'Big Brother' debuted 10 years ago today: What's your pick for the best season so far?

Big-Brother--All-StarsImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSWatching the first season of Big Brother now is a lot like looking at your old junior high photographs: You feel reminiscent but mostly embarrassed. Yet, you know you wouldn’t be where you are now without that awkward time. My, how you’ve grown BB.

The progression was brought to my attention today when I read that the show debuted ten years ago tonight and began watching clips from past seasons. But as with all moments of reflection, I concluded with a mass judgment that I’ll probably regret later: My favorite three seasons were 4, 5, and 7.

Here’s why (I’m typing the rest of this quickly before I change my mind):

Season 4: Because I have bad taste, I liked the X-factor twist. And I had this strange fondness for Jack — maybe because he was a cool, former FBI agent, or maybe because I’m sort of fascinated by people who vaguely look like obscure actors (Matt Frewer, anyone?).

Season 5: Four horsemen!

Season 7: I’m usually disappointed by “All-Star” anything, but it really doesn’t get better than this group of houseguests. Plus, Mike and Will were a little evil, a little cute, a little (too?) metrosexual, and very entertaining.

Now your turn. So far, what has been your favorite season of Big Brother? Vote below in our poll, and if you have more, leave a comment. See you Thursday night!

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  • C Luv

    I do not know which season it was but teh season where Danielle Lost to Lisa was a great season but I hated how it ended. (she lost)

    • Teri

      That’s my fave too (I believe it’s season 3). Danielle should’ve won that season.

      • Roland

        I agree — Danielle played a fantastic game (and you’re right, Teri — it was season 3).

    • Devin Faraci

      People still watch this junk? Morons, I guess.

      • NicWin

        People still comment in sanctimonious tones on shows they don’t even watch? Attention seeking trolls, I guess.

      • FunkDoC

        Hey Devin…you are the moron.
        Why did you even bother clicking the Big Brother link? Why not go be a twhat somewhere else?

  • Barb

    Season 2, and it’s not even a question. The emergence of Dr. Will was glorious. I also enjoyed the season Dan won. (10? 11?) One of the few that I could actually make it through the entire season.

    • J

      Dan’s season was great. No big twist. Nobody knew each other going in. My favorite player actually won! That was the perfect antidote to the Dick season.

  • ugh

    the best season was when a zombie apocalypse was unleashed on the world while the Big Brother gang was stuck inside the house unaware.
    it was something of a ‘dead set’
    (points if this makes sense to you)

    • Kurt

      This gets my vote for best comment.

    • Darrsolo

      That was a great Series. You would never see that on American network.

    • Evan Meadow

      I have been looking for a Region 1 copy of that season for YEARS. I can never find it.

      • ugh

        i want it combined as a long movie. that would be awesome

  • Corran

    Definitely Big Brother 8! The Donatos!!! Such a thrilling season with some legitimate crazies (Wamber!). Dick also proved to be one of the best players ever, and Danielle was a Veto queen.

    • Esau

      You’re joking, right? Season 8 was when BB was exposed as rigged. Supercow Alison Grodner wanted a Dick/Danielle final two and manipulated the rules to make sure she got it.

  • Me

    The best season, hands-down is season 6. It doesn’t get better than Janelle & “Bye bye bitches!”

    • J

      I loved season 6 too! Kaysar and the gang vs. the nerd herd was hilarious! I can’t choose a favorite though because I loved All-stars and Season 8 with Evil Dick too.

    • Shawn

      That was my vote too. The season of the ‘nerd herd’. Yay Janelle.

    • Tom Brazelton

      Season 6 was probably the best because I remember being very invested in the conflict between the Nerd Herd and The Friendship. The level of cluelessness about how The Friendship assumed they were perceived was as hilarious as it was aggravating. They were SO convinced America loved them because they were so in love with themselves. When America kept giving rewards to Janelle and The Friendship started blaming America for their problems was amazing. But Maggie should have never, EVER won. Worst winner ever.

      • BB6 Fan

        The NH/Friendship had zero self awareness, but they owned the game by keeping the numbers on their side. The NH won more competitions and knocked out Sov 6 one by one. Janelle was clutch at winning competitions, but she was neither a good strategic or social player. Janelle was more likable and easier to root for than the alternative, but she is vastly overrated for someone who played a one dimensional game. A good player does more than win competitions. Maggie, who won 2 competitions, was able to position herself within her alliance as a non-threat and, unlike Ivette, she was the least offensive on the surface of the final two. Even though Maggie will never be considered one of the best or likable winners, she played a decent social game within her alliance, and strategic game overall that is greatly underrated.

    • Riss

      “Bye bye bitches!” I literally cheered out loud when she said that. Best season ever.

    • Viv

      Was that the year Kaysar got evicted on his birthday?

  • Chelsea

    Season 2: Chilltown
    Season 7: All-stars

    • Jessica

      Yes! Anyway I can see Will and Mike Boogie together I am happy!

      • SeattleGirl

        Bleh, I hated Boogie. Except when he would do the phone calls… but even then he got on my nerves.

  • t.t

    seasons 10, 7, 3, 5 in that order
    worst season? season 9

  • Kate

    The best season was the Dan and Memphis and Keesha and Remy taking over the house. I don’t remember what season that actually was, maybe season nine?

  • Daphne

    Love Dr. Will and Mike Boogie so my vote would be Season 2 and 7!

  • Ramo

    I forget which seasons they were numerically, but the “Will” season and the “Kaysar/Howie/Janelle” season were by far the best. The worst? The last 4-5.

  • ILoveDick

    Season 2 for the sheer brilliance that was Dr. Will. And season 8 for the crassly intelligent gameplay of Evel Dick.

    • J

      Intelligent? He spent the season engaging in offensive, misogynist behavior that would have gotten most people ejected, but he got away with it because Ms. Grodner decided he was good for ratings. And part of the reason she thought so was that he was winning the online popularity poll and the America’s Player votes, which turned out to be because a third obnoxious Donato had set up a bot-voting system.

      • BB6 Fan

        Daniele didn’t meet the age requirement to be on BB. She was 19 or 20 at the time. Dick said he applied for BB 3 times and they only let him on after meeting with a higher up Executive. I believe Daniele was added to the cast to soften Dick’s image to the general viewing audience. If you watched the live feeds, you would know that Dick was not the father of the year he was edited to be on the show. Furthermore, his verbal attacks and misogynist behavior towards Kail and Jen were unnecessary and horrifying to watch on the feeds. I wasn’t a fan of Kail or Jen during the season, but they deserved better than what they received from Dick and production for allowing his antics. For that, and the America’s Player twist which gave production complete control of the game, BB8 rates lower than BB9 and BB1 in my book.

      • BB8Rules

        Dick and Daniele were both accepted for season 6 – when Daniele was just 18. Daniele backed out when they were in the vans preparing to head to sequester. Confirmed by both production and players. BB has no set age limits, just implied occasionally. Don’t forget David’s ex-girlfriend in season 4 was just 19.

  • Penny

    Big Brother will always be remembered for season 2 for me. For many reason. one of them being that the three house guests who perhaps was the only three people in the world that didn’t know about the September 11th attacks.

    I remember getting the feed just so I could watch them. They knew something happened they just didn’t know what (since the normal tv things had changed and they where not told why.)

    Oh Will was amazing :)

    • Evan Meadow

      Actually they were told what happened because one of the final 3 had a relative who had died in the attacks. That was the one time they let them know what was going on in the world outside while the game was still going on.

  • stephen

    The one where Dan won (season 10!) was the best! He was my favorite contestant ever…

    • jenni

      oh, that was ten! I forgot the winter season and voted nine. Ten is the best.

  • Aaron

    I liked season 6. I secretly liked Maggie throughout the whole season. I just hated the alliance she was in. (I did like Janelle as well)

  • Brady

    I have watched every season of Big Brother… and it looks like I started watching when I was 10 years old! So I probably didn’t understand everything that was happening, but this show has more of a special place in my heart than any other. Also because from Season 7 on, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday night we would get together and cheer for our favorites.

    Season 3 was the best! The couples alliance was hilarious and you had the masterful alliance of Jason and Danielle. We all remember the sign language communication literally behind Roddys back?!?

    Honorable Mentions to Seasons 5 (DNA) and 7 All Stars. Can’t wait for Season 12!

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