Johnny Weir on 'Closet Confessions' and possible 'Dancing With the Stars' future: 'I think it would be great if I won and Evan [Lysacek] wasn't able to win.'

Johnny-WeirImage Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesThe closing ceremonies for the Winter Olympics are well behind us, but three-time U.S. Men’s Champion and two-time Olympian Johnny Weir isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Known for his iconic style, today Weir is opening his closet, full of daring fashions, on’s Closet Confessions. Weir joins the ranks of Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, Kell on Earth’s Kelly Cutrone, heiress Nicky Hilton, and The City’s Roxy Olin, all of whom have shared behind-the-scene closet footage with “It means that a huge retailer, like Bluefly, thinks a lot of my style and thinks a lot of what I have to bring to the table as far as fashion is concerned. And I’m honored,” Weir says. But fashion isn’t all that’s on his plate in the coming months. Here, he opens up about his style, making music, and his desire to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’re known for some outrageous fashion choices. How would you describe your style?
I’d say in general, my style is Johnny Weir style. It’s my style. I can’t classify it as anything else. I’m very conscious of my body, and the way I’m built. I have really big thighs, but I’m tiny up top. And I have a little head, so I can’t really wear things that are huge up there. I have a very clear idea of my body and what style would work on me. And I love playing. I think I’m a student of both schools. The Coco Chanel philosophy of take one thing off before you leave the house, but also the school of enough is never enough. So I try to play in between those worlds.

What about on the ice?
Something that very many people forget is that when we’re on the ice, we’re not wearing clothes. We’re wearing costumes. And you wouldn’t go to see Moulin Rouge! without the costumes. Figure skating is theatrical, and a part of it is wearing costumes. My costumes were very over-the-top and outrageous for figure skating. But for me, it’s all beautiful. Even when nobody else believed they were beautiful, I felt beautiful in them. I think that’s the most important thing to be learned about fashion. It doesn’t matter necessarily what you put on your body. It’s how you feel with what you’re wearing. And I always felt good. I’ll look back sometimes maybe five days after an event, and I’ll look at a picture and say :”What was I thinking with those pants, or that top or that makeup?” I’m very critical of myself. But in general, when I get dressed, in that moment, it’s a look I want. It’s a feeling I want. I feel beautiful. I feel great.

How involved are you in making your costumes?
I’m involved in everything except the actual construction, the sewing and things. I can’t sew very well. It’s improving slowly, but I can’t sew very well. I design everything. I help chose the fabrics and the theme. The costumes always are a reflection of the music or the character that you’re performing with. I’m just in the final stages of creating a new costume for my Lady Gaga Poker Face costume. Lots of people have seen it. It’s like my No. 1 video on YouTube. More people have seen it than anything else I’ve ever done. I think that’s great. I wanted to change it up and do a new costume. We’re actually finishing that up. It’s really wonderful. My old costume was black with broken shards of glass and disco balls down one arm. This one I wanted to be very sleek. It’s basically a black lace catsuit. There are certain cutouts in very strategic places to make me look thin. And there are giant things on the shoulders. My inspiration was film when you pull it out of a camera, and old-fashioned camera.

How did you get involved with Closet Confessions?
After the Olympics, my personal style was definitely on a lot of people’s radars. And BlueFly is made up of people. They were interested in seeing what I was doing next, and interested in seeing my closet and my philosophies on fashion. They called my agent and said, “We think Johnny would be perfect for Closet Confessions.” Of course, we didn’t know what that meant. We thought it might be a trap in some way, but we researched it and Nicky Hilton did it and Christian Siriano. I think it is definitely very good company to be in. So I said yes. I got my closet ready and they came over and shot it.

What can viewers expect to see in your closet?
There’s a lot in my closet. I’ve been collecting things since I was five. I’m definitely a pack rat. I’m not a hoarder, but I’m definitely a pack rat. I will keep anything if I have a memory in it or a good moment. I’m only 25, but 20 years of stuff is a lot of stuff as far as fashion is concerned. I love vintage Chanel jackets. I love Chanel. I love Balenciaga bags. I love sunglasses. I have over 120 pairs of sunglasses. I love fur. I just collect things. Even if I don’t wear something, I collect it. Usually the test for me is if I would want to frame it someday.

The first season of your Sundance Channel show Be Good Johnny Weir just ended. What new things are you planning?
There’s definitely a lot of new opportunities coming my way that I never expected. Like I recorded a song. We’re going to put that up at the end of July. A lot of people who have heard it say it sounds a lot like Depeche Mode. I haven’t been a big fan of Depeche Mode, so I’m not so familiar with their music. For me, it sounds like a mixture of Lady Gaga and the Scissor Sisters, which is sort of a dance/pop sort of situation. Which is the easiest way to sing, I believe. I’m really proud of what I did with that. The song is called Dirty Love. I’m also writing a book, and yes, we are definitely in talks about season two of Be Good Johnny Weir. I’m not sure if I’ll keep competing this season. I still have some time to decide, but I’m still on the fence about if I want to take one year off because the Olympic season was so draining and so tough. I might need to take a year off to relax and enjoy my life a bit before I start skating again. Or if life happens. You never know. I could end up a trophy wife next week. You just never know.

What about Dancing With the Stars? You’ve been vocal about wanting to do the show. Is that a possibility?
We’re definitely talking to all the right people about Dancing With the Stars. They are definitely talking back to us, so it’s just going to be a matter of time. Really, when it comes down to it, if you’ve chosen a whole cast of people, and the last spot is open [and] you’ve got Johnny Weir…That’s all good, but that will be easily trumped by somebody else who would be more outrageous on the show. Like if it was between me and Lindsay Lohan for the last spot. Obviously you want to see Lindsay Lohan dancing in that ankle bracelet. I definitely would love to dance. I’ve already chosen Karina Smirnoff as who I would like to dance with. I got to meet her, and I checked my size next to her. I love her, and I love the show. I think I’d be great. A lot of people expect me to have really good rhythm when I’m not on ice, but it’s quite the opposite. It would be a situation where I really would have to learn to dance. I’ve never taken  dance classes or anything. I would be a fish out of water, for sure. I think that would be interesting.

Fellow ice skater, Evan Lysacek, did pretty well on DWTS. Is that an added incentive to be on the show and perform well?
Absolutely. I don’t take on a project unless I know the end result is going to make me happy. If I can’t give 100 percent to something, I choose not to do it because it’s very difficult to have so many pots on the fire at one time. If I wanted to do Dancing With the Stars I would fight and fight to get on the show, which we are. Once I’m there, I’m not going for any other place aside from first. I think it would be great if I won and Evan wasn’t able to win this season. I think it would be funny.

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  • Madd

    I loved him during the Olympics, but can somebody please explain to me the reason he hates Evan so much?

    • Soldier

      I thinks he is jealous/envious.

    • mANDY

      I would think it’s because they are in direct competition with each other in the skating world. Both are equally talented, just with different styles.

    • k

      Actually, he doesn’t hate Evan. He just likes to get under his skin (and over your head).

      • Kat

        He certainly SEEMS to hate him. What was up with calling him a slut/whore or whatever that was and b-tching about Evan and the Stars on Ice thing? I used to really love Johnny Weir and respect his uniqueness and his skating ability…but he’s really losing me. If he’s trying to be jokey-bitchy, he needs to make that clearer. Because what I’m reading from his statements is entitlement, attitude, and petty grudges, and while of course he doesn’t owe me personally any explanations, he does need to watch his public image or he will lose a lot more supporters the way he’s losing me. And then no one will want to throw more silly opportunities his way (do we really need another celebrity song released?).

    • A.F. for EW

      It is partly bitterness over the Olympics and his belief that his performance did not get the scores that he deserved & partly the highly competitive nature of the sport of figure skating.

      I agree that Johnny Weir should have gotten better scores at the Olympics, but I think the time has come for him to let that go, for his own sake! He needs to let that pain go so that he can really get on with his life. I know it’s difficult, but he would be better off in the long run.

    • dee

      Evan hasn’t been so gracious to Johnny with his comments so the words go back and forth. I for one am glad to see Johnny doing great. I also agree with Diane about diong Project Runway. He would be terrific. He’s alot of fun, Go Johnny Go!

    • betty

      It’s because Evan has been lauded for keeping the sport “masculine” while Johnny doesn’t hide who he is. Some commentators have said very disparaging remarks about Johnny’s more flamboyant nature, as has Evan. I mean this is figure skating, not football, it’s so ridiculous. Johnny is an amazing skater.

    • Scooter

      because Evan is a d-bag.

    • P

      Evan has a long history of making subtle (and some not so subtle) jibes about Johnny’s sexuality and supposed lack of masculinity to make himself look more masculine and, thus, more likable to figure skating judges. They can barely be in the same room together without breaking out the claws.

    • Ford

      He doesnot like Evan because Evan is a homophobe and an ass!He always puts Johnny down and says rude things to belittle him and pump himself up then is like,no I respect Johnny.He should not start a fight{verbally}if he is unprepared to have the other person fight back.Evan has always been a jerk to him and Johnny is fighting back!Good for him!Plus he got screwed by the judges for being unmasculine!Not that Evan is!

    • Debbie

      Evan treats him bad. He has always been jealous of Johnny and has said many hurtful things about Johnny over the years. Evan once said that he felt that a male skater should be masculine instead of feminine. He has just always been very derogatory in interviews about Johnny and Johnny says that Evan doesn’t like him.

    • Carla

      Johnny is jealous because even though Johnny was U.S. champion for 3 years (2004-5-6), Evan surpassed him in 2007. Actually Evan surpassed him before that, as Evan did better than JW in the 2006 Olympics, finishing in 4th place. And it wasn’t just about discipline and hard work, either. Evan’s skating is technically better (see both their Grade of Execution marks at the Olympics); Evan has continued to progress and improve his footwork; and Evan skates with an intensity and passion that Johnny, while being a beautiful skater with a unique style, can’t duplicate because he feels he’s good enough and doesn’t need to go deeper. Johnny won’t take responsibility for his own skating, blaming politics, bus schedules, a “black aura” etc., so trash talking about Evan is how he chooses to make himself feel better.

    • Lauren

      Evan is two faced person. His training partners said that. His ex-girl friend doesn’t
      even talk to him anymore. Evan Johnny said that Evan is two faced person. Johnny
      knows who is Evan. He has known him for more than 10 years. Believe me Evan is two faced
      person. I been to some skating competitions. and Evan is two faced really. He throws away
      fans presents. Johnny never does that. Johnny is amazinly angel actually. He is nice to
      everyone! Evan is not. I have seen. Evan is sooo two faced. I have seen so many not nice
      act of him in the backscene. Such a two faced person. That’s why he always give streotype interview.
      Never reveals his true personality in camera unlike Johnny who reveals himself even infront of camera.
      That kind of act can only be conducted when one’s true personality has nothing dirty personality in it. He
      has nothing to afraid to reveal. He said that a lot. He is so candid unlike Evan. Evan never show even
      a freak of any personality. I know why he acts like that. cause his true personality is not nice. Believe me,
      he is not nice. I have seen. He threw away fans presents and was not nice to everybody.
      I went to grand prix final and other competitions and saw who is Evan really is. Lot’s of people around him
      also said that he is not good person. Go and search blogs of people who trained with Evan.

      • Shawn

        But the REAL question is: is Evan two-faced?

    • AuntInAZ

      He doesn’t ‘hate’ Evan, he never did. He always made comments about Evan being a rival, etc., but also tempered that with comments about how hard Evan worked, etc., and even said maybe Evan was a better man than him for being what the USFSA wanted. What set him off this time was Evan saying he wasn’t good enough for SOI and that he wanted the financial benefit of the tour. Well no kidding, who doesn’t? Johnny has been working for years the same as everyone else, and for Evan to make the comments he did that SOI only takes the best and so on was hurtful and insulting to JW. Some of EL’s fans conveniently forget about his comments to JW and only focus on anything negative they think JW said about EL. It’s ridiculous and hypocritical and unfair.

  • Diane

    Why oh why hasn’t Project Runway called him to be a guest judge?

    • KC

      I totally agree!!!

  • Molly


  • Soldier

    Go, Johnny, go! You’re awseome.

    • Xena

      Just go.

      • Just me

        and take Xena with you.

  • gigi

    Johnny Weir on DWTS!! For the love of Annie Barrett…let’s make this happen!!

    • Sophie Ann

      When I first read he wanted to be on DWTS – I wondered “WHO would he dance with – one of the female pros or one of the male pros?” But he answered my question by saying he picked Karina to dance with!!!

      • Maria

        His wanting Karina as his pro partner could actually hurt him. Most long time DWTS fans don’t like Karina because of her attitude and because of what she did to Maks.

      • bb

        One of the male pros?
        How very… classy of you.

      • Josie

        Hate to break it to ya Sophie but Johnny doesn’t own the show so HIS selection does not matter in the least. If anything his forward assertion on making HIS selection before the rightful selection is made by the shows producers and owners as the only important one just destroyed his chances of getting on the show. It probably destroyed Karina’s too. Karina doesn’t own the show either. Deal with it.

  • Elizabeth

    I used to enjoy Johnny… but all this catty attitude towards Evan is growing very thin… Move on, live your life.

    • shellz

      totally agree. i was a johnny fan until he started being such a fame-whore about the whole evan situation. he clearly loves the publicity. i couldn’t stand to watch him on dwts. ugh!

  • whatt

    why do these two hate eachother so much? I love them both but maybe Johnny is jealous and Evan is arrogant about the gold medal?

    • Ashtrash

      Evan arrogant? Um, FAIL. Have you seen the guy? He oozes humility, sometimes to a fault. Johnny however, comes across as completely jealous. And catty.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        I’ve seen Evan. Anytime the subject of Johnny comes up, he sounds like a jerk.

      • Jamie

        um humilty? That guy so does not. He is an arrogant a**.

      • kate

        Weirdly, I have always found Evan very polite, humble, and classy…except when talking about Johnny. And I normally find Johnny entertaining and funny, except when he talks about Evan. They just don’t like each other.

    • Debbie

      Johnny wouldn’t want to be Evan. Johnny has respect for people and does things for charities and doesn’t get paid. Evan is the fame-whore. Isn’t he the one who decided to go on Dancing with the Stars last season. Isn’t he the one who does all these shows and gives nothing in return. Johnny has been to many charity events this year and has raised money and not gotten anything from it. Evan gets paid everytime he makes an appearance and pockets the cash. When has Evan ever been generous like that? The jealousy argument doesn’t hold water. Johnny has a book deal, a single, a reality show of which he may win an Emmy award. Evan won’t. What in the hell does Johnny need to be jealous of?

      • Emily

        Actually, Evan does a fair bit for charity too. For example, he’s a board member of Figure Skating in Harlem, and also, recently took part in Kristi Yamaguchi’s “Dancing the Night Away” benefit.

        They both do good works and it’s possible to prefer one to the other without disparaging that.

      • meep

        Johnny is jealous of Evan’s gold medal.

    • Josie

      It’s a very long, very drawn out lover’s spat versus Evan. I bet good money on it. I bet Evan still had feelings for Tenith. Johnny rooming with Tenith only served to give Evan all the fuel and drive he needed to win not just any gold but Olympic Gold. Another room was available at The Village. Very dumb move on Johnny’s part and on the part of his team. Apparently drumming up browniePR points for Be Good Johnny Weir was more important than Olympic Gold. What does Johnny expect. You only get as good as what you give.

  • Jason

    Johnny Weir is a jerk, loser and coward. I’d rather see Lindsay Lohan than Weir.

  • Just me

    Have you seen his show? He is sweet, talented, lonely and hilarious. Go Johnny.

    • Mandy

      Yes, I have seen BGJW. Disgusting show ( has chats with his boyfriend, Paris, while they both sit shirtless in the bathtub and he dry humps his manager while screaming that he want sex) Johnny showed his true cloors when he whined about how he was not happy that Evan won the 2009 World Championship b/c it was going to cost Johnny a lot of opportunities to get work skating . (maybe if Johnny had focused on being a skater and not a movie star then he would have won a few world titles )

      • Kat

        “(maybe if Johnny had focused on being a skater and not a movie star then he would have won a few world titles )” ZING! And also an excellent point.

      • P

        LOL. Um, he’s actually won quite a few medals including a world bronze, so…

      • Rudi

        A “world title” refers to Olympic champion or world champion…not bronze medalist at worlds. But since you are counting world bronze medals, Johnny has one and Evan has two.

      • Debbie

        Evan wants to be a movie star not Johnny. Johnny is a skater, that is who he is not what he does. Also, much of Johnny’s show is about skating and has very little to do with his personal life, if you watched all the season instead of just the first episode. Paris is Johnny’s friend, not boyfriend. They are best friends. That part in the bathtub was just for shock value, but that is not all his show is about. It’s mostly about his skating and what it takes to fall down and get back up again in life. The last episode I saw was profound because Johnny’s parents are wonderful people who raised their boy, now man to believe in himself when other haven’t. Evan could learn a lot about how much Johnny has done for people. He gives everything of himself to help others, but of course you wouldn’t know anything about that from one episode of his show.

      • Robbie

        I doubt seriously that Johnny just dry humps his manager. She acts too close, friendly and possessive with him and more often than not shares his room. I’ve seen her jealous streak at events; esp. directed at other beautiful girls. Also when Tara feels threatened by another beautiful female that Johnny may fancy, she will often use her power/pull to purposefully pair Johnny with another female “star” very soon to nip the bud at the other female’s end. Tragic.

      • AuntInAZ

        WEll if you’ve seen all that you’ve watched it more than once. So if it’s so bad why are you still watching it? Paris is not his boyfriend, he is just a friend. And even if he was a ‘boyfriend’, so freakin’ what?

    • betty

      I agree! Johnny is funny, so talented, so kind to his fans, and really breaks the mold. Let’s face it, he’s comfortable with who he is, and that make some homophoboic peeps uncomfortable. Of all the skaters out there he is the most graceful and artistic, I think. And yes, outspoken. Which I find refreshing, and makes it all the more interesting to watch!!

      • Debbie

        Evan is not comfortable with who he is, so he has to berate someone else to feel better. Johnny is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t try to be what other people want him to be. HE IS JOHNNY!

      • Josie

        Johnny is a lot of things but homo isn’t one of them. If anything he fits into the BI category.

  • mary

    I love him and would watch DWTS to see his costumes.

  • Xena

    Johnny Weirdo is a spiteful little dweeb. Johnny mocks, while Evan rocks.

    • Just me

      Oh now we know. I have seen Evan say some pretty bad things about Johnny when Johnny was doing better. Only difference is, Johnny actually has a sense of humor. Why must you choose one. Both are great.

    • Mandy

      Johnny showedhis lack of class when he went on CL and implied that Evan was gay. Then in a print interview a week later (that got little press coverage) Johnny stated that he was not trying to imply that Evan was gay, that he hardly knew Evan and thus could not comment on his personal life.

      • Debbie

        Well, Evan implied in an interview that Johnny was not masculine enough for figure skating and said he wasn’t a good skater. Johnny is a balletic skater, like Baryshnikov was a ballet dancer. He is playing a character every time he is on the ice. Some people just don’t understand how talented he really is. He designs his own costumes, has a hand in every program he skates to, and takes control of his career. Evan needs PR people to tell him what to do. Johnny just does it.

    • harper

      Evan is like a robot. I think he is all technical, no personality. And I do find find him arrogant. He’s blah. His routines on ice are blah. Yawn.

      • Tanz

        I agree that Evan comes across as robotic and seems to have a dull personality on screen (though maybe it’s different when he’s with friends/family). However, I’d much prefer a nice guy with a bland personality than a drama queen stirring up trouble and generally acting bitchy. Johnny Weir is so much more enjoyable when he performs and you can see his lovely skating but you can’t hear the nasty thoughts that apparently run through his head. The guy needs to tone down the attitude. I don’t care at all that he’s effeminate, gay, whatever…just learn some manners, kid. Evan Lysawhatsit said some unpleasant things, as I recall, but he admitted he shouldn’t have said such things and went on to say Johnny Weir was talented and all that and wished him well. Way classier.

  • Mandy

    LOL at how jealous Johnny is of Evan. I am sure that if Evan had to chose between finishing 2nd on DWTS or an Olympic gold medal, he would be content with the OGM. Johnny can aim for the DWTS title b/c he will never win an Olympic medal. (had his chance in 2006 when he was 2nd in the short program but fell to 5th after he blew the long program …which he blamed on the bus schedule) I find it funny that Johnny is now saying that dancing and skating are so different( which they are); however, when he was trying to get people not to vote for Evan he kept saying how similar dancing and skating were and that Evan should have an advantage and should have been a better dancer than he was.

  • Jennifer

    You can have the mirror ball…Evan’s got a gold medal!

    • shellz

      well said!

    • Jaded

      Too bad the U.S. Figure Skating federation can’t buy Evan a personality like they bought him that gold medal.

  • Steve

    Evan made some very derogatory remarks about Johnny not being a good role model for figure skating alluding to the fact that Johhnny is out and proud. Like there are no gay men in figure skating!

    • Kat

      I’m not trying to say I don’t believe you, but do you remember when/where Evan made such remarks? I’m just having a hard time believing that he would say something with that kind of meaning (though I do think Johnny Weir is a bad role model, but not for his skating style – for his major diva attitude). So I’m curious to see the context and I can’t seem to find anything about it in a google search. And without seeing it for myself, I’ll have a hard time not just dismissing it as a misinterpretation because I like Evan, so if it’s true I want to know for sure so I can adjust my opinion accordingly. Thanks!

      • meep

        He never actually said Johnny wasn’t a good role model. Just implied it.

    • harper

      Steve, exactly! If anything, maybe Evan has a problem with the fact that Johnny is out and proud while Evan…well, I think we can all guess that one.

    • Emily

      It’s interesting that no one seems to be able to cite to anything concrete and instead fall back behind “he implied it.”

      Citations are good, even for implications.

      • meep

        I think it’s from Pop Star on Ice, Johnny’s movie. Which is edited to make Evan look like as much of a jerk as possible. I think Johnny’s show is the main reason why people hate Evan so much.

      • Emily

        That kind of thing is why I’m glad I’m not in the public eye. :-)

        Biased editing aside, Pop Star on Ice was filmed between 2006-2008, and I know I’ve said a lot of stupid things when I was 21-22 that I regret now that I’m older. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to have those said stupid things immortalized.

  • John

    Run along, Johnny. You’re not interesting in the least.

    • Sherry

      @John You were certainly interested enough to read the whole column and leave a comment, though…..

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