'Eclipse' audience reaction: Team Jacob seems to have gained momentum

jacob-black-eclipseEven at a 9:30 a.m. showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, there will be screaming. That, I can confirm. If my Manhattan theater, which was two-thirds full at that hour, is any indication, Team Jacob has definitely gained momentum. Here’s when the crowd got vocal. Let us know if you had a similar experience. SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen the movie or read the books.

1. Jacob makes his entrance. Taylor Lautner, whom EW critic Owen Gleiberman described as “the young Matt Damon in the body of Marky Mark,” gets a classic turn-around shot. He’s wearing a shirt, and the ladies still went crazy. (To be fair, that T-shirt does fit him well.)

2. Jacob shows up shirtless at the Bella swap. Our first view of flesh. I’d argue this bit is more successful than the New Moon T-shirt removal after Bella’s motorcycle accident simply because this time, they did a better job of masking the fact that this Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch moment was presented solely for our benefit. Jacob wanted to annoy Edward with his hotness. I bought it.

3. Bella finally accepts Edward’s proposal. Were we cheering because we want them together…or because we wanted Edward to stop proposing?

4. Jacob uses a double entendre! In what could become the most talked about tent scene since Brokeback Mountain, Jacob has to spend a night holding Bella to keep her from freezing — as Edward watches. “Let’s face it, I am hotter than you,” Jacob says. (This will likely be fans’ favorite Lautner line. I, however, am more partial to “I kissed Bella, and she broke her hand punching my face,” delivered dryly to Charlie.)

5. Bella asks Jacob to kiss her. It wasn’t as tortuous a turn-on as the slow lean bedroom kiss Bella shared with Edward in the first film, but this one definitely felt longer. And you wanted it to continue. Lautner is made to play action heroes who make time for a little romance. His first love scene will have the rewind numbers of Nipplegate.

6. Edward takes a bite out of someone. It feels wrong to say who, even with the spoiler alert issued above. So let’s just discuss how cool vampire deaths were in this movie. No blood. No dust. Just body parts breaking off like ice.

7. The credits roll. Honestly, this is the first Twilight film I would recommend to someone who hasn’t read the books.

Your turn. Was your audience as Team Jacob as mine? Or is this not a Team Edward/Team Jacob situation at all? Are we all just Team Lautner? PopWatch poll!

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  • June

    I am team College, thank you very much!

    • therealshelbie

      LOL! XD

      • lisaer12

        I love The World Cup! World Cup is about sportsmanship. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is a sexy black man,lol. I know him via *** (B lack wh ite Cupid)* .*{C00M} *** a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love. . . :)

    • Eric

      I don’t understand why Bella has to choose: you’re young girl, enjoy your options.

      • Why not a….

        Three way?

      • aves

        I second this three way idea.

    • holly

      Mandi stop beating a dead horse. I dont know if you are corrupt or just stupid but its getting silly now.

    • Long Balls

      Team “I don’t give a sh*t about this nonsense”

      • Jessie

        I want to say then why are you reading this..but i feel the exact same way…. lol

    • meg

      tayl0r is much h0tter and sexy than r0b. But n0 one can resist r0b’s charm.. I like tayl0r’s eyes. I love them b0th anyway. I thnk kristen and r0b can make it evn w/o playin dr roles.a great couple i mean.

      • gypsy

        i think rob is more hot then balck he is in love with bella and he love’s bella so much xoxoxo and with i was bella i will love him too

  • ally

    How much does Lautner’s PR team pays you for your shameless Lautner promotion?

    • nadja

      AMEN ally!

    • LOL, WHUT?!

      I second that amen. ;)

      • sara

        I third that amen! Yahoo just published their findings on who is searched more online, Pattinson or Lautner. Pattinson won by a landslide,40 % more. But what’s REALLY interesting is the demographics…to no one’s surprise, most of TL’s fans are girls 13-17(the kind that scream in movies) 1 in 5 were UNDER 13 and 26% were MEN!! lol Pattinson on the other hand had some teens but majority were females 17-50’s. Sounds like gay men and little girls are into smooth chested “I eat beef patties every 2 hrs” Lautner. No thanks, give me Pattinson/Edward anyday.

      • @sara

        wow you are a bigot and an idiot. Are all RP fans old women who are bigots?

        me team don’t like either man or their fans

      • Corndog

        Heck yes! Team Edward! You said it Sara.

      • Rio

        Yes, all of us middle aged women are definitely team Edward. The work Lautner has done is impressive, but he’s a kid.

      • teetah

        Not “all of us middle aged women” are team Edward… Speak for yourself.

    • jamie

      Is it so hard to accept some people like Taylor Lautner more than Robert Pattinson? Grow up already.

      • ally

        umm.. No. It’s EW… They are obsessed with Lautner @ss and this is getting ridiculous..
        Oh by the way this is a public board
        and people are allowed to have options. Whether it matches yours or not. YOU grow up.

      • Ally

        Yes, it is so hard to believe that an online reviewer could be so biased in every area when it comes to Taylor. So much so that they’re willing to ignore that the character he plays is abusive and self-righteous.

      • jamie


        I was referring to the fact that the WRITER of this piece may simply prefer Lautner over Pattinson, and therefore is not being paid Lautner’s apparently hugely rich and influential ‘PR’ firm :)

        By the by, not a Twilight fan, you just sounded very immature to me, so I thought I’d let you know.

      • Charlotte

        Jamie, give her a break. She probably IS very young. And yes, Ally, people are allowed to have “options.” Options are good. Make sure you don’t end up like that sap Bella and go to college Ally. That’s a very good option!

      • Zoey

        JACOB is abusive and self-righteous? How about Edward? He’s the most possessive, mentally abusive boyfriend ever! Not to say that Jacob isn’t an ass either.

      • lala44

        to Zoey: what Movie did you watch..I saw a Guy who couldn’t accept NO for an answer and did what ever it takes to shove his tongue down her throat

      • zOe

        You’re right, Jacob wouldn’t take no for an answer. That doesn’t mean he is abusive. That means he could see the truth. Bella loves him, and he wanted his chance. Bella loves Edward more, and thats her choice, but Jacob didn’t want her to close herself off to her other options. He happend to come across as a jerk, but thats because with some people (Bella) if you aren’t forcefull, you, you wont get your point across. And Edward is only trying to protect Bella. He is from a different world, a different time, whent thats how you did it. You kept women on the outside loop, but not out of abusive behaviour, out of respect. I think that everyone IS entitled to an opinion, but stop telling other people their opinion is wrong. It’s all perception. So stop being such closed minded people, be open, be willing to see other people’s P.O.V.’s.

      • Mrs.Lautner

        AMEN!!! I couldnt have said it better myself!!! hahaha TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY, ALL DAY!!!

      • Annalieze

        i agree with you,people should just ACCEPT taylor lautner and Team Jacob is MORE popular,they need to get a life.

    • Jane

      3rd. :) ITA ally!

    • jen

      You hit the nail on the head Ally! WOW! I hope it’s a boatload-full to continue to pimp this kid who needs to invest as much into an acting coach as much as he did a personal trainer. He just came across as someone waiting to say his lines the whole movie long. But I guess that’s a step up from looking like he reads cue cards the whole movie long. He’s nothing more than his abs.

    • kylla

      I don’t care one bit about the books or who gets (pathetic) Bella. All I know is that TL is HOT!

    • Mads

      Ok I change my vote from “neither” to Team Ally.

    • holly

      Amen ally alright. Maybe she has a new car in the drive

    • lala44

      I ‘m with you…seeing Jacob is like watching a Rapist in Training

  • aya

    WTH? Neither…Team Edward/Robert is still the winner, no matter how much the media and Summit are trying to pimp Taycob out…besides after this movie, and with Breaking Dawn, none of the team stuff will even matter, Edward got the girl, Jacob turned into a pedo and got the spawn…it’s so childish anyway.

    • Ariel

      Being Team Jacob doesn’t necesarily mean you want him to end up with Bella. I’m Team Jacob, but Bella is going to end up with Edward, and I don’t mind that at all.

      As for ‘turned pedo’, that just seems like an extremely ignorant comments to make. If you understand the imprinting at all then you would know that it’s not like he chose it.

      • Julie

        I agree. I had to explain this “imprinting” thing to a friend.

    • The Ween

      I just want to say that this movie had the best kissing! Well, other than THE kiss in the first movie. But I definitely got into the hot and heavy. Oh, to be 17 and kissing Robert Pattinson.

    • zOe

      It’s no ‘pedo’ at all. Not only did he not choose it, but it isn’t like he wants in her pants or anything. Seriously. right now he is more like a guardian. didn’t you pay attention to the book at all? maybe you need to reread it. I’m all for people having their own opinion, and being open minded, but when you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

  • kelly

    neither. taylor cant act to save his life, and jacob becomes a big pedofile in breaking dawn.

    • holly

      Taylor was so wooden it was hilarious. Its liek he;s reading the lines from an autocue

  • Tiff in the OK

    I’m Team Buffy

    • Mary

      Heck yes!!! On that note, I’m team Spuffy!!!

      • Irish

        All about team Spuffy!

    • Laura

      Can’t say I have ever agreed with a comment more!

    • Emily

      Team Buffy FTW.

    • Liz

      Team Harry! Team Spike! Team Eric! Team anything but twilight.

      • me

        team Spike team Spock team Dark knight team anyfreakingthing but twilight

      • dee

        Ooooooooooo Teamn Eric. Sign me up!

    • Charlotte

      Oh yes!!! Strong girl who knows how to deal with vampires.

    • Alyssa

      Hell yes. Team Angel. Or Team Eric.

    • jodipo

      hear hear!

  • Ali

    Team Edward. EW is trying WAY too hard to pimp Jacob/Taylor. He loses all the awards to Rob. His character was never popular with book readers. We know Summit wants a spin-off with him at the helm but its just not working. He had no chemistry with Kristen Stewart OR his supposed girlfriend Taylor Swift. Their kiss looked like he was trying to inhale her face. Team Edward still kicks his ass in every poll. You guys would know that if you had the balls to ask what team people are on here. Edward was trending on Twitter all yesterday and today over him. Stop trying to make him happen. Just because his fans are 9 and scream when he comes on screen doesn’t mean there are more of them.

    • Ceballos

      Not that they’re a standard we should all abide by, but let’s look at the most recent MTV Movie Awards.

      That was a fan-voted award, and Pattinson won Best Male Performance over Lautner for “New Moon”, despite the fact tha Pattinson was in it for 15 minutes, tops. Nuff said.

      • Ambient Lite

        Good point. No contest, never will be.

    • Julie

      Thank You! It irritates me how they’re trying to hype Jacob up. Come on, Edward had and will always be the star in the series.

    • Jessica

      This post was about audience reaction. In this particular audience reaction, Jacob simply got the most. I don’t see how you can argue with the author on this fact, since you weren’t there.

      • Kelly

        LOL have you not read EW’s comments?

        This article was written simply to glorify Taylor/Jacob just like always. They’ve done it before and they’re doing it again. It’s childish.

      • Jessica


        No, this article was about audience reaction. ‘Glorifying’ Taylor/Jacob (whatever the hell that means) is just your opinion. And just because someone disagrees with you, that does not make them ‘childish’. Just fyi.

      • Kelly

        All of their ‘spoiler alerts’ were pro-Jacob/Taylor and when they weren’t busy ignoring the other lead, they were busy criticizing him. You not knowing what is meant by glorification doesn’t make the agenda here any less obvious.

      • Jessica


        lol just thought I should point out, you seem to have misunderstood me. I know exactly what glorify means. I didn’t understand what you meant by saying EW is constantly, ‘glorifying him’, because I personally don’t see it. Then again, I’m not here all the time

      • Jackie

        Okay fair enough ;) but I still read this article as that.

    • Isaac

      Thats bs. Did you watch that movie Remember Me with Patterson in it? That movie was ridiculous there was no hype over the movie and no one has even talked about it. The fact that Team Edward may have more fans doesn’t mean that Team Jacob fans aren’t allowed to have their own opinion I was a Team Jacob fan even before the movie came out the fact that they are trying to show off Jacob more by showing Taylor with his shirt off is bs. I don’t agree for who they casted as the characters but even these movies are stupid and ridiculous they completely destroyed the books and left out so much in 1 and 2 I even heard they left out a lot in 3 so that fact that matters is that even though Edward can kick ass in polls NO ONE CARES. OH and have you seen the edward fans? They range from like age 3-50.

      • Ali

        Yeah, I saw RM with Pattinson in it. It made over 50 million worldwide on a 15 million dollar budget. He’s filmed two non-Twilight movies since that time and is now working with two Oscar winners. Its clear that with Twilight the star is the books. Nobody from the series has near the same draw outside of it. However, its also clear that Rob is much more popular than Taylor. He’s gotten many more post-Twilight roles, won more awards, creates a bigger frenzy, plays a more popular character from the book, wins all the polls, has more active fan communities.

        The fact the author is acting as if Taylor was the star and even the E/B proposal only got cheers because the audience wanted to get back to Taylor is laughable. Big up the kid all you want but you can’t change facts.

    • SARA

      Actually, several other news reporters have stated that when they saw the movie, there were more cheers for Jacob. This was the same experience for me when I saw the movie. I think it has more to do with the fact that Taylor Lautner has a better personality than R-Patz

      • sammy

        Yes, agree.

      • Melorra

        LMAO. In what world does an obnoxious, robotic Summit puppet have a better personality than a charming, self-deprecating Brit?

      • pam

        personality and taylor? LOL
        It’s called team abs sweetie..

      • Ali

        There were lots of reports I’ve read that there were more pro-E/B squeals and audiences. Don’t be naive. EW has admitted Summit is trying to sell a Jacob/Nessie romance for Breaking Dawn Part 2. To do that they need to have people think Taylor is leading man material. This is what these pimp articles are about. If he was such a real leading man then why hasn’t he shot a movie where he’s the lead yet?

      • sara

        WHAT???? Are we being PUNKD? In what world does Lautner have a better personality than Pattinson?? The kid is so bland and boring and has nothing to say other than his obsession with beef patties every 2 hours and step by step details of his workouts. BORING. Pattinson is hilarious in interviews and charms male and female interviewers alike, and when both are interviewed together, Lautner is completely ignored. He has abs and that’s it.

      • JBW

        For all of you debating on who has the better personality, have any of you actually MET Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson? And getting an autograph for 1 minute or watching a television interview hardly counts. As much as celebrities like to say how “real” they are, they’re still acting through the managers and PR people. Just pointing out that it’s doubtful anyone here actually knows a thing about their personality, other than how the media portrays them.

      • Mads

        Did anyone read EW’s interview with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor from last week? At one point I forgot Taylor was even included in the article. Let’s be honest, every time Lautner is with the other two, he takes a backseat. And when he’s alone in an interview, he is so boring I feel like I’m watching an educational video. To try and watch the whole thing feels like a punishment.

      • ornee

        lol I think that Taylor having more audience reaction has to do with the fact that most of his fans are teens and vocal unlike Rob, most of his fans are over 18 so they don’t scream in theater but that’s doesn’t mean that Taylor is more popular lol…the article from Yahoo say it all, only 17% of Rob’s fans are teens but for Taylor, almost his entier fanbase are teens and pre-teens, the kind who scream in theater. also all this battle is becoming silly and it’s not even good for either of them.

      • Rio

        I’ve taken my teenage son to both movies (and will take him to Eclipse next week), and his presence keeps me from making a fool of myself when Edward is on the screen :)

      • rocknmovies

        Lautner has a better personality than Rob??? That’s hilarious! TL is blander than bland, no sense of humour (even he admits it), is boring, uninteresting, can only talk about his fitness regimen, beef patties. Rob is well read, intelligent, articulate, witty, funny. So hmmm, no for TL having a better personality, he has zero personality and zero charisma.

  • Laura

    HAHAHAHA! No, just no. Team Jacob is never going to win, not even in the books. So this article is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a while. Sad EW, very sad.

  • kenna

    everyone’s team shirtless anyone

    • Monty

      You show me one person who is Team Shirtless Cathy Bates and I will present you with your hearts greatest desire.

      • Livia

        Her name is actually Kathy Bates, and you can be sure there were some old men lobbying for her in the hot tub scene in About Schmidt. Now are they present on this board? Probably not, but those men are out there.

      • kenna

        i want that heart’s desire.

        therefore, i am now team shirtless kathy bates. HEY!

    • Mads

      This has to be my favorite EW article just because of the comments. Kenna, you are completely correct.

  • Sandra

    It was the same in our theater last night. Except when Edward proposed – that got a huge SIGH and AWWW from everyone. Go Team Edward!

  • reddevil

    @ally..exactly Taylor’s PR team must be working overtime right now, cause Team Taycob’s 15 minutes of fame are almost up. LOL Bring on Breaking Dawn…oh and Taylor is all abs, and nothing more…no acting talent, no charisma, squeaky voice, and a baby face. His fanbase consists of squealing 12 year old girlies, so I guess muscles are all they care about lmao

    • Mandy

      I’m a 19 year old girl who loves him. But you have pretty much just revealed all Team Edwards fans to be shallow, bitter losers. Congratulations!

      • Ashley

        Wrong. The only losers are the people who can’t accept that Bella chooses Edward, and that Taylor is hyped for being shirtless so much when he’s only doing it because Jacob transforms into a werewolf.

    • Louise

      a 12 year old squealing girlie… I am 43 & would be honoured to have Taylor as a son, no at my age its not all about abs, he has a personality.. each to their own .. no need to get nasty

    • Jeanie

      I’m 34 and I took my husband to see Eclipse last night. He even commented that he thinks Taylor is a good actor and that he has a good chance at a long career. I think Taylor’s acting has improved since the first film and if he choses his parts right, he could have a career similar to Matt Damon doing both action movies and some serious roles as well.

  • Kate

    Team Edward was the clear favorite at the screening I saw and I totally agree. Interesting that you don’t propose that as a viable polling option – guess that wouldn’t generate the result you’re after? Rob nailed his scenes and offers a subtly that is lost on Earnest Taylor. It is obvious Summit is pushing for Jacob to be a spin-off after Breaking Dawn, but I for one am one saga fan who won’t be following that snorefest. Taylor is not charismatic and his abs are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. No amount of Melissa Rosenberg’s recharacterization of Jacob’s character could entice me into following his adventures post-Breaking Dawn. In fact, the more the scripts are used to promote Taylor and his character, the more I find myself disliking both of them. Strongly.

    • LOL, WHUT?!

      This. So much. Plus, Taylor constantly tries to play Jacob as if he’s flawless.
      In Eclipse, Jacob was abusive and manipulative and self-serving.

      • JBW

        I’ve read all the books, when was Jacob abusive?

        Edward as awfully manipulative, too. He took Bella to visit her mom because Alice saw Victoria coming and then refused to tell Bella who never would have known is Jacob hadn’t told her. I know everyone wants to think Edward asked Bella to marry him because he’s chivalrous and old fashioned, but let’s now forget that he also knew it was the last thing she wanted to do and she would delay marrying him, and therefore delay becoming a vampire.

        I’m not declaring my “allegiance” to either “team” here, but I’m simply trying to point out that each character has flaws, as well as positive attributes. I think for the most part people are letting their opinions of the character in the books or of the actors who play them cloud their judgment about looking at both the good and the bad things about each character. And there are good and bad things about each.

    • jen

      I’m guessing their regretting putting up that ‘Neither’ option because it’s totally the majority over all other options together.

    • Anna

      They make Jacob so much more likeable in the movies. In the book he is soooo annoying and whiny. I think that Edward is more likeable in the book. He is more romantic and sexy or something . I really don’t like Jacob at all in the books.

      • Joan

        I couldn’t agree more. I totally disliked Jacob and Bella in the books. They both were so whiny. Edward is cool and charming. He only lies to bella when he’s trying to protect her. Edward and Bella has chemistry/Jacob and Bella uggh. TL can’t act. It’s the abs that has the teens screaming.

  • Lara

    Ehh, where is team Edward option? EW it looks like you get paid well by Lautner’s PR team. Jacob’s character can be define in a few words: he is the other man’s fiance stealing jerk turning into appalling pedophile in the last book. So no, I will never be on his team. Abs do not make the man, his good heart does.

    • Kat

      I thought that was covered in the “Neither” option.

  • Team Lautner

    Just because I think Taylor Lautner is hot, doesn’t mean I don’t think Edward and Bella belong together. But waiting for them to get there….I’ll take as many scenes of a shirtless Jacob as you want to give me!!!!!

    • Taylor

      & this, IMO, is called being shallow.

    • hey kiddo

      Having abs is not the be all and end all. He’s not the first and not the last guy to have abs.

      Besides if I want to be as shallow as you, I’d say who cares about abs? Look at his ugly mug. No amount of muscles can make up for it.

    • LOL, WHUT?!

      Oh, so you like his body? Shocking.

  • tifa

    It’s not Team Jacob, it should be Team Loser, considering he loses…Jacob is just an immature cocky manipulative little shit…Taylor is a squeaky-clean, humourless, boring, scripted robot. There’s more to a man than just abs.

    • Lucia

      Bitter today, aren’t we? :)

    • Mrs.Lautner

      And theres more to edward than just his sexiness. Everyone likes edward cuz he is popular in the books, but it doesnt make sense for u just to say u like them cuz of how hot they are. I am a Team Jacob/Lautner fan because both have unique personalities. Just because they dont show or appeal that much to u doesnt mean they dont have one at all. Open ur eyes & ur mind long enough to see that taylor has no ego like rob or kristen does, so that eliminates the option of taylor being a bad actor. @ least he gets to do what he wants, career wise, & he’s having fun doing it. Just like some of u might like doing something, but u can fully or successfully accomplish it. Team Jacob deserves more credit than just taken for swooning over his fit body. The last time i checked, which was recently, Taylor can pull off his shirtless scenes unlike Rob. It was appaling to see how hideous rob looked in new moon. I mean, they do all this stuff to make his face pretty, but what about his body? Everyones not perfect, but if they had stayed truer to the book, i think u could have picked someone more edward-like than rpatz. My opinion, & i speak for my self only. If other team jacob/taylor fans wish to ssecond or third my motion, do so out of facts and reality. Dont be naive. I love you, Taylor. May u have a wonderful & self-fulfilling journey as an actor. Best wishes. & btw, i am 13. So doesnt that make u older ppl a bit embarrased? i would be if i had lived as long as u and continued to be so hipocrytic, opinion wise. Robert Pattinson can be edward with no problem, & Taylor Lautner can be Jacob with no problem, but dont be blind to each others faces, and dont stop thinking about who’s the better actor before u get to what really matters. therefore, edward is a possesive old fashioned person, while jacob is a young, sweet-on-the-inside teen persistent on bella seeing the truth & not ignoring her other options. You cant change the story, but u can change ur minds. Do that wisely & judiciously. :)

      • Christine Cho

        u go girl! hey guys take a chill pill & dont b so bitter 2 each other. the only thing that i dont agree with u mrs.lautner is r patz doesnt look that hideous in new moon. 2 the person who sed sumthing bout 12 year old girlies screaming bout his body thats offensive. im 12 k? & i dont scream. i mean u were 12 once, evry1 was, so stop thinking were babies lik seriously. im ok with bells & ed being 2gether. btw if ur a real fan i think it wouldnt matter if taylor has abs or doesnt. ne 1 whos gonna respond 2 this dont call me sweetie or ne thing lik that cuz i dont think ull lik it if i called u honey.

  • Gina

    Jacob whines too much!!

    • kate

      ….and Edward and Bella don’t?

      • Holly

        Oooo ^^^ Ownage. That’s sooo true, I think all three of them are whiny.

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