Lindsay Lohan's handwriting makes me die inside

lohan-handwritingImage Credit: David McNew/UPI/Pool/LandovThe hidden gems of the Lindsay Lohan courtroom situation extend even beyond her “F— U” fingernail decals — there are also zoomed-in photos of her courtroom “notes.” Dammit! How does this jailbird have better handwriting than I do? I went to college! There’s a bigger version after the jump. Get ready to feel a little worse and a lot more confused.

Is Lindsay’s handwriting better than yours, too? Are you devastated? Are you dead? Don’t comment if you’re dead because we’ll know you’re lying. OK, bye guys! -AB [Yahoo!]

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  • orville

    Wow–that’s almost perfectly font-like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such uniform handwriting before.

    • Lisa

      me neither. I find it creepy. No one should write that neatly.

    • Ceballos

      Agree. Why shouldn’t “Lohan” be an option next time I’m scrolling through a Word file looking for a font.

      • orville

        I think you’re on to something. It’ll probably be in the next upgrade.

      • nodnarb

        What, your version of Word doesn’t have “Lohan Extra Bold”?

      • Ceballos

        …love that it’s red too!

      • KC

        LOL – the font will be called fire cr*tch

    • Elizabeth

      Its almost like old-school drafters or engineers who had to write like that before computers.

      Not only is the handwriting on point, but she didn’t use a bunch of abbreviations… yeah Linds!

      (God, it makes me sad. I remember her from Another World. I almost want to write her a letter myself. Hang in there chica!)

      • bj

        I was thinking the same thing. I am a trained drafter/designer. And was taught to write like that. And I CANT write like that

    • Jam

      Hmm, Helvetica? Nah. Sans Serif? Nah. I know, I’ll use Lohan for this letter

    • Gabby

      That’s ridiculously neat. I was expecting her handwriting to look like chicken scratch.

    • Zombie Jesus

      Well, it looks like we finally found out her talent.

    • Chagres

      that’s not writing — it’s printing.

  • Louise

    Are you sure these are Lindsay’s notes? If so, it’s really odd that she refers to herself as LL, as in “LL taking responsiblity”.

    • Tonya

      As per Yahoo, During the hearing on Tuesday that led to the starlet’s 90-day jail sentence, the actor was seen writing with a red pen. Later, she covered her face with the page, inadvertently showing it to the cameras.

    • Mary

      I’d believe it! You know Hollywood divas like to refer to themselves in the third person!

  • Kalick

    Why does she write in all caps? Is she yelling at herself?

    • Monty

      THANK YOU! I was waiting for someone to say that…maybe she took blogging classes from the school of Kanye?

    • The Truth

      I’ve noticed that most of my coworkers in their 20’s handwrite in all caps. A friend who teaches grade school told me its called block letter writing and is the way many schools are teaching kids to write notes, since cursive is going by the wayside. I guess its another thing the computer is killing. Her penmanship is actually beautiful, wonder why she did not use the lines?

    • avenger

      My sentiments exactly–OMG I can’t believe I just read and posted on a Lohan article

    • Nora

      She probably does not know cursive.

    • Kristen

      Well, my mom usually prints in all caps. She does it because she majored in architecture in college, and architects are taught to write that way. Granted, I know that can’t possibly be LL’s reason for doing that, but there are a lot of people who do it.

    • faye

      I print in all caps sometimes. For some reason it seems quicker, and it’s more legible. I always fill out forms in all caps.

    • Me

      I tend to print in all caps too. When I use lower case letters, my writing tends to look like a first graders.

  • daisyj

    This is disrupting my trust in the universe.

  • Jaymii

    When I write in all caps, it can look pretty good but only with lines – which are being ignored here. Also, if it were mine, all the boxes would look awful and there’d probably be an ink smudge somewhere.

  • H

    Odd that it’s written at an angle and not aligned with the notepad lines. Neat handwriting for sure, though.

    • Gabby

      LMAO! Good point. I feel a little better now.

      • Michael

        I agree. I was annoyed she wrote at a diagonal.

  • john t.

    SHE’S YELLING AT ME! no seriously, that’s some nice handwriting.

  • Brittany

    I don’t know about you, Annie, but my handwriting got so much worse in college.

    • Casey

      Mine too.

    • Gabby

      Likewise. You have to take notes so fast, you don’t have time to be neat.

    • Mary

      Same here! As long as I could read my notes, I could care less if my Ts were crossed and my Is were dotted.

    • Ashley G.

      yeah, I look back at some of my notes and I can barely read them, I am sure they made sense at the time though! lol

  • Ceballos

    This is honestly the most impressive thing I’ve seen from her in years.

    • dawnomite

      ha ha!

  • nffcnnr

    Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert should have hired LL write that letter.

    • Amy

      I was just going to say the same thing. Good on you!

  • stasha

    I’m confused as to why she wrote diagnally on lined paper but she really does have nice, neat writing. At least she has that going for her. I do find it interesting that she writes in ALL CAPS though.

  • sally

    It kind of bothers me that she’s referring to herself in 3d person in her notes, as “LL.”

    • Taylor

      That’s part of her problem. She thinks she’s a character in a movie.

    • lefty

      It obviously would have been easier when that’s probably how they’re referring to her in the trial. (in 3rd person that is, not as LL)

  • john t.

    oh, and i guess you could add this as a high in your Linsday Lohan – 18 highs and lows gallery :p

  • lb

    these seem like the lawyer’s notes to me. As Louise pointed out, the entire thing keeps saying “LL this” and “LL that.”

    • frank

      It makes sense if she was taking notes on what was said about hear/points made against her. Instead of writing “The laywer said that I was …. bblah blah blah”, she looks like she’s transcribing exactly what was said about her “LL was late to this, LL was late to that…” etc for later use.

  • Clair

    That’s the handwriting of a tween! College gives you callouses and crappy only you can read hand writting.

    • z

      thats true, my handwriting has become steadily worse since being at college

      • dee

        Yup, I’d never be able to write like that, while taking GOOD notes. My professors went so quickly that you had to choose between having neat handwriting, or just getting the information on the page before you forgot what they said. No time to be neat. lol

      • jwoolman

        Lindsay was home schooled mostly and didn’t go to college, so she probably was never rushed if taking notes. I do wonder if the drugs she’s taking (especially Adderall, legal speed) have an effect on her handwriting, especially if she’s taking too much (or doesn’t really need it).

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