Have any advice for Miley Cyrus at the end of the 'Hannah Montana' era?

Miley-Cyrus-then-and-nowImage Credit: Disney Channel; Central Image Agency/FilmMagic.comIt’s wild to think that on March 26, 2006–just a bit more than four years ago–the Disney Channel’s tween-tastic series Hannah Montana launched with the then relatively unknown Miley Cyrus at the helm. Well, she was a bit known, what with being the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a country star who’d struck gold with a one-hit wonder “Achy Breaky Heart.” But generally, at the time, it somehow seemed unlikely that the awkward looking gal would shoot to stardom through a silly little show that featured her as a pop star who goes to a regular school in disguise, so she can lead a (relatively) normal life. But as we all now know, Miley is nothing but regular–she’s now one of the biggest stars in the world. Tonight, however, begins the end of an era for Miley, as the final season of Hannah premieres at 8 p.m.

At this juncture, we should all take a moment to ponder how she’s handled this transition and what it all means for her post-Disney future. Just look at the photo attached to this blog post–the change in Miley from season 1 of Hannah Montana (on the left) to the current Miley who seemingly “Can’t Be Tamed” (on the right) is downright stunning. But doesn’t almost everyone radically change between the ages of 13 and 17? I certainly did.

Like any growing adolescent, her look–and her behavior–has morphed along the way. She’s had hit albums and singles. She’s starred in a handful of movies, from a Hannah Montana pic to a Nicholas Sparks tear jerker. And there’s been scandal, too, of course: Remember when she posed for those racy photos in Vanity Fair? This one-time baby has come a long way, baby!

And despite all this success–and the jabs from critics along the way–Miley has been working steadily and employing an I’m-gonna-do-what-want attitude along the way. I, personally, applaud her for her fortitude. And as for all the questions about her bubbling sexuality and increasingly risqué attire? Pish. She’s a young woman–every teenager goes through the same things. But will it affect this final season of Hannah Montana? Leave it in a bad light? Honestly, probably not. This girl is pretty golden. She’s clearly growing her fan base, so that she has the younger fans and, now, older fans. (Hi! That’s me! I’m not ashamed to admit her latest album is on repeat on my iPod…) And truly, those tweens who started out watching Hannah Montana have grown up right along with Miley. She’s said it over and over in interviews, but she’s gotta grow up. Compared to some pop stars that have come before her, she’s doing it rather gracefully.

So what’s next? A lot, I’d guess. More hit records. More big movies. More TV shows, maybe. My advice for her: Don’t shave your head, get married in Vegas while drunk, or have babies too early. Oh, and stay away from anyone with the last name Federline, and you’ll be fine.

What advice do you, PopWatchers, have for Miley as Hannah Montana begins its final-season fade? What would you like to see her do next?

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  • ashley

    yes: stop dressing like a whore. Sorry, that was harsh…maybe wear more pants? I mean, she seems like she could really be a great actress, and she is clearly talented in the singing department. Just…stop being so…desperate. It creeps me out that a 17 year old is wearing that stuff…especially since she is such a huge role model. Just tone it down.

    • UGH

      Quit being a whore is the best advice given.

      • hc

        Eh, maybe I’m being too misanthropic, but I think most teenagers dress too provocatively (read: whore-y) these days. I’m only in my mid-20s, but I’ve still noticed a change from when I was in high school. Given that, if she’s 17 and wants to dress like a little trampy, go for it! We can all vote with our wallets what we think about the change.

      • Niix Starkyller

        No, HC, I think you’re totally right. I’ve seen styles of the skimpy teen, the vampy teen, the flirty teen, from the 80’s until now. But, I think all that got combined into a hyper-sexual, post-Britney, slutty teen style which quite frankly annoys me. You can be vampy, or sultry, or firty, or even sexy without crossing the line into looking whorish. As far as popular trends go, the line has been crossed.

      • Devin Faraci

        I find her very sexy!

      • UGH

        Sounds like a winner.

      • Uffda

        HC, Your perception is correct. Miley is becoming another in the long list of performers that think looking like streetwalkers/trash is the ticket to success. Pittiful! All she needs now is her sex tape.

      • maryb889

        Good grief. Poor Miley. Seems her sin was being a child star first. If she started now and looked and dressed like this, I’m guessing there’d be no comment…after all, worked for Madonna, didn’t it?

      • Garry

        She does not dress like a whore. Those who say that just to put her down only succeed in sounding like hopeless, uptight prudes. Everyone who knows her personally has said that she is very intelligent, has her head on straight, and does not intend to go into Lohan/Spears territory. So chill out and let her make the career decisions she wants to make–which I am sure are thought out very carefully. She is very close with her parents and doesn’t intend to do anything that would upset them. And even if she did, she’s on the verge of adulthood, and can’t worry every minute of the day about who will be offended by her outfits or stage performances. I wish her luck!

    • Jackson

      Don’t be a whore. That was expected from us, THE AUDIENCE, considering she dressed like that {PICTURE ABOVE) when she is only 17.
      But DAMN!! She is sexy!

      • blaize

        Actually, Christina Aguilera didn’t go down the path of drugs, dui, rehab, alcohol abuse, jail time, and failed marriage like Britney or Lindsay. Being a sexy teen didn’t cause her to go through that, and she’s very talented.

    • Kvivik

      Don’t be a Brittany, Christina, Lindsay wannabe.
      Set your own style without becoming the next teen star nervous-breakdown candidate.

    • jewl159

      my opinion is that miley needs to realize that yes she is a young woman(if u could even say that since whores arent women and she is immature)but there are ways to grow up without being a whore, hoe, skank, slut. watever you wanna call it. and the people who dissed Dakota are IDIOTS! she was playing a character! dakota doesnt actually act or wear stuff like that. it pisses me off that miley thinks shes allowed to be a whore bcuz shes “growing up.” yes other girls her age may do that but they do it privately. not for the whole world to see knowing they will b filmed. look at taylor swift! people of all ages LOVE her and she doesnt have to act like a stupid, desperate, whore! miley makes me sick. and how dare she call herself a christian! that is freakin ridiculous! she is an idiot and gives christians a bad name. miley needs to realize that she cant pick her fans and little girls still look up to her so why give a terrible example to look up to. its almost as if she thinks the only way she can get her older crowd is by making it impossible for parents to let the younger crowd like her because she is so inappropriate. she really cant sing that well and her acting is not that amazing. miley needs to let her mind grow up, not her “sensuality.” she needs to mature for the sake of all of her younger fans. there is enough sick and crazy and brainwashed and insecure girls in this world. lets not make more of them. PLEASE!!!!!!

      • maryb889

        Okay, let me understand what you’re saying. It’s okay to be a whore in private (whore = having sex for money) but not okay to not have sex at all, be a good Christian girl, and dress provocatively in public? To the best of my recollection, Miley never took money for sex. Ergo, she is NOT A WHORE. Okay? Just get off your prudish high horse. All you old ladies make me sick (and I’m a 52 year old woman who happens to think Miley is going to be just fine and will not sink into the depths of hell for experimenting with her sexuality. Sheesh….)

      • maryb889

        Oops…meant “dress provocatively (i.e., in costume) on stage”. Day-um, wish there was an edit button!!!!

    • j

      Is anyone else more concerned that her BOYFRIEND LIVES WITH HER AND SHE IS NOT 18? I could care less what she wears but SHE IS A CHILD WITH A LIVE-IN BOYFRIEND, COME ON!

      • pamb456

        Her previous boyfriend, Justin Gaston, also lived with her AT HER PARENT’S HOME. He was in his 20s, she was what, 16? I think she stopped talking about her virginity around the time Billy Ray let him move in. Great down home parenting, Billy Ray.

      • Uffda

        Where are family values these days? By the way wouldn’t her living with a “boy” at 16 under per parents roof aiding and abeding to the delinquency of a minor? Not much different at 17 either. She is a piece of work. Still think she looks like a turtle moving its head into its shell.

      • GeeMoney

        Please. That was all a publicity stunt.

      • blaize

        First of all, there’s nothing wrong or abnormal with a 17 year old having sex with her boyfriend whom she loves. Second, Miley Cyrus is only 4 months away from being 18, an adult. Miley isn’t really a child, she’s a young adult. She has the right to decide to have sex with her boyfriend or not. (You’re probably upset about him living with her because they might have sex, right?) and btw, She has parental supervision. No I’m not worried and I don’t care what they do.

    • mcl

      jealous anyone? Miley is great. If she didn’t change from 13 to 17, how weird would that be? Once she messes up (which she hasn’t yet) don’t judge.

      • ebh

        what do you mean, “she hasn’t yet”?
        how many times has miley had to “apologize to her fans” for some so-called misunderstanding, starting with the vanity fair shoot? It’s always something with her, from mocking Asian people to pretending to kiss her female dancers onstage.

    • Erin

      Agreed. It just seems like she’s trying to grow up fast…like most teens. But the difference is she’s doing in front of the whole world–so she proceed with caution.

    • jj

      voice lessons? a sstylist? dance lessons? my main problem is that she always looks like she’s “acting” like a pop star and not being one. it’s a problem with a lot of young stars because they are just mimicking their older counterparts instead of finding their own style. i think she shouldve taken some time off- a year or two out of the public eye- maybe gone to college for a bit, tried to find herself as a regular person and not the Miley product. I think her longevity wouldve benefitted with her working her way back up instead of just riding the hannah train as long as she can. eventually, unless she magically pulls out more talent than enlisting great producers, her career is gonna fizzle out.

  • Laura

    If being better than better than Brittney is your standard for her that is pathetically low. So maybe you say she has been doing it gracefully but I would say not unless you throw that comparison in.

    • aves

      Not to mention Britney did all of that crazy stuff when she was in her early to mid 20’s, not when she was a teenager. Miley’s only 17. It’s not a fair comparison.

      • blaize

        So because Miley is a teenage celebrity she has to live to a higher standard of behavior than adult celebrities? Teenagers are supposed to behave better than adults? Aren’t the adults supposed to set the example for the teens instead of the other way around because they know better?

        It’s a fair comparison. And no, Britney dad problems long before she was in her 20’s. At 13 she was drinking. At 14 she gave her virginity to an 18 year old. At 15 she was doing drugs. At 17 she was posing in magazines in her underwear. At 19 she made a song and music video about being somebody’s sexual slave and got married for less than 48 hours. Yeah, it’s a fair comparison.

  • Ceballos

    “And as for all the questions about her bubbling sexuality and increasingly risqué attire? Pish.”

    No, no, no!

    I understand the fact that kids grow up and young woman want to express and explore their sensuality…however, there is ABSO-FREAKIN’-LUTELY no way you can look at the picture on the right side of this blog post and tell me that is acceptable attire for any 17-year-old girl in any way, shape or form. (No matter how famous she might be.)

    I hate to be “stop dressing like a slut” guy, because some of the past scandals have been blown WAY out of proportion (like that Vanity Fair shoot)…but she needs to stop dressing like a slut.

    However, I like to think of myself as a positive guy, so my advice:

    Miley is obviously an UNBELIEVABLY hard-working young woman. Instead of trying to prove you’re “edgy” and “adult” by dressing like a ho (it’s SO cliche), why not seek out interesting and challenging material instead? (THAT’s the way to expand your audience.)

    Also, stand up straight.

    • Ceballos

      Correction: “I understand the fact that kids grow up and young women* want to express…”

    • Kris

      I agree. This is why the author is completely talking out of his/her ass. He said that Miley isn’t an average teenage girl and then justifies her clothing because “teenage girls dress that way.” Miley is a role model for 10 year old girls. By dressing this way she is inspiring them to follow suit and indirectly creating an army of skanks.

      • jennrae

        All you have to do is look at her baby sister to know that is a fact.

      • hc

        I hear you and she’s accepted the marketing dollars so she’s definitely complicit in the problem, but she’s 17 – she, like all teenagers, has to figure stuff out. I remember at 17 thinking I knew what was up, but you grow up and change and will probably live to regret that photo (and that weird pout she’s wearing) on the right. I mean, what about the fact that we as a society let 17 year olds become role models (selling phones, giving them magazine and TV platforms) when they can’t even vote yet? That just seems dumb. By the way, I hate that this post has me defending Miley Cyrus. I find her, her products, and her whole clan pretty insufferable.

      • ejdax37

        I think the biggest problem is people still want to pigeon hole her as being only “a role model to 10 year olds” when she was 13 yes but do we expect her to still be a role model to 10 year olds when she is 40? I don’t think so. I do think she dresses a little slutty but then again if I looked like her and had her money I might dress that way too. If people were truthful 99% of them would trade life’s with her in a heartbeat. I would.

      • Cat

        @ejdax37-she is still on Disney and 10 year old girls(and 7 & 9 at my house) still watch her. They don’t however get to see her as above. Which is tasteless and sad. Where is the girl’s stylist! for years she’s dressed as an old lady, now she wants to dress like a 20 something, someone give her guidence please!

      • springs

        @ejdax37 – I have to respectfully disagree. In no way would I ever want to trade places with her. Plus I’m probably betting looking than Miley (it’s subjective, I know) and I would never walk out in public looking like that (especially if I had her money and access to better clothes and a stylist).

      • jj

        it’s all in how you carry yourself. i remember i used to wear halters and midriff baring tops in th 90s. But i wasn’t trying to be sexually daring, i was being fashionable (at the time). And i carried myself that way and it made a huge difference. When you are gyrating or singing or saying things provocatively, then you look trashy no matter what you wear. She does not seem to know how to balance the two and that’s what bothers people about her. People are complaining about “she’s only 17 etc…” But that’s where your parents come in. My mom would not have let me wear (even as a performer) some of the things that other performers (britney, miley, whomever) have worn at their age. I blame that for the backlash. The problem with a lot of these young performers (bieber, i’m looking at you, now) get away with doing too much when they are too young because their parents are either too uncaring or too afraid to step up and actually parent. I hated some of my mom’s rules back in the day, but now that i’m a little older, i appreciate that it kept me out of some of the trouble others got into. these pop parents need to step it up.

    • StewyFan

      Ceballos, very well said and I agree. There is a difference between trying to look sexy and looking like a slut. And she is looking like the latter. She is looking more lately like a street walker than a sexy pop star. You can wear actual clothes and still look hot in a dance number.
      I honestly feel like she is doing all of this SHOW to mask the less then stellar vocal chords that she possesses. “The Climb” was a great song for her and she needs to stick to such.

    • Stan

      Taht picture on the right side, was while she was performing. It’s not what she wears day to day. Dakota Fanning wore slutty clothes in her movie the Runaways, and no one said anything. Why, because she was performing in a movie. Miley was performing on a stage. Please Stop using double standards. Performing is performing regardless of which method a person is using to express themselves in. Kids watch movie just as much as they go to concerts.

      • Rebekah

        Yes, but Dakota Fanning was playing a character. Miley Cyrus is performing as herself. She’s said in countless interviews that ‘this is who I am. I need to grow up’ etc. You can’t have it both ways. She’s singing and dancing under her own name. It’s a performance, and therefore heightened and stylized, but, in the end, she’s representing herself. As a person who feels pants are optional.

      • jennrae

        Stan, The Runaways was rated R. Kids of all ages go to Miley’s concerts.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Dakota Fanning has demonstrated none of the rebellious sexual energy to be even comparable to Miley Cyrus’ public persona (which is arguably a character). Sorry, I’ve read/seen where women 5-6 older call Fanning for stable and grounded advice. That ‘kid’ may be the antichrist because of how smart she is for her age, but she doesn’t strike me as slutty. Ever.

      • Niix Starkyller

        *5-6 years older…

      • Bill

        Dakota Fanning was playing a role. That is not how she dresses as herself. There is a huge difference and your point is ridiculous.

      • Uffda

        Regarding Dakota Fanning’s atire in the movie Runaway – That was for a movie role and ended after the movie was completed.

    • amy

      LOL- I completely agree, C. You can outgrow dressing like a tramp, but bad posture follows you for life.

    • Kat

      LOL yes! She AND Kristen Stewart need to stand up straight. Which makes me think…Kristen Stewart gets tons of media coverage and is a “star” and all that, while never dressing slutty (that I know of, anyway). There is no reason Miley needs to dress/perform like a ho in order to be popular or get attention or grow up or whatever it is she thinks she’s doing. You can wear interesting, showy costumes that cover up a little more and won’t make people think you’re a likely carrier of certain diseases…

      • Liz

        Good point. I think Miley knows that the only thing she’s got going for her is the scandal of dresssing like a ho. If she stopped nobody would talk about her.

  • Drew

    The jab at Britney at the end was sort of uncalled for… Britney’s personal life has been rough at times, but shes overcome that and she’s still one of the most successful pop stars ever. So being the next Brit doesnt seem so bad to me.

    • Paige

      Agreed! And Britney was still wearing pants when she was 17. Let’s not forget all the risque photos of Miley that were ‘leaked’ well before she was 17 too. Don’t use fame as a crutch to look like a skank. Dakota Fanning is young too and always looks classy.

      • Stan

        Did you see how Dakota Fanning was dressed in Hound Dog or in the Runaways??
        Oh wait. It was real. She was performing and entertaining us.

        Wait, isn’t that what Miley is doing, except she is performing and entertaining us on a stage. When I see pictures of her out and about in real life, she seems to dress like every other teenager.

        Double standard. You’re saying it’s OK to slut it up in a movie but no on a stage. What a joke.

      • jennrae

        The Runaways was rated R and thus no ten-year olds should have been watching. Kids of all ages go to Miley concerts.

      • Robert Plant

        Stan, I’ve never seen so much hate towards Dakota Fanning. Hahaha It’s weird. How many more anti-Dakota posts from you are there?

      • Niix Starkyller

        My god, Stan, get off this flaccid and unfounded tangent. Perhaps you’re just miffed that she’s probably smart enough to cure cancer or something, and we all know it. I get it. I’m annoyed some little punkette can out-think me, too. It irks my ego, but drawing some allusions between her and Miley is entirely apples’n’oranges.

  • jezoebel

    How about just get out of showbiz altogether? She’s not really all that talented. I’ve seen her show and believe me it’s Disney crap that no one will remember in ten, twenty years. And her singing is just atrocious. Just disappear.

    • Dominic

      I like this advice best.

    • Adam

      I can’t think of any recent stars coming out of the Disney machine whose singing/dancing/acting “talents” would be missed if they pulled an Amanda Bynes and suddenly just retired from showbiz. Sure, they have some basic talents in those three areas, and their lame shows have a harmless appeal to tweens, but seriously, what lasting artistic impact do any of them have? Have we seen them display any unique appeal or original creative ideas? We’re not talking Johnny Depp or Fiona Apple here. After “Lizzy McGwire” ended, did anyone miss Hilary Duff? Is pop culture really hurting due to no new music or movies from her? And she was the proto-Miley.

      • Joy

        Actually, I kinda miss Lizzie McGuire/Hilary Duff…. she’s got a lot more class and talent than Miley Cyrus, imho.

      • Dominic

        To be fair just about every living person in the world has more class and talent than Miley Cyrus. Some dead people too.

  • Dave

    At least Britney Spears didn’t start acting like a wh0re while she was still affiliated with the Disney Channel. If Miley wants to grow up, that’s fine. But the fact of the matter is that she still has a show on the Disney Channel aimed at young girls. There are a lot of 10 year old girls who watch Hannah Montana, and Miley Cyrus’ behavior outside of the show is just plain wrong. If she waited until after Hanna Montana had ended to do all the stuff she’s doing now, then I wouldn’t see it as much of a problem. But she didn’t. She’s been wh0ring it up for a couple years now, dancing on stripper poles, giving people lap dances, and dressing like a skank, all the while starring in a Disney show for kids.

    • Nelly

      I agree. At least Britney was 20 when she started acting like this. I watch “Can’t Be Tammed” and I can’t believe she’s 17 and her parents let her dress and perform like that.

      • Lesa

        Oh my god, seriousely?! She’s 17! She can do what she wants, so back off!!!

      • blaize

        Age is just a number. And no, Britney didn’t wait until she was 20 to start ‘acting like that.’ Britney started acting up when she was in her early to mid teens, the difference is that people didn’t find out about it till years later. And there was nothing wrong with Can’t be Tamed.

  • Marie Fostino

    I have written something that Miley would be fantastic playing a role in. Can someone contact me?

    • annmarie

      what’s that

      • marie fostino

        It is a story about a teenager who gets into the wrong crowd and gets pregnant. After the big blow, her family stands behind her, along with the school where they have a program for pregnant teenagers. In this story there is seperation and death but it comes with a good ending.

  • Marie Fostino

    I have written something that Miley would be good at playing a part in. Could someone contact me?

    • Suzanne

      Where? At Marie Fostino, USA?

  • Caleb

    unfortunately i could care less about her tv show ending since i never watched. And i don’t care about 17 yr old female’s wardrobe choices or lack thereof. In my opinion Miley needs a long break. Maybe two or three years out of Hollywood and away from the spotlight so that is able to grow up and mature (kinda like a normal 17 yr old heading college.) However since there is NO frickin WAY she would ever have the intelligence to think “i should take a break now” I say she keeps making songs I can’t get stuck out of my head like The climb, Cant be tamed and party in the usa!! Love Miley!

    • Liz

      I think she should leave the scene for awhile too. Or make a more gradual transition to more grown up projects. I think she;s just trying to change everything all at once

  • sflames

    Just wait until later this year or early 2011 when some risqué photos are “leaked”. We’ll know where she’s headed by then. She’s going to make Britney look innocent.

  • val

    Right now she is way out of her league. She looks and sounds like a sad copy of what’s already out there. She should find her own voice and look. Right now she is a disaster and headed down the road to self destruction. At this rate we will see her parents infront of cameras a couple years from now saying they just don’t understand what happened.

    • blaize

      Just because she’s dressing and dancing sexy doesn’t mean she’ll go down the road of self destruction. Lots of young celebrities have dressed and danced provocatively without going down the path of self destruction. (ie Christina Aguilera, Beyonce)

  • Chappel

    Stop singing crappy songs and making crappy videos. Start singing better songs and making better videos. Repeat as necessary.

    • Nora

      And get an education. Every time she speaks, the ignorance is overwhelming.

      • Liz

        I agree! I have only seen her do an itnerview a few times but I wanted to tell her to learn to enunciate and crack a book once in a while. Although nothing can top Justin Bieber not knowing what Germany is.

      • Suzanne

        So true. Did you see her as a mentor on American Idol this year? She gave no constructive criticism to anyone. Apparently, she knows no other adjectives other than “great.”

  • etm

    Take some speech and language classes so my ears don’t bleed every time you open your mouth!!

    • LibbyP


    • Zombie Jesus

      It’s not just the voice that drives me insane(I was forced to see her movie and to this day I tell my girlfriend that she should have waterboarded me instead), it’s that damn snaggle tooth of hers. It’s like a piece of food hanging on a persons cheek, I just want to do something about it. Obviously I’m just trashing her, but that’s what these posts are for. Unless people actually take these seriously…..

  • MileyFan4evea


    • Christie

      I pray that you would stop using that god-awful “Internet speak.”

    • Niix Starkyller

      Tee-hee, Christie. I <3 U 4EVA.

    • Zombie Jesus

      I’ve been praying for 2 years for someone to knock her teeth out, and yet it hasn’t happened. Hence prayer is for apathetic people who like to solve real world problems with fictitious solutions. I will continue to pray for her beatdown, but if god does answer my prayers I feel like his priorities are about as aligned as LiLo’s

      • sflames

        I think someone needs to look up the definition of apathetic…

        Praying out of concern from someone is the furthest thing from apathy regardless of how much hatred you have for those of faith.

  • bruno


    • springs

      This comment made this article worth reading. Thanks!

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