Guillermo del Toro talks 'The Hobbit' and his next project: 'It's a pretty big one'

It’s been weeks since Guillermo del Toro made the shocking decision to walk away from directing the highly anticipated adaptation of The Hobbit (Peter Jackson is now in negotiations to direct) and the Pan’s Labyrinth director says he’s almost over the disappointment. “It’s the biggest heartbreak of my life professionally,” del Toro tells EW. “But at the same time, I’m entirely at peace with it.”  The director will be at Comic-Con in a few weeks to preview Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a horror film he produced and cowrote, starring Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce. “We’re gonna announce a few things at Comic-Con that are surprises,” teases del Toro. “But I’m probably going to announce my next directing project right after Comic-Con. It’s a pretty big one.” Hmmmm. Could this mean that del Toro’s oft-rumored Frankenstein remake is finally coming to fruition?

What do you think del Toro’s next project should be, PopWatchers? Would you like to see him tackle Frankenstein?

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  • Michael

    He would make a very cool Frankenstein film. That’s for sure.

    • BFD

      Enough remakes. He’s better when he does something no one has ever seen before. Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy… BRILLIANT

      • Erin

        Yet, Hellboy is not his own.

      • paige

        Dr Strange!!!

      • Matt

        Hellboy, visually brilliant and sadly boring…More Friedkin next time, Mr. Del Toro.

      • J.

        I agree with Matt. The Hellboy movies look terrific, but they were never very exciting.

    • Brian

      No such thing as enough “re-makes.” Frankenstein is a story that would be absolutely amazing in this man’s hands. Plus, a satisfying version of the novel has never been told on film. The Universal movie is a film classic, but as a retelling of Shelley’s novel, it sucks. And the De Niro Frankesnstein from the ’90s is much closer to the novel but still not that great.

      • Gabby

        “No such thing as enough ‘re-makes.'”

        Oh yes there is.

  • malcontent

    John Holmes biopic?

    • Devin Faraci

      I’d get behind that!

  • jon

    what the heck..why would he want to do that? This is just pure dumb. Who wants to see Frankenstein..i mean look at how much King Kong flopped. These directors who made it just want to make stupid movies…i tell you.

    • ignorance is jon

      Get your facts straight…King Kong didn’t flop. It made back twice its budget and then some…

    • Fred

      Yes, 500 million and three academy awards sure makes a flop. Honestly, how much does a movie have to earn before some people are pleased…

      • Roekest

        Only a fool thinks the bottom-line of a film is all that matters.

    • Brian

      Jackson’s King Kong was amazing, and a commercial success, I tell you.

  • aleksa

    He could direct pretty much anything and make it interesting.

  • John C.

    He left The Hobbit to make Frankenstein? Who gives a crap. Do something that hasn’t already been done 1000 times. Might as well make a vampire movie.

    • Thom

      It takes zero thought and crap analysis to make this comment. Complaining about remakes is so damn boring, and no good Frankenstein movie has EVER been made. Del Toro’s would probably be definitive and Oscar-worthy.

      • John C.

        You’re right. Originality is so damn overrated. I’d much rather see him use his creative vision for Frankenstein. One mumbling monster that doesn’t allow him much room for his other extremely creative looking creatures unless he creates a Frankenstein posse of monsters or something. It just sounds recycled to me. I’d much rather see him tackle something more original.

      • Brian

        Fair enough. I bet it’d still be good, though. I’m stoked for him to adapt that Simmons novel Drood.

      • waya

        Drood would be perfect for him. Creepy book even though it was too long and I figured the ending ahead of time, but Del Toro would do it justice. I’m still waiting for someone to pick up “The Terror” which I think would do better on screen. “Drood” is very internal and psychological where “The Terror” is a true story wrapped in a monster tale, but both are good.

      • Thom

        John C., If you think Frankenstein’s monster can’t talk, then you probably aren’t familiar with the original, Shelley’s novel, in which the monster tells his own harrowing life story and does so pretty eloquently. It’s heartbreaking.

    • Pete Jaxon

      You know that Del Toro probably *is* going to make a vampire movie, right? Most likely three of them, based on the vampire trilogy of novels he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan.

      • Brad

        Hello, he made a vampire movie called Chronos. It concerned a box a man acquired that had this thing that gave him a taste for human blood and kept him young but at a price. He’s done his version of a Vampire movie and it had some dark features.

      • Pete Jaxon

        Thanks. I’d have queued it, but it’s not available on Netflix.

      • g

        cronos not chronos

    • Grammar

      He already made a vampire movie. He directed Blade 2.

      • Pete Jaxon

        Snap. I forgot because I never saw it.

    • KurtisT

      Mubling monster? The Shelleys creation could speak fluently, A true to the novel adaption in the mans hands would be nothing but gold

  • kbaker13

    He should make a movie based on the awesome book he coworte- The Strain

    • Viral

      I second that.

    • Brian

      Whoa, I bet the “big” project probably is a movie adaptation of ‘The Strain,’ and it’s “big” because it’s the first part of a trilogy. It would be so awesome if he made those movies.


        amen brother, the first book was awesome and I can’t wait until the second book comes out in September

      • beerz

        i have been wondering when the second book was going to come out! I loved the strain, once it got moving, i found the first 3rd of the book was too much foreboding and setup, but that book was really awesome and i hope he does make a movie based on the book.

  • conqueror

    del toro can do no wrong lol. the hobbit would have been epic if he directed it, but i’m sure his fingerprints will be all over it. will watch anything he does!

  • steve

    halo!!! It would really be sweet if toro decides to do halo. He was rumored to be on board a couple of years ago but it fell through. it would make sense cuz peter jackson owns the rights and i dont think they will have trouble getting studio backing (which is why it fell through to begin with) if del toro is on board. I was hoping neil bloomkamp would go back and do it but i think del toro would be perfect.

  • Frank

    why are people whining cause he wants to remake Frankenstein.I do believe there was a hobbit movie already made so your ok with him remaking the hobbit but not Frankenstein?????

  • Mac

    I’ve been dying to see a third Hellboy movie, it was suppose to be a trilogy, but del toro got wrapped up in other projects. He even said that he’d love to come back to do a third movie when he had the chance.

    • BrooklynBrimstone

      Yes! There just *has* to be a 3rd Hellboy film to conclude the series! Preferably before Ron Perlman is using a walker! It would be so upsetting to leave the Hellboy story unfinished.

    • mithril

      Del Toro at first said that he thought he had one more Hellboy film in him, but has stated in the past year or so that there won’t be one because Ron Perlman doesn’t want to deal with the prosthetics anymore. He’s pushing 60 and he has his show, Sons of Anarchy, which was renewed. I hope he’ll change his mind, but I wouldn’t count on it. Maybe that’s the big announcement?

  • Secret Guest

    His next film will be the reboot of Superman. This is inside information that I find fun to post in a talkback. Goyer reached out to him personally, Krypton will be heavily featured and Del Toro’s visual mastery is needed.

  • Dave

    The Mountains of Madness!

    • Renaton

      YES! Out of all the projects he left to do The Hobbit, this was always the one the intereted me the most. I think he could do wonders with a H.P. Lovecraft story, and that’s my favorite one.

      Hope he actually gets to do it, I remember that some people that read the screenplay (or a draft, I don’t remember) a few years back thought it was amazing, and that it would become a horror masterpiece.

    • Mike

      At the mountains of madness should definately be his next project. Frankenstien has been done to death.

  • Jtag

    I think it’s going to be a James Cameron collaboration, and going with Battle Angel Alita.

    • Mike

      I certainly hope he never collaberates with james cameron. JC couldn’t direct his way out of a wet paper bag.

  • Craig

    Ender’s Game?

  • Denise

    I hope he’s going to make The Strain into a movie!

    • C

      meeeeeeee too!

    • Tom

      Hell Yes

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