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DoucheboatsImage Credit: Frank Masi; Adam Larkey/ABCdoucheboat

A male character or celebrity who is undeniably attractive, despite possessing an abhorrent personality.

Origin: Coined many moons ago in the EW offices by Idolatry‘s own Kristen Baldwin, and kept alive by News & Notes editor Meeta Agrawal, this jaunty combination of the words “douche” and “dreamboat” once again surfaced during today’s EW morning meeting.

Sample sentence: Bradley Cooper has perfected the doucheboat role in Wedding Crashers, He’s Just Not That Into You, and The Hangover, but when it comes to TV, Josh Hopkins’ work on Cougar Town and Brothers & Sisters is the gold standard.

Please feel free to try out “doucheboat” in a sentence, or nominate your favorite pop-culture doucheboats, in the comments section below!

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  • Ceballos

    So “doucheboat” is NOT a bigger version of a “douchecanoe”?

    • Ceballos

      Also, if you were going to show a picture of Hopkins, you should’ve gone with one of him wearing one of the wool caps he got during his time on Planet Douchelon.

      • Madd

        With It’s All Part of Being a Couple playing in the background?

    • dublin

      I like douchecanoe

    • Lisa Simpson

      I guess this means that doucheships are the biggest douches of all.

      • Shiny_Tim

        Like a nuclear powered douchecraft carrier?

      • gah


  • alina

    Chuck Bass (aka Ed Westwick) total douceboat!

    • val

      For me, doucheboat has a former/current Miller-Lite-drinking, fraternity-pledging, Topsider-wearing connotation. So it most certainly includes Bradley Cooper and Josh Hopkins (and their respective characters), but excludes all Brits.

    • Hiromi

      Half of these I’ve used and didn’t even realise they were Drupal.. Some great dsgein work here, it looks as if finally Drupal’s escaped that initial problem where all the sites looked very simiar and drupally’, which is great news!

  • Fridge

    Personally I like douchenozzle, the nozzle really is worse than the actual bag.

  • Zach

    I thought this was going to be for the Situation, not that I think anyone thinks he’s attractive.

  • Sarah

    Alex Rodriguez

  • Blake

    The Situation.

    • cap

      Heavy on the d0uche, light on the boat.

  • Jeannie

    That would totally describe Sawyer in the first couple seasons of Lost.

    • Nee Nee

      Sawyer wasn’t ever a douche. He always had a sweet/sensative side to him.

      • Trey

        He charged people for medicine. He was a douche.

      • Devin

        @trey, isn’t that just what insurance companies and actual doctors do?

  • Ceballos

    So….is Don Draper too haunted and soulful to truly be considered a doucheboat?

    • Johnification

      Ken Cosgrove fits the “doucheboat” mold more than Don…except Ken’s just so…inoffensive?

      • Ceballos

        Aww…I like Ken. (Especially the way he handled his competition with Pete this past yaer.)

        And, as you say, he’s pretty inoffensive. I certainly wouldn’t say he has an “abhorrent personality.”

      • Johnification

        Maybe Duck is the doucheboat? I kind of wanted to deck him when he layed a hand on my Peggy.

      • Madd

        But HOW is Duck attractive?
        Can there be a female Doucheboat? If so, can I nominate Betty?

      • Ceballos

        Peggy certainly found Duck pretty attractive.

        During their, um, love scenes I was caught halfway between being kinda revolted and kinda getting it. (At least during the scene where Duck aggressively went for it at first.)

        Anyway…I’m sensing our collective love for Don Draper/Jon Hamm simply won’t allow us to think of him as a doucheboat if we’re trying to pawn the title off on the likes of Ken and Duck.

      • Madd

        Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Don Draper/Jon Hamm affected my judgement (see, my extreme hatred of Betty).

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yes he is, Ceballos. And Pete may not be boat enough. Roger certainly fits into the elder doucheboat category, though. (And by older, I mean guys not that much older than I am. Sigh.)

      • Sal Romano

        “If so, can I nominate Betty?”

        Maybe we can nominate you instead.

    • Sal Romano

      Haunted and soulful? Give me a break. More like sociopathic and disease ridden.

    • Topo

      I am glad you were able to make the best of a rainy situation! I am a huge footabll fan and always cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles..even though they have NOT played well this season! Nothing fun for me this weekend! Just relaxing Amy@ahealthyandhappyheart recently posted..

  • CinephileSandra

    Gregory House is the epitome of doucheboat.

    • Yoja

      Really? He’s attractive, but I wouldn’t say he fit the dreamboat category.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yeah, he’s a doucheboat.

    • Joa

      Ken Posted on Hey! i like it! Pretty sweet. I so wish I could do the voice over for you! I would love to do something like that one day! Ihope all is well!Ken

    • Amar

      Hi There – I really like your “stay coteecnnd with free updates” box. Can you please tell me where I can get the gadget (or code) for it. It is way cool and would look great on my new site. Thanks Annie

  • alia

    This perfectly describes about half the guys I went to school with.

    • aleksa

      Hey, I’d go so far as to say it describes half the guys I’ve dated. :)

      • alia

        I think only one of my exes qualifies as a doucheboat. Maybe two, depending on how far you’re willing to stretch the “boat” descriptor. But the guys (and girls) I graduated with? Yeah, total doucheboats.

  • jen_s

    Josh Hopkins on Private Practice was a total doucheboat.

  • One For The Road

    I think we can put Jude Law in this category as well. He just loves playing the same role (plus they pay well!), but truly Jude is one of the most curious, oily characters in show business and I kinda don’t get him or the hype.

    • Nadine

      Hey you can talk about yourself all you want as long as you fisinh the comment with a compliment about me haha!! And P.S. stop posting such incredible recipes on your blog. The pictures are making me drool on my keyboard!

  • aleksa

    Gerard Butler in “The Ugly Truth”.

    Probably also describes Colin Farrell back in his bad boy days.

  • eintwo

    I would like to nominate Eddie Cibrian. The name “douche-boat” suits him to a tee..

  • ZF

    Douche–as a prefix or a standalone word–has kind of run its course. It’s become so pervasive that it no longer packs a punch. Is a guy mildly inconsiderate, a total monster, or somewhere in between? Doesn’t matter, because he’ll be labeled a douche-bag/boat/whatever.

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