Perez Hilton on Miley Cyrus controversy: 'I was very well aware of the fact that Miley was wearing underwear.'

Perez-Hilton-on-Joy-Behar-ShowPerez Hilton appeared on HLN’s The Joy Behar Show tonight to tell his side of the Miley Cyrus photo scandal. Dressed in a suit he apparently borrowed from the Riddler, Hilton took the moral high ground. Behar asked him if he had purposefully pixelated the photo to suggest the absence of undergarments. “I did not pixelate anything, I did not photoshop anything,” said the gossipmonger. “I can’t help it, Joy, if America has a very dirty imagination.”

Hilton was unapologetic. He refuted child pornography charges, and in the process offered the most curious defense I have ever heard:  “I think it’s insulting to children to accuse that of child pornography.” He also insisted that he would do it all over again: “If the photo agency that took that photo let me [post it], I would. It’s not showing anything inappropriate.”

Listen, this controversy has become overblown. Hilton is right that most people are overreacting, “upset over an image they didn’t see.” But to me, his basic defense is beyond disturbing. He claimed that the photo isn’t any more inappropriate than any of the pop star’s recent spate of un-Disneylike activity: “grinding up on her 40-something year old director, pole dancing, all the oversexualized things she’s been doing.”

So,  basically, a teenaged girl is dancing inappropriately and pretending to be a grown-up. (Horrors!) And that gives actual grown-ups license to do pretty much anything they want to with her? That’s like saying “She was asking for it.” PopWatchers, that’s just bullplop. Bullplop! (It doesn’t help that Perez kept on finding new ways to imply that the whole controversy is Cyrus’ fault, couched in weirdly inappropriate language: “Miley has been around the block.”)

Did any of you watch the Hilton interview, PopWatchers? Are you on Team Perez, Team Miley, or Team Who Taught These Two To Dress? I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’m with Joy Behar: maybe it’s not an invasion of her privacy, but we can all agree that it’s definitely an invasion of her private parts.

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  • Patricia

    This is a man who has hurt others to make himself famous. Shame on him!

    • LR

      he is the most obviously insecure person…projecting the hate he has for himself on others, he’s pathetic

      • JA

        I couldn’t agree with you more, LR. Pathetic indeed. His whole “career” is built on attacking people who, arguably, have talent, something he lacks.

        If Miley Cyrus is the person who finally brings him down, I will buy every CD and DVD she ever releases!

      • danny

        Wow he makes the people in the Westboro Baptist Church seem like sane and upstanding indviduals.

      • victor the crab

        @ danny

        Perez Hilton is a disgusting piece of trash. But I wouldn’t go that far in saying the Fred Phelps cult is sane in comparisson.

    • Rosalie

      First of all I will say that most 15-17 year olds(boy or girls) want to act like if they are adults. They will go and smoke, try to buy alcohol, dress innapropriate and so forth. Regardless of how much they do, they are still minors and the law will treat them as such. Who cares, how Miley is acting, or what phase she is going through, she is still a minor, a child if you will. I mean by his justification, I guess I can go and act like a kid, and get away with it because, i am going through a phase. Regardless of what excuse Perez Hilton uses, he is still wrong and should be punished for it, along with the company that took the picture!

      • Eyeball

        Kids are always playing those damn vidjuh games!

      • MarySueBob

        Yet you were fine with her parentls allowing her adult lover to live with her when she was what – maybe 16?? Come on people. Miley’s parents have been allowing her to act like an adult for a very long time. If anyone should be thrown in jail it’s her parents for allowing her to act this way.

      • Tom

        This is clearly awesome publicity for them both.

      • TTj

        Rosalie, it’s true. I remember some of things I did at 16, 17 and I thank God the law and society protected me from some of my really stupid decisions. Famous or not, all kids need that protection.

      • JW

        The law will treat them as such until it is changed to reflect the ever growing youth-based demographic in the economy. What happened to 30 something Nascar drivers? Or the age of 18 as a Federal mandate of consent? Has anyone watched those shows like Laguna Beach (Hills?) or “My Super Sweet Sixteen?” I think the country has lost it’s conservative roots.

      • karvictho

        Miley is not just a teenager–she is a tv star, movie star, and a teen idol — all of which she gets paid lots of money to be. Taking a photo of her private parts and posting it on the internet isn’t ok, but this did not happen to an innocent unknown. Miley wouldn’t be the first pop idol to run around without panties while wearing a mini skirt… Brittany is a big example of that. If Miley cannot figure out how to dress appropriately and conduct herself appropriately in public then she can expect photos that show her acting inappropriately will be taken and passed around for all the world to see.

      • Caleb J

        most people don’t check their clothes to see if intense camera lights might make their clothing rather see thru. most people just look in a mirror. Perez claimed she had underwear but he seems like the type to imply that she didn’t… until the cops started asking him some questions. then the photo is suddenly gone. Everyone ignore him and he’ll eventually go away.

      • Andy

        “First of all I will say that most 15-17 year olds(boy or girls) want to act like if they are adults. They will go and smoke, try to buy alcohol, dress innapropriate and so forth. Regardless of how much they do, they are still minors and the law will treat them as such. Who cares, how Miley is acting, or what phase she is going through, she is still a minor, a child if you will.”

        Let’s go the other way for the sake of discussion and examine how if adults are treated. Does turning 18 make one an adult? Is 18 a hard and fast number?

        You CAN sign a contract at 18.

        You CAN vote at 18.

        You CAN NOT buy liquor until you’re 21.

        You CAN NOT rent a car until you are 26.

        You must be 30 to be a United States Senator.

        You must be 35 to be the United States President.

        Adults aren’t granted all privileges at 18. It ain’t a hard and fast rule.

        As far as minors are concerned…

        A district attorney CAN prosecute you as an adult at most any age above 12.

        Hard and fast IS hard and fast until it’s no longer convenient for one’s agenda.

        At what point is the victim expected to use his or her head?

        How is society going to prevent teenagers from running into the middle of a freeway and being hit by a car?

        Remember, “18 years old” is a fairly modern construct. Historically, many queens and even mothers were quite young. I don’t subscribe to religion, but I’ve heard that Mary and Joseph were supposedly in their early teens … although they were ostensibly platonic.

        If you are even the slightest bit religious, then you would have to concede that either the law is wrong, or that God is a pedophile. What kind of perv would allow his defenseless children to get pregnant?

        Evidence that something is magical about age 18 simply doesn’t exist. Evidence to the contrary is abundant.

      • kalani

        JW the federal age of consent is 16…. its also only 16 in most states less then half have it 17 or older.

    • Lucy

      that and to make himself feel superior, he is a little girl.

      • The Real Dustin


      • Ana170

        Why are you insulting little girls?

    • SLB

      Good for Perez. Miley has been acting like a little sl*t since she was 15. Stop acting like a sk*nk and this won’t happen.

      • Liz

        If getting out of your car is skanky then consider me one.

      • D’s Advocate

        @SLB: Do you have kids?

      • yep

        @D’s Advocate it only has the kids that he waste down the sewer, a person with kids would never say stuff like that, because they know that at any moment it could be their kid acting like this and all we can do is pray and keep our fingers crossed that its only a phase.

      • D’s Advocate

        @yep Well, I disagree that 1)a person with kids would never say stuff like that–there are some crazy strict (or just crazy) parents in the world; and 2) I personally believe there’s a heck of a lot more a parent can and should do than pray and keep one’s fingers crossed.

        Not clear about the “waste down the sewer” part. That might be a regional thing…unless we’re talking about baby alligators being flushed down toilets, but I suspect that neither SLB or you are alligators; the syntax of your posts don’t match up with the usual Posted-By-Alligators style.

      • MarySueBob

        I’m with SLB – if anyone is to blame here it’s Miley and her parents. She’s been allowed to present an over-sexualized image for far too long and I think it’s her parents fault for allowing it to happen. I’m a parent and I can honestly say that if my 17 year old daughter was caught in this type of photo my first response would be “why aren’t you wearing proper under garments?” followed by “if you are a big enough girl to make the decision to go out dressed that way then you need to be a big enough girl to deal with the consequences of your actions”. But, having said that my gut feeling is that Miley and her parents are probably THRILLED with all the publicity – anything to keep her name out there – right? Plus, isn’t this the same girl who was living with an adult lover when she was like 16? Her parents were fine with that too.

      • D’s Advocate


        ““why aren’t you wearing proper under garments?” followed by “if you are a big enough girl to make the decision to go out dressed that way then you need to be a big enough girl to deal with the consequences of your actions”.

        That’s fascinating…and suggests that as a parent, you take no responsibility for what your child does. This in a post where you blame the parents quite a lot for not controlling their child.

      • Om

        Do any of you have teenagers? Do you know how impossible it is to “control” them? You do what you can, but at Miley’s age, they’re out seeing the world. They’re testing and pushing. You did it too, and you know how little input you allowed from your parents. (During the late teens.) Listen, you do you best as a parent, and if it took, your kids do a few dumb things and move on. If you didn’t do a good job, or it didn’t take, or something horrible like drugs take over–then your kids will do whatever they want, good or bad–without you.

      • D’s Advocate

        @OM I do, and basically agree with the Parenting 101 philosophy you have described (although I think you’d be surprised at just how much input I *did* accept from my parents, but hey, one size does not fit all in terms of this scenario).

        And yes, I have two teenagers…who screw up from time to time. And whilst I hold them accountable for their decisions, I do not hold them solely accountable. They’re my responsibility. They’re also subject to certain protections under the law due to their minor status. In the end, I’m not picking a side on this issue (see my screen name); my feeling is that all of ‘em…Miley, her parents, Perez…need a swift kick to the trousers. Hope that clarifies my stance. (not that you necessarily asked for it) :)

      • What?

        Perez? Is that you?

      • rae

        She can act like whatever she wants to that’s for her parents to control whether they do or not, this creep should have remembered that this is a child that he was dragging through the mud. He’s a fat hater who has made a career out of hurting people! Pig!

      • chels

        Although i do not agree with some of the actions made by miley and her family that is not the issue. The issue is that this man has not taken a scandlous picture of a celebrity. Yes, miley is a famous teenager but she is still a TEENAGER. If she is under the age of 18 then it doesnt matter how she acts it is still against all morals and some laws to public post exploitive photos of her. She is underage that is the issue not what she has done in the past. Saying that she is at fault is just like saying that a woman that is sexualy assaulted asked for it. It is horrendous and uncalled for. Teenagers act up, since i am a teenager myself i feel that yes she made a bad choice but she should not be exploited it is against the law. does no one get that? he is disgusting and i dont understand why americans today keeps acknowledging this sad pathetic person.

      • Caleb J

        and everyone is oversexed at seventeen, not just miley, to those who called her that.

    • molly

      so he hurts others – then says it’s not his fault – slimy

    • hu

      I hope this queer gets AIDS and dies slowly.

      • Big Walt

        AIDS really isn’t fatal anymore. That’s a dumb hope.

      • Hu’s Diseased

        Maybe if you stepped up your seduction attempts, you’d get the chance to infect him yourself.

      • ML

        That’s the kind of disgusting comment Perez himself would make. You’re no better than he is.

      • hu

        I’m straight therefore I am better.

      • flyboy

        You’re not straight honey. You can stop the obvious charade. And your sexuality doesn’t make you a better person—try more like character. You lack it, just like Perez. You would be perfect for each other.

      • dirkmancuso

        “I’m straight therefore I am better.”

        As a gay man, all I can say is if wishing a horrible disease on someone makes you better, then I’m glad I am who I am.

      • phl

        @hu its people like you who make this world a hateful place…you are digusting

      • victor the crab

        @ hu

        You’re a lowlife. You’re not better than anyone. You and Perez Hilton deserve each other.

    • Kate

      I suspect he knew what he was doing and managed to generate exactly the kind of publicity he wanted. He only gets mainstream attention like this when he rides someone’s coat tails and creates a controversy.

    • Jaylene

      He is a shame to all Cuban-Americans and to the Gay community as well. How can someone be out there protesting for equality when all he does is spread hate??? I don’t agree with some comments sugesting he die of AIDS or have his penis cut off, but if he puts himself out there, then he deserves all the ridicule he’s been getting.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Hurt who? How? I’m not defending him, but I don’t go to his site unless advertises something like this. The controversy is overblown, and gives Perez another 1 hour of fame.

    • Arnie

      Typical self hating gay.

    • gar

      i have the picture and its not any imagination, you can clearly see she has no underwear on

      • kalani

        miley is still a minor hence the picture is child porn. that being said mabe she should wear panties, some hting more covering than a g string

  • pop

    this guy is an idiot.

    • Team F*Perez

      You got that right and pathetic.

  • Daryl

    I’d love to see the state of California go after him. He’s made of career of ridiculing others and is constantly mean-spirited and hurtful. I think its time for Perez to get a big dose of karma….wonder if they’d let him blog from jail?

    • baj24

      I think this is a little drastic. Not that I’m defending him but I think this situation is not serious enough for him to be brought up on any kind of charges. If anything, the American public is to blame for supporting his site. The best thing we can do is just ignore him and he will go away.

      • swing time

        Even if what he did wasn’t so bad compared to the genuine sickos out there who hurt children, he still deserves to be brought up on charges just to made an example of. This guy has gotten away with profiting off of the humiliation of people who have done nothing to him for far too long now. He deserves to experience the bitter taste of karma.’s manager clearly didn’t beat enough common sense into, so maybe sharing a cell with a hardened convict for several years will do the trick. Not to mention relieve the rest of the country from having to suffer his omnipresence.

      • swing time

        *’s manager clearly didn’t beat enough common sense into him.

      • Mikka

        Perez’s publishing of child pornography lets the genuine sickos to view their porn on a “regular” website. It also, in some sick way, validates their illness. The more this enters the “mainstream” (I know, it’s Perez), the more it validates their point of view. That’s why Perez’s publishing this kind of stuff IS a big deal and can not be tolerated.

      • Big Walt

        @ Mikka, what child porn did he publish?

      • Reality Bites

        So he should get jail time for a picture he didn’t take, that didn’t show what people assumed it showed, and that he did not post on his website? That’s interesting.

        He posted a link on his twitter account to the site that did purchased the picture from a photo agency that had a pap out at the location where Miley was filming a music video when she decided to exit a vehicle in a billowy dress on a windy day by lifting herself in the air and spreading her legs a good two feet apart.

        And if the picture had been taken five months from now.. not illegal since she will be 18. Five months makes all the difference in the world apparently when it comes to photographs of people with their skirt around their waist.. with underware on. Nothing that the first two rows of her last two concert performances didn’t see for two hours for the cost of admission. But apparently a picture of someone with underwear on with their dress flying up on someone else’s website, purchased by someone else and taken by someone else that you just happened to link to through twitter saying look at this unlady like dismount out of car will get you on the news and possibly thrown in jail for child pornography.. good to know huh Perez?

        Does that mean all those year book photos of the diving team doing flips or swim team doing wall turns can also be prosecuted since they showed the same thing or girls under the age of 18?

  • JC

    Where are The Black Eyed Peas when u need ‘em

    • Tonya


      • Confused…

        I don’t get it, someone explain?

      • etm

        The Black Eyed Peas’ Manager punched Perez a while back…

      • Lucy

        Confused– One of their members beat up Perez a while back.

    • Vaughn

      Right? I wish someone else would punch him in the mouth!

      • KC

        Him whining and crying about it on video was priceless. I don’t like violence but I agree he deserves it.

      • jared4ever

        You don’t like violence but you agree he deserves it. Good thing everyone who believes in non violence isn’t like you.

    • jared4ever

      The only thing more disgusting than people who say obnoxious things (Hilton) are neanderthals who can’t think of anything clever to say and use their fists (

      • Big Walt

        I’d say people who rush to judgement about a situation they have all wrong are even worse.

      • jared4ever

        Rush to judgement about what? DID punch Hilton for saying something obnoxious. So what’s your point?

  • LK

    as someone who majored in journalism and has taken plenty of communications ethics/communications law classes i can honestly say that perez hilton is in the wrong (and yeah i guess i dont need an BA to answer that). its embarrassing that he can make a living off of something i went to college for (even though all he does is bash on celebs)….and dont judge my grammar its late and im lazy

    • Hannah

      Consider yourself fully judged.

    • Eyeball

      “I went to college, and therefore it carries much more weight when I state the obvious!”

      • LK

        I’m just saying that I went to college for something he didn’t and he’s getting noticed for doing it half-assed.

    • iMk

      Perez doesn’t judge his grammar or spelling either. Maybe you could get a job with him.

  • SXiPPY

    He should be convicted for child pornography after what he did. He is a disgusting person who tries to reap fame off of famous people. I was happy when’s bodyguard beat his ass, but of course the little queen wanted a pity party thrown in his honor as if he was innocent. Obviously he learned nothing from that episode and really if he were incarcerated, he may just find it easier to get a man. No self-respecting gay man I know would want to be with this talentless trash. He only thinks he’s famous becuase he talks massive crap about the famous. I disgusts me too when they incorporate him into their work and life (Lady Gaga, and Britney’s Circus Tour Intro). All his attempts to backpedal now after posting a nude pic of someone he knows is under age, it’s all lies just to try to get the heat off him. Throw him to the hungry prisoners!

  • Al

    I didn’t see the show and haven’t seen the photo, but I still hope he goes to prison for ‘crimes against humanity’.

    • KC

      I won’t watch it can’t stomach him. Whether he goes to jail or not I hope his website loses more advertisers and he finally goes away.

  • carii

    ugh whatever. it’s not like she’s hurt by it. she’s probably angry that the picture wasn’t taken at an angle she would’ve liked.

    • ShannonW

      And I think what he was trying to say with that “curious defense” is that there is actual vicious crime against children out there, and it’s ridiculous that we are focusing on this minor thing. Seriously, Miley will be just fine. I can’t say the same for those other kids.

  • leytpr4

    this has GOT to be illegal.

    he United States enacted the Video Voyeurism Prevention Act of 2004 to punish those who intentionally capture an individual’s private areas without consent, when the person knew the subject had an expectation of privacy.[7] Additionally, many state laws address the issue as well.[8]

  • Couchtime With Jill

    He’s definitely way out of line. Miley has been acting like almost every other 17 year old girl – trying to figure out how to grow up. He’s an adult, he should know better.

    • Drew

      Exactly. I love how people act like Miley is growing up too fast and being inappropriate when she’s acting like a 17 yr old. When i was 17 the girls i went to school with danced slutty, drank, had sex, dressed a little provocative etc. Sure she wants to act older than she is- ALL 17 year olds do!
      That doesnt make what he did write. He’s a moron.

      • Drew


      • I Guess

        Which is why parents should be stricter and not let their kids be little sluts…not wearing underwear seems quite inappropriate. If you call ‘learning to live/figuring out life’ dressing like that, maybe she deserves it. Its not like she cares; she’s probably thriving with all the attention. Its still wrong, yes, but it was Miley Cyrus…she IS pole dancing and setting a terrible example of a “disney pop star”. Look at her new video Can’t Be Tamed. Wtf? God she’s if she wants to grow up so bad she should just suck it up because adult hood is gonna get harder for her. Just be happy the pic is gone, and ignore it. It’ll go away.

    • Nahara

      Oh, he’s an adult in age only.

      • Jenn

        I was just thinking the same thing Nahara!!! Perez Hilton in the most immature “adult” ever. He is so vile in the way he treats those that he just doesn’t like (he can’t stand Kriten Stewart mostly because she’s rumored to be dating someone Perez is lusting for). He’s been smacking Karma for a while now and I think it’s about time she swings back!

  • llw

    it does’nt matter if Miley dresses a little wild when she’s performing, shes an artist but peres hilton should be jailed because he violated MIleys privacy, and people she did’nt dance the pole she went down and went up thats not pole dancing go the web and see what is really pole dancing, some people are just plain ignorant. Shes having fun and mind you go to high sch and watch how teenager dress, then lets talk.

  • Bullethead

    …and Rome continues to fall from within

    • just observing

      Amen! Where are our priorities?

  • this is the equivalent of saying that because a woman dresses provocatively, she deserved to be rape/she brought it on herself, IMO. disgusting.

    • Emme

      My thoughts exactly. There is such a double standard here. Its okay for Shia L to steal and commit misdemeanors and its fine for Chace Crawford to be caught with “an unsmoked joint” but, its not okay for a woman/girl to date or be seen with different guys (because that makes her a whore) or to dress in ways that seem sexual. The only thing Miley is at fault for is finding her sexuality, knowing the power it holds, and embracing it. Stop shaming her for something so beautiful. She is learning too soon what it is like to be a female in this world.
      I think a lot of you are forgetting what it was like to be 17.
      Stop speculating. None of us know a thing about this girl’s life or how her parents raise her.

      • just observing

        “The only thing Miley is at fault for is finding her sexuality, knowing the power it holds, and embracing it. Stop shaming her for something so beautiful.”

        WTF? Learning to USE your sexuality is not beautiful. It’s low and base and not to be encouraged. How about encouraging this young lady to succeed DESPITE her sexuality – a lesson more young people would be well served with.

  • Butters

    Perez is great. :D

    • Andy

      Hope your kidding.

    • Mario sucks

      Mario needs to shut his blow-hole.

  • um…

    It was wrong to post the picture in the first place…but where is the outrage against the person/company who actually took the picture?

    • Alison

      Yes! Perez was obviously wrong to post the picture, but it’s not like he was up in Miley’s business with a telefoto lens snapping away. Why is there no liability on the paparazzi/photo distributor?

      • karen

        Agreed — specifically about the photo distributor, as they are the ones paying the photographer.

        The only way to make Perez go away is for people to stop going to his site. It’s popularity is a pretty disturbing comment on our society.

      • karen

        ** “Its popularity”. Stupid apostrophes messing me up.

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