it belongs.

      • Jenna

        I’m not being a hypocrite. I can’t and won’t knowingly support anyone (famous or not) for absolutely heinous behavior. Everyone is flawed and everyone needs help sometimes. If someone genuinely apologizes and seeks help and attempts to make ammends for their actions, I can forgive. For Gibson’s family’s sake I certainly hope he tries to get help and I hope he realizes the severity of what he’s done. Maybe one day if he gets his act together I can support him again, but right now, there’s no chance. I’m just so shocked by the hatred and the threats flung around in those tapes and I’m shocked someone (you) actually responded with “Who cares”. I ask you again, what if it were your mother/sister/daughter he were speaking to? I think suddenly you’d be upset about it.

      • Prophetess

        People stating that they do not care about an actors life are not the cause of violence in the world; the cause of violence is people getting offended over the words and actions of others.

        The only power that words have over us is the power we choose to give them.

        And as a woman big deal if he wants to say these things to me I have the power to walk away; if he were to leave a voicemail I have the power to erase it.

        Let the guy live his life, what does his personal life have anything to do with the characters that he portrays; or US for that matter!?
        Do you snoop on all your neighbors, report all their actions, if you see someone on the street asking for money do you give it to them automatically, if your at work and you hear someone make an off colour joke do you immediately go to HR and complain, have… chances are you don’t and you’ve told a joke that has mean words towards others even if it’s just a “dumb blonde” joke.

        So where do you get off claiming that one persons actions because they have more money then you immediately make them held to a different standard.

        Yes his words were hurtful to some people but does that mean that everyone in the world has to scream at him “BAD MEL! BAD!” NO!

      • Jenna

        Of course the blame belongs on the offenders themselves, but if everyone just stood by and watched them be violent without taking action, how would it ever stop?

      • Rusty Shackleford

        So what women’s shelter do you volunteer at? Or how many inner city youths do you counsel to keep them away from the violence?

      • Stef

        @ Prophetess: umm, his words may not matter (though actually that does count as verbal and emotional abuse, but let’s put that aside for now), but his actions toward her certainly do, and you can’t just “walk away” from that. if you listen to the tapes it’s pretty clear that he was physically violent toward her, probably more than once, and just walking away may not be an option for her. plus it’s not just her safety but her child’s to consider. so i understand your point but domestic violence and strong words are two totally different things.

        and as for standing by and still supporting him, after everything that he’s clearly done, well i personally think that is disgusting. he is such a huge hypocrite and i for one will no longer support him. others may not feel the same but that is my choice. i may inadvertantly support others that do similar or worse things, but unless i know about those things, i don’t have a reason to not support them. but knowing gibson’s attitude and actions, i CAN do something about that, however small it might be, and i will.

      • Prophetess

        @Stef: There have been people in the past (both men and women) who have walked away from physical, emotional and verbal abuse in the past (with kids and without). If anything Mel’s celebrity status should make it easier for her to do so since if he tries to approach her almost everyone will know who he is which a lot of other women(and men) who have received such violence do not have the luxury of.

        And it’s not a matter of supporting him it’s a matter of watching a good movie or watching nothing at all if we go against every actor and actress that ever said or did anything wrong.

      • Shawn

        Oh please! People supported Rappers with violent past, cheering on Chris Brown because he did an MJ tribute, supported Charlee Sheen ( his show still has high ratings )even after that incident, and illegal immigrants supporting the Cartel family everytime they pay money to cross the border.
        All these hateful and violent crimes have been going on way before that tape incident. An infamous phone call from a celebrity and all of a sudden people care about civil rights and domestic violence. Give it 2 months, and I bet SOME you of are going to go and make another dysfunctional fool rich and famous.

      • donna

        every house has its fights///I am sure any one who has beenc alled names before agrees with me…some of the lucky ones find a man who pampers them and will never yell

      • Lauren

        Rusty, I mean absolutely no disrespect, but can you name a few of those movies or TV shows featuring people doing “even worse” things? I’m just curious about who you’re referencing, and what you see as being even worse. Thanks.

      • AJ

        @Jenna – you think Rusty having a non-apathetic attitude will stop violence in this world. Racism and violence happen every day, this is one of those instances where it was blown up because of Gibson’s public stature. What I’m wondering is where this evident ambition is of yours against racism and violence (not that I advocate it) toward a lower-class couple. There have to be thousands of couples throughout this country where I’m sure the situation is much much worse than this.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Please, it’s not Rusty’s opinion (which I agree with) that causes continuing violence, it’s the idiots themselves clearly. We don’t even know half the dirt these stars get up to that gets swept under the rug. Just watch the movies and enjoy them, it’s like sports fans who are shocked a team star can be a jerk. Either seperate them or just don’t watch.

      • Jackal

        @Lauren, Two and Half Men (Charlie Sheen), any movie by Roman Polanski, any Woody Allen movie. Any movie with Jeffrey Jones. Anybody who supports the Lakers or Steelers. Any Disney movie. Anybody who listens to Michael Jackson. The list could go on and on.

      • Louise

        I am with Rusty on this… who cares? When it comes to celebrities who I don’t know personally and, most likely, never will, I could not care less about their personality or character. In fact, if I boycotted every tv show, movie, sporting event, book or concert based on any one actor/director/producer/athlete/manager/author/singer’s bad character, I would be bored out of my mind!

        I have no respect for Mr. Gibson, but really… should I have any more esteem for his wife? She chose the guy and also chose to reproduce with him. She wasn’t blind to his bad character, she was accepting – until he turned on her. No pity for her, but I think she is doing the right thing now by leaving him… especially since she now has a child to protect. He has a literal litter of children with his first wife… I wonder how screwed up they are? Are they bigoted jackasses like their father?

      • LOL

        @Jenna – not to justify anything here b/c Mel’s behavior is definitely unacceptable by any standards, but you should try living overseas in places where racism is even more pronounced. In places where the population is more homogeneous it is amazing how much common and deeply entrenched racism can be.

      • Tee Tee

        I don’t agree with what Mel Gibson has said and done but I do have a question. Do you feel this way when it is a musician you like or an Athlete?? Do you stop watching the football team he plays for? Do you turn off your radio or TV?? Just curious…

      • Uncle Arthur

        Hey Prophetess. Please explain to the readers how someone walks away once their teeth are knocked out and they’re buried in the rose garden. Is it Nicole Simpson’s fault for not walking away after her head was sliced off?

      • sharon c

        amen! I love his movies, but I will NOT watch any more. I will not watch them on TV and I will not be watching any of my old tapes. He is just vile. How did his wife put up with him for so long? Does anyone else wonder if she wasn’t also an emotionally abused woman?

    • The Other Guy

      Dude, you shouldn’t watch ANY of his movies now. If it’s got him in it or he made it, don’t watch it. It’s that simple. So no more Lethal Weapon and Braveheart.

      • RK

        Just like I’ve never seen a Woody Allen film…I won’t support a sicko like that.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Or a Roman Polanski film or either of the Jeepers Creepers movies which were directed by a convicted pedophile.

      • SLB

        I love his movies and won’t stop watching. I could really care less about famous people that get away with so much crap, but it has no effect on my liking a good movie.

      • Martillo

        The Jeepers Creepers guy admitted to his crime, and did his jail time. So I’m ok watching his movies (the first 40 minutes or so of Jeepers Creepers are amazing), unlike Polanski. I wish he would come back and face the music, then I could finally watch The Pianist.

    • balou

      Wow……you’re deep !

      • tye

        Please everyone lets view the tapes for what they are horrible and monsterous.But remember there are three sides to every story. Her side his side and the truth. No one really knows what set Mel Gibson off not to excuse his behavior, but who is to say that the woman is totally innocent. I have not heard these tapes, and I don’t care to that is their personal business. Which in my opion she should have kept it that way. The authorities should have been the only parties to hear those tapes if she felt that her life and her childs life was in danger. What good is it to let the public in if they can’t help you. Just my thoughts

      • caryn

        If you heard the tapes, you would understand that it wasn’t the ‘facts’ of what he said that are horrible but rather that he can have such hatred, violence and rage in him.
        Anybody who hasn’t heard the tapes isn’t informed enough to say what is right or wrong in this case.

    • RUSTY 2

      ditto!!! rusty

    • RJ

      100% agree

    • Astra

      Hei you I care what a person is it t hat Mel Gibson…. He is a pig!

  • Melinda

    They were playing them on the radio yesterday when I got in my car after work so I “accidentally” heard them. I wanted to avoid them but as Owen stated in his article, once you start listening, it’s so awful that it’s hard to stop. I can tell you last night a Mel Gibson movie was on tv and I promptly turned it off. I just couldn’t bear to look at him after hearing how nasty he could be.

    • Kimmie G

      I agree with you. I flipped right past “Maverick” last night, when in the past I would have stopped to check it out for a while because it was one of my fave cheesy movies, because I couldn’t get his voice out of my head. I’ll never see him again without hearing his rage, and that’s enough to turn me off anyone for ever.

  • iheartpoco

    I can’t bear the thought of listeneing to them. However, these stills of kittens with the statements printed like poster designs, are much easier to take.

    • sharon c

      I only heard a short clip and it made me not want to hear anymore. Scary. It’s hard to leave a scary man, you never know what they’ll pull. I am glad that his wife finally got out, and I feel wary for the new girlfriend/fiance. She needs to be careful. This is the most dangerous point of the relationship, when you finally get going. I’m glad the tapes came out; maybe gibson will have to think twice before he does something stupid. The world is watching you, Mel.

      • limonaise

        BTW..Oskana was NOT his wife. Girlfriend for a year. His WIFE Sharon and he are still in middle of divorce. Sharon come out with a statement yesterday stating that Mel was NEVER violent or abusive to her or their kids. They were married 30 years. She felt she had to say something for the sake of her family and kids. Also, they are saying Oskana FAKED the teeth thing — she threw herself on the ground.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    As for the N word, I turned on the Boondocks (which EW loves) the other night, I heard it used at least 5 times in 2 minutes.

    • bruceben9

      i can’t help but notice that randy who needs to be shackled shackleford refuses to answer the question as to, what if it was your wife/mother/ daughter he was talking to. you are bogus, dude.

    • So What?


  • Buffy Freak

    These tapes are better than any of his movies.

    • Erin

      ha ha ha

  • BG 17

    You have to kind of wonder what his ex-wife is thinking of all this – if she had to put up with this for the decades they were married or if he has seriously come unhinged…

    • Jenna

      I definitely think he’s back on the sauce hardcore and it’s making him crazy. He’s been a raging alcoholic for years and cleaned up for a while, but it sounds to me like he’s absolutely plastered in these tapes. He needs detox and rehab STAT.

    • Diane

      That’s exactly what I was thinking-has he had an absolute meltdown or is this what his wife and kids have had to deal with for years

      • Anon

        How could you not have know he was nuts all these years. Look at his wild eyes in some of his old movies. And if he’s so devout how could he sanction divorce and a child out of wedlock. I say not devout, fanatical zealot and hypocrite all in one disgusting pkg.

    • actingup

      Of course he acted this way with his wife and kids…an abuser is an abuser. He didn’t suddenly become this monster a year ago. He has been this way his entire life. I speak from experience – my father is exactly like this…a hateful, disgusting monster.

    • sharon c

      oh, I believe she lived an emotionally abused life with him. He’s a narcissist. People don’t just turn into one, they are sociopaths and they think they control everything. It gets scary when they realize they aren’t in control any more. Scary.

      • sharon c

        and also, his wife was trapped by her religious beliefs, and the morals probably taught to her by 50’s and 60’s generations parents. Either way, divorce wasn’t an option. I wish her the best, cuz she deserves it!

  • RK

    Howard Stern played them…they are incredible. I’ve never heard such rage and lunacy.

  • Jason

    I’m glad that you’re acknowledging a difference between Gibson’s rants and Alec Baldwin’s. I just someone equate the two when Gibson’s are really frightening. As you put it, he “all too easily” uses these slurs and speaks about being violent towards a woman. Even says she deserved some of the violence. It’s disturbing to listen to, but quite frankly it’s disturbing that people like Whoopi Goldberg are kind of defending him. Where’s half the hate Kanye West got for interrupting a speech? Where’s the backlash Tom Cruise got for jumping on a couch?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Unlike you Jason, Whoopi Goldberg actually knows him.

      • Jelana

        I know lots of people, but I don’t completely know them. If I heard a tape of one of my good male friends, who had never shown any violent or racist tendencies before, speaking like this to his wife, I would not stand by him.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        So you don’t know anyone who has ever used the N word? I doubt that. Why is it any of your business what goes on between a man and his wife?

      • Jelana

        I’m sure everyone on this board has direct experience with nasty relationships. There are lines you never should cross, no matter how “right” you are and how “wrong” the other person is. Expressing to your wife that “she deserved” to have him knock her teeth out while she’s pregnant is as far over the line as you get. If you don’t see that, you need counseling.

      • Stef

        @ Rusty: it might not be our business, but if he’s physically violent towards her, then yeah i’d say it’s SOMEONE’S business! if you are saying that it’s okay to ignore a person being violent towards another, even if they are married or in a relationship, then i’m sorry but you need an attitude readjustment. why does she not deserve help from outside people? if it was someone you knew and loved, and you knew they were in this situation, are you telling me you’d just let it slide?

        so yeah, it’s not our business, but she needs help from someone!

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Then let her go get help. Who is stopping her? How is taping the conversations and releasing them to the public helping her? Just vindictive and scummy.

      • Erin

        Whoopi is not thinking clearly. There are plenty of people who have friends of color and they still say racists things.

        Rusty, you really are MORON. Mel’s being violent and racist, and she’s vindictive and scummy? Oh, you are so right…how dare she release tapes showing what kind of a**whole he is…she should just keep getting her teeth knocked out and keep quiet. Good one jacka**.

      • Bobby

        Bravo Jenna. To all the cynics in this panel: just because people support other dangerous maniacs, you will too?? It is basically wrong and a basically decent human being opposes such behavior, whether it is Mel’s, or a neighbor’s. The difference is that Mel’s is out there right now, for everyone to hear. If I heard my neighbor ranting at his wife and threatening her life – I would react the same way. The cynicism is so prevalent – it is as scary as the tapes themselves!!

      • bruceben9

        whoopi is a loser. well, it wasn’t rape-rape. well, he’s not a racist-racist. man she is a goofball. just like randy.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        @Erin, then go to the cops with the tapes about being abused, why is that any of your business? Sounds like you need some help also, since you are getting upset and name calling. But that’s ok though.

      • smack

        i think rusty might have a crush on mel

      • syof

        I agree with Stef that when there is physical abuse or a child involved, then someone else should interject into the situation

        At the same time I agree with Rusty. First place she should have gone to with these tapes was the cops, not some trashy tabloid site

      • Stef

        @ Rusty: yeah, i agree that she shouldn’t have gone to the tabloids or to the public with the tapes. that on her part is shady. however, given that mel is so public of a figure, she knew that this was an opportunity to cause him as much pain as he has caused her, as well as to validate her side of the story. two birds with one stone as they say. she’s hitting him where it will hurt him the most. and besides, it was bound to get out eventually, because he is a public figure. who knows, it may not have even been her that released the tapes into the public (though it probably was). i just think that once you abuse someone physically, you lose all right to any sort of fair treatment from the person you abused. as long as that person isn’t returning the physical abuse, then too bad, so sad for the abuser (in this case gibson).

      • cloudy knight

        She did go to the cops with the tapes. She and her lawyer deny giving the tapes to the website. Possibly someone with the police or the prosecutors office leaked the tapes to Radaronline because they see what a horrible piece of garbage Mel is and want to expose him to the world. If so, good job I say. Anyone criticizing her and defending Mel is probably just as bad as he is. If you’re ok with racism, misogyny, homophobia (not on this tape, earlier in his career), antisemitism (ditto), then go ahead, keep seeing Mel’s movies. Me, I’ll avoid him like the plague he is. Lots of people have fights with their significant others, lots of people call names, but these tapes are beyond the pale. I’ll never look at Mel again.

      • So What?

        He said more things than the N-word, Rust bucket. Why are you so concentrated on that particular piece of the tapes? Hmmm. Btw. I’ve never said the N-word, no need to…I’m not a lunatic/republican/tea-partying/birther…lol.

      • sharon c

        The world is watching Mel now, Rusty. THAT”S why she released the tapes! I would have done the same thing. Nobody knows exactly what goes on behind closed doors, but now they do…She needed for ppl to see the real man. The world is taking stock of Gibson’s continued descent. What a vile human.

  • nodnarb

    I listened to the Christian Bale/Mel Gibson mash-up. Good stuff.

  • mccliza

    I find it utterly revolting, but also a little weird that the “speeches” on these tapes, on both sides, sound just a bit too rehearsed. He speaks in full sentences, and, I don’t know, they just seem a little too much like lines. She also sounds like she’s reciting practiced lines, badly acted. And why doesn’t he have any accent? Again, I believe they’re real, and horrible, but something is just a tiny bit fishy here.

    • Fiz

      I kinda agree with you mc, something just doesn’t seem quite right, can’t put my finger on it but yeah, rehersed is close.

    • kaydevo

      Mel hasn’t had a real accent in decades.

      • EricNYC

        I totally agree with you, mccliza, I also thought it sounded really “rehearsed.” And furthermore, if someone was speaking like that to me on the phone, I would either hang up on them or become incredibly upset and tearful. (She sounds like she’s reading a weather report in the face of this merciless torrent of hatred and vitriol). Definitely something a little “fishy” about that.

    • talkin’

      ErinNYC – going flat is the way some women cope in the face of that kind of violent torrent.

  • Sandy

    I am appalled that Mr. Gibson’s personal and private conversations have been made public. He did not stand on a soapbox and spew these words. He spoke them in a supposedly private conversation. I am not saying that I agree (or disagree) with anything he said. I am just saying that he, like everyone else, is entitled to privacy and common courtesy.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Exactly. Who hasn’t said anything in anger that they regret later on.

      • Mr. Gibson New Agent

        Hi everyone. You may have heard that Mel Gibson’s agent died recently. I, Rusty Shackleford, have been hired to represent the innocent, wonderful, handsome, rich Mr. Gibson.

      • BlackIrish4094

        I agree dude.

    • MattyMagic

      I agree with Sandy. While I think the tapes are hilarrrious, I’m sure all of us have said things in privacy that if made public would make us look crazy. Who knows, maybe she did some even crazier shit than him to make him that mad. And she’s obviously making it look like shes totally sane. Too sane. Kinda creepy actually, and she knows its being recorded which changes everything.

    • Kym

      I am appalled that so many of you are jumping to his defense! In my mind, you are all racists as well. If the only problem that you have with what was said on those tapes is that they were made public without his permission (he is a celebrity, come on) then you apparently condone what he said. Shame on all of you! I hope this tanks his career for good this time. And Whoopi. Poor Whoopi. Just because he never said it to your face, doesn’t mean he doesn’t think you are a N-word deep down. He is a racist. He has proven that time and again. He is also a Hollywood phony and can talk the talk when he needs to. He is NOT your friend.

      • The Truth

        I don’t think anyone is actually defending what he said and did. Its the fact that what he did say was in private and most likely recorded without his knowledge or consent. Therefore this recording is an issue between him, the victim and police if she presses charges, the public has no business in this. If you want to boycott his movies you have the right to do that. If someone still wants to go see them they have just as much right to do that also. By the way there are many thugs out there making millions by publicly selling media with them saying racist words and condoning and encouraging violence on others. So I am just asking why is the world shunning Gibson for something he said in private while supporting and financing others who say the same things in public loudly and proudly?

      • @The Truth

        I think the cherry on the top of the racist, anti-Semitic, rage sundae is that admitted to beating his wife.
        But is anyone really surprised that The Truth is defending Mel “The Monster” Gibson? Nah.
        Why don’t you and Rusty Shackleford go spoon and watch Mad Max?

      • @The Truth

        I think the cherry on the top of the racist, anti-Semitic, rage sundae is that admitted to beating his girlfriend. We can only assume that he also beat his wife.

      • The Truth

        @The Truth, all I can say is may every word and action you do in private be broadcasted to the entire world for judgement.

      • The Truth

        Also were did I ever defend him? The victim should press charges and they will have their day in court for justice. This entire matter is no one elses business.

      • @The Truth

        Yeah, I can honestly say I’ve never broken someone’s teeth out, punched someone in the face, hurt anyone holding a child, and I’ve never used the n-word or referred to someone as a wetback.
        By the way, when someone physically assaults someone else and the police are involved, it IS public record.
        I’m personally glad to know that Mel Gibson is an abusive rageaholic so I can avoid his work.

      • @The Truth

        But I’m not surprised to see you here as a Mel Gibson apologist, based on other posts you’ve left on this site, you clearly hate women.

    • Erin

      So it’s okay to be an a-hole privately? So if you spew racist and hateful comments just make sure no one’s around to hear them? That seems morally sound.

      Oh poor Mel Gibson. The perpetual racist…oh woe is him! That was so discourteous of his ex to release those tapes.

      RIGHT ON KYM!!

    • talkin’

      This is to Sandy and Rusty – Entitled to privacy and common courtesy? No, not when he is acting in a criminal manner – uttering death threats and has already inflicted violence upon the person he’s talking to.

  • SandyW

    The tapes should be listened to. People do not believe what an alcoholic sounds like when they are angry. My ex-husband sounded even worse than that. However, he was very nice and friendly to others and the public. He wanted to control my life. Thank God that these tapes are out in the public. Oksana had great courage. She will be criticized greatly–especially by men who are also abusers. They do not want their secrets made public. Just watch and listen–men will say, “She deserved to be treated like that.” They will also call her names and blame her. (Because they are just like him in many ways). When a woman tries to explain what is happening to her, people will say–“Oh, but he’s such a good husband,” when he’s really a monster–and only God knows what a woman puts up with. We allow ourselves to become victims slowly–until we are in a trap and don’t know what to do. Mel Gibson needs to apologize to the world for what he did.
    But just wait and see–he will blame her just like the drunken coward, hypocrite, racist, and misogynist that he really is.

    It’s not just Mel–it’s society.
    It’s an inner fear that many men (especially alcoholics) have towards intelligent women. It threatens their self-esteem. Since they do not have control over themselves with alcohol–they feel the need to control something else–their wife, partner, or children. They project their own faults onto others. It is a vicious problem with society and even religion. The catholic religion (and other religions) is just like a huge alcoholic husband to the world. The catholic church allowed for so many children to be abused because it is abusive towards children and women. And I know, I was raised in this religion. (And I didn’t capitalize the name on purpose–I don’t give it respect). If there is a satan on earth, it would take the disguise of the catholic church. Mel Gibson is a very good catholic. He is a public microcosm of his religion.

    • Anon

      Agree with you about the church. Organized religion is humanity’s biggest curse. Not just catholic, throw in mormon and islam with it. And religious fanatics seem to be the biggest secret monsters, abusers, pedophiles etc.

      • Kev

        Interesting but we don’t know the whole story and people say things when they are mad, we all have. Did not like the N word in there and clearly mel needs to pay for his crime he committed. We are all people and deserve the same respect but I think people are blowing this way out of line.
        Think of this. What if every single human on the planet put his worst day online or on T.V. for everybody to hear? How would you feel. Would you want the world to hear it? Did not think so. I would not. So you see my point. He without sin throw the first stone. Yep, we all have to walk away don’t we. Enough said. Judge it, be careful because you throw yourself into it.

      • @Kev

        True, but considering the holier than thou, sanctimonious picture of himself that Mel has portrayed for decades, he appears to be the king of lies.

    • BlackIrish4094

      I agree in general about Mel and alchoholics but not about the church or about how “brave” Oksuna is. She got with a married man with a history of being a mean drunk and a holocaust denier and is shocked, “shocked” things went bad. I think she got in it for the money the same reason she made these tapes and is releasing them because it’s not looking good for her to get cash off him (the child yes, she is shut down by an agreement she signed).

      • So What?

        I’m signing on to your comment BL. She was/is an opportunist-no doubt about it-but that does not justify her teeth being knocked out, or her being called horrible names. I understand his frustration if he discovered he had been used, but he should have just walked away from his girlfriend (much like he did his wife of 20 or 30-odd years and gaggle of children). However, we don’t know what she may have said or done to set him off, if anything–not defending him–but there’s usually 3 sides to every story–his side, her side, and the truth. I just hope he gets the help/treatment that he so obviously needs.

      • BlackIrish4094

        I agree, he is clearly a messed up individual and even if someone is the biggest bee-atch in the world there is no excuse for verbal / physical abuse. He is responsible for his actions and ultimately should have walked away. No argument from me on that. She may not be the most innocent individual but manipulating someone emotionally is not agianst the law.

    • luckysays

      You are so right SandyW. For BlackIrish4094…when blaming her you have to realize that I’m sure he denied those things and made himself out to be a knight in shining armor. She should get child support and a restraining order and he needs to serve jail time for his actions, rehab and therapy. I really hate it when people start to blame the victim. The same was evident with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. It wasn’t too long before people were asking her why she married such a bad boy when she knew what he was. These snakes slither in and out and appear who we want them to be. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Not blaming the victim, he ultimately is responsible for his actions but don’t people in general have to protect themselves to a degree? If you know a guy has issues of this nature, why get with him? I guess like you said people either don’t / refuse to believe but even with Sandra I questioned what she was thinking because that dude was a dirtbag from the jump. I’ve been blinded by love s maybe it all comes down to that.

  • RJFlorida

    He’s in a messy Divorce. The mud is flying. It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that she had this planned all along: Break up his marriage, get knocked up and married, then dump him and live off the fat. Does it show lack of judgment on his part that he didn’t see this coming a mile away? Of course it does. Does he deserve it for dumping his wife? Of course he does. But I don’t give a rats ass about her lawyers mud machine and neither should anybody else.

    • shellibelli

      yep she planned to have her teeth knocked out twice, planned to have him call her every low life name in the book, planned to have him threaten more than once to kill her. yep all part of the plan.

      you know if Mel was such a great guy than he should have walked away. threw some mooney at her and walked away while saying talk to my lawyer if you want to talk to me.

      instead he is controlling that much is very clear on the tape. he couldnt leave it alone.
      whatever she did to incite him and it could have been mouthing off who knows? you know if a guy beat me i wouldnt be too polite to him either.

    • Riss

      The divorce and the flying mud is not the issue, the abuse is. I don’t care if she tricked him into marrying her and getting her pregnant (yeah, right), the fact of the matter is he hit her and knocked her teeth out and then told her that she deserved it. That’s domestic abuse and it’s NEVER okay.

      • Anon

        UH, he didn’t marry her.

    • Elle

      She broke up his marriage? No, he did and his wife did that. Got knocked up? I’m pretty sure he was there when it happened. Believe it or not, there are things that the man can do to avoid babies. No one can be “tricked” into having a baby if they are responsible.

      Knocking your girlfriend’s teeth out and hitting her while she is holding your child are acts so unforgivable that he deserve every piece of bad press he is getting. Arguing that these things should be kept behind close doors is what has lead to countless women and children being abused. Shame on anyone who would excuse this behavoir.

    • Phoebe

      It’s truly disgusting when the victim gets blamed for abuse and violence. Oksana may not be perfect, but she certainly did not deserve to be hit, have teeth broken, and to have death threats and vile and disgusting misogynist words hurled at her.

      I suppose you think Rihanna deserved being beaten by Chris Brown or that Nicole Simpson deserved what O.J. did to her.

    • Christina

      I am with RJ on this. It’s not so black & white. I do agree with james Brolin “Mel does need a hug”

  • DW

    How are these recordings “alleged” and “purported” when we’ve all heard them and it’s clearly Mel Gibson?

    • Allie

      i still like mel gibson and she’s just as bad, letting her child talk to police when her child will probably agree with his mom. leave the child out of this.

      • smack

        ya, who needs an eye witness anyway? he said she said is so much easier

      • cloudy knight

        Allie, you’re kidding, right? The kid is 12 years old, he’ a witness to a crime, she should do what? Keep him from talking to the police? How old does a witness to a crime have to be? I’m just curious.

      • Kate

        Letting your child talk to law enforcement because they witnessed a crime is “just as bad” as being a misogynist, racist, domestic abuser? LOL you need help.

      • Christina

        No crap. Tells you about her character…

    • So What?

      Because neither he nor anyone in his camp have confirmed his voice or admitted to the tapes. However, neither him nor anyone in his camp have denied them either. Interesting and very telling to say the least. This is quite a pickle that Melbourne has gotten himself in. Celebs are stupid, arrogant beings. They are followed around constantly by paparazzi (whether they called the fotogs themselves or not), but still have an expectation of privacy. You are public figure. Everything you do and say is going to be scrutinized, analyzed, and if all possible, demonized. They should be fitted for muzzles, the lot the them. But you don’t have to be a genius, kind, or a humanitarian in order to be famous (just look at Hitler) so why should we hold them to some higher standard of morality just because they are in a higher tax bracket, and have been in a movies, and wear fancy duds. They are fallible, just like all human beings. The reason this hurts and disappoints alot of people is because they have bought into the belief that celebrities’ crap don’t stink. My role model is my father, not some intangible bobble-head who doesn’t care if I live or die. Seems that Mr. Gibson is not the only one who needs to get his priorities in order.

      • whateverrr

        So she had a baby with Mel Gibson, knocked her own teeth out and went to the dentist to have them replaced and the damage photographed, and found a Mel Gibson soundalike to threaten and bully and threaten her on the phone and admit to hitting her.

        This woman’s a genius!

    • caryn

      I think some people (Mel? Handlers? Does he even have “people” anymore?) are denying that it is his voice on the tapes. EW and other sites are just covering their legal behinds by writing “alleged” and “purported”.

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