Lindsay Lohan's sentencing: How the tearful live-feed made me rethink my position on a troubled young actress

Celebrity-Bad-Behavior_320.jpg I’ll admit it: Like many observers of pop culture, I feel a certain shameful sense of joy when I watch privileged, spoiled princesses get their due. It’s why it’s so much fun to watch MTV’s Exiled, and why we all gobbled up every second of Paris Hilton’s jail drama following her DUI arrest in 2007. Celebrities like Hilton are known as spoon-fed adults who shamelessly bend or break the law — and think they can get away with it, purely because of their status in society and Hollywood. And as much as we would like to insist that we see the inherent sadness attached to anyone being sentenced to serve hard time, there’s a little person in most of us who gleefully stands by and witnesses the widespread tomato-hurling, saying, “Good! They deserve it.”

So even though I like to think of myself as a kind, benevolent person who would love to see Lindsay Lohan actually have a comeback, I initially tuned into the live stream of her probation hearing today expecting to, yes, enjoy (in that sick way) seeing the sentencing of an actress who had lied several times to authorities about her drug use and probation. After all, I had previously laughed about stories involving Lohan and Carvel, E-Trade, and her upcoming film, Inferno. (How production on the Linda Lovelace biopic will be affected by Lohan’s sentence remains to be seen — EW has not yet heard back from the film’s director.) And since Lohan broke the law, she certainly deserved jail time, no? Yet, what began as a thuddingly dull courtroom procedure (streaming Ambien, if you will) turned into a surprisingly sad human drama as soon as judge Marsha Revel read Lohan her 90-day jail sentence. We watched Lohan cower at the news of her future prison time, and, immediately afterward, burst into tears. It was as if she were…human.

Shocking, right? Of course, we all know that Lindsay Lohan is made of flesh and bone, but based on the way we’ve teased and berated the actress over the past few years (for her fashion, her movies, her boyfriends, her girlfriends, her anything and everything), it’s not a reach to assert that we hardly view her as human at all — instead, she’s a punching bag that’s immune to any blow we toss her way. Need a good punchline, late-night comedians? Need a sensational cover subject, tabloids? Why not choose royal screw-up Lindsay Lohan? She can take it! And, yet, watching that live feed, seeing her cry and express real feelings that celebrities can’t fully convey via Twitter — I realized Lohan might not be able to take it. That maybe there’s such a thing as going too far, harping on someone’s troubled existence so much that their life is transformed into a circus of bad jokes and unwanted attention. Maybe today we can go a little easy on the star of a depressing future installment of E! True Hollywood Story, remember for a second that perhaps she didn’t have the greatest family foundation on which to build her acting-singing-designing-club opening empire.

No, I won’t be hypocritical and call Lohan a sacred cow from all further mockery.  Heck, as one of pop culture’s goldfish-memory-plagued consumers, I’ll admit that it’ll be hard to resist my own urges to make jokes at Lohan’s expense in the future. But that live feed reminded me that empathy isn’t such a dirty word — not even when it comes to celebrities. As far as those 90 days in jail are concerned, Lohan might deserve it — heck, she might even benefit from it — but we definitely shouldn’t enjoy it.

PopWatchers, did you watch the live feed? And find it as sad as I did?

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  • Jello

    I feel sorry for her. A troubled young woman who can give so much if only people could take the time to help and understand and stand by her. I don’t care if I get flamed for this but I’ll add her to my prayer list.

    • BFD

      It’s nice that you’ll pray for her. That won’t help her get it through her head that she’s responsible for her own actions, but it’s nice of you.

      Time to grow up.

      • Jen

        Unless she does a 12 step program, and then yes prayer will actually help her.
        Think about how some ppl overcome addiction and reconsider your moronic statement.

      • Alison

        I made it through addiction and am a happy atheist. Sorry, but prayer is a nice gesture that does nothing for concrete results.

      • Devin Faraci

        I hope she dies.

      • Oh come on now!!!!

        Gosh people!!!!!!!! Click on the Britney Spears article instead. Britney is more fun than Lindsey. Come on. They got the Britney Spears article all over Entertainment Weekly!!!!

      • pdy

        Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for her to clean up her act. Even though her jail time may be much shorter than 90 days, the mandated 90-day in-patient stay at a rehab center (immediately after her stay in jail) should give her ample time to reflect on herself. Who knows, in the future, she may look back to this stage in her life and be thankful to the judge for the intervention.

      • Cerebus

        Going to jail for her will be like rubbing a bad dog’s nose in excrement (which I don’t condone). She deserves this.

      • Mike

        Growing up alone isn’t easy, you spiteful haters. If she had someone stand by her and support her in a light and positive manner, I wonder what would happen. Hopefully jail HELPS her, and doesn’t send her further into a mental abyss of anger and escapism…

      • dusen

        Oy, enough with the “haters” label. So 2007.

        If you’re so concerned about her well-being and rehabiliation, I’m sure she’ll be happy to receive any support cheques you send her way.

        She had it all, and she p*ssed it away.

      • Henry

        Speak for yourself, Alison. I too beat addiction and prayer helped me tremendously.

      • jessiesk

        12 step programs aren’t the only way to recover. I feel for her, she is young, immature and has some issues. Hopefully she will grow out of it and doing jail time might be just what she needs.

      • For real?

        The media’s bullying on her has nothing to do with the fact that she broke the law and needs to serve jail time. It’s sad what’s happen to her, but she’s paying the price anyone should pay that’s in her shoes.

      • Carla

        We can pray at least that she will get the concept of personal responsibility through her thick noggin. For that I will pray; as much as it kind of thrills me that the privileged little brat is going to finally pay some consequences, I do sincerely hope this is her rock bottom and she will actually learn something from the rehab this time. Hey, wouldn’t it be great if the court forced her into a ‘jackpot’, no frills rehab like the rest of us go to, and she isn’t catered to for the entire time???

      • ALISON the “atheist”

        Yet again, another antagonistic atheist slithering around on the internet. No wonder why people can’t stand your ilk. You NEVER have anything good to say or anything remotely beneficial to offer society; or humankind, for that matter.
        So since you’re a self-proclaimed “atheist”, you wouldn’t know anything about the power of prayer in the first place. So why the hell are you commenting about you possibly wouldn’t know about? And if you were a “believer” beforehand and then turned into an atheist, that would have mad you a very PATHETIC and WEAK believer then.

    • Krissy

      THAT is the problem! People have helped her! Over and over and over. That has led her to be spoiled and unable to understand there are concequences for her actions.

      • kelsey

        You’ve got it half-right: it seems to me that she’s been getting “help” from the *wrong* kind of people. Her family and friends don’t really seem to be invested in her as a person; she’s surrounded by yes-people who exploit her for their own ends. Not that I think she’s blameless. She just needs some tough love from people (doctors, therapists, etc.) who care about fixing the person inside. Of course, this would mean nothing if she doesn’t learn to help herself.

      • Anon

        She isn’t getting help so much as enabling, apparently even from her “treatment” program. The judge is the only one actually helping her, but Ms. Lohan is likely to ill to understand that fact.

      • C Men

        I’d like to help her. Help her all night long.

      • Kerri

        Meh. I sorta felt semi-bad for her when she started bawling, but then I saw that she had “F–K U” written on her fingernails and now I just want to see her get hers.

      • clay

        your ignorance makes me laugh. Lyndsay has been an actress since she was so small and her parents are to blame for her rebellion!!!!!

      • Gisela

        hi i’m alicia i write alot of potrey also, but i was woundering if you have any love stories that have gone bad or if i gave you a little something about something that is going on in my life if you could write something about it in a story or in a poem.? please get back to me Alicia

    • Rosalie

      I feel horrible for LIndsay, I do hope she can make a comeback. Its sad to see someone who seemed so wholesome go downhill. I wish everyone would just leave her alone and forget about her. I meant this in a good way. No one should be taking her pictures since she hasnt really had a hit in 6 yrs. Unfortunately she got mixed in with the wrong crowd. But that was her choice and now here are the consequences.

      • Gomer

        No one should be taking pictures or even talking to Jessica Simpson either. She’s a talentless hack, but they do. Anything to sell advertising on their websites. Personally I hope Lindsay Lohan pulls her crap together. She was a talented child who was used and screwed over by her “parents” if you can call them that. The judge probably saved her life with the sentence.

      • jordan

        I hope she gets better, but I don’t hope that she has a comeback. She quite obviously can’t handle fame…

      • mary q contrary

        I agree with Jordan. I think she’s talented, but I don’t see her ever remaining truly healthy while in the spotlight, and a comeback would only serve to throw her right back in the good graces of everyone, including all of the bad influences that got her where she is today. Yes, she needs to get healthy. Yes, she needs to move on with her life. No, she does NOT need a comeback.

      • Diane

        Robert Downey Jr. was more screwed up than Lindsay and wound up severing a 2 year jail sentence. He got sober, got married and has had one of the biggest comebacks I can remember. If she gets sober and gets someone in her life who isn’t an enabler she might be okay

      • Even Funnier

        She would spit on you if you entered her orbit. Feel sorry for someone who had it all and threw it away? She has been flipping you all off for so long. I guess only us little people need to follow the rules.

    • Geri

      Unfortunately people HAVE tried to help this young woman and she has been disrespectful enough to flip them off. It appears she felt above it all, unable to be touched. She was given the time and opportunity to turn her life around but chose the “other” path. How much do you give in help and support before you try tough love? Maybe this will make her THINK….

      • queue55

        ITA! The one thing that stood out to me from the sentencing video was the look of sheer and utter disbelief on her face when the judge was pronouncing her sentence of jail time.

    • Carrie

      But people did take the time to help and understand her. When she did “Georgia Rule”, both Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman were trying their best to mother hen her and get her straight, according to the director.
      When she did “A Prairie Home Companion” Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin both tried to help her.

      She’s had people, good people, try to help her. She has to help herself at this point.

      • maggie

        When she did SNL, Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels did an intervention.

      • thecultofheather

        By that point, it was unfortunately too little too late. Bad parenting is tough to undo.

    • anonymouse

      “prayer list” lol
      that should help, good thinking.

      • Sarah

        You think it’s funny, I don’t.

      • MattyB

        I think it’s hysterical. Pray for the spoiled child star to get over herself. Good plan. She’s probably better already!

    • bill

      so ew’s revelation is that l. lohan is human and that it’s not nice to enjoy someone’s pitiful demise? wow. you’re all heart, ew.

      • thin

        I know. It’s pretty profound, isn’t it?

      • clay

        wow your all posting comments that are so heartless, human beings where is your compassion. where is your wisdom? its not lyndsay’s fault she rebelled, shes so young. its her awful parent’s fault.

      • Emily

        Not EW, this EW blogger. I’m sure EW will continue to post everything LL does and laugh about it.

    • rlrose

      Prayer… wonderful. That hasn’t helped her so far, so why would it now? Why don’t you try something tangible that will work.

      • thin

        I’m going to go with “that’s all they can do, because they have no actual contact or way to interact with her in any other way.” Unless of course you have something better you can offer.

      • Amanda

        Regardless whether or not you believe in it, it’s still a nice gesture. I don’t pray myself, but you can still have the grace to accept it for what it is – a heartfelt offer of kindness from a stranger.

    • quagmire

      I think it was her best performance since Mean Girls.

      • clay

        I think you suck and should be in jail for being a threat to humanity. you people are kiling off celebrities like a serial killer. Im talkin all you who abandoned michael jackson and all the child stars and now Lyndsay. Shocked to read so many posts trying to be funny saying she should die!!!! your evil!!!!

    • Jean

      There are many more people deserving of your prayer than Lindsay Lohan. How many chances does that girl need? She had so many opportunities that 99% of the population doesn’t and she goes and p*ss it away. Everything she does is bad for her, her skin looks to be from a middle age woman.

      • Jean Genie

        The biblethumpers/godbothers make me tired, too. And if it’s not that, it’s people who compare her to Marilyn Monroe or whoever. With her & George Michael, it’s what you get when you get too much acclaim & promise too soon, then can’t handle it.

    • Ella Jay

      oh, puhLEEZE. yes, she is human and she has not learned how to behave. feeling sorry for her is the type of enabling she desperately does not need. she NEEDS to do jail time, she NEEDS to go to rehab. she NEEDS to clean up otherwise she will morph from late-night joke to “who won this week’s deathpool for lohan?” sure. she wasn’t raised right, and both her mom and her dad are hot messes in their own right. BUT by the time you are old enough to say/think “my mom screwed me up”, then you are old enough to take responsibility for un-screwing yourself. we all go through it. it’s life. hopefully she will learn something. absolutely NO sympathy here.

      • Miss Talk

        If Drew Barrymore has been able to get her life back on track despite bad parenting, so can Lindsay. She’s an adult now, no room for excuses. Most of us will live and die and will never earn l0% of what she has earned in her life. Hopefully, jailtime will SAVE her.

      • charmuse

        Wow, I bet you are a Christian too.

      • CAHummingbird

        yeaaaaa Ella Jay – you hit the nail right square on the head. That was a total act by Lindsay. She turned the tears on and off like a Kohler faucet. I’m so sick of her getting off. And…then to actually have FU written on her fingernail while she’s telling the judge that she “respects” her and the court. Give me a break. I hope there is some way that the court can make sure that LA County doesn’t let her out early for “good behavior”.

    • jen

      anyone who would bother to waste prayers on this waste of space needs to have their head examined. She doesn’t care about her own life or anyone else’s. She is refusing any attempt at help and instead continues to dig her grave deeper and deeper. Save your prayers for someone who deserves them. This walking corpse does not.

      • Sarah

        Jello bother’s because she cares enough even if others don’t. Everyone deserves it when things go bad. But God’s merciful. I don’t expect you to understand.

    • clay

      its so sad that she’s being persecuted for havin awful parents!!! They totally exploited their daughter at such an early age for fame and fortune and when she rebelled everyone was soooo mean and abandoned the talented girl. We Americans are cruel and pretty heartless sometimes. And ignorant and stupid too. She’s still just that little girl from Parent Trap who wants to have her childhood back just like Michael Jackson. Are we gonna let this innocent victim of society die out too?

      • MattyB

        I don’t mean to be a jerk, but your soppy sentiments are making me sick. She’s not that little girl anymore and LOTS of people in the world are deprived of childhoods. I appreciate your empathy (you seem like a sweet person), but some people need tough love and only abuse their sympathizers.

    • cuznjames51

      Would you feel sorry for her if she were common folk? Working class joes lose their way every day especially in this economy. There’s no one feeling sorry for them. She’s had every opportunity and she’s blown them all.

      • Audra

        Heh.Its strange and a bit off topic here but bear with me.Ravens poems are good but i mean that in al plobise respect are simply put, very barely above average.His stories in my oppinion though are a whole other deal.He is original in the ideas and characters and the wornig of his stories.Even his poems are more in the way of a rhyming story than a poem.Yet i find no one ever felt inspired by his stories.Oh and about this bride.Well simply put she is childish.We learn at about 15 that coming clean is probablly better than waiting for the end and hoping you get off scot free.Seems like she didnt .Oh well.Let her foot the bill i say.Course with the US justice system she is likely to sue for something done against her in that manhunt and actualy win.

    • Barry

      KATE: Put your FREAKING money where your mouth is.

      Quit your job as a professional VULTURE and do something constructive.

      Either that or quit whining about this princess…

      Pick a side, Captain Wishy Washy.

    • RJD

      Me too. I like your comment.

    • Celia

      Maybe Lindsey will be the female Robert Downey, Jr. and make a comeback in about 5 years once she’s got her sh*t together. I used to love work, so it would be nice to see her clean up. She’s way too young for people to just write her off and say she can’t rectify her mistakes.

    • Lynn

      I so agree with you. She has a horrible family and no grounding in life at all. She has practically been on her own since she was 14 so what can the world expect from her? I will be praying also, I hope she can turn herself around.

    • wtf

      prayer is for the weak

      • Sarah

        Says you.

  • Lucy

    She needs to go away from Hollywood, far far away.

    • JPX

      Agreed. Also, what’s going on with her lips these days? It looks like she has an inner-tube in her mouth.

      • etm

        I know – what did she do to herself? She was so pretty. It was gross listening to her snivel and sniff and while she was crying. I feel worse for her than Paris Hilton or that nasty pig Alexis Neirs, but Lindsay needed this wake up call and so did her orange mother!

      • Costanza

        It’s possible she had a gortex implant.

        90 days seems harsh…and not just for lindsay, that’s enough time for her cellmate’s heart to get broken.

      • Ella Jay

        ’cause she’s too dumb to realize she’s young and fresh and pretty. she keeps up those injections, pretty soon her upper lip’s gonna be as saggy as her mommy’s boobies!

    • John

      You’re absolutely right Lucy. She thinks staying in Hollywood is essential to her career – in reality, she’s destroying her career there. Move to the middle of nowhere, go into rehab, then attempt a comeback in about five years. Is anyone giving her advice like this? Or is she just not listening?

  • JPX

    So you fell for another Lindsay performance, huh? The bottom line is that Lindsay has borderline personality disorder. She is incapable of understanding that she creates her own problems. When all has been said and done she will probably only serve 25 days, big whoop. You end your article noting, “but we definitely shouldn’t enjoy it.” I’m enjoying every second of it. It was refreshing to see someone who walks the Earth with an undeserved sense of entitlement finally pay the price (even a very small price) for her ongoing spoiled behavior. I didn’t buy the tears for a second.

    • sbwm

      I think perhaps that you fell for it as well, Kate. Two DUI within less than 2 months is inexcusable. The performance was sad today but well deserved. Thankfully it includes rehab so she can learn if she uses this time wisely.

      • Celimene

        Absolutely. What if she had killed someone while she was driving drunk or high as a kite? Would we feel bad for her then? And any pity, and empathy I felt for her dissolved when she kept insisting that her SCRAM bracelet be taken off before she reports to prison. This girl is an addict, pure and simple. Hopefully rehab will help – and I’m not talking about some cushy Malibu rehab. I’m talking hard-ass, no nonsense, fearless moral inventory rehab. Then – and only then – will I start to feel some empathy towards her.

    • Liz

      Sam Ronson is that you?

    • ain’t no time at all

      Agreed. I can’t feel sorry for someone who probably will only serve 2 or 3 weeks. Not gonna happen.

    • jmo

      It’s like that ep of South Park, “Britney’s new look”. Lindsay could shoot herself in the head and we’d still be unsated.

      • MattyB

        No, I’d be pretty sated if that happened. I’m easy to please that way.

    • Suzy

      If you’re going to throw around “Borderline Personality Disorder” and diagnose people, I sure hope you have a qualification to do so, as in a license to practice psychotherapy. The entitlement you referenced is a function of narcissism, not BPD. You actually seem to lack the empathy required to make such a significant diagnosis, or perhaps you suffer from narcissism yourself. Regardless of what Lindsay does or does not have, for someone–or YOU–to throw around a diagnosis when she is not your patient is unconscionable. You have just as much entitlement as you accuse her of having. You should really look in the mirror and think about who you’re writing about–Lindsay or yourself.

      • Mark

        I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and I agree wholeheartedly. People should indeed learn the underused skill of empathy. Never forget that you yourself may one day be in a legal bind – innocent or guilty. Just laugh with some heart.

      • gideon waxfarb

        It’s nice that you think she needs empathy,fortunately,the judge knew better and wasn’t in the mood to play her games.The problem isn’t medical or mental,she gets away with it because no one(except the judge)would stop her,simple as that.This is exactly what someone like her needs,if she has any brains at all,she’ll learn form it.

      • Jo

        Gideon, the fact that the judge did the right thing, i.e., did her job, doesn’t mean that others can’t have empathy for her.

      • Shannon

        One’s inability to understand they are creating their own problems is not even close to defining borderline personality disorder. If you don’t have professional degree, you need to keep your mouth shut about something you know nothing about, esp. when you haven’t met or spoken with her. To take a quote from Jennifer Aniston, you do seem to lack a ‘sensitivity chip’. As far as the judge goes, I think she has been the most empathetic individual in this whole circus. She seems to be looking out for Lindsay and her interests, and keeping her safe, she’s just doing it from the bench. If she were really ‘out to get her’, she wouldn’t have ordered her to complete a 90 day rehab following her imprisonment. She would have just let her loose into the world to go on about her merry way. Instead, she gave her a reasonable jail sentence, long enough to make her realize the world is different outside her comfort zone, and she can’t always do what she wants. I think she is hoping that jail time will wake her up to the fact she has to complete what she starts and she has to follow the rules and orders of the court. I just think she is the one who seems to have Lindsay’s best interests at heart; she just doesn’t realize it. If her parents were decent people they would understand she needs discipline, control and tough love now, not a pat on the head. And I will be praying for Lindsay and all of you who think prayer doesn’t help or that God doesn’t exist.

      • JPX

        I am fully qualified to diagnose BPD as I treat them every day. She meets for most of the criteria. I predict a quasi-suicide attempt in the near-future. I agree, she also possesses qualities of narcissism, but borderline better captures her behavior (e.g., impulsivity, cutting, loose sexuality etc).

      • Jennifer

        I’m also qualified to diagnose, and I agree that she has some narcissistic traits I think BPD would be the primary diagnosis.
        That being said I don’t have full access to her chart or had the chance to take a social history, ect… Regardless, what the hell doees empathy have to do with diagnosing illness? Might make you a better clinician, but has nothing to do with the diagnostic process. You clearly are not qualified to diagnose m/h.

    • Jen

      I never thought of Lindsay as having BPD. That’s actually an interesting and explains awhole lot.

    • Anne

      So, where did you get your Ph.D degree? U of P (Pompous)?

    • Becca

      I’m married to a person who is qualified to diagnose (i.e., proper training and state licensure) – The FullyTrainedSpouse is trying to figure out how you’ve managed to diagnose her with BPD, without ever having met her, talked with her, or the like, given the difficulties in getting to a true BPD diagnosis. Or else, he wonders, you DO see her professionally, and you are violating confidentiality 8 ways from Sunday in discussing it.

      Your assertion that you are “qualified” is meaningless on the ‘net. Anyone can say it. After all, many of us likely slept at a Holiday Inn Express tonight and can be just as qualified as you assert. So, if you are what you say, I’d like to know why you don’t use qualifiers such as “based on my observations of her media appearances” and why not state your actual credentials, and how you eliminated any number of possible issues to reach your BPD conclusion and acknowledge she isn’t a patient of yours and that you have no context about her outside her media mentions.

    • Jamie

      I agree 100%. She won’t learn her lesson after her jail time, because, mark my words, she’ll be put separate from everyone else (cause she can’t be put in with common folk) and will only serve a tiny fraction of it like all celebs do, and then get out for “good behavior.”

      Any sympathy I may have had for her died out years ago. She deserves to suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.

    • Liam

      Ahahaha, you HONESTLY think she has borderline personality disorder? I have a member in my family who has actually been diagnosed with that by a psychodynamic therapist — Lindsay does not show any of the horrible symptoms of a borderline.

      The public wants a punching bag because we’re all unhappy with our lives: recession, oil spills we can’t change, and just general discontent. There’s no reason to spread the hatred for Lohan some have been expressing — saying she should die, seriously?

      Probation violations, especially when they are minor to non-existent such as this one (rescheduling classes) very rarely result in 90 day jail sentences. The judge clearly wasn’t impartial.

    • Liam

      You are clearly NOT familiar with borderline personality disorder, or you would never say that about Lindsay Lohan. I’ve had a family member diagnosed with it (by a therapist, not an online whiner) and Lohan does not show any of the horrible symptoms of the personality disorder.

      Lohan is being used as a punching bag by an unhappy public. There’s no reason for people to hate her so much as to wish her death.

      And just by the way, a minor/ non-existent probation violation such as this one (rescheduling classes) would never result in 90 day jail, or rarely any jail, for ‘common folk.’

      Please get your facts right before slandering someone you clearly don’t know in the slightest.

    • Mad

      Hey very cool story! i have already run away like twice. but i came back evimetyre. I am tempted to run again. But evimetyre i say this i think that maybe i wont come back. But NEwayz, love the story.

  • Dina

    go for it lindsay! this is the break that you need.. and after this, a great comeback!

  • paul

    This does sorta make me sad for her. I hope she can rebound from this. I remember her in The Parent Trap and I remember her playing Bette Midler’s daughter in Bette’s sitcom. We all had high hopes for her. Good luck Lindsay.

  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    It’s sad that she was once a good actor who got noticed for her talent rather than her screw ups. I didn’t feel sorry for her when she started crying, nor did I feel gleeful. She should have attended the appts she had and done what she was supposed to do to avoid this.

    • BFD

      Prunella, you have a cool name.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        Thank you :)

      • mary q contrary

        if you google it, a couple ew comments come up. lol. I agree, nice name.

    • simon

      You are a four letter word beginning with “C.” No one of any worth is “gleeful” at the downfall of another.

      • Jo


      • Amanda

        I’m pretty sure the above commenter said she “did not feel gleeful.” Watch your mouth.

    • Lynn

      I agree about her talent and how she threw it away. It is how Diane said in her comment also how Robert Downey Jr. had to clean up in jail to finally reach his potential. Maybe this is what it will take. It is just ashame. She just hasn’t have the right people around her helming her…her parents are messed up and the friends that she had have just enabled her. She needs to get emotionally stronger. It is horrible how much people and the media wants to laugh at her….I pity her….my kids use to look up to her because of the Disney movies….it is just ashamed.

  • Austin

    Reality TV/lifestyle is fun, and Lindsay Lohan has certainly made sure she’s been a part of that, but it’s moments like these that are too real for reality TV.

    • Krissy

      Amen, Jen. I agree with you 100%.

  • Jen

    As a fellow human being, I do hope she turns her life around. But seriously, why are we making such a big fuss over her?? Mean Girls was 6 years ago. Freaky Friday was over 10 years ago. And looking back, I think the success of those movies was due more to Tina Fey and Jamie Lee Curtis. Lindsay hasn’t done anything of note (besides drunk driving) in a looong time. It’s sad to say, but her career as an actress is over, she should just concentrate on getting healthy.

    • lilkunta

      no. the success of those movies was LL & the other mean girls. Tina & Jamie were just background characters.

    • mary q contrary

      Freaky Friday was definitely not over 10 years ago. I took my sister-in-law to see it in the theater, and I didn’t get married until 2003. Just sayin.

      • SeattleGirl

        Freaky Friday came out in 2003.
        What freaks me out is I just watched part of a E! Hollywood Story talking about Lindsay’s partying, and it was from 2004. Lord alive, we’ve been talking about this girl’s substance abuse for 6-7 years now? It’s about time she’s in jail.

      • V

        The ORIGINAL Freaky Friday was over 10 years ago…like 70s or 80s old (I forget the actual release year). I only remember it existed because Disney Channel used to air it back when I was in jr. high, before the remake (in 2003, when I graduated from high school). Lindsay was in the remake.

        Older folks might have enjoyed Mean Girls and Freaky Friday because of Tina Fey or Jamie Lee Curtis. Many people of my age watched for Lindsay Lohan (and in fact, I didn’t even know who Tina Fey was, or have any appreciation of her talents, until after I watched Mean Girls, and I know there are plenty of others in the same boat.

        What gets me is…Lindsay Lohan is my age. She started off strong, and I really thought she was managing her career well (getting out of the Disney fold and getting some good movie roles, etc.). In the past few years, it’s all fallen apart. Yeah, she deserves rehab and jail time because of her addictions and her actions. But I don’t take pleasure in it. I want her to come out stronger, and I hope she does. And I do feel sorry for her…Her life in the past two years is just a tragedy, and she’s lost SO much. Feeling sorry for someone doesn’t mean excusing their misdeeds, it means you wish it could have been different.

    • Sambo Ronson

      Thank you, Jen. Rachel McAdams & Amanda Seyfried have done some wonderful work since Mean Girls, and there are so many talented young female actors yearning for the chance(s) that Lindsay had…. maybe if they all did some blow & kill someone while drunk driving we could really root for them

  • Bee

    above all, i miss the lindsay lohan who actually had some promise and did movies like the awesome freaky friday or mean girls. it’s sad that an actress who was pretty, healthy, young, and talented has reached point zero in her career and reputation.

  • About Time!

    Spare me. I’m sick and tired of all these spoiled Hollywood brats who think they’re above the law. Think an average man or woman could get away with half the stuff these celeb wannabe’s pull? Hopefully this will serve as a warning to those no-talent losers!

    • stephanie

      Thank you!
      I don’t delight in anyone’s downfall. I don’t tease the girl b/c I’ve acknowledged that she had a problem. In fact, I have been supportive — though I was for sending her to jail.

      I was never sympathetic but this crying crap just got under my skin. From what I read — when they read her sentence — she looked at her lawyer and said, “Are they serious?”
      It’s just unbelievable.

      Personally, I’m turned off to people who can’t take responsbility for their behavior. Who act as if they don’t understand how their actions lead to consequences. It’s not as if she’s mentally ill and not in control of actions.
      When you screw up you should be able to accept responsibility and acknowledge the wrong.

      There are folks out there who have been through worse sh*t than her — myself included — and we’re functional w/o the drugs and booze and self pity.

      It angers me because many folks do less and get more time. How many people do you know that drive drunk and continuously buck the law…only to rec’v a slap on the wrist? This girl has more than one DUI and is still walking around disobeying. They won’t be happy until she kills someone.

      …and if she were anyone else, she’d be in jail right now (as she should be):

      I’m hoping that she pulls through but she needs to go to jail and get some rehab.

    • Danielle

      I think most people who commit crimes think they’re above the law or else they wouldn’t commit the crime. There are drunk drivers out there driving around, getting busted on their 20th DUI with no dire consequences, and they aren’t celebrities. I don’t believe it’s a ‘spoiled Hollywood brat’ thing.

      • thin

        Thank you. Anyone who thinks that this is aberrant “Hollywood Elite” behavior needs to spend some time around college students.

  • queen of disrepair

    I don’t doubt she was surprised and scared, but she needs to be. She needs to know she is accountable, regardless of her ability to find always, always someone else to blame or explain away her behavior. She isn’t a child. She is terribly damaged. She needs to get better but no one can do that for her. Minimal jail time won’t help her but it will show her a different world. It will be more interesting to see how the judge ordered mandatory in-house rehab following jail goes. I’m also just a little cynical and wonder how long it will take their new reality show to exploit her jail and rehab time by showing Dina, Ali and the rest of them clawing for their weepy screen time explaining how very proud they are of Lindsay during this very difficult period.

  • MsDaisy

    I’m sorry that another talented person has chosen to waste that talent and the opportunities she’s been given. She is to blame for her own misery.

  • nodnarb

    If you’re sitting in front of your computer watching a live feed of a celebrity’s probation hearing, I feel sorry for you, not said celebrity.

    • Sarah

      If you get paid to watch it and report on it, it’s slightly less sad. There are worse jobs. And in this economy, I don’t feel sad for anyone who actually has a job.

    • thin

      Amen to that, nodnarb. I think that Lindsay Lohan’s life stopped being funny as joke fodder some time ago, and watching video just to see her sentencing for a crime is just gross.

    • Sallyma

      Is it really a bad thing for people to take interest in how our legal system works? Is it really a bad thing that people ensure that rich so called stars don’t get to buy their way out of their crimes? People are tired of hearing about dead celebs who died from overdoses. It is time that Hollwood gets cleaned up and ppl have a right to be angry.

      • thin

        Watching someone get sentenced over the internet does nothing to ensure that justice is carried out. Whatever was going to happen was not affected in any way by someone sitting in front of a computer monitor miles away. Please don’t try to pretend otherwise, and please don’t act like this was an interest in our legal system.

    • andy

      …says the person who has time to comment on said probation hearing.

      (I on the other hand need no sympathy)

      • thin

        Yes, because reading a short article discussing it and commenting on it is exactly the same thing as watching it.

  • cameronglenn

    It doesn’t have to be a choice between “enjoying” Lindsay’s self created troubles and feeling sorry for her. I don’t get how people can feel sorry for her when her consequences result from her own choices. She’s constatly playing the “I’m a victim” card, and it’s tiring when entertainment media and fans contiually fall for her non-stop pattern of lying. She’s only a “victim” of herself.

    • kate

      I totally agree. I don’t relish in it, but I think it’s absolutely what she deserves. Here’s my thing: she breaks down after hearing she’ll actually be treated like anyone else in her position and be sent to jail after lying and breaking her probation… and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her? She’s desperate now that she’s treated like us, and poor her? Nope. Not buying it. Her parenting has been shitty, and she’s surrounded by people who don’t care about her, so I have some sympathy in that regard. But 90 days in a county jail – it’s not Oz, people. Maybe it’ll just serve as a much needed wake-up call.

  • Shannon

    total enjoyment! It was about time. Of course it is shocking and scary to not have everything go your way, welcome to the real world!

    • Jo

      “Total enjoyment?” What a jerk.

      • Shannon

        Yeah, that was enjoyable to watch a spoiled girl realize that her fame wasn’t going to get her out of trouble, the trouble that she brought onto herself. It is not like she hasn’t had multiple occasions of leniency and different chances to get her act together. The simple fact of the matter is she didn’t, and she broke the law many times, she deserves to be punished just like anyone else would. I hope that she actually serves more than a week or two in jail because maybe that time will give her the wake up call that she needs to get her life together. Yeah, it was enjoyable watching her give lame excuse after lame excuse as to why she should not be held accountable for her actions and then seeing the judge’s ruling saying nope, you knew what you needed to do to avoid this action today and you blew off the court, here is your punishment. Yeah, it was enjoyable watching her shocked face during her sentencing when she learned that she was going to be held accountable for her actions.

        You know what is not enjoyable. All the kids seeing and hearing about all her shenanigans and thinking it was okay to; drink, do drugs and drive under the influence because Lindsay did it and nothing happened to her. That being famous makes you special and above the law.

        If getting enjoyment out of watching someone get their fully deserved and earned punishment makes me a jerk, well I guess I’m a jerk.

    • Shannon

      My name is Shannon also and I posted a comment at 12:34 am that was completely different than the classless comment posted above by another Shannon. In the words of Jennifer Aniston, this person is ‘lacking a sensitivity chip’. How can you experience ‘total enjoyment’ watching another human being going through what is possibly the roughest time in her young life? Like I said Judge Revel is apparently the only person involved in this circus who has Lindsay’s best interests at heart. Otherwise she would have just let her out of jail after she served her time. The possibility that she would reoffend without further treatment is very high. Judge Revel seemed to have her best interests at heart by ordering court appointed rehab following her imprisonment. She is the only person who has shown Lindsay what she needs to help herself get better: discipline, control and tough love. It seems that is a whole lot more than Lindsay has ever gotten from her parents and everyone else around her who caters to her every whim and enables her destructive behavior. And I will be praying for Lindsay and for all of you who think prayer doesn’t work and God doesn’t exist. I hope you know Him before it is too late. John 3:16 will tell you all you need to know. The book of John is in the New Testament, chapter 3, verse 16. Not to get off topic, but I feel like I need to refute some of the ‘atheists’ comments on here. God is real, Jesus is real, and He loves you no matter what.

      • Tarc

        I’m not an atheist, but I need to correct you: I THINK God is real, Jesus is real, and He loves you no matter what. The I THINK is the important part, because you cannot speak for others (nor can you prove anything you just said). It’s great that you think that, but keep it real.

      • Lynn

        Thank you so much for your comment….I think that it so important not to forget that pray does work…without faith we are lost…we are ships without a sail. Without love…without living by our heart…life is not worth living…I am relearning that right now….Thanks for posting that….it is the reminder that I needed….Thanks for your testament.

    • Shannon

      By the way, part of the real world is showing empathy and kindness toward others, not relishing in their downfall, whether it be Lindsay Lohan or George Michael or whoever. It takes a much bigger person to show compassion and help someone pick up the pieces of their life than it does to tear someone down to make yourself feel better. Showing empathy and compassion is part of being a caring, responsible adult, something Lindsay also needs to work on. You may need empathy and a hand up yourself one day.

      • Lisa

        She doesn’t want empathy, she wants preferential treatment. She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her life. She’s an addict and until she comes to terms with that and decides she wants to get better she wont and all of the empathy is just enabling her.

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