Josh Hutcherson on Spider-Man rumors: 'It's something so big, it's hard to even fathom, honestly'

Josh-HutchersonImage Credit: Matt Carr/Getty ImagesEven before the web exploded with unconfirmed chatter yesterday that actor Josh Hutcherson is the final choice to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony’s reboot of the comic-book franchise, the 17-year-old’s name had long been in the mix of potential heirs to Tobey Maguire’s red-and-blue tights. (Other actors reportedly being considered for the role include Jamie Bell and Aaron Johnson.) So when EW spoke with the actor last week about his upcoming role in the critically acclaimed The Kids Are All Right, we couldn’t help but ask him about all the Spidey talk.

UPDATE: Well, that was fast: Columbia Pictures is confirming that actor Andrew Garfield has landed the role of Spider-Man, not Hutcherson. Still, Hutcherson’s answers do give some insight into what it must be like for a young actor to be thrown into such an incredibly high profile casting experience. Here’s what he had to say about it:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you find out all about the talk that you’re being considered for the new Spider-Man?
JOSH HUTCHERSON: I found out when everybody else did, through the random blogs and stuff like that.

Your agent didn’t tell you that you were being considered?
People like my mom have Google alerts, and my agent is always looking out [for news]. It’s so crazy to be talked about for a project that nobody really knows a whole lot about, like who has it or who doesn’t have it. It was so weird to me.

So your mom has a Google-alert on your name?
Yeah, definitely.

That’s a good mom. Have you been in formal meetings for the role?
There’ve been so many people that have gone in for that role. I’ve done the same thing that every other actor my age has for that part. It’s something so big, it’s hard to even fathom getting, honestly. The fact that I’m on the list with some of the people that are on the list — I’m amazed that they’re putting me on that “short list.” I think it’s really cool to be considered by the media to be in the same category as all those other people that are being considered. It’s really a privilege.

What does your Spidey sense tell you, Popwatchers? Do you think Hutcherson has nabbed the role?

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  • avenger

    He looks like a good Spidey

    • Celia

      I actually can’t see him as spiderman. I would prefer Frank Dillane.

  • Michael Scott

    “It’s something so big, it’s hard to even fathom, honestly”
    That’s what she said.

    • ObiHave

      Good one!

      • Whatever

        How come I thought the exact same thing… :p

      • Liliana

        No se por que le pusieron el nbrmoe asi de Viaje 2 cuando es secuela de viaje al centro de la tierra aunque es largo bien pudieron ponerselo aunque sabemos que no iran de nueva al centro de la tierra pero no se viaje 2 suena mal

    • PhillyGirl

      hahahah, nice!

    • Jorge

      Since I (still) haven’t had time to finish the Hunger Games books, I don’t mind the caitsng picks…just so long asa the movie is good.Finally saw I Am Number Four over the weekend, but I’ll have to go and watch it a second time because I don’t remember a single thing about it. o_O

  • Felicia Hardy

    Cute interview. :) If he gets the part, I think he’d be a fine PP/Spidey. I think he has the look. Acting chops wise, I dunno. Never seen any of his movies.

    • Felicia Hardy

      Just realized that made no sense. Any way, we’ll see.

      • AshleyBrooke

        Maybe I’m tired, but you made sense to me ;-)

      • Shantel

        Does anyone know the song title/artist that plynaig on the diner radio in the very scene? Some I ( I)caught are You know I’m gonna love you, have no fear and that I’ll always need you to be mine

  • Trazey

    awww that’s cute about his mom. I like him, i’ve seen him as a kid in lots of things, glad he grew up cute!

  • the grendler

    See Little Manhattan — it’s like his first movie, but it’s genius. And he is awesome. He’ll make you laugh and make you cry.

    • librahawk

      I really couldn’t agree more. I was pleasantly surprised by that movie and Josh’s talent. he’s perfect for the part of Spiderman, and really any other part he wants as far as I’m concerned. I’ve seen a few of his movies and he’s been a consistently great actor since he was like 8.

  • whatevs

    It’s probable that this reboot’s only redeeming quality will be a much better casting choice for MJ. Kirsten was horrible in that.

    • Mc Prophet

      I second that! MJ is supposed to be this supermodel-esque knockout and instead we got Torrence Shipman.

      • Eduardo

        Im not going to say what everyone else has adrlaey said, but I do want to comment on your knowledge of the topic. Youre truly well-informed. I cant believe how much of this I just wasnt aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. Im truly grateful and really impressed.

    • Kitt

      I didn’t like Kirsten as MJ either. But for me it had nothing to do with looks. I just didn’t get that MJ charm and sass vibe from her.

  • harry

    good choice for spidey

  • Ayn

    I can envision him as Peter/Spidey… he’s very much like Parker in that the comic book version was never ruggedly handsome, but had school boy good looks and that’s where Josh really fits the bill. I’ve also seen his movies (I have kids) and I think he’s become a very good actor. He’s very much the kid next door and that’s who Spider Man needs to be

  • Barney

    “Look at me, I’ve got my hand behind my head.”

  • barberus

    Isn’t this the kid from “Bridge to Terabithia”?

    • Christopher

      Yeah, and the older brother in “Zathura”, and he also did a cute little film called “Little Manhattan” that HBO Kids used to play.

      • Fru

        And he was with Robin Williams in “RV” and in “Journey to the Center of the Earth”…

  • Christopher

    Spider-Man doesn’t interest me while it’s still in Sony’s hands. Same with X-Men and Fox. I liked some of those movies, but I think both companies have done all they can in this generation with their repsective licensees.

    • Kitt

      Well, they won’t give up the rights until the public stops going to see the superhero movies they produce, which is not gonna happen anytime soon. The general public (and comic fans) will see this reboot no matter how many ppl on the internet claim to hate the reboot idea.

  • Cat

    Ohh such good names attached to it. I think any of the actors being considered would be good for the role. I really love me some Aaron Johnson and Jamie Bell, Josh isn’t bad either.

  • lefty

    I can’t believe how much he’s grown up in the last few years! He looks like a cutie…I can dig it.

  • Icon

    I hated the idea of the Spidey Reboot, but i now find myself quite interested and looking forward to more Casting news.

    • Kitt

      Yeah, I find that even though a lot of people hated the idea of a reboot, there is still enough interest & curiousity that they will see it anyway.

  • m

    I say Chris brown should be Spiderman. he already has the fighting skills…

    • stickiboi

      ya for beating up women. lay off the crack freak!

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