Perez Hilton tweets another 'racy' Miley Cyrus photo: How are we supposed to react?

Miley-PerezImage Credit: Cyrus: Fotonoticias/; Hilton: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.comApparently figuring the stove wasn’t hot enough the first time, Perez Hilton is back touching it: Today, the notorious gossip feeder tweetered another photo of Miley Cyrus, writing ever so discreetly, “Oh, #Miley! Warning: if you’re easily offended, do NOT click here”… because everyone knows that’s the quickest way to stop people from clicking there.

If you did click there, what you found was a gallery of photos featuring Miley Cyrus at last night’s MuchMusic Awards — specifically a shot of the teen star mid-performance of “Can’t Be Tamed,” experiencing what looks to be a very unflattering leotard crotch malfunction. Yes, just one week after running a (faked) photo of Cyrus getting out of a car sans pantaloons, Hilton has, oops, gone and done it again… pulled advertisers and threats of legal action be damned. I wouldn’t recommend staring too long at today’s image, but the “offending” area doesn’t make a lot of anatomical sense even if you do. This is really just another tempest in a teenaged teapot, and now we’re all gonna get our very-present knickers in a knot over knothing.

There are a lot of ways I could go with this blog post. The most obvious, of course, would be to encourage everyone to simply ignore the cries for attention that emanate from the Pepto-pink pages of Hilton’s “media” “empire” and hope he and the nonsense he generates eventually disappear forever, but that’s a battle I know I’ll lose. I could also take the self-righteous route, remind everyone that we’re mired in the longest war in our country’s history and there’s oil soaking the Gulf and the French soccer team is in disarray and surely, surely we have more important things to focus on, but hey, look how I’m spending my Monday afternoon.

I could rant and rave about the hyper-sexualization of America’s children and how Hilton is part of the problem, his bizarre obsession with the netherregions of a 17-year-old girl opening the doors for countless pervs and sickos to feed on the innocent, but that seems awfully reactionary and anyway, if Miley Cyrus is an innocent, then I’m the new coach of the French soccer team. Or I could scream for him to be brought up on charges of child pornography — but does anyone really want to live through the ensuing trial?

Still, I want to do something to help negate all the ickiness in this situation, and given the limitations of my personal power, the best I can really do right now is this: I’m gonna go out and buy Miley’s new album. See, I like Miley. I loved “Party in the U.S.A.,” and I watched her on Letterman the other night with a weird sort of admiration for her weary showbiz charm and unflappable demeanor, for the way she dryly sparred with Dave and had no patience for questions about her “lost” childhood, and especially for her answer to Paul’s question about whether or not she lip-syncs. (“YouTube me, ’cause half the comments are like, ‘She sounds like crap!’ I’m like, ‘At least I’m singing live.'”). When she took her mahjong-veteran’s voice over to the stage to blast through “Can’t Be Tamed,” I waited to hate it or be embarrassed for her, but neither happened. It wasn’t life-changing, but it wasn’t the worst diva performance I’ve seen lately, either. (*cough*Xtina*cough*) And she didn’t sound like crap.

Child star Miley Cyrus is smack in the middle of transitioning to adulthood — the triple gainer/inside-the-park home run/LSAT of her chosen profession — and whether or not you agree with her artistic choices, I’d say she’s doing a damn fine job. Does she have a problem with dressing trampy? Yes. Has she made some moves lately — kissing girls, “pole dancing” — that were meant to read as edgy but mostly just made us cringe? Of course. But until I see Cyrus snorting lines of coke off some older dude’s coffee table, or falling down drunk outside of whatever L.A. club is trending with the underage set at the moment, or partying with anyone named Lohan, or showing up late/showing up wasted/not showing up at all to work, I’m gonna keep my horror in check. For crying out loud, the girl still rolls with her mom, and by all accounts, her dad is one of the nicest dudes in Nashville. Something tells me she’ll be okay.

And because she’ll probably be okay, it’s kinda like she is rubber and Perez is glue and etc. Coincidentally, he also tweeted a photo of himself on the MuchMusic red carpet today. Oh, #Perez. Warning: if you’re easily offended, do NOT click here.

What do you think, PopWatchers? How should we react to this latest “scandal”? And is anyone else prepared to buy Can’t Be Tamed in solidarity?

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  • lala

    We should ignore this picture like everyone who wants to read the truth should ignore you and your articles/blog posts, Whitney. You lied about Danny Gokey in January, why wouldn’t you keep lying now?

    Hurry and delete this post like you did the others, Whitney!

    • haha

      Not deleted? Oh that’s right your fn nobody. Go die.

    • Lanny

      I’m not sure what this is all about but it sounds crazy.

      • Karl

        I wonder how much money it’s costing the Cyrus’ to get this amount of PR exposure.

    • jared4ever

      Danny Gokey? LOL that dude was crap!

    • Quirky

      What’s a Danny Gokey? Sounds really bad. Is it contagious?

  • Ana

    I don’t know why should I react. This isn’t the first time PH pulls crap like this and it’s being reported like it is.
    Reports like these feed PH’s need of attention. I say, stop reporting on this, pray that Miley wears underwear and acts her age and let PH be the a-hole he is. He’s not gonna stop, anyway.

    • jennrae

      I agree. I can’t stand Miley, but Perez Hilton is garbage.

      • Carla

        PH is a terrorist, a self hating gay who thinks it’s ok to call his enemies ‘fa–ot’. The best punishment for him is to ignore his ignorance.

      • Katie G

        yes, he is *definitely* a terrorist….
        are you for real? You can, validly, call Perez Hilton many things…but do you really want to play a terrorism card? Perhaps you should expand your world view….

    • Nick T

      Am I the only one thinks this is a really, really good article?

      • lilian


      • Christopher

        I think it’s a good article, as long as it’s followed up with, “And we’re no longer covering anything ‘Hilton’ does.” Like the article says, Hilton is doing something for attention; don’t feed his need just because it also earns EW bread.

      • Claire

        It is a terrific article. Well said Whitney.

      • Shasta

        Most commenters didn’t read the article anyway. I thought it was great. And, gasp, I read Perez when I’m bored. He’s like the catty, shmoozy friend from high school you keep in touch with because they always have ridiculous stories, but you would never tell them anything about your private life.

    • Anonymous

      Its GOING to be reported on. By everyone. Because thats the way the media works. And its going to be read. And commented upon. Because thats the way society works.

    • BFD

      Lest we forget, Ms. Cyrus is trying to break out of her “I’m an innocent little girl” mold (cough cough). She is frequently seen in garb for someone more mature in years. If she doesn’t want the attention, she shouldn’t court it.

      • Anonymous

        Miley is not the one complaining, everybody else seems to be

    • innerjuju

      I cannot understand why people even visit his site, have him on their Twitter accounts, or give him one iota of credibility. We give him the power. If people stopped clicking to see his crudely drawn penises, then advertisers would drop him and he would go away. What he did was wrong but he will no more be punished than the man in the moon. That’s not the way Hollywood rolls and certainly not how ‘celebrity’, even the false kind, is treated.

      • Carla

        I find that the ppl I know who follow PH are complete morons who also believe the urban myths they receive as email spam.

  • Little Lady

    Regardless of the questionable photo that Perez has posted, where are this girls’ parents that they think it is acceptable for a 17 year old to dress this way? And in front of a national Canadian audience?

    • Miss Talk

      I saw that new unladylike picture of Miley…
      Miley, if you don’t want to be America’s sweetheart anymore, that’s your choice but girl, can you at least manage to wear (skanky) outfits that fit your body and don’t show the world that you got your first braxilian waxing??? Jeez.

      • jcarla

        You keep forgetting the photo was fake, like Whitney said at the top.

      • Val

        The first picture was fake. The one with a blurred shot of her getting out of a car supposedly without panties on under her skirt. The kerfuffle is over the fact that she actually *was* wearing underpants, and he doctored the photo to look like she wasn’t. In the picture he drew attention to on Twitter, Miley is wearing an ill-fitting leotard/underwear/control top something during a dance number. As she danced, there was a large gap at the leghole that flashed most of her goodies to the world.

        I don’t care what this annoying kid does, or what Perez Hilton has to say about it. They’re both hacks. But I will say that Miley’s parents are doing a crap job at parenting, and her wardrobe department is even worse.

    • cari

      Perez is only doing his job and showing the world what we already know: Miley Cyrus is a giant whore.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t you think whore is a strong word.. What has she done that is whorey? She does not have a sex tape, has had steady boyfriends, does not have aggressive PDA. There is a a big difference between “dress like a slut” and “is a giant whore”

      • JM

        Cari is a jealous fattie.

  • JC

    This dude needs a life and REAL job

  • carolin Del orbe

    i dont even care anymore just put him in jail. If the first picture was fake what tells you that this one is not?

  • Cris

    How should we react? This sorry excuse for a human being has shown there’s no depth to which he’s willing to sink. So you’ve got a despicable human being running a racy picture of a marginally talented “musician” who’s out to slut herself up to shed her good girl image … and you wonder how we’re supposed to react? If you’ve got a life, ignore this garbage. It’s the people who continue to click on this guy’s site who fuel the fire.

  • Allie

    so what if it’s canada littlelady? i really don’t care what miley does anymore. it’s not up to us to decide what she does. it’s up to her parents. miley can’t be on disney forever. and it’s up to the young fans’ parents to decide whether they want their kids listening to miley or not. that’s just my opinion

    • jared4ever

      If she wants to dress like a slut then nobody should be upset if people post pictures of it.

      • Windy

        I totally agree with you.

  • yup

    STOP POSTING ABOUT HIM. That’s how you react to anything he does. The more attention you feed him, posting about his every move and rude behavior, the more relevency you give him. Simply stop covering him. That’s what you do.

    • Emily

      That’s right, if we stick our fingers in our ears and sing lalalalalala, he’ll go away. Meanwhile, we don’t get to have grownup conversations about how we treat children in our society. Thanks, yup, that’ll fix it.

      • yup

        Back off Emily. You can have a grown up conversation about how we treat children in our society that DOESN’T include Perez Hilton. Those two topics are not mutually exclusive and if you weren’t so busy trying to be rude and self-important you’d know that. This article and others like this aren’t entirely or even mainly about the way we treat children or other such lofty topics. Mentioning Perez Hilton’s name and selling this story around him and a feud with Miley Cyrus (as the link to this article does on the main page) distracts from any merit a conversation about children and society. And your snark comment isn’t fixing the problem either Emily.

      • @yup

        nicely said. hope Emily kept the receipt for her soapbox.

    • Lanny

      Exactly. Articles like this are part of the problem. It’s just giving him more attention

  • donna

    Perez should be challanged, Miley’s parents should be pressing charges.. he should be arrested.. he is a no good pervert!!!He is just jealous of miley’s fame.. attention

    • kleighm

      her parents aren’t going to press charges because this is publicity for her. Its how they make money.

      But this whole situation is gross. I stopped reading his blog and unfollowed him on Twitter last week.

      • Em

        Me too!

      • aves

        I hope a lot of others do too. Still kinda hope he gets in some kinda trouble legally for this though. He is really being a douchebag about the whole thing.

      • ron

        me three. there are many other blogs that post the same stuff but are less bitter and sad

  • JJ

    React by unfollowing him on Twitter

  • JM

    Perez Hilton is the worst scum of the earth, and the best ammunition gay-bashers and homophobic bigots have to paint gay men in a bad light.

    Only in America does a chubby, unemployed, lazy-ass club kid becomes rich and famous only using a computer and a writing tablet.

    When will his 15 be up?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I agree, people just need to stop visiting his website and entertainment sites need to stop reporting it. I would never had heard about it except that I read it here.

  • Drew

    This was a surprisingly great article. And i agree 100%.
    Miley’s new album is actually pretty great too, so no shame in buying it.

  • D

    JJ is 100% right. Unfriend him, stop following him on Twitter and ignore his web page. If he loses viewers he will change-maybe.

  • scott

    I think it’s normal for Miley Cyrus to be acting out. You were seventeen-years-old once, right? A lack of shenanigans would be cause for concern. Would you rather her mind be stuck in a perpetual, twisted childhood, like Michael Jackson, RIP? However, Perez Hilton’s behavior is just sleazy. He’s filled with jealousy for genuine talent. Miley Cyrus might have been a product manufactured by Disney, but she’s always been a good, competent entertainer. I think Perez Hilton is effectively sabotaging his career, because, deep down, he knows his success is undeserved, “earned” by harassing and humiliating real stars. My prediction is, he’ll be washed up in a few months. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, is just growing up, difficult for anyone, especially those in the spotlight. To my mind, she’s coping pretty well.

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