'Top Chef' recap: This kitchen ain't big enough for the both of you

Top-Chef-Brian-SpikeWe’re back at the Top Chef headquarters where, after last week’s doozy of a grilling challenge (seriously, why did so many of the chef’testants not know how to grill?), Arnold was positively bursting with joy having managed to grill well enough to win and not clog his pores. Meanwhile, Andrea lamented Tracey’s elimination, telling us that they became buds. Did they share a bond of being really forgettable?

But all of the emotions came to a halt when they saw baby toys in the TC kitchen. Alphabet blocks and really, really adorable rubber duckies cluttered the counter. But, as usual, the show managed to turn something beloved into something so sinister with a fairly tough challenge in which the chef’testants had to create an adult dish that could be pureed for a baby as well. You see, Tom and Padma are new parents and, apparently, Gerber just ain’t cuttin’ it in the households Colicchio and Lakshmi.

From this quickfire, however, we learned some pretty moving information: Kenny has raised his teenage daughter on his own since his wife died, Kevin has a baby on the way, and Tamesha regularly cooks for her 7-year-old brother.

Lynne, meanwhile, shared that her kids have four legs. At first, I thought, “WTF??” Then I chuckled and realized she was making a little joke. Also trying to make a joke — and a bad one at that — was Alex, who said: “I don’t make baby food. I practice making baby, but not baby food.” He also said that if he won this high-stakes prize of $10,000, he’d buy a hooker and a ______. Did anyone decipher what that second thing was? Coming from him, I imagine it was either gross or not funny.

Kelly wanted to prove that you don’t need kids to win this challenge. But the thing is,  you do. Her roast pork loin was one of Tom and Padma’s least favorites, while Kenny, father to a 16- and 3-year-old, won for his curried chicken and Tamesha for her vegetable chowder. And even though Lynne didn’t win, the judges did like her chicken dish. Animal children are more helpful than no children at all, I guess.

That was $10,000 for each of them, but they had to get over themselves quickly because they were about to go tournament-style for the elimination challenge. I was so hoping those conjoined aprons would make a comeback, but sadly, no. Instead, they worked in teams of two to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the busy hotel guest.

If their breakfast was a success, they were saved from elimination. (Ditto for lunch.) Three teams would compete in the dinner portion and one whole team would be eliminated. That’s right — two people were going home. The chef’testants emoted in one of a three ways: scrunched-up lips (Stephen and Tamesha), furrowed brow followed by forehead massage (Kenny), and bloodthirsty determination to crush Kenny (Angelo).

As for picking teams, has the kitchen run out of knives? What’s with all the pick-your-own-teammate business? Regardless, Kenny was unfazed by the challenge. He became the chef of a five-star hotel at the age of 23 and none of the other contestants has worked at a five-star spot. So there!

Things were absolutely bonkers in the kitchen. The most disturbing sight? Angelo flirting with Tamesha. But she says “it’s not going to happen” with Angelo. And she makes a mean vegetable chowder. Give this girl the grand prize and all the Dial soap she could ever want.

Elsewhere, no one wanted to work with Stephen or Amanda probably because he’s so boring and she pairs everything with alcohol, so they were stuck with each other.

Ed was still inexplicably infuriated by Alex, but in the end it was Ed who forgot to give one of the judges — Hilton’s VP of restaurant concepts, Beth Scott — a breakfast patty. Methinks Ed and Kenny belong in the foot-in-the-mouth club. To make matters worse, they didn’t have time to pour the hollandaise on their dish. And we all know an egg dish without hollandaise is grounds for immediate elimination — at least in my book.

Arnold was happy to work with Lynne because they meshed together so well (hm I wonder how that will turn out?), but really, he was all about proving to everyone that he’s “more than a Louis Vuitton bag.” Speaking of accessories, that Arnold is the best TC accessorizer since last season’s Mattin and his red scarf.

Judging this elimination was Padma, Tom, Eric, Beth and TC alumni Spike (season 4), Bryan Voltaggio (season 6) and Mike Isabella (season 6). What, no females available? Though I do appreciate that they threw Bryan in there to decrease the annoyance level.

Both Tiffany/Tim and Amanda/Stephen won the breakfast round, proving to the rest of the clearly more proficient chef’testants that they were really sucking. Tamesha thought she could’ve won because she cooked the eggs exactly the way Bryan cooks them at his restaurant. Except she didn’t and Bryan thought they were too runny.

Moving on, Alex/Ed made up for their patty-less debacle with a perfect sea scallop that saved them during the lunch round. Lovebirds Angelo/Tamesha were also safe, thanks to their beef salad.

Kelly and Andrea dared to use canned beans, which among other TC no-nos (i.e. using white bread), ranks high on Tom’s list. Aside: Do you think everyone will start cooking fish less now that seafood master Eric is a semi-regular judge? Is fish the new dessert (a.k.a. death wish)? Discuss.

Now it was down to Lynne/Arnold, Kelly/Andrea, and Kenny/Kevin for dinner. Lynne and Arnold’s squid ink pasta was a little too weird, not mention undercooked, for the judges, which is funny because Lynne was FREAKING OUT about her pasta getting overcooked. Editing hit us over the head with that one, but it was delicious to watch the demise of that pasta nonetheless.

At the same time, Kenny and Kevin’s short ribs lacked sufficient glaze, or what Andrea called “the business.”

In the end, Kelly/Andrea ended up with the win, which included not just their dish making the menu at the Hilton but a European getaway for each. I guess not having kids does pay off in the end.

So in deciding which two contestants to send home, the judges obviously wanted Kenny to stay for all the Angelo tension thought Arnold and Lynne’s pasta was a deal-breaker, no matter how quotable Arnold is.

So, I bid you adieu, Arnold and Lynne. Arnold, may you go on to your own jazzy spin-off and Lynne, may you resume to your crotchety old ways.

Next week, tensions run high during what looks like a group challenge. More importantly, someone spills someone else’s elimination dish in the grass. By accident? Is there a five-second rule in place? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Photo: David Giesbrecht/Bravo

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  • RLayne

    Alex said…”eight-ball” (a pretty terrible drug reference).

    • Mo

      Alex is coming across as a total creep. You can tell he has assigned himself the role of the baddie in this season, and he’s doing his darnedest to fulfill it so that he can stick around because of his personality rather than his cooking. It’s a little too obvious. He really is no Stefan, and Angelo and Kenny’s nasty rivalry is overshadowing his sad little puppet show. I really hope he leaves soon.

      • henrietta

        I dunno…in my book it’s difficult to be considered a baddie unless you’ve got the chops to go with it. As in, ummm…he’s so effing boring he just doesn’t qualify on any sort of scale to be a baddie. In 4 weeks he’ll be nary a blip on anyone’s memory radar, methinks…

    • thorswitch

      I thought he said “Highball” which is a kind of drink, IIRC.

      • stlcardsfan

        no, I heard 8-ball

      • Kris

        He 100% said 8-Ball!! I was kinda shocked by what a douche he was when he said he’d get a hooker and an eight ball if he won the money. Drugs & prostitutes? Great Top Chef contestant huh. I thought it was pretty clear what he said too, don’t know why so many people didnt get that. Anyways, he cant really cook, so he’ll be gone soon, lol.

    • ATLgroove

      It was a reference to one of Sean Penn’s replies to a pivot question on Inside the Actor’s Studio. “If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?” Penn’s reply was: You’ve tortured yourself enough. Those two hookers and the eight ball are inside. Come on in…

      • henrietta

        Wow! What a cool and arcane reference! I had no idea. He’s still disgusting, though.

      • Catherine

        I’d like to believe that Alex would be smart enough to quote that, but somehow I can’t.

      • k

        i am pretty sure that he was not being that witty.

      • DiMi

        Come on, he HAD to be quoting Sean Penn. Otherwise, the statement makes no sense other than being pathologically sleezy.

    • Marsha

      Time to go, Alex, not funny.

    • Paul

      I predict Season 7 to be as volatile and nasty as Seasons 2 & 4. It seems to me whenever there’s more”individual” competitions–as there were in Seasons 5 & 6–there’s less fighting and bickering going on. I wonder who the Dale & Lisa will be of Season 7.

    • henrietta

      Yes, I heard “8-ball” as well. The first thing I thought was jeez, what a kuh-REEP and the 2nd thing I thought was jeez, what a kuh-REEP who’s now dated himself. At least I don’t think that’s what they’re called in today’s party drug scene…but i’ve been wrong before…

  • Mary

    Alex said “a hooker and an 8 ball”, meaning the d-bag wants heroin and cocaine and I can’t believe they didn’t edit that out!

    • CeCe

      The bad isn’t that they didn’t edit the line out .. but that they did edit it in. wtf

      • mary q contrary

        The guy was obviously joking. It wasn’t all that funny, but definitely not that scandalous, either. This is a show that comes on Bravo, at ten o’clock. I’d say they edited it ‘in’ because it was yet another reference at the guy’s dumb sense of humor.

      • Momo

        Agreed, I can’t believe people are taking him that seriously. I barely blinked an eye when he said it. People, just lighten up!

      • henrietta

        I agree w/momo. It barely registered with me because frankly I didn’t find it all that shocking, but primarily because nothing he says registers with me. Now…if Angelo had made reference to an 8-ball, that might have been interesting. Or certainly if Padma had. Not shocking, but interesting.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      It was an especially funny segue because it followed Arnold saying he donate the money to kids with AIDS.

      • Kiki

        Exactly! I thought it was pretty hilarious coming after that.

    • Baboocole

      Actually, an 8-ball does not denote heroin and cocaine. It’s just a measurement of cocaine. You’re thinking of a speedball.

      • henrietta

        Correctamundo. On both counts. This is coming from someone whose dabblings in those netherworlds ended in the early 90s…so it may well refer to something else now. But I doubt it.

  • sam

    alex said he would buy a hooker & an eight ball [of cocaine]. he really is creepy.
    i also agree about the weirdest part being angelo flirting with tamesha! i was under the impression he likes men.
    also totally agree with fish being the new dessert, considering eric ripert is a seafood god.
    i was glad to see lynne go, but sad to see arnold get eliminated. dude is hilarious.

    • LS

      Yes, I was surprised too–Angelo isn’t gay?

      • Erik

        Angelo has an Asian baby, so I think he’s gay.

      • Lakma Sherpa

        No gay men are that skeevy. That creepy predator thing is all about teh straight.

      • An Asian-American

        @Erik. Really BAD joke. Not even funny. I think you’re projecting your own sexual orientation onto Angelo. Now that’s funny. LOL.

    • just saying

      Kind of speaks to his character that he has a young son (did he say 2 months old?) but is not committed enough to the other parent (man or woman) that he can’t keep it in his pants.

    • Jennifer E

      There’s not enough Dial soap in the universe to wash away the skeevy feeling I get from watching Alex.

  • ShanShan

    I believe Alex said “hooker and an eightball”.

  • Dana

    it was 8 ball I laughed

    • Nikki

      I thought it was pretty damn funny, myself.

      • James

        I was cracking up!

  • Rob

    I’m not sure I really liked how they did the competition this week. It didn’t seem fair that the only winners would be people who had ‘lost’ the first two rounds. Also, all three bottom teams had strong people on them that I didn’t think were ready to go home. Will miss you Arnold…as for Lynne, we hardly knew ye (like seriously, did she have a line in the episodes before this one?)

    • mary q contrary

      That wasn’t actually the case. They said the winners would be their favorite dish. That just so happened to be the short ribs. It could have been one of the breakfast or lunch dishes, but wasn’t.

      • Sookie

        I was pretty sure that they said the winner would be judged from the last course. The cheftestants even said that they would rather sacrifice the win and be safe from elimination.

    • Mo

      I agree that how they chose the winner really stank this week. Did they really have the best dish of the whole episode, or just the best one out of those who were left? It sure sounded to me like it was the second one. They praised earlier dishes more than they did this last one…

    • jynx

      I agree, this competition stank. There wre FAR bigger cooking errors than the ones Lynne/Arnold made this week. Hello, missing patty/sauce?

      • debi

        totally agree about this weeks elimination comp.- although it showed viewers voting liked it? to eliminate 2 chefs at once seems really unfair- arnold was great for this show and should not have gone home especially since he was the one who wanted to cook the pasta longer!!! hoping kenny gets recognized more for his amazing abilities…

    • jenni

      I agree…how stupid…you had to lose in order to win?!?

    • henrietta

      Of course Lynne had no lines! This is reality TV! And we all know that in reality, everyone is side-splittingly hilarious, eminently quotable and, most important, of course, highly telegenic. And preferably no older than 26. Lynne failed on all counts, so I’m shocked she made the final roster at all. She obviously did not fit into any of the niches that demand representation, logic,skill set and fair play be damned, i.e., race, gender orientation, et.al.

  • mary q contrary

    Is it just me, or do these recaps leave something to be desired? I mean, we all watched the ep. I like having a play-by-play, but how about some actual discussion fodder, a few opinions, something? Each week, I come (because I like to read the recaps of most of the shows I watch), but this is consistently my least favorite recap. Yeah, there are some funny quips here and there, but I get the feeling that Archana is just trying to get through it. Can we not get a little more meat with these potatoes?

    • tony bogustello


    • Jelana

      It felt rushed, like it was banged out on the subway on the way to work.

      • henrietta

        @Jelana – ITA!! Felt like Archana was working his/her way down her list headed “things I need to do to make money this week” – she came to “effing Top Chef Recap”, muttered a growl or two, and started banging away. I think the viewers’ responses to the tepid treatise are far more entertaining and ultimately enlightening, if not illuminating.

    • Jon

      I completely agree and was going to write the same thing. The issue for me? The recapper knows nothing about food. Not to sound totally pretentious here, but I don’t think she really understands the issues on the show because she doesn’t know what she’s seeing. There’s a fundamental lack of knowledge about food and food preparation. And that’s okay, I guess — this is an entertainment site, after all, not a food magazine — but it still makes for a lackluster recap.

    • Bob

      I agree. I watched the show, I’m looking for some more Slezak in my recaps here. Not to mention someone paying a bit more attention the show show (the eggs were over, and the eight ball thing). I know I’m nitpicking, but if you get paid to write this stuff, then I can complain on the occasion

      • KCatty

        Given that the blogs over at Bravo all do what you’re asking from EW, why does it matter?

      • Momo

        @KCatty, because some people are like me – we like to read blogs from many different perspectives regarding our favorite shows.

      • quagmire

        Go to twop for your recaps if these aren’t to your liking.

      • Momo

        Yep, love TwoP – best TV blog around.

      • henrietta

        @quagmire – I’m sure I’m not the only person who DOES go elsewhere, regularly, for different takes on fave shows, without any direction from anyone else here. Is there an unwritten rule that I should know about regarding things like expressing one’s displeasure with…well, anything? Are we all familiar with our amendments here?

    • Sara

      Glad to know that many of you are feeling the same. Not only is there no interesting opinion/commentary, but even the basic recap is riddled with errors and omissions.

      • GHR

        Even the judging is a bore this season. Zzzz….Tom has less of a sense of humor than usual and barely even comments on the food. He looks like he wants nothing to do with the show this year.

    • FLGRL

      I agree. Also the recapper doesn’t listen super-well, not hearing the complete Alex quote (which was funny, especially after Arnold’s quote about giving to orphans in Thailand); then not understanding that Tamesha cooked the eggs to hard for Bryan Voltaggio, not too runny.

  • jynx

    Angelo should have been called out for putting honey in the baby food! You don’t EVER give honey to anyone under one year of age, because their digestive systems aren’t developed enough to handle the spores in the very viscous honey. Angelo could give his kid botulism! Kids, don’t do this at home!

    • lk

      totally agree-and padma having a NEWBORN should have called him out, not praised the dish. She really is all air up there! we know she isn’t raising her baby!

      • Betsy

        Is Padma married?

      • julie

        @betsy- no she isn’t married, just had a baby with the dell guy and as of a few months ago they were having a pretty bitter custody dispute. she doesn’t want him seeing their kid.

      • TT44

        @Julie – it’s the brother of the Dell guy. Michael is the Dell guy, Adam (baby daddy) is the brother.

      • betty123

        Padma is just a high priced hooker. Her career is attaching herself to billionaires to shake the money tree. After all these years on Top Chef, I have no idea what her qualifications are to judge food. Does anyone?

      • Bob

        Ok, that first sentence is hilarious betty

      • quagmire

        @julie – I thought you said she had her baby with the “deli” guy and I was thinking that he must make a mean corned beef!

      • MzTeaze

        Padma has written TWO cookbooks. She won an award for the first one back in 1999 before TC. She also hosted a couple of food shows on Food Network and other channels – all again before TC. I think she is just as qualified as any of the other judges they use.

      • Bob

        What’s with all these women having babies out of wedlock? They should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Anna C.

        @Bob. What’s with all these men effing women and getting them pregnant and not marrying them?

      • Tarc

        And what’s with the judgemental old farts sticking their nose in other people’s business like they have a clue?

    • Andie

      The minute I saw he put honey in the baby food I thought for sure Padma would say something. Disturbing that no one did. Hello botchilism!

      • Pennagirl

        None of those baby foods were able to be served to babies. It was the best puree to the consistency of baby food from the adult dish. There were onions, spices and meats that are too rich for a baby’s tummy.

      • Tarc

        Nonsense. Do some reading.

      • Tarc

        Sorry, that was directed to PennaGirl.

    • Chris

      ITA! I was shocked to see that there was honey in baby food. Maybe he didn’t tell them; it was listed on-screen, but I didn’t hear him say anything about it out loud. Poisoning the baby = automatic fail, though.

      • Laura

        But Padma’s baby was 2 months old and shouldn’t be eating solid/baby food at all. I’d assume the baby was still on liquid formula or breastmilk at this point. So she’s not that qualified to taste babyfood yet.

      • jenni

        I heard him say it out loud…

    • jenni

      That is exactly what I thought and then they tell him how wonderful his baby food is?!? They should have strung him out as a public service announcement!

    • henrietta

      Whoa! Had no idea (have no kids, but I still should have known somehow)—and agree that Padma and Tom, for pete’s sake, should have been all over that. But then it wouldn’t have been so “prettily layered” or whatever it was somebody said. Thanks for bringing this up.

    • Jennifer E

      Yeah, that was a huge miss by the judges. A couple of weeks ago, when Angelo made that ridiculous peanut butter on celery for the school lunch, I was wondering why no one mentioned that most schools are nut-free because of all the allergies. Angelo should have been called out for that as well.

      • Ember

        Maybe Angelo is secretly trying to kill all the children of the world…..

      • Sookie

        Yep, that’s it. Evil Angelo, we are on to you!!

    • cjscott

      Big mistake by the judges (and parents). Honey in baby food??? Also was concerned by the licorice in Kenny’s dish. What baby would eat licorice? Seriously?!? Most baby food I’ve purchased or made myself is pretty bland. The whole challenge was just ridiculous.

      • henrietta

        Wow, it seems I missed quite a bit this episode! I’d thought that the licorice was in Tamesha’s something…I remember Tom’s being quite impressed by whatever it was she did with it (she “made” it, I think?) – anyhoo, I missed the licorice in Kenny’s altogether.

      • Tarc

        And only in the US are people so bizarre. While there is some basis for not using honey, the idea that babies are adverse to spices or heat is total nonsense. Only in the land where whighly overprocessed garbabe is synthesized by the industrial cauldron full and individially wrapped in poisonous individial packages and marked by incessant flase-advertizing do people think children will eat only cretain bland foods, or have to have some special food just for them. It’s hogwash (invented in the 1950’s and pretty much only in the US).

    • Marguerite

      And someone else put lobster in theirs. I still haven’t given my son shellfish, and he’s almost three.

      • Tarc


  • Bob

    I can’t believe they were eliminated because the pasta wasn’t cooked enough. Seems like a lame excuse to me.

    • susan

      It wasn’t just because the pasta was undercooked, though that was certainly a part of it. There was a concern that squid ink pasta would not appeal to the average Hilton guest, AND the pairing with black mussels was described by the judges as a strange, unappealing color combination. When they actually shared who was eliminated, all we saw them say was the pasta was undercooked, but who knows what was a edited.

      • malaika

        How many guests would order that squid dish vs. short ribs? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

      • Momo

        Sort of shows the weakness of the challenge to me. I appreciate food challenges that push the envelope and introduce to us new, exciting, and perhaps culturally rich dishes. I hate that the winning dishes had to appeal to the “average” Hilton resident – or middle America.

      • SusanS

        I disagree that the challenge is weak. The reality is that these folks will be cooking for clients, not simply for their own pleasure, and they need to think about the client in putting together a dish. Something with squid ink simply isn’t going to wind up on the Hilton menu. Also, according to Tom, the pasta wasn’t simply undercooked, it was barely cooked at all. Given that Arnold knew that the team that had the least successful dish was going home, he should have pushed harder for putting in the pasta earlier.

      • Momo

        @SusanS – I’m not in disagreement that team Arnold shouldn’t have been sent home. Their execution left something to be desired and that alone, in a competition this tight, is enough to send anyone home. Badly cooked pasta = bad. But I didn’t like this challenge because I hate the idea that middle America would be too scared to try squid or something that doesn’t involve the word “beef” or “chicken.” I think we’re underestimating the country. I think a great chef should always push people to try diverse foods. Besides, if the Hilton were located in Asia, the dish really wouldn’t have batted anyone’s eyelashes in its “unusualness.”

      • quagmire

        They were partially eliminated becasue the producers did not want to get rid of Kenny. That being said, the challenge was to make a dish that would appeal to a wide range of hotel guests. I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting near anything that has the words “squid ink” in it. The judges should have pointed this out in their comments to the team

      • Momo

        Squid ink pasta seriously tastes just like any other pasta. It’s just the coloring. I recently went to an Italian restaurant that served it and I saw many other people ordering the squid ink pasta option.

      • Tarc

        Momo – Equating ‘average’ with ‘Middle America’ is just plain wrong. People that are not culinarily adventurous are found everywhere. If anything, most people in Middle America are fairly adventurous when they have the opportunity.

  • Laura K.

    I thought they would pull a switch and eliminate Lynne (for the undercooked pasta, which she was clearly responsible for) and Kevin (because they had to eliminate two and they obviously want to keep Kenny around).

    • Outshined

      I’m totally with you. They love to pull a twist and the obvious choice was one from each team. I was confused on the Lynne/pasta thing though. Thought it was Arnold’s fault, probably because I couldn’t take another second of him.

      • microwaver

        for me the twist is that one of the pairs being called out as “losing” actually “won” instead of the ones safe from elimination in the breakfast round

  • Pennagirl

    Bryan was there because of distance from DC. Frederick, MD is only 40-50 miles from DC. Bryan is based out of Frederick. Frederick is considered a “bedroom” town of DC…people sleep there and commute into DC for work.

    • Rika

      But doesn’t Carla live in the DC area? I would much rather have seen her than any of the alumni they got.

      • warped

        Definitely would’ve preferred Carla over Mike.

      • Sharon

        Yes, Carla is local and lives in Washington, DC. There are still plenty of challenges that she can appear in as a judge. Mike, Spike and Brian all are local to DC area. Brian’s restaurant is in Frederick, considered a suburb of DC. Mike is at DC restaurant Zaytinya. Spike has several DC restaurants.

      • Marsha

        NO kidding, if I never see Spike on TV again, I will really thrilled!
        I would much rather have Carla tasting my dish.

    • petuniafromhell

      Did you guys noticed how annoyed Tom looked whenever Mike opened his mouth?

      • angeler

        Ha, totally! (I was similarly annoyed.) Plus Mike really looked like he’s packed on some pounds- hello swelling! Good to see Bryan though, I love that guy.

  • DD

    Surprised the recap had no mention of that strange top that Padma was wearing during the Quickfire…what was that? A turtle shell? Was very strange on her.

    • Jessicat


    • BeaAnn

      Thank you. Was she wearing a shield? That thing was hideous.

    • angeler

      seriously, what was that?? I kept expecting them to lift it like a lid to reveal a prize or something.

      • Bob

        Thanks for the laugh.

    • cjscott

      Ugh, that was the ugliest shirt ever! My husband kept asking if she was trying to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I thought it looked like someone ran her over and left half the tire on her shirt.

    • deidra

      Oh, thank you for mentioning that!! I was so fricking distracted by her blouse. LOL!


    Mike Isabella looks like he’s been eating too much cheesecake, dude is huge!

    • boymommy

      Yeah man!! ITA. The big porker.

  • john_c

    I think top chef this season is quite biased. The producers want to keep Angelo-Kenny drama all the way to the finals. I can’t stand Kenny’s alpha male persona and Angelo’s thump your nose attitude.

    • Tina

      I agree about Kenny and Angelo. At first I liked Kenny, but he is as arrogant as anyone who has ever been on TC. And Angelo asks like a 5 year old. I’m surprised he hasn’t said “na na na na na” and stuck out his tongue at Kenny! I can’t wait for the first one of them to get eliminated.

      • boymommy

        I think that’s why TC is focusing on them so much. They need a personality conflict to make the show interesting. Next thing we’ll have is Team Kenny and Team Angelo shirts. Although, if you ask me, I will be really happy when both get eliminated.

      • Ashang

        , has no back-up, proof, nothing to show the truth to the stntameets. I can usually find the actual sources who he as based something either good or bad on. On most of the stntameets he is dead wrong, actually lying. For me, the really scary part is that people don’t know about critical thinking. Sure, it can take some time, but if someone makes a rather out-there comment or quote. But, for everyone, no matter their politics, they/we should all stop long enough from bashing people and track down the comment. You can only have so many times that Fox mixes up footage and shows his last attempt at a rally with footage from a different season an and so on. And, where he shows us a photograph of the President not saluting at the Unknown Soldier memorial, when if fact, they are not at the memorial and the reason the soldiers are saluting is that his is entering the area. Perfect military protocol.In the end, his hateful and vindictive behavior may bother me, but, I will fight to the death for his right to do so (kind of bastardized Voltaire, sorry.) However, I will not fight for him to lie and just smear people. I have never understood why people join in and listen to hatred, rather than take that time and find out the truth of things, and work to make our country even better.A while back I was sent a clip of him talking about how New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and the most southern part of California have a large Latino population. And, why did they go to those areas. Well, the word Latino covers over 20 countries, but mostly it was because of the US started war with Mexico. In the end, the US had done so well, that we kept a large part of Mexico. They became, eventually, New Mexico, Arizona and so on. They have in their state constitutions that English and Spanish are the official state languages. That was guaranteed to them by the US Federal Government if they would not fight further and would become US citizens, and, yes, they could have both languages as they do as their official language.He went on to say that when the US forces were overrun at the Alamo, it only strengthened the country’s military to get Texas back. Well, actually, Texas was part of Mexico. It was a civil war in that one of Mexico’s northern provinces, Texas, wanted to succeed from the Mexican Union. Eventually, Texas did leave the country of Mexico. And, here again, Beck gets it wrong, It did not become a US territory, it was an independent republic, and that is what joined the union. He also did not know that during the Revolutionary War, that Vermont was already an independent republic. (Though, that one we learn in high school and we all forget things. He also did not know of the four states and territories that no longer exist, though, there are federal legal cases between the territory of Franklin (which was about a year away from becoming a full state, when it was divided up between the other states. Those laws, the Federal ones between a territory and the Federal Government are still on the books, but I haven’t found anyone who can tell me if they can be used in another trial to show precedence.)So, turn off the comedian, Comedy Central is funnier. Lose the hatred and the yelling and everything that he does. None of it can be good for our souls and our heads.And, now that the details of his proposed gathering in DC, where the money goes to the veterans, some people are wondering what is really happening here. Other then that is when his new book comes out. Though they do not have a permit as of yet, it is not inexpensive they have had to release all of the details of the fund raising. It seems that nothing goes to the vets, until the enttire production is paid for. I produce those things all of the time. He better hope he brings in millions of dollars if he really wants to have money for the vets. Also, if he speaks and if Palin speak, they are both taking there current speaking fee. He said it was a union rule. It is not. His agent has to file, literally, one piece of paper to the union and they are fine, they can speak and not take in the few hundred thousand of dollars that they plan to do so.Damn, I promised myself I would not get sucked into this, but, he is just so vile, it is tough to be what our God wants us to be when we hear pure evil coming at us. Best plan, don’t listen, next, if you do or you get one of the very odd and full of lies email messages, take the time and find the truth to each item that is mentioned and send it back to whom ever sent it to you. Have a very good week and a good summer week-end.

    • malaika

      Kenny’s arrogance isn’t nearly as offensive as Angelo’s. Kenny wants to win on his own merits, while Angelo wants his competition (Kenny) eliminated for any reason. If he’s such a great chef, he should COOK Kenny out of the competition, not try to get him eliminated in an underhanded way.

      • debi

        i really like kenny and i’m rooting for him to go all the way- i don’t find him arrogant at all. his remarks are to the camera not in front of the other contestants…whereas angelo is all in your face !

      • John

        Angelo is so obnoxious. What was great about last season is the contestants all cared about making the best food possible and winning basde on that. Angelo wants to win based on having all the good chefs eliminated. Kenny can be arrogant, but at least he focuses on his food!

      • dee

        I kind of have a crush on Kenny. :)

    • Jessica

      If Angelo says something is sexy one more time I am going to punch my TV screen

    • wino

      the problem might be the lack of talent, hence the focus on the fake/lame fued btw Kenny and Angelo. also, it is a Bravo reality show, they do need to create drama for the sake of viewership. no matter how much we hate it, without it, the show wouldnt attract as much attention. sad but true.

      • Tarc

        Since the real point of going on the show is to put your face out there and get some recognition, it’s amazing that some do not relaize that being a jerk is going to seriously cut into any benefit they get from the show. For instance, I’d never eat a thing that Stefan (from the last season) even if you flew me to his restaurant, gave me the best seat in the house, and made the bill complimentary. What a jerk! Same with Angelo – I’m already over him in a permanent way.

  • j

    “I don’t make baby food. I practice making baby, but not baby food.”

    I found thought this was hysterical

    • quagmire

      I thought is was nauseating.

      • z

        This coming from Quagmire, amazing

      • z

        but I agree

      • Anna C.

        @Z LOL

      • Tarc

        That guy is repulsive.

    • Dipti

      When will we wake up. Press is an idiot. Oberman is a moron. How far in debt do we need to be until we finally admit this is the Administration’s agneda. To destroy America and make us ineffective to the rest of the world. Obama is a Communist. He does not care about anything but himself. By the way when Obama finally gets his way, you can have your cash, I’ll have my gold. We will see who will be better off.

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