'Toy Story 3' poll: Did you cry?


There’s no shame in crying at a Pixar movie. In fact, I dare you to watch the “Married Life” montage from Up again right now and not well up. (Really. Try it. I’ll wait.) Did Toy Story 3 get you? How many times? Let us know in the poll below, then discuss the moments that had you teary in the comments section. (That’s a massive spoiler alert, friends.)

I teared up twice. Keeping it vague for spoiler-phobes still reading — again, only read the comments if you’ve seen the movie — one time involved hand-holding, the other was when the ending became clear to a certain someone.

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  • Ceballos

    Over the weekend, I mentioned in my Facebok status how I was basically in a constant state of tearing up for the last 30 minutes of this movie. I semi-expected to be ridiculed by my fellow adult friends, but I got a massive amount of “me toos.”

    My two moments:
    1.) The hand-holding for sure! (I just completely lost it.)
    2.) Andy flinching when Bonnie went to grab Woody from him

    2.5) Andy introducing ALL the toys to Bonnie (and reminding himself why he’d kept them all that time).

    • petitemalin

      that’s exactly why i cried, too!

      • Lili

        I felt like crying with the opening Montage! But definitely balled like a baby during those moments too!

    • val

      Andy’s flinch is indelible in my mind. I am in awe of how the animators were able to bring that emotion to life. The other part that got me was the clouds above Bonnie’s house, just like the wallpaper in Andy’s room — that was such a sweet and melancholy visual.

      • Aletse Nehceits


      • MP

        I shed a tear at the home movie montage even though I had already seen that in the trailer, then the tears started flowing when Andy’s mom started crying. I was dying when they kept the shot on Woody’s face as Andy described him. So great.

      • Momof2boys

        that’s when I cried. My oldest is 1 year younger than Andy. I cried the whole last harlf hour – all the same parts. and my 17 year old was tearing up…my 9 year old loved the movie and was sad about the baby doll…awww

    • Woody

      The handholding was a great dramatic moment, but I didn’t cry because I knew they wouldn’t incinerate them. Nope, I cried when Andy played with the toys for the last time. As a dad whose kids are growing up much too fast, that scene got me.

      • Liz

        That scene got me for the same reason, Woody. Thoughts of my own son in Andy’s shoes pushed me into “ugly cry” territory.

      • Lili

        LOL.. @ Liz because ‘ugly cry’ is exactly what happened to me at the theater when Andy flinched! I don’t know why that scene got to me the way it did, but I know i made a funny noise! :[ i get all teary just thinking about it..

      • Darren

        when he started passing oon the toys to Bonnie is when I started to cry

    • Connie

      I cried during those scenes too as well as when Woody was talking about the toys now gone..his being upset about Bo Peep being gone was such a nice touch.

      • gigi

        My face went into sad mode when they mentioned the ‘passing’ of Wheezy and Bo Peep. I was hoping Bo Peep would have been rescued by Bonnie and reunion would have happened. I totally bawled for the last 15 minutes of the movie.(My 11 year old totally laughed at me…meanie).

    • Torie

      all the scenes that have been mentioned already i cried at as well. the main one i cried at was the end when andy was saying why he loved each toy and then playing with them one last time. i also got choked up and almost started to cry the next day when i was explaining to my mom what happened. being 22, i have grown up with these movies and i just think this was a perfect ending. as Devin said, i think we all were Andy in the sense that we were fnally saying goodbye to the toys we had grown up with. :)

      • hobbes242

        Ya. That was heavy. Especially when Andy told Bonnie that the great thing about Woody is that he never gives up on you. Geez– I’m welling up a bit just thinking about it.

      • James

        I hear ya, hobbes242.

    • David

      I cried the last 30 minutes! The holding hands made me spill a tear but as he flinched and introduced the toys, I was in hsock how much it got to me. I cried a lot. And to have those toys being played with, their desire for so many years, one last time, and see their lifeless expressions knowing they were cherishing the moment, it really got to me.

      Woody’s constant loyalty, devotion to Andy and to have him choose his friends (family) and have Andy recognize all of Woody’s faithful years, wow!!!

      A beautiful ending. I expected to laugh, I never expected to get so much from the movie.

      • MDM

        I definitely agree with you. Toy Story 3 was truly a beautiful film. I got tears of joy at the beginning as well. You know what else is sad? Woody’s moments when he wants to speak to Andy. When he’s on the phone at the beginning and Andy says, “Hello”, it’s like he wants to answer back. Also, in the last scene when Andy says, “Woody will never give up on you”, Woody’s pupils actually dilate in the sun. It’s like he wants to say something to Andy, but he can’t because it would break the rules of being a toy. The incinerator scene was also beautiful; what was powerful is that they communicate with their eyes, not by speaking, and Pixar captured that beautifully. Woody always believed in Andy, and watching the first movie and having Woody say that it’s about being there for Andy, I never imagined that it would be brought to this emotional height. When I first heard the line back all those years ago, I thought it meant they should be there when Andy needs something to play with.
        Anyways, sorry I’m blabbing so much. Thank you Pixar so much!

    • LAJackie

      And that made me cry just reading about it :(

      • dragonrider888

        Me too! I started tearing up after the first 6 posts or so.

        (For the record, I’m a 21-year-old girl who adores Pixar even though I haven’t had the chance to watch Wall-E or Up.)

        I have a bad habit of thinking that I want to, or should, cry when I watch a certain scene; I felt bad for feeling like that when Andy started giving away his toys and describing them with such enthusiasm and joy. But I lost it when he gave up Woody and played with all his toys for the last time. The flinch, the look on his face when he heard Bonnie say one of Woody’s automated phrases, his precious words about Woody and the other toys, Andy turning back into the boy he once was when he played with Bonnie, how much joy and pain the toys must have been in to have Andy playing with them after so long and so much self-doubt, and Bonnie waving Woody’s hand at Andy. I’m so, so glad that I’m old enough now and (somewhat) mature enough to appreciate such a moving and bittersweet end.

        (Unbelievable, I had calmed down but started crying again when I typed the last paragraph. I stopped, then started sobbing again when I scrolled back up to add more. Oh, toys, I will miss you all and Andy so much.)

    • Silv

      All these plus the moment when Andy’s mom looks around his room and realizes that this is it, Andy’s ready to go. My son’s a high school senior and my daughter’s a college senior and I’m facing that empty nest a lot sooner than I wanted. It was downhill from there.

      • Silv

        BTW the 3 of us saw this movie together today.

    • Addison

      The hand holding scene made me tear up somethin’ fearce. And just as I was pulling it together… Andy gives Bonnie the box with all his toys!!!

      I’m 26 as well and unashamed to say, I shed a full on tear.

      • Addison

        It feels so good to know I’m not alone. Lol. My name is Addison and I’m a baby.

    • Rosa

      I have a 5 year old who is obsessed with Toy Story. He has so many Toy Story toys. Woody, Buzz… I was 14 when the first one came out. And to be able to take my son to see it, was amazing. He had some of the action figures with him. So with my son on my lap, watching the scene where they hold hands, and when Andy was playing with them for the last time, I didn’t sob but had a steady stream of tears. My son asked me why I was crying. He thought I didn’t like the movie. Remembering how fast my childhood went, and thinking about how fast his is going, I couldn’t help but let the tears flow.

    • Leymar

      Dido… I texted my sister as I was coming out of the theater while wiping my eyes. Then I called my Mom over the weekend and the first thing she said was “I cried at the end!” It’s amazing how three generations can see these movies and be moved the same. Pixar, you are geniuses!!

      • Mickey

        I cried when they were about to get incinerated because the look in their eyes… they looked so sad.. and I just was bawling the last thirty minutes of the movie, though i clapped when they got rescued.

    • Blake

      You are on Facebook. Your experiences are invalid.

    • Jake

      Yep. Those are the killer moments

    • MD

      Toy 3 is definitely the best of the series, i lost it when they were all holding hands and were ready to face death TOGETHER, i dont usualy get emotional with movies, but that moment… the previous moment was when Jack Bauer looked up the sky and talking to Cloe….

    • M

      First time I cried was when I saw the TRAILER! Even before the movie was released! I already knew it was going to be pretty darn touching.

  • Robb

    When Andy handed over his toys…

    • Joe

      That’s when I lost it, because that was exactly what Woody and Buzz and the rest of the gang wanted, was for Andy to play with them again, and once he finished, that would be it. He’d never see them again.

      • David

        Exaclgty, they longed for years to be played with (Rex couldn’t contain his excitement when the daycare kids were prepared to go in).

  • Kaci

    1. Hand-holding part.
    2. When Andy’s mom started to cry in his empty room.
    3. When Andy started to introduce his toys to Bonnie.
    4. When Andy drove away.

    I definitely cried during these parts, but I’m just glad I wasn’t heaving like I did when I watched Marley and Me… at least I was in the privacy of my own home when I saw that tearjerker.

    • chloe

      Those are the same exact scenes I cried for.

    • JenC

      I cried for the same scenes, but mostly when Andy gave away Woody and was talking to him, and as the toys watched Andy drive away. I guess as a mom of 2 littles it still breaks my heart to think they grow up and move away and leave us behind.

    • HC

      I cried during all of those scenes too. I also cried at the begining when they showed the home movie of Andy playing with the toys. i was five when the original Toy Story came out and that movie was such a huge part of my childhood, so being reminded of it like that really got to me.

      • @HC

        Exactly! And then they finally got a chance to play with him one last time at the end. Beautiful.

      • untiled

        I cried at all of those and the part in the beginning when they talked about Bo and etch and wheezy being sold.

      • Shley

        I was five when the original premiered too!! Growing up with Toy Story then, and now seeing Andy go away to college (as I started college last year) is really moving. I cried many-a-time.

    • Gretchen

      Re: Marley & Me – I was the same way…had to stop the dvd at least 3 times before I got through it b/c of the tears. Lots of that had to do with the fact I have a yellow lab who is older and I couldn’t help but see him as Marley during the end…oh, and I had a picture of him above the tv I watched it on

    • lisamarch

      I agree! The empty room was really hard for me. I bawled at the end of Marly and me, too – but I think I’d have cried that much at TS3 if I’d been at home and not at the theater. I was holding it back because of being in public.

  • Jose

    I got misty eyed during the movie, at the hahd holding and the farewell from Andy to his toys, thae audience, and to childhood. Havn’t cried in a movie since Princess & the Frog.

    • Manx

      Why’d you cry during the Frog movie? I’m just being curious because I’ve seen it also.

      • Jose

        When Ray the nightbug dies and we later see a new star next to the evening star that Ray was in love with…

      • SherrilD

        I cried too, when Ray the firefly died and finally got to join his Evangeline.

      • Manx

        @ Sherri Oh yeah I remember now, I didn’t cry but a lot of the kids in the theater did ( I was too embarrassed)

    • alex

      I just HAVE to state that prince and the frog just hold the TRUE meaning of “dark magic” in kid-movies

  • Matt

    Andy handing over his toys. Bawled. Thank god for 3D glasses, so no one could see.

    • anonymous

      That part got me too. Didn’t start bawling, but I was definitely misty-eyed.

    • May

      You are so right about the 3D glasses thing, lol!

    • April

      Same here, however, I was sniffling so my movie buddies heard me. I heard others sniffling too so I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

  • Joey

    Well I am a 26 year old baby and I don’t care.
    1. One word: incinerator
    2. The last scene when the camera pans back on Andy and Bonnie
    3. The next day when I actually realized that Andy was playing with his toys one last time and the toys were probably enjoying it even more than he was. I was in the middle of rehearsal and I started tearing up like a total wimp. :o)

    • Mikie

      Thanks for pointing out #3. It was a stoke of genius that in the process of giving the toys to Bonnie, Andy was (probably unknowingly) playing with his toys one last time. And when Bonnie had Woody “wave” goodbye a Andy was about to drive away, seeing the look on Andy’s face was heartbreaking. And a possible setup for “Toy Story 4″? Meaning Andy gets married, has kids, and wants those toys back…

      • Devin

        Sorry Mike, I’m pretty sure that was the end of toy story.. amazing ending though. Worth the wait. I did not cry, but growing up as 10 year old in love with movie and collecting the toys, I think we were all a little bit of Andy.

      • Charles B

        Mike, I totally thought of a TS4 when Andy drove away leaving the gang with Bonnie and in 5-6 years I wouldn’t mind revisiting Woodys World.

      • MP

        I definitely do not want another Toy Story. TS3 perfectly wrapped up the trilogy. How much more can they tell? It will eventually become a continuous cycle: Bonnie grows up, toys not played with, etc. Plus, there is going to be a Toy Story short in front of Cars 2. I’m sure people will then speculate about the future of Toy Story and whether they left an opening for another film.

      • Denise

        How about Andy marries Bonnie and their kids get to play with them? I know the age gap would be a little steep but doable. At least that’s how it ends in my mind :)

    • Meg

      I totally thought the Incinerator was the end and was prepared to go into full-out sobs. The thirty-something tattooed biker behind me totally (audibly) lost it with the incinerator and bawled unashamedly until the credits went off.

      • James


        and then the potato heads:

        Mrs: You have saved our lives

        MR: AND WE’RE eternally grateful.

        Aliens: DADDY!!


  • David

    Hand-holding and toy bonding at the end. Majorly teary.

  • M

    At the end. Had to hold myself back from audible sobs.

    • kate

      Yes, it wasn’t just the tearing up it was the effort not to sob out loud (and the only other movie that’s ever done that to me before was “Life as a House”). Twice over the weekend when I was telling the plot of the movie to my college age boys I started to cry again! Loved, loved, loved TS3 :)

      • Clanover

        The only other movie that made me cry like this, a mixture of sadness, nostalgia and joy, was Cinema Paradiso. Right at the end. I felt the same mix of feelings, and it says a lot comparing these two movies, Cinema paradiso is my favorite movie of all times… they are both masterpieces in my book

  • Zetto

    In the beginning, when it played You’ve Got A Friend in Me.
    And I cried for the last 15 minutes, from when the TV landed on Buzz, till the end of the credits.

    • Nicole

      I teared up toward the beginning too! The home movie montage set to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” just got to me, because I already knew Andy would be grown up soon…

      • Doris

        Me too! I was a little embarassed that the opening home movies got me. I immediately thought of all the pictures and movies I have of my little ones, of times I’ve already almost forgotten except for my movies. They get big too fast.

        Great movie. Wish I could have seen the middle- my little guy had crazy legs and felt the need to run laps around the theater.

  • Laura

    Cried in the beginning during the montage of video footage of Andy growing up. Cried when Andy said he would donate his toys. Cried when Andy introduced his toys. Cried when Woody was at the bottom of the box of toys. Continued crying while Andy played with Bonnie. I was tryign to hide it, but my husband saw and made fun of me the whole way home. Toy Story is my favorite Pixar franchise (I think it’s the only franchise, given that it has three sequels and I don’t think any of the others do) and I waited years for this film. BTW, cried during “Ratatouille,” too.

    • Rob

      Tell your husband I said he’s a jerk! Your tender heart is why he fell in love with you in the first place — remember this guys!

      • mary

        Rob – you are a sweetheart!

    • MP

      As he introduced each toy I knew they were going to save Woody for last but I thought Andy would keep him! I know that the ending they created, though, was the best way to wrap up the trilogy.

    • Peep

      I’m sorry about your husband. Maybe he was trying to mask his feelings.

  • Aaron

    I cried when I saw the old dog.

    • Sara

      lol, me too

    • Josh

      That was the first time I teared up too. It actually shocked me, but it makes sense with the passage of time. Remembering how the dog used to bound down the stairs with Woody on his back is what got me going. I was fine until the incinerator scene. From there to the end I was a mess.

    • Garrett

      I said ohhhhhhhh but it was a pitiful kind of sad teary eyed kind of ohhhhhhhh

    • James

      Yeah, I cried seeing the dog. Poor guy.

    • Katy

      aww this makes me sad because I’m about I just finished my freshman year of college and my dog, who I’ve had since I was six (same as Andy!) is old and pretty weak, and I think a lot about how he would be around forever *sniff*.

      • Katy

        *won’t be around

  • Ann

    I only had one period of crying. It just lasted from hand holding in the incinerator all the way until Andy drove away one last time.

    • Kristal

      That’s how long my sobbing was too.

    • Shannon

      Yep, that whole part got me too. That incinerator scene was actually very intense…lots of the kids sitting around us were crying and even a few were screaming and yelling at that part.

      • lettergirl

        yup. me too. you could hear all the adults in my theater sniffling. that movie dang near killed me! must. see. again!!!!

      • Laurie

        The adults were loudest, not only sniffing, but at the peak of the hand-holding, one very quick person near me yelled out, “The Aliens!”

      • Garrett

        As soon as that happened I couldnt help but chime along with them and say “The CLAW” in exact timing as them

    • Debby

      from the incinerator scene on, I was crying, so was my husband. what a WONDERFUL movie!

    • A

      I cried (more like bawled my eyes out) from the incinerator scene until about 2 hours later when I was at home and I ran out of tissues (I’m not joking.)

    • Clanover

      I sobbed for the last 30 minutes, feeling slightly embarrased, until I heard my 10 year old son, crying next too me. I guess he is an old soul. We just held hands until the very end. He made me promise I will keep all his toys in a safe place until he has his own children. The thought of that just makes me cry even more….

      • Garrett

        i seriously just misted up over that

      • aby

        Having a ten year old son myself, your comment made me tear up. Give that boy a hug, he has a kind heart.

      • Diana

        OMG! I was doing ok reading these until I read yours, and it made me cry and I’m at work!! I have a 19-year-old and 12-year-old twins…we just moved and I’m trying to downsize…I can’t throw the toys away…

      • Kristin

        Yep, thanks. I’m ready to cry, too.

      • Erika D

        Here in Mexico, while watching the movie… Adults were crying… But it hit me that most of the kids were crying too.

      • Stephanie

        Oh god. I’m in the middle of a cafe and just reading that set me off. I feel like I was so heartless with my old toys when I got rid of them.

      • Victor

        OMG your comment and everyone elses made me cry here in my bed HOLY CRAP your son saying that just makes me wanna protect all my toys but im 13 now and wont be able to. My buzz is one of my favorites, grew up with him, learned with him, but it all has to come sometime ‘tears

  • Lisa Simpson

    I finally lost it at the end, when Andy was introducing his toys to Bonnie. The love he still had for them was overwhelming. I want all my childhood toys back.

    • Ricky

      Totally!!! I thought the same thing about my Gi joes and Transformers!! Man, I miss them. When the GI Joe movie came out they started selling the old ones again and it took all my willpower not to buy them. Love this movie. It really hit home.

    • Joshua

      Agreed, Lisa!

    • Alexandra

      It made me want all my toys back too! Made me wish I had given them the farewell they derserved the way Andy did. Gosh makes start to tear up just thinking about that last scene. More touching then even the Up sequence. I felt like I was saying goodbye to my childhood along with andy. So emmotional.

  • Anne

    And Andy introducing his toys to Bonnie and then having one last play experience with them.

  • Beatrice

    During the closing credits scene when You Got a Friend in Me was sung in Spanish while Jessie and Buzz danced.

    • IMissKristi

      I hope everyone stayed for that scene. It is great.

    • Nerio

      They needed to add those credits… I was so emotional and the only thing that got me up were the credits… If it wasnt for that i needed to see something else to cheer me up… and I laughed so much about the ken handwriting… too funny

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