Poll: Now that you've seen 'Eclipse,' which 'Twilight' movie do you think is the best?

jacob-edwardImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchLet’s cut to the chase: Of the three Twilight movies that have now been released, Eclipse is the best. The best storytelling, the best pacing, the best acting, the best mix of action and romance. This is, of course, just one woman’s (and magazine‘s) opinion, but I’d be glad to debate it with any Twi-Hard worth their, um, fangs? Now that many of you out there have seen Eclipse, tell me: Am I wrong? Vote below!

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  • Lola

    So when do they actually change the letterhead from Entertainment Weekly to Twilight Weekly?

    • Cris

      Once they’ve so frustrated every other subscriber/website visitor that no one but the tween girls and bored housewives are the only ones checking this site. And I gotta say, it might be coming awfully soon.

      • py

        Well, the tween girls, bored housewives, AND the haters. They definitely spend as much time here as anyone else.

      • dee

        “AND the haters. They definitely spend as much time here as anyone else.”

        Well, someone has to stay and fight the good fight. lol

      • Cat

        Sure, if you say so dee.
        I agree with “py”. For the last time STOP clicking the links then. I go to this site regurlarly and enjoy other things besides Twilight Posts (which I don’t even click everytime) and it’s SO easy to ignore Twilight and NOT get frustrated over it. The majority this site reports on is composed of other topics. Twilight may just be the one subject they talk about alot. If there is a Twilight post on the home page, it’s usually only one or two links at a time.

      • Mamie

        Well…your here

      • Mamie

        Admitting somethings are we?

      • Stefanie

        Your on this site. What does that make you?

    • Liz Lemon

      I know right. I’m waiting on it to happen. I’m going to pull my hair out if I see another one. I think they’re doing it to purposefully annoy us.

  • Zoey

    I’m serously starting to wonder if the EW staff doesn’t have some sort of Twilight shrine in additon to their insane fetish. But as long you get it all out now and we get a year of sparse (Read: NONE. Or as close to none as you people can get.) Twilight articles/covers, then I won’t complain.

    • Cat

      They have about two or at most three covers a year! That’s only three covers you have to trash and you’ve got ALL those other covers. I’m a subscriber and I don’t get how people think EW is overboard on Twilight stuff. It’s usually only around when the movie comes out anyways

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar


  • John

    They are all Sh&t.

    • colbea

      Thank you!!! totally agree. These movies are horrible. I don’t get why EW has such a stiffy for them. They are REALLY BAD!!!!

      • @colbea

        I doubt you’ve even seen them.
        Wheeee, the bandwagon ride is so fun!

  • Swizzle

    I’m sure some are burned out on the Twilight coverage, but this is a legitimate article.
    I’m sick, sick, sick of seeing crap about Lost and Grey’s Anatomy on this site, but you don’t see me going in there and calling fans of those shows names. Oh, and I DO want to – but I don’t. Because I’m not a d!ck.

    • Zach

      Oh, nobody even talks about Grey’s anymore.

    • Zach

      And a stupid poll the results of which won’t even load on my computer screen – THAT’S a legitimate article to you?

      • Swizzle


  • DrBear

    I think all of the books were boring and juvenile and the movies are even worse. Kids are so easily entertained. Eventually you kids will grow up (Hopefully) and when you look back on these movies you will realize they suck.

    • pam

      First, the “kids” as you refer to them are reading. Second, the fact that they are “entertained” is the point…movies are made to entertain!

      I would agree the promotion for Eclipse has reached insanity. And, I am a bit miffed that the masses have reduced the story to “teams”…especially since everyone knows the outcome already. Another point, the story has further been reduced to screams and crying over a bare chested teenager…that is pathetic. All that aside, I have seen the movies and loved them all.

      • Mamie

        Adults are reading too!

  • Mr. Burns

    I am glad I am not in the minority in saying how crappy this whole franchise is.

  • Danno

    To steal a line from an actual quality flick.
    Being the best movie in the Twilight series is like being the smartest kid with Down Syndrome.

    • @Danno

      Sorry, no “actual quality flick” would belittle children with Down Syndrome.
      You’re a tool.

      • Danno

        sticks and stones my good man sticks and stones.

    • TeacherGirl

      Are you even aware of how rude your post is? If you have a legitimate, articulate point about the movie, make it (making it grammatically correct would be a good idea too.) If you only want to make insensitive comments about groups of people for whom you obviously have no compassion, perhaps you should refrain.

  • Kalie

    Posting comments on these blogs about how much you hate “Twilight” has become extremely lame. Do you think you’re going to change any fan’s mind just because you disagree? Do you think you’re especially smart or clever because you dislike something a lot of people enjoy? These movies seem to be growing in popularity rather than slowing down, so get over yourselves. Concentrate on things you do like, rather than taking the time to post nasty comments about something you supposedly can’t be bothered with.

    • Hm

      But what if people LIKE posting nasty comments about things they don’t like? Are they allowed to concentrate on it then? lol

    • Mamie


    • Ginny

      I would like to know if she is particularly smart OR clever for reading an article about a subject which is clearly dislikes. Maybe she just doesn’t have anything better to do, or perhaps she really LOVES it but is not mature enough to admit it.

  • couchgrouch

    you can say what you want about the Twi franchise…it’s still better than the crapfest of degradation, bad acting and writing that was season 2 of True Blood. and from what little I’ve read about season 3, what’s most discussed is how “twisted” various scenes are. Twilight ain’t Jane Austin, but it ain’t Larry Flynt with fangs either. if you don’t like it, you don’t like it…but it’s pretty harmless.

  • me

    If you want to see less Twilight coverage on EW, stop commenting on the articles! Do you think the advertisers care why you clicked on the story? They only care that you did!

    • Cat

      That’s true. If you hate Twilight, stop clicking on these posts, thus making them so popular! lol

  • salsal

    I loved this one and it was better than new moon, but the only thing that was missing was light-hearted moments between edward and bella. In twilight there was tons, tree climbing ect. Its in eclipse if you look for it, but i wish i saw them having fun. Its either intense or snuggling with them. but I loved it! team edward all the way! and after hearing Bella’s speech at the end, im not sure if im jealous of bella or edward!

  • Geoff

    First and foremost, none of these movies are good.
    Here are my reasons as to why:

    1. I will admit on here that I have both read AND own the 4 Twilight books. And I enjoy them a lot. But that in no way makes me a Twi-Hard. However, although a book may be good, that does not mean that a movie based on it can also be as good. In the case of Twilight, it sucks. A lot.
    2. The entire movies are awkward. It’s a bunch of awkward scenes filled with broody chaste people who are always sad being awkward with each other. They try to look sexy doing it, but it comes off as just awkward and stupid.
    3. I have enormous respect for Michael Sheen. He is a tremendous actor who for some stupid reason decided to play Aro in the movies. God bless that man and each and every dollar he’s counting as he thinks about how he only did it for the money. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner, and the rest (excluding Dakota Fanning who actually likes Twilight) are also counting the checks.
    4. Yeah, everyone except Fanning HATES Twilight and are only doing it for the money. That is why they aren’t giving their best in their performances.
    5. Robert Pattinson is good when he is British (His actual accent). Not great, just good. Taylor Lautner is terrible in general. Kristen Stewart is actually pretty good. Points of reference- The Runaways, Adventureland.
    6. The people behind Twilight actually know that although the movies are making a boatload of cash for them, the films themselves suck. They have actually enlisted the help of an A-List director, Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Gods & Monsters), to try to make the films have a slightly better quality. Unfortunately, Breaking Dawn is absolutely terrible and will be a mess on-screen, regardless of who directs it.
    7. Although looking at reviews for films is never helpful because it is not your opinion but those of others, it is helpful to look at the reviews of the other 2 movies. They both have terrible reviews, because they are bad movies.
    8. Their advertisements and such really just focus on the guys being shirtless and trying (and failing) to look OMFGHAWT!!!! That is why all these girls really love it. They don’t go to the movie and love it because it’s good (which it definitely is NOT). They go to see the guys be all sexy and shirtless.
    9. (An extension of 8). Quality matters. It’s a shame that such a big phenomenon has no quality to back up the money.
    10. People argue that others who don’t like Twilight just don’t “get it.” Oh, I get it. I get everything. That doesn’t make it any less terrible.

    • Geoff

      In #5, I’m referring to Cedric Diggory from the far superior Harry Potter films.

      • annamorphos

        HAHA! Hardly any of the HP fans even like the Harry Potter movies!

      • annamorphos

        but I am definitely on your side sir. Myself, I own all the books and have seen the movies. The movies are made as a chaste wet dream for teens, tweens, their mothers, and everyone else. I think Rob Pattinson looks like a foot, and Taylor is just ridiculous, so I’m immune to the Twihard syndrome.

    • @Geoff

      Well, that was thorough.
      But you did a piss-poor job backing up your “none of these movies are good” argument. You didn’t see Eclipse, so you really wouldn’t know (and you might have only formed judgments of the other two based on reviews you saw, which is silly – you don’t let other people decide what you like, do you?).
      What did you think would actually come from your long-ass temper tantrum, anyway? If you don’t like it, that’s cool.

      • Ian

        I thought Geoff’s diatribe was quite well done actually. If he gets anything out of this its my respect.

    • tracy Stewart

      Geoff – like you said, this is your ‘review’ and ‘your point of view’ so I quess I can ingnore it. I love the books and love the movies. Yes twilgiht because it is off the book and sorry but still feesl B grade, NW because I love certain scenes and Eclipse was great as I think I loved more of the whole movie than the other two. Still like Chris Weiz over David Slade as director but then both movies concentrate on different things or aspects, deal with different emotions. I see you mentioned KS and other movies. Did you see Remember Me? with RP in it. Its the most recent thing he did at about the same time KS did Adventure land etc so thought it would be fair to compare. Loved Remember Me, Rob was great it in and I can say that as I have seen another of his before Twilight and it was terrible.
      So hater stop complaining about the movies and go see something you can enjoy. If you hate them so much I have a solution – dont go. Go see the action packed, blood thirsty, too much sex movies that obviously appeal to you.



  • salsal

    in eclipse book i sometimes got annoyed at bella but in the movie I LOVE her! she is strong, she stand up to eddie and jake when they are being dumb and she knows what she wants and she knows why she wants it and she articulates these reason well. she matures through the movies, she has been through death, pain, loss ect she has lived alot for a 18 year old and she is strong and determined and because she has been through so much you believe her when she says what she wants.

  • Paula

    I saw Eclipse this weekend and loved it! Best one yet! Although it was fantastic, i do want to see breaking dawn part 1 and 2 because it was my favorite book of the series!

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