'Deadliest Catch' recap: An emotional goodbye to Capt. Phil Harris

phil-harris-deadliest-catchImage Credit: Blair Bunting/Getty ImagesIn all my years watching reality TV, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a moment as real and as achingly beautiful as ailing Phil Harris kissing his hand and putting it to his son Josh’s face, then Josh leaning down to kiss his father’s forehead. That conversation is something that will stick forever with the record 8.5 million viewers who saw it. You want to know why fans have been sobbing through the episodes leading up to Phil’s death — it’s because as much as we thought we related to men who do a job that 99.9 percent of us will never do, we knew they were a breed of their own. When Phil’s story went from the Bering Sea to a hospital room, it packed the punch of a hero falling, of a comedian who suddenly starts to cry. And all at once, we really could relate to him and his boys — especially his boys. We all have, or will, watch someone we love die. We’ll have things we want to say and be afraid to, because we know that saying the words will make us cry, and seeing us as broken as we feel will only bring our loved one more pain and regret. Capt. Phil insisted the cameras keep filming as he recovered from his stroke, because he believed the story needed an ending. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for his boys to watch this episode (Josh told EW yesterday that he’d had an advance copy of it for five days and hadn’t been able to bring himself to play it), but I have to think that having their final heart-to-hearts with their father on-camera will eventually be of comfort to them. They will never need doubt if their memories of those conversations are accurate. Josh will see that he said everything Phil, a man who worried that he hadn’t been a good enough father, needed to hear; Jake will be reminded that his father was proud of him for making that decision to go to a rehab center in Seattle.

Let’s start at the beginning. We picked up with Josh and Jake’s hotel room shouting match, and Josh leaning on Johnathan who told him that he couldn’t worry about changing his brother right now, he had to focus on taking care of himself and his father. The doctors were pleased with the way Phil was recovering — he was off the curve, making a week’s worth of progress in a day, and they were ready to transport him to a facility in Seattle. (That, I imagine, had factored into Jake’s decision to risk leaving Anchorage. Josh said on The Tonight Show that Phil had died of a pulmonary embolism the day before he was scheduled to be moved). As much as it sank your stomach to watch Johnathan share the good news with his brother Andy, who then spread it to the fleet’s other relieved captains, it was tougher to watch the always impatient Phil ask the doc if he’d be ready to go crabbing in September. The only thing that stopped me from crying at that point was thinking of that line from City Slickers, “Lord, we give you Curly. Try not to piss him off.”

The next time we saw Jake, he was sitting in the hotel thinking. You probably begged him through your TV to go to the hospital, but after we flashed back to his conversation with Phil onboard the Cornelia Marie when he admitted to his father he was an addict, and his dad told him treatment was the only thing that would save him, Jake phoned that rehab center in Seattle and made arrangements to check in. He went to see his dad at the hospital (who promptly asked him for a cigarette, which unlike extra ice chips, Jake had the strength to deny him) and told him that he was keeping his promise to him to get help and that he loved him.

Phil: Hey. I’m real proud of you.

Jake: Thank you.

Phil: Thank you.

Jake: I don’t really want to leave you, but this is for the better.

Phil: Yeah it is.

Jake: So you just keep on doin’ what you’re doin’.

Phil: Seriously, it makes me happy.

Jake: That’s good, that’s what I like to hear. I’ll give you a call when I hit Seattle.

Phil (now nearly asleep): This is one here you don’t wanna miss.

Jake: Alright. I love you, pops.

The image of Jake hesitating as he left the room and turning to look back at his dad — heartbreaking. The shot of Josh driving his brother to the airport after that verbal brawl they’d had — heartwarming. Josh said Jake had chosen the right way and the right time to get help. Jake said he wasn’t sure if it was the right time. You know he’ll beat himself up about that, and that’s when he needs to rewatch that scene and hear his father say it made him happy that he was going.

The next time we saw Phil, he was with Josh, who told his dad that he was going to hold his hand, just like Phil had always grabbed his hand when something went wrong when he was a child. After Phil squeezed Josh’s hand so hard that Josh begged him to stop, the conversation turned serious.

Phil: I’m sorry.

Josh: Why?

Phil: When you were growing up, I should have been a better father.

Josh: Dad you’ve been the best father you could ever have been. You’ve taught me great skills. So don’t ever say that. Don’t ever apologize for that. You’ve taught me everything I need to know to be a man. And I’m gonna take care of you as best I f—in’ possibly can. I don’t give a s—. I ain’t lettin’ you out of my sight. The same thing you’d do for me. You know. [Wipes tear from Phil’s eye.] I love you, buddy.

Phil: I love you. I love you, too. [Josh leans down and they hug. Phil kisses his fingers and puts them to Josh’s head. Josh kisses Phil’s forehead. Phil kisses his fingers again and puts them to Josh’s cheek.]

Josh: I love you, buddy. [Phil places one more kiss on Josh’s cheek. Josh fights back tears.] I know, man. I know, man. I’m bein’ strong here.

Honestly, I don’t know how Josh was able to say those things to his father and not break down sooner. Wiping away a single tear, he told his dad that it’s been hard for him because he loves him so much and he doesn’t like to cry in front of people, let alone him. But you’re doing good, Josh quickly added, seeing that it pained Phil to know that his son was hurting. I think Josh had broken the seal, and the dam was about to break. He left the room, for the first time motioning for the camera not to follow him. (Watch the scene here.)

Phil didn’t look good the next time we saw him. He asked Josh to rub his hand and wanted to know where his good-luck necklace was. Josh said he had it at his hotel and would bring it in that night. Phil looked out the window and asked if it was snowing. Josh told him to get some sleep, they exchanged “I love you”s, and Josh left. Phil looked out the window again, and we cut to a storm on the Bering Sea with waves powerful enough to move gear and equipment on the deck of the Time Bandit, to tilt the Wizard practically sideways, and to turn a member of the Northwestern crew into a poet: “If you don’t believe in god, come out here…. You ever wonder about a power greater than yourself? That’s it right there.”

We cut back to Josh, who was driving, getting a call from Phil’s doctor, who said his dad had just had “another event.” They were doing everything they could for him, but he should get back to the hospital as soon as possible. Catch executive producer Thom Beers has handled everything about Phil’s final days so pitch-perfectly, and the montage that followed, set to Johnny Cash’s “Redemption Day,” was no exception. In fact, it was so beautifully crafted you wanted to watch it again, even though it was emotional torture. We didn’t see Phil, we just saw shots of a rushing hospital bed and a hand adjusting a light that you’d find in an operating room — images meant to symbolize that the hospital staff was working on Phil. Josh sat with one of Phil’s friends, and told him his father had asked him to go and get his good luck charm, which he’d done, which is why he hadn’t been there. The friend told Josh that Phil wouldn’t go out without a fight. “Never has, never will,” they agreed. Then we got shots of the crews fighting through the storm to keep fishing and Sig and Andy in their wheelhouses as Cash sang, “There is a train that’s heading straight to heaven’s gates, to heaven’s gates.”

After a shot of the Jesus statue outside the hospital, carrying the weight of snow on his shoulders, the doctor came to tell Josh that they’d been working on Phil for an hour, and at some point, you have to decide it’s gone on too long. The image of Josh’s head in his hands faded to a tattered America flag whipping in the wind, and then flying perfectly aboard the Time Bandit. The storm continued, but now the crews were weathering it. Sig and Andy were laughing in their wheelhouses as they rode the waves like a rollercoaster. Which to me, was a reminder that Phil had loved the life he led. We cut back to Josh, who phoned Jake. “Jake, I don’t know how to tell you this Jake, but um,” the screen went black, “we lost dad, dude.” As Cash spoke the final words of the song, “freedom, freedom, freedom,” we watched a bare Bering Sea. And then the only sound was that of the waves rising and falling. For me, that was as beautifully constructed as the final moments of Lost, and more powerful because it was real.

Josh and Jake joined the captains and Catch narrator Mike Rowe during the Phil-focused After the Catch roundtable that followed the episode (which began with a clip of Phil saying, “A fairytale starts out ‘Once upon a time.’ A fisherman’s story starts out, ‘This ain’t no bulls—.'”) Josh said they’d be spreading their father’s ashes on the Bering Sea this fall during king crab season. The boys are determined to own the Cornelia Marie, but Johnathan said if it doesn’t work out, the Hillstrands will hire Josh, and Sig will take Jake. There were a lot of laughs in that hour — much talk of Phil’s love of Harleys, loud music (INXS?!), and Meerkat Manor, and the fact that he felt most comfortable in a trailer, which he had a maid for, and built detailed bird-feeders that were homes complete with tiny satellite dishes. And it ended on a high note with the men toasting Phil with a round of his favorite “duck fart” shots before joining a brass band and fans partying in the street in the late skipper’s honor.

But man, there were some tender moments as well. Sig told the boys that when he and Phil would travel together, he always talked about wanting to set them up with everything they needed, and worried that he hadn’t. (Watch the tape back, Josh. Phil knew.) Keith said Phil wanted the boys to learn exactly what Josh had expressed at the table — being a captain isn’t about being cocky and getting to that chair, it’s about taking seriously the responsibility of keeping your crew safe and their families fed. Todd Stanley, the cameraman who spent seasons filming Phil, teared up watching a clip of Phil saying that they became real friends when Phil got sick in 2008, and crediting Todd with keeping him alive because he did more than film him, he watched over him. Todd then recounted being summoned to Phil from the hospital waiting room after his stroke, and Phil, who couldn’t yet speak, writing a note telling him they needed an ending to the story — so he should keep filming. Todd had always told Phil that you need a beginning, middle, and an end to a story, or you have nothing. Nothing wasn’t what Phil Harris was leaving us with. Johnathan leaned over, hugged Todd, and thanked him for being there those final days. And Todd thanked Johnathan for being there, too. Keith teared up. Sig teared up. We all teared up.

In next week’s episode, the captains hear the news of Phil’s passing, which takes what has been a difficult Opi season for everyone to a whole new level. Things have gotten so bad on the deck of the Kodiak that Wild Bill fired Clint when they came in to off-load because he went from belittling the deck to questioning Bill’s skills when the pots started filling with junk crab. (You have to feel bad for Clint. The crew found out someone was being let go when a stranger showed up talking about an opening on deck. Clint assumed it wasn’t him because he hadn’t already been told or seen celebratory fireworks.) On the Time Bandit, the crew went from razzing Mike, who missed another buoy, to razzing Scott, who stepped up to throw the hook like his father Johnathan and uncle Andy had wanted him to, but then snapped a line and missed three tosses (each one causing the boat to have to circle back for another attempt), to razzing Andy, who was raising empty pots. If his crew had the energy to call him a loser and make snow angels on deck, they had the energy to keep working. With morale low, Andy preferred the crew hate him instead of each other. I see that working on the Time Bandit, but not on the Northwestern. Sig continued to work his crew hard — they’d slept a total of 12 hours in four days — which pushed his brother Edgar, who wants off the boat to focus on his family, to finally start training Jake Anderson on hydros. (Can we all agree that perhaps at the start of a storm, after they’d all ready been grinding for, say, 19 hours, wasn’t the best time for a tutorial on a job that literally puts others’ lives in your hands? Even if it did momentarily get Jake to focus on something other than feeling like he abandoned his missing father because he wasn’t home searching for him.) Jake dropped a pot, and he was quickly relieved of his duties. Sig thinks it’s going to be another season or two until Jake is ready to fill Edgar’s shoes. Edgar wants to fast-track him. There’s another storm brewing…

Your turn. How do you think the show handled Phil’s passing? How many times did you tear up? Is that scene between Josh and Phil the most honest moment you’ve ever witnessed on a reality TV show? Did you rewind the “Redemption Day” montage, or was it just too painful?

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  • Aspen

    I have been so impressed with how Discovery has handled Phil’s passing. It was honest, real, and emotionally gut wrenching. It never felt exploitive. Somehow they found just the right balance to give Phil’s story a dignified end that showed his big heart and his love for his sons.
    Just reading the recap made me start crying all over again.
    Well done Discovery

    • Cabenny

      I’ve been increasingly impressed by this throughout the season. When I heard of his passing, I was afraid he wouldn’t be honored with the respect he should be. They’ve done more than that and it has been an honor to watch.

    • Katie

      Your post said everything that I was thinking…So, I’m just going to second your comment…

    • RaRa

      If they don’t get an Emmy after this, there is something seriously wrong!

      • Carolina

        I agree. Just as impressive was the tone of After the Catch. It was so cathartic to see everyone laughing and telling stories. We all were able to celebrate Phil’s life and remember why we all liked him so much as one of the world’s true characters. And seeing his boys there at the table, looking forward to the future, brought things full circle.

      • Rob

        Seriously! I can’t believe the show hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Series since 2007 (I believe), limited instead to categories like cinematography. I mean, WTF? This also brings up a question to me…are nonfiction series eligible for the big prizes, ie, Outstanding Drama Series? Because, sad to say, but this season has been infinitely more dramatic than 99% of scripted dramas, including (in my opinion) nominees The Good Wife, and even True Blood. Are there actual rules against reality series competing in that category, or is it more a ghettoization principle (as in how few good animated films tend to break out of the Best Animated Feature Academy Aware category to Best Picture)?

    • Jessica

      And I will third that. I have been saying that the past couple of weeks. Even though I want to see as much of Phil as possible, it was necessary to keep up with the other boats-one big family-since life goes on. Sometimes you forget men have feelings or are able to express them. Especially hard a** guys, like these. It makes them all that much more captivating and lovable. Thank you for sharing your lives with us and rest in peace, Captain Phil.

    • Jennifer

      I didn’t quite tear up, but I came mighty close. That final montage cutting to just the view of the Bering Sea with the sound of the ocean was so wrenching, I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it again anytime soon.

    • Nobody

      TLC would have made a mockery of the whole thing, just like they do each time they put that witch Kate Gosselin back on TV. Good job, Discovery.

    • Chicagoannie

      Well said, Aspen. Discovery did the end of Phil’s journey perfectly. Also, kudos to Johnathan Hillstrand for being there for the Harris family in their most desperate time of need.

      • texasmom

        Yes,kudos to Johnathan Hillstrand. He was (I hate to say) not my favorite on the show. But the way he was there ASAP for the Harris family has completely changed up my favorites list.Seems to be a great fellow.

      • Saundra

        I am so glad Johnathan was their for the boys, he is a great friend. We love you Johnathan.

    • Melinda65

      I cried watching the preview yesterday, I cried during the show, and I cried again at the recap. I’ve watched the show on and off since it started, and while at first Phil wasn’t one of my favorites because he seemed so harsh and rough, I soon saw that that was mostly a front, and that he was caring and had a great sense of humor. He’s going to be greatly missed by his family, friends and fans. I hope that he’s captaining a crab boat in Heaven, and every pot that is pulled is full to the brim. Kudos to Discovery for showing the story while being discreet and respectful. The “Redemption Day” montage was perfect, and I happened to catch it during the re-airing of the episode and had to watch it again.

      • mimzee

        I really want to add that I too thought that the montage was fantastic. Phil dying while the others were enjoying to the hilt what they love the most. Incredible and very well done

      • Liz

        I just read these recaps and I am crying my eyes out. I always watch the show with my best friend and she’s out of the country until October so I’ve been DVRing and not watching. I’ve been following these recaps and I’m all kinds of messed up after reading. It’s so heartbreaking.

      • ldbigg

        I have been crying for 4 weeks. It’s amazing that for someone I don’t even know I’ve been crying like a baby! I’ve been watching the show from the beginning, and these guys have in a sense become a part of my life. Matter of fact I’m crying right now. I know I’m a mess but he was really a wonderful, amazing man. I wish the best for his family!

    • claudiag47

      I just wanted to say that the last few episodes have been the most powerful of anything I’ve ever watched on TV. I (and my husband) cried during the show, but the After The Catch show got to us even more. I just bawled my way through the excellent recap. Kudos to Discovery for the way they handled Phil’s passing with grace and dignity. Awesome television that deserves an Emmy. Rest in peace, Captain Phil. Watch over your boys.

    • Daniel

      I just lost my father, my hero July 4th born on New Years died on the 4th. He came in with a bang and left with one! Imma miss you dad!

    • Karen

      I am hoping that they Discovery Channel will rebroadcast the episode of Phil Harris’s pasing, since i was working and did not get to see it which pained me alot. I had been watching the show since it’s first broadcast, they are like family to me.

    • Chad Powers

      Hey was wondering what the name of the Johhny Cash song that was played on the last episode.It was very good song.

      • ldbigg

        The Johnny Cash song was “Redemption Day” but the song played during the eulogy was “All Roads Lead Home” by Golden State.

      • ldbigg

        I can’t get that song out of my head!

  • Debbie

    Ive watched the show since inception. I have always loved Johnathon,,,so hot,,but Phil had a father quality to him that dragged you to him without even knowing why. He will bemissed and I adore Jake and Josh, they have made Phil happy as he watches over them and how they have pulled together. God bless all of you and Johnathon,,,,look me up I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Love this show, hope it never ends!

    • ldbigg

      “Redemption Day”

  • cj

    I lost my dad last year and like Josh was there from the beginning to the end. My heart goes out to both boys. Hope they know how many people are praying for them and wishing them nothing but happiness. Captain Phil will be missed but never forgotten.

    • Michael C.

      I lost my Dad a few years ago … but was not able to be at his side for the end . My Mom had died the year before and I was there for that . The show was a roller coaster emotional ride for me . It was , at the same time , a chance to finally release some of the pain that I felt . Well done Discovery ! Jake & Josh … hang in there guys your Dad is watching over you .

  • Anie

    It was an extraordinary episode I’ll not soon forget. The time Josh and Jake got to spend with their father helped soothe the pain. One image I can’t get out of my head however, is of the sponsor, Coors, and its big pitcher of beer sitting in the middle of the table during the After the Catch special, in front of Jake… the kid has a substance abuse problem. Did product placement really have to take precedence here?

    • Mel

      They were sitting in a bar.

      • Anie

        Yes, I know they were in a bar and yes, he’s around people who drink. It was just, in light of what had happened literally minutes earlier in tv time(him going to rehab), it bothered me.

      • Jimzale

        I think you’re right, that the product placement was egregious, since I saw the beer pitcher but then noticed they were all drinking out of bottles.

      • Kimmie G

        Did you notice that none of them were drinking the beer though? Every one of them had a cocktail, or some other drink (ginger ale or the like) in a glass, rather than beer. In one of my rare moments of giggling during the episode, I appreciated that the product placement was there, but that none of the players were going along with it!!

    • peggym

      This may seem harsh, but he’s going to have to deal with being around temptation. The rest of the world isn’t going to change to accomodate him, and this show has always ended with the captains sitting around in a bar doing a recap.

    • racefan111

      Kinda funny – none of the guys were drinking the swill in the pitcher. They all had mixed drinks in front of them….

    • RaRa

      Jake’s addiction is to pain meds. Would that necessarily make him an alcoholic as well?

      • KRG


      • UnHoly Diver

        When you’re an addict, you can be tempted by whatever is around you, not just the substance from which you can’t escape.

      • Brigitte

        If you are addicted to one substance, that makes it that much easier to become addicted to another. In other words, replacing one for the other. So no, he should not drink alcohol, even though his addiction is to pain meds, etc. Grew up with 2 addicted sisters, know the life. And I could tell there was something like that going on with Jake. Too bad, so young to have that monkey on his back.

  • JJ

    I am sitting at my desk at work just bawling like a baby. God that was a heartwrenching show.

    • LoveBug68

      Ditto. I thought I shed all my tears yesterday and had nothing left…I was wrong!

  • eric

    Oh, gosh. I thought the whole thing was brilliantly done. The final shot? Masterful. We saw just enough, and the weaving of the other stories into Phil’s final hours just worked prefectly. Sigh. I loved it.

  • ihatescreennames

    Best hour(s) of tv. God bless all of them.

  • Slezak’s Sister

    Mandi – A beautiful write-up! I’ve been waiting all morning but it was worth the wait!!! I cried throughout the entire episode! I recorded After the Catch and will watch that tonight. This has been a tough season for everyone – the boats, crews and the fans!!

    • Katja

      I’ll second the compliments to Mandi – great recap and thank you for mentioning all the artistic details. I’ve never watched this show, but with all the media attention on it over Phil’s passing, I’ve started reading the recaps and it sounds like an amazing show even without this tragedy. But I don’t know if I can go back and watch the earlier seasons because of my time limitations as well as emotional reasons. I mean, I cried my way through this recap! I’m talking heaving sobs, not just tears trickling out. How can I handle the actual show?? It sounds like the show did a wonderful job handling these events with sensitivity and dignity, so good on Discovery. Pardon me now, I’m going to have to go wash my face…

  • jgh

    My heart just breaks for Josh and Jake as I too had to watch one of my parents slowly die and lose the other quickly 4 months later. I also will never forget those last moments that Josh and Jake spent with their dad. Jake will hopefully realize that he did exactly what his dad wanted him to do and it gave Phil some much needed peach. And Josh got to say what all of us who wish we did say to our parents when we had the opportunity to. I am glad the camera man did not follow him out of the room and gave him some privacy.

    • Amy

      I too lost my parents at a young age, one to a slow painful cancer, and then the other not more than 2 months later to a heart attack. I was with both of them when they passed. The moments I spent saying goodbye to my mother are some of the most treasured memories I have. Josh and Jake, as painful as it is to have their goodbyes and emotions on display and filmed, will treasure those moments. I have been watching this show since it started…. I am not sure if I can watch the three shows I have on DVR if the recap I read just now made me tear up and nearly sob. I am impressed with Discovery and how they have handled this season. I think I’ll watch the shows with a huge box of tissues nearby.

      • bonnie

        I lost my father suddenly of a heart attack when I was a teen. I never had a chance to say goodbye or tell him how much I love him. I hope that Josh and Jake know in this time of bereavement how blessed they were to have the time to say their goodbyes and find closure in their relationship with Phil.

  • Elizabeth

    I think this was an Emmy-worthy episode of reality TV. I sure hope someone at Discovery submits this season for the Emmys next time around.

    Same holds true for Mike Rowe – how he doesn’t snag a nomination, but Seacrest does?! is beyond me.

    • Julz

      Deadliest Catch was nominated for Outstanding Nonfiction Series this year. I just with they would air it during the ceremony if they did win.

      • Julz

        Meant to say “wish” not with.

      • RaRa

        I didn’t even realize you didn’t say “wish” until you corrected yourself!

  • Birdlady

    Everything you said was 100% true. Thom Beers was true to Phil, his family and the fans. He gave us just enough to know what happened with out it being over the top. That moment between Josh and his dad – waterworks. The other moment that touched was heart was just seeing how Jonathan (who wanted to take a couple weeks off to fish marlin) stayed the entire time – was there for Phil, the boys. That is true brotherhood of the sea.

  • Callie

    “Is that scene between Josh and Phil the most honest moment you’ve ever witnessed on a reality TV show?” …. Yes.

    • Kirsten

      The love in Josh’s eyes as he was laughing to Phil’s hand squeeze just broke my heart. Such an amazing episode.

    • Mel

      I think among the most poignant moments is the role reversal that’s going on, child taking care of parent … almost as though symbolized with Josh holding his dad’s hand as his dad used to hold his. You could feel Josh willing, with all his being, his dad to improve and get better.

    • cinders23

      It just doesn’t seem right to call this a TV show, especially a reality TV show. This show is LIFE being lived. I have watched it from Episode 1. The job they do is unbelievable. I’m not sure what to call it, but calling it “TV” just isn’t good enough. What can we who love and “get” the show call it? We care so much for all the people. Captain Phil turned out to be a marshmallow, and he loved his boys with the perfect combination of love and guidance. He will be missed for a long, long time. Josh & Jake I hope you can feel the love that’s out there for you. If you get a warm/happy feeling it’s all of us out here rooting for you, sending you a positive vibe that you can do anything. And you can. We are here to help, though you’ve never met us. The Johnny Cash song was the perfect heart-ripping song for this episode. And yet, life goes on…..

  • Briana

    I started crying reading this article….RIP Phil. We love you and miss you.

  • drayche

    I was amazed at the storm that came out of nowhere right when Phil was dying. It was like the sea was mad at Phil’s death. This is the most powerful TV of the season!!

    • KLB

      I wish discovery would post that final music montage showing the hospital scenes and the storm. heartbreaking.

    • Brigitte

      I thought the same thing! Like it was pissed that Phil would not be back out there, to meet the challenges the Bering Sea dishes out!

  • jay

    My hat is off to the Discovery Channel. They handled Capt. Phil’s death in a very dignified way. It was hard to watch but it gave us a chance to say good-bye. Johnathan was awesome. He stepped up in a way that would have made Capt. Phil proud. Our hearts and prayers go out to Josh and Jake. They’re way too young to have lost their Dad. Rest in Peace Captain Phil.

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