Taylor Lautner explains why fans faint to David Letterman

Taylor Lautner made his Late Show with David Letterman debut last night. Among the topics of conversation: Who would win in a one-on-one fight between a vampire and a werewolf (watch Letterman try to break it down in the clip below) and the different ways fans around the world show their undying devotion. “In Japan, they’re very sensitive. They cry a lot,” he began. He feels bad, so he’ll touch them with one hand and assure them they’ll be alright. “And then, they start crying more.” So he grabs their shoulders with two hands and says, seriously, it’s gonna be just fine. “And then they start bawling. And eventually…they just faint. And, problem solved.”

Subversive humor, Mr. Lautner. We like it! He also detailed the infamous hotel rush he and Kristen Stewart experienced in Brazil when fans found out what floor they were doing interviews on and tried to come up. Their security rushed in, locked the door, and said, “It’s okay, you know, remain calm. But we got 2,000 girls that just, you know, stormed the lobby. They got past hotel security, and right now, we’re calling the uh Brazilian National Guard.” When Letterman called it inexplicable, Lautner said, “It’s very special.” Again with the funny!

Another highlight: Setting up the clip, Letterman said, “Oh god, I hope you got your shirt off.” Lautner’s response: “Ninety percent of the movie, I do. So we got a good shot.” Alas, he didn’t.

And P.S., to Summit, you cut that clip too soon! I think if you had shown Lautner’s delivery of his complete line, “I kissed Bella, and she broke her hand punching my face,” people would have seen that the Eclipse script has more layers than the first two films.

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  • Elizabeth

    I thought Taylor did a good job last night – glad I had a wicked case of insomnia and caught it.

  • Ceballos

    I actually caught a bit of this interview live and my burning questions was why were his cheeks so red and who applied the clown makeup?

    • jess

      haha yeah I noticed that too. Say what you want about Lautner, but he does have pretty skin. What’s with the red makeup?

      • Stever_B

        I don’t think that’s makeup; it’s just his skin. The term ” rosy cheeks” didn’t come from makeup; sometimes it’s just natural.

      • JMB

        I think he was just flushed from nerves. His ears were bright red, too, and got worse when Dave pulled out the GQ magazine. Make up can only cover so much. I thought it was kind of endearing, and I say that as a Twi-hater. He is appealing, though, because of the 3 main actors in the series he seems like the only one with any personality.

      • Tiffany Salvatore


    • Sarah

      It’s probably nerves. When I’m nervous, my cheeks flush.

      • JMB

        haha–we posted the same thing at the same time! :D

    • Lauren

      I loved that interview. After his co-star’s fight with Letterman the other day (kristen Stewart), I was worried. But Taylor did a great job and was actually funny. Sarah: he has really good skin with fine pores but is prone to flushing really easily (his Dutch genetics). If you watch his other interviews, he tends to flush a lot. I think he did a little bit more on Letterman than usual because he was nervous (even his ears were red which doesn’t usually happen). I think the entire Twilight cast is intimidated by Letterman and Taylor says he gets really nervous when doing public speaking but he works hard on getting past the fear. That’s why I’m so proud of him for doing so well despite his fear. He just kept the jokes going and was even able to laugh at himself which you have to do on Letterman.

    • Liz Lemon

      Dave’s makeup department is not the best. They did the same thing to Daniel Radcliffe when he was on the show last year.

  • paul

    NOT saying he is, but Taylor does talk a lot like many of my gay friends. I’m NOT saying he is gay, I’m just sayin’….

    • Stever_B

      Mine too! I’m not saying he’s gay either, but sometimes if it talks like a duck….well, whatever….

    • James

      He is only 18, and that’s his natural voice. He got it from his father, they sound very much alike. Believe it or not there is no such thing as “sounding gay” unless you are all 12 years old and you don’t know a lot of gay people. Gay people are as diverse in looks, sounds, and mannerisms as straight people. I know that scares straight men like yourself because you like to treat us like a stereotype. P.S. I’m gay and I don’t “sound gay” or have stereotypical gay mannerisms. And yes I’m a fan of Mr. Lautner’s because no matter your sexual orientation the boy is hot. I would love it if he were gay but there is a 99% chance he is not.

      • kate

        Thanks for that. I hate when people say “he sounds gay”. I know guys that talk like Taylor that definitely aren’t gay.

    • Liz Lemon

      Well then I will say it. He’s definitely gay! There’s nothing wrong with that, but everything about him SCREAMS homosexual. It also explains why KStew is so comfortable around him. They’re like girlfriends.

  • Jeremy

    Taylor is consistently proving how naturally funny he can be. Maybe he should try for some comedy roles.

    • Ceballos

      “Maybe he should try for some comedy roles.”

      But what about his work in the blockbuster comedies “New Moon” and (judging from the Letterman clip) “Eclipse”?

      (I PROMISE I tried my hardest to resist.)

  • Nessab

    Maybe they should just let everyone except Kristen Stewart do publicity for these films. I thought he did really good.

    • Penelope301

      Thank you!!!!!

    • Prudence

      Well mcaadmiaa nuts, how about that.

  • Kate

    I hate Twilight (the books and the movies), but dang if he isn’t one fine specimen. Humour beyond that is just gravy.

  • Jana

    Taylor did a great job on the show!
    He sounded confident, looked handsome & was very entertaining. I’m glad he got a good write up about his Letterman visit. BTW, his voice does NOT sound the least bit gay! All of the Twilight kids are doing a great job of handling their stardom. They’re hard- working, responsible, humble & doing well considering the glaring worldwide spotlight they’re under.
    I say kudos to all of them!


    I have no interest in the Twilight movies or their stars but caught this interview on Letterman last night. I was in another room from my TV, so I couldn’t actually see this young man. I enjoyed listening to the interview, and thought he was charming, poised intelligent and funny. What a surprise to find out near the end of the interview that he is only 18 years old!

  • Adrianna

    I really enjoyed the interview. He was very cute and I liked the blushing cheeks. It was very adorable. Letterman was a little bit gauche in asking him if he is getting paid a lot of money. Sure he is just a kid but it’s still not proper to ask anybody how much money they make. Taylor’s response was so much better than mine would have been: I like to do what i’m passionate about and not worry about the money. I would have reminded Dave that it’s not polite to ask other people how much money they make!

  • BlackIrish4094

    I hate Twilight but saw the clip and dude seemed ok. Better than the other skinny pale guy (Edward or whatever).

  • Matt

    He is hot and mysugardaddydating

  • Guest

    He’s such a lovely guy, I don’t get the hate towards him, but I’m glad to see him rise above it. I can’t wait to see what he’ll be like in a few years when he is more mature. Oh and I love how he blushes easily, it’s adorable :)

  • Jenny

    I’m not a huge Twilight fan, but I have been impressed with Taylor. I think he will have the longest career out of the 3 main characters if he choses his roles wisely. I think he could have a career similar to Matt Damon.

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