'America's Got Talent': Time to get on board with the air band

Can anyone give me the definition of “talent,” PopWatchers? Apparently the judges of AGT and I have a difference of opinion. After some questionable decisions on Tuesday night (and your comments yesterday), I’m pretty confident we’re all a little confused by the acts the judges decided to advance. Like Airpocalypse (yes, that would be the air band). These self-proclaimed “underdogs” lived to play another day, by getting a ticket to Hollywood. Do you like their schtick? Take a look at their Las Vegas performance below and let us know.

Sure, they’re funny, but I can do this routine in the comfort of my own home on nightly basis. Would you really shell out the big bucks or give up at least an hour of your life to watch this performed live? On the other hand, air bands are pretty popular around the world (anyone remember the 2006 documentary Air Guitar Nation?) so maybe AGT is on to something. Should we be on Team Airpocalypse?

What are your final thoughts on the Las Vegas rounds, PopWatchers? Does it bug you that the powers that be don’t provide us with the names of every act on-screen?

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  • Brian

    Turned it off once the ridiculous “impressionist” made it through. I wish the people behind this show would impersonate someone with competence.

    • Maggie

      The red headed lady with the black eyebrows painted on her face, the terrible actor/impressionist and the air “band” they sent home 3 talented acts to keep these people! I’ve decided this show has nothing to do with talent, it’s all ratings. I for one won’t be watching the rest of the season because of that!

  • Liz

    I can believe that let the bad actor guy go through. That was horrible.

  • Jake

    I am confused that they let these guys through, along with the wild-haired keyboardist lady, the hand-whistler, and Ronith the “celebrity impersonator.” They are entertaining to watch, but it is condescending to their ambitions to give them a ticket to Hollywood based on novelty. This is especially true for Ronith – the judges laugh not at his routine, but at him for being so oblivious to the fact that he is a poor performer.

    First post!!!

    • Jake

      Never mind. Not first post.

    • Ben

      I agree with the cracked-out lady on the keyboard and the hand whistler, bu tI think you’re wrong on the air guitar band and Ronith. Both of those acts are full of talent. Ronith has a Mr. Bean-esque humor to him. I was in stitches. And not anyone could do the aior guitar band act. At least no to the level those guys are doing it. They have the passion and the look, and I can’t wait to see them in from of the live audience. Those guys are very talented.

      • Daniel

        So Howie Mandel’s alias is Ben huh?

  • Lori Adams

    It’s Boy Shakira all over again! Arrgghhh!

  • Brian

    The impressionist, the nutbag lady, the hand whistler, and the air guitar band should be quietly removed before the live show, dropping the contestants to 44. I dont trust America enough to not give these clowns votes.

  • austinrob

    That “air band” sucks & did not deserve 2 go thru. Nor either of the old ladies. Makes me question whether or not to continue watching.

    • Ben

      You’re an Idiot.

    • Ben

      then don’t watch.

  • Fluffy Fingers

    I thought the “air band” was entertaining, but not something worthy of the Top 48 and a potential Vegas show.
    I usually quit watching the show after the audition rounds for this very reason, the judges just make ridiculous choices that I think are supposed to be a middle finger to the viewers. Scary lady “playing piano and singing” for ten minutes, hand whistler, terrible “magician” who was actually a (bad) comedian, and then last night the impressionist/actor/whatever he is gets through?! Come on now, there were a number of more talented acts that could and should have gotten through. With some of the acts they’ve chosen, any one of us could be the sole judge and probably pick a stronger Top 48 than these three combined. You want variety, and I know “talent” is a subjective term, especially applied here, but honestly now, you’re just crapping on all of the viewers by saying “We know talent better than you…we’re sending the scary “piano-and-singing-that’s-not-really-either” lady through.”

  • doggiemom

    I feel bad for the people with talent, like the hairdresser/single mom from Orlando, who were axed in favor of these circus freaks.

  • Scott

    What about the kid who flew the indoor kite??? i thought he was far more talented than many of the people / groups that went through… very frustrating!

    • Ben

      All he did was fly a kite?

      • Rock Golf

        When he announced that what he was going to do, I laughed too. But what he did with the kite was aerial ballet. Poetry. When he was done, instead of laughing, all I could do was silently mouth “wow”. Try to find a YouTube clip.

  • spike

    They obviously have a winner in mind, and are stacking the deck with cr@p to make it so.

    • Rock Golf

      They probably don’t have a single act in mind, but probably have about 5 or 6. And they’ll seed them so they don’t compete against each other.
      Nonetheless, clearly the mission statement of this show is NOT to find the best talent. They are intentionally adding unentertaining filler, so that when X Factor comes along, not all the best unsigned acts will have been scooped up.

  • ST

    I agree, i thought these acts were absolutely ridiculous to put thru. Especially after Pierce stated that they had the most talent ever lined up for Hollywood. Not if it’s including those four. It’s an insult to the others that were genuinely talented that got cut simply b/c there wasn’t enough room. I get that there will always be a cut off point but that was at least 4 spots that should have gone to greater, genuine talent.

  • JGR

    It almost appears that they are letting bad acts go through to set up a perticular group or person to win. The show has gone from America’s got talent to America’s got STUPID judges. Please, a screatcher who can’t sing to a man who can’t do impersonations. You make two young girls fight for their chance to compete and let a hand whistler go through. Absolutely stupid, stupid, stupid.I won’t watch the show this year until the judges come to their senses. Remember judges can any of the acts you picked sustain an hour show in VEGAS???????

  • Tyler

    It’s time for people to understand that the “bad” acts that made it through were put through to be bad. It makes the good acts that much better by comparison, it creates an easy elimination in what would otherwise be an overcrowded-with-talent round, and it ensures that they can never come back to audition again and again.

    That being said, I’m actually more upset with the inclusion of Christina & Ali more than Airpocalypse. I define talent less about what you have and more about how you use it. Airpocalypse does show a lot of skill in both their miming and humor, even though they shouldn’t have been in the band category. Christina & Ali, on the other hand, may have good voices but the skill they both showed is minimal, making them come across as amateurish.

  • jean darragh

    The tapes should be shown to Simon Cowell so he can pull out the really bad performers(can’t call them talent} and replace Howie if he is to blame as I have never seen Sharon and Pierce make such bad decisions

    • Rock Golf

      Simon must be delighted! He can pick the leftovers with actual talent up for X Factor!

  • keithd

    WHAT ABOUT CARLOS APONTE! There has to be more behind him being discarded for no reason….

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