Sandra Bullock opts for guitar over wardrobe malfunction at Nashville Rising

Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at Tuesday’s Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Recovery. When her Blind Side co-star Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, invited her to introduce Faith, she thought she’d come and do some funny bits, have a wardrobe malfunction. But after hearing how generous the community had been when it came time to take care of one another, she wanted to give them something more: a song. She strapped on a guitar, asked the audience to be quiet, and launched into “Smoke on the Water.” Watch the clip below. (Yes, this is a comedy bit, and Bullock’s streak of charming public appearances at a time when most celebrities would be asking for complete privacy continues to keep fans firmly in her corner.)

P.S. If you were wondering, Miley Cyrus, who was among the artists delivering real performances, did tame her wardrobe for the event. She wore pants.

Just the music:

Full introduction:

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  • Josie

    You stay classy Sandra Bullock

    • Kaci

      Agreed. Love her. :)

      • Hill

        Right. Pure class.

      • JaySin420

        I always liked her but what she’s doing right now is downright brilliant.

        I bet Jesse James crawls deeper into whatever rock he’s hiding under every time she does something cool like this.

      • Kat

        Agree. She’s a class act all the way. Bravo!

    • j


    • Randy Jackson Random Comment Generator

      SANDRA! Oh, man, never mind the Sex Pistols, here’s the Bullock. For me, for you, dawg, you OWNED that song. I remember back when I was in Journey we used to play that in soundchecks. And, dude, “Smoke on the Water”? How about “Smokin’ Hot ON STAGE”!

      Can I keep my job now?

      • Fantasm


    • Youth

      BOOOOOO!!! That was horrible! A dying cat makes more pleasant noises.

      • Niix Starkyller

        You’re either comical or ignorant. The jury is still out.

      • OPIE

        it was a joke for peet sakes! lighten up.

    • amj

      Absolutely agree! I love her! Absolutely wonderfully classy.

  • cusegirl

    She is truly amazing..and makes me proud to be a woman.

    • Sharon

      I cry a lot now when I see her speak because she is just so strong and so full of life in the face of what is going on.

    • Eric Nicolas

      As opposed to some slacker like Mother Teresa.

      • Montserrat


      • Cagney

        Oh man! Why does Mother Teresa have to be brought into this??? Get off your condesending soapbox and enjoy a little comic relief!

      • FIona

        lol. How are people missing the joke here?

  • Brenda Barrett

    Me three.

  • yep

    She is awesome, have always loved her work, I don’t care if people think she is getting all this publicity now because what has happened she has always been a class act.
    Great to see her always with her chin up.

  • Mark

    God I love her!!!!

    • Mark G

      AMEN !!!!!She had a cheating, worthless husband, and she doesn’t want to play the victim? Does that make her worthy of canonization? Get real- she is a modern women, not defined by what a man chooses to do, and unwilling to be a martyr.

  • Chris

    Can the ass-kissing of Sandra Bullock cease to exist?

    • Tom

      No of course not. And you, as a dude are not supposed to point it out. Apparently because she was dumb enough to fall for some guy every sane person on the planet knew was a loser and steal him from his wife, then got hurt we’re all supposed to be rooting for her. Whatever. 1.) Her movies suck. 2.) Any coolness of this footage by her was quickly overwhelmed by her usual insistence that everyone shut up, listen immediately to her and fawn over whatever she’s doing, and 3.) She’ll probably repeat the same mistakes she’s made (especially bad movies inflicted on the public) over again.

      • Chris

        Thanks, Tom.
        Finally a smart poster on here.

      • Donna

        Jeez Tom, a little bitter or is it just jealousy. Do you feel better after tearing her down?

      • John

        I still can’t understand the need to

        1)Surf the internet
        2) Find an article about someone you don’t care for
        3) Read said article
        4) Post some negative comment about someone you don’t care for 5) Be someone else who goes through Steps 1-3 and then respond in agreement to the negative comment made in Step 4.


      • Todd

        Yeah, that was really “smart.” 1) Some of her movies are quite good (The Proposal, The Blind Side, to name just two) 2) Her “usual insistence that everyone shut up” was part of the joke so she could play the opening strains of “Smoke on the Water,” which was clearly lost on you; 3) Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t mean they need to be vilified by morons who ignore the fact that she came out to participate in a worthy cause: helping flood victims.

        Sure, some people fawn too much but Sandra Bullock doesn’t deserve the bile you’re spewing. Grow up.

      • tarc

        Wow, Chris and Tom are in line with the Vanilla Gorilla for Neandrathal of the Year.

      • Sharon

        Wow…Chris and Tom you guys are SO SMART!!!! That was sarcasm. Ok 1) Yeah right, her movies suck. That’s why so many people go to see them. I mean, why else? They want to go watch Sandra Bullock suck in Crash, The Proposal, and The Blind Side, to name a few.That’s why she won an Oscar. Because she sucks. Next time you say someone’s acting sucks, check your facts. I think the numbers and awards speak for themselves. Also, it might not have been the smartest thing for her to fall for Jesse James, but hey. She was in love. She took a chance on someone and it backfired. She got hurt and I think that that was punishment enough for her. She doesn’t need to hear people like you talk about how stupid she was. Haven’t you ever made a mistake? And it sounds to me as though you are saying it was her fault that he couldn’t keep it in his pants. HE CHEATED ON HER!She has done nothing wrong. Yes, you are right, though. People do tend to idolize her and she is only a human being. But she seriously does not need anyone like Chris and Tom going around on message boards saying she deserved what was coming to her.

    • no comment

      it’s not ass kissing, it’s respect…she is a class act…

      • Chris

        Respect? For what? Making dumb decisions?

      • j

        Chris, thank God you are so bloody perfect. And wow. I guess Jesse James’ screwing around was all Sandra’s fault, right?
        I kiss the ground you walk upon for being so effing wonderful. Suck it, Chris.

      • LN

        everyone makes mistakes. does making a poor choice automatically make you unworthy of respect?

      • Niix Starkyller

        Chris’ opinions are flawless. Much as he is, himself, flawless. What we SHOULD be doing is kissing his butt, not wasting our time with Sandra Bullock.
        I bet you Chris’ butt is also flawless. Such a paragon is he!

      • levelheaded

        @Chris, no for not letting said mistakes get the best of you.

        Hasn’t anyone told you that every fails, but it’s your reaction to failure that define your character?

        Normally I don’t like making personal attacks, but I totally get the vibe that you view yourself as the ‘nice guy’ who all the girls don’t like and probably have restraining orders against.

  • Liz G

    Sandra is original and classy. A lot of women are jealous and want people to stop praising her. Sandra is a rare gem in Hollywood.

    • Tracy

      I have no respect for her after the kissing Scarlett at the MTV awards or whatever that crap was because I don’t watch it. That is not classy. She is a bimbo.

      • nan

        you are an idiot and I don’t even care for Sandra.

  • CK

    Loved her best in “The Net”.

  • Moonbeam

    Sandy for president! No joke. In spite of all she has been through, she keeps inspiring us with her charm, grace and humanity. What an amazing lady!

  • Barry Sharpe

    As a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, I have always loved Sandra Bullock. She makes me proud to wish I was a woman!

    • ficheye

      You funny!!

  • It’s Me

    Considering it is a man’s world and ALWAYS will be I am glad I’m not a woman. But I think everyone should own one at least once in their life.

    • Jezebel

      Your mommy is calling you.

    • Tracy

      It would have been a more pleasant world if women like your mother opted for an abortion.

      • MNB


  • cidy

    Love Her! Jesse, “git outta town!”

    • Melissa

      He is. And unfortunately coming here to Austin. We don’t want him.

  • kelly

    sandra has class…

  • Hater

    Glad to see she’s not using the whole Jessie thing to get publicity.

    • ficheye

      Oh, come on. It was the whole Jesse thing that caused her a great loss of well deserved publicity after the Oscars. She should be granted lots of leeway.

    • sal

      Yes that’s what saddens me the most is that she only had maybe a week to bask in the oscar glow before it all came apart. It should have been the happiest time in her life, Jessie took that all away. I guess i’m glad that it didn’t happen before awards season.

      • Chris

        well, if she was truly basking, then she wasn’t very aware, and no, i’m not saying it’s her fault at all. Why would Oscar time be the happiest in her life? I would think love and commitment would be. Priorities people.

      • levelheaded

        @Chris everyone has different priorities. But I would have to say if your career is an actress winning an Academy Award would be in the top moments of your life.

        Succeeding in your chosen profession, for most people is a happy time in life for them.

  • ficheye

    I wish she would make another Judge Dredd movie with Stallone. Now, that was entertainment.

    • Kevin

      I think you mean Demolition Man.

    • Boof

      Diane Lane was in Judge Dredd.

    • Boof

      and I’m sorry that I know that.

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