Robert Pattinson, Emma Roberts on Leno: Are you Team Edward or Team Emma?

I’m not sure what I liked best about Robert Pattinson-Emma Roberts’ sofa banter on last night’s The Tonight Show. Was it when Jay Leno asked them if they’d met before, and the 19-year-old Roberts (who just landed a role in Scream 4) responded without a whit of warmth, “About 10 minutes ago. Yes, it was quite an experience.” Or was it when Leno put Roberts on the spot to see if she was Team Edward or Team Jacob, and she barely hesitated before saying, “I’m sorry, your hair looks wonderful in person, but I’m going to have to say Team Jacob.” Watch the video below, and note the look of utter betrayal on Pattinson’s face at the 27-second mark. I can’t look away.

I’m still trying to decide whether Pattinson’s retort was playful or downright rude: “You’ve just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste.” Either way, it made for an awkward segment. “Do we have to sit next to each other for another few minutes?” Roberts joked. (I think?)

Should Roberts have been more diplomatic? Did Pattinson come off as a diva? Are they both just playing around with each other? Are you on Team Edward or Team Emma?

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  • Ceballos

    I don’t see the “Sarcasm” tag at the top of this post, so I’m going to reluctantly assume you’re serious with this post…

    To me, it’s absolutely clear that they’re BOTH joking and I thought the back and forth was very entertaining. (It’s actually the most entertaining thing I can remember seeing Emma Roberts do.)

    • Erinn

      Not that I am the biggest fan of either of them, but it is obvious they were both joking.

      • Ceballos

        Exactly my thoughts.

      • wino

        i vote for Team Common Sense. both were joking, they clearly dont take themselves seriously. why is the writer trying to “create” a story? oh, yeah, because real journalism is dead.

      • REALLY?

        It was a joke people RELAX. Her saying ” do I really have to sit next to him?” Can either be interpreted as a joke or to a DIE HARD fan, extremely rude.
        Him saying she has no taste can also be interpreted as a joke or him being so full himself that he can’t imagine anybody not choosing him. It’s all how you look at it and depending on how you interpret the interview will show how shallow or sophisticated you are as a person

      • Liz Lemon

        Likewise. Seriously! Why is this a relevant topic? Everyone knows the twi-tards are crazy and freak out if their beloved Pattertwat is insulted, even jokingly. Why is this considered news and why does it have so many posts? I’m only assuming that most of them say exactly the same thing I just wrote, because this is a pointless topic!

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah… and I like that Emma was sarcastic, giving girls her age a little credit. I enjoy Mr. Pattinson myself, but I think I could get my act together and act like a functioning human being around him.

    • Ambient Lite

      Yeah, I’m having trouble figuring out where the writer is coming from. Does he REALLY think RP was so put off by her being ‘Team Jacob’ that he couldn’t bear to sit by her? Seriously? Maybe you just haven’t seen him (or anyone else with a sarcastic, dry sense of humor) interview before. I don’t know. But yeah, he was joking.

    • lalala

      Ceballos, glad you’re one of the few here that can tell they were both joking around. I also hope this post wasn’t meant to be serious, but this post unfortunately did show me that a lot of people think Rob can do no wrong and that no one can say anything bad about him, even if they were obviously joking (and even if Rob himself knows the person was joking).

      • Tatiana

        @ lalala
        It’s not that people think he can do no wrong, this post is about the way she behaved during the show. She can be part of whatever team or have whatever opinion she wants, it is just the way she came across what is being criticized here, the way she verbalized her opinion, not the opinion itself. She tried funny but it came out just plain rude.

      • lalala

        Okay, Leno asked if she’s a fan of Twilight, she says (and smiles and looks at Rob) that she’s read all the books and seen the movies. Nothing wrong there, she’s a fan. Then Leno asks if she’s Team Edward or Jacob. People in the audience start shouting Edward Edward, she sheepishly says sorry, I’m Team Jacob amid all the Edward shouting, and she asks if anyone agrees, some people shout in approval. I see nothing wrong there either (she wasn’t putting Rob down at all here). She then goes on to apologize to Rob about being Team Jacob, makes a funny comment regarding the hair, continues apologizing to Rob about picking Jacob. Then Rob makes his own sarcastic funny comment, both Emma and Rob knows this is just joking. Then Leno makes the joke that this will be the last time they meet, and Emma responds with the joke about sitting next to each other related to Leno’s comment. And before Rob could say anything (you see his expression to Emma), Leno asks another question related to Emma’s movie, so they move on. Can you please indicate to me what she did wrong here?

      • lalala

        Okay, Leno asked if she’s a fan of Twilight, she says (and smiles and looks at Rob) that she’s read all the books and seen the movies. Nothing wrong there, she’s a fan. Then Leno asks if she’s Team Edward or Jacob. People in the audience start shouting Edward Edward, she sheepishly says sorry, I’m Team Jacob amid all the Edward shouting, and she asks if anyone agrees, some people shout in approval. I see nothing wrong there either (she wasn’t putting Rob down at all here, she just prefers Jacob to Edward, the characters). She then goes on to apologize to Rob about being Team Jacob, makes a funny comment regarding the hair, continues apologizing to Rob about picking Jacob. Then Rob makes his own sarcastic funny comment, fake-insulting her, both Emma and Rob knows this is just joking. Then Leno makes the joke that this will be the last time they meet, and Emma responds with the joke about sitting next to each other related to Leno’s comment, fake-insulting Rob. And before Rob could say anything (you see his expression to Emma), Leno asks another question related to Emma’s movie, so they move on. Can you please indicate to me what she did wrong here? Why is it okay for Rob to jokingly fake-insult her but not Emma (and yes, it was a joking insult)?

      • @lalala

        I actually don’t think she’s a fan. I recognize the response that she gave. It’s very stilted and she never says that she liked the books or movies. That’s the same exact answer I give whenever a twilight fans asks me if I like the series. I lie, because I’m scared they may attack me and Emma was in a room full of them at the time. Either way, she did nothing wrong. Just playful banter.

    • Shauna

      I believe she tried to act sarcastically but it just came out rude. She could’ve been more gracious and not behave that way towards another guest in the show. Being this guy or anybody else. It was NOT funny. To me, she looked like she was trying very hard to look unimpressed by him. Not classy at all.

      • Alichat

        Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. I figured she was trying to be funny and sarcastic, but her delivery was all wrong, so she came off rude and arrogant. Of course, what does that say about her acting abilities?? LOL! I think the Twihards got into a tizzy about it because she’s rumored to be involved with Michael Angarano, who is Kristen Stewart’s ex. And of course, Rob is rumored to be dating Kristen. So that just fueled the frenzy that she was making some slight against him. Oh well…drama drama drama seems to fuel the world nowadays.

      • Kathy

        Exactly-in some circle it is “cool” to put down Twilight. It is only entertainment but some people are all uptight because of the popularity. She was rude-sort of like her aunt (remember when Denzel won his Oscar-it was all about her!)

    • Mel B

      That’s the same I thought. CLEARLY they are joking with each other. Doesn’t take a genius to get that…

    • Lourdes

      Oh Emma dear, you just digged your own “grave”…taking about putting your foot in your mouth…you just put it in your behind…lmao!

      • Grow up

        You’re late for summer school

      • @Lourdes

        Someone please get these twi-tards some grammar lessons! Please!

    • Terri

      They were obviously joking but Robert Pattinson fans took it as an afront to his hotness. Emma Roberts was being bullied and sent death threats via twitter. She finally posted a nice note about him on her twitter page to fight off the fans. They are like the Justin Bieber heads, you have to kiss up to their god or they go nuts.

      • Nene

        I love Robert Pattinson, but I don’t consider him my “god”. I don’t approve of the nasty comments on Emma’s Twitter account either. It was her dismissive comment that his “Hair looked good in person.” I thought it was ok for her to declare herself as Team Jacob. It was her bitchy attitude that affended people.

    • harry

      Jokes all around!!!

  • j

    Clearly they’re just messing around, but I agree with Emma! I like Rob Pattinson enough but his character is such a bore.

    • Liz

      I agree. I have this secret shame crush on R Pattz. I read his interview in GQ and he won me over. I find him quite charming, not that good looking, but very charming.

  • mac

    Oh, come on. If anyone was rude she was, but I think they were both joking. Stop trying to make him the bad guy here.

    • Gabby

      She was funny. It’s so refreshing to see a young starlet who isn’t all giggly and gross around him.

      • JustGetOnWithIt

        maybe she’s a lesbian

      • Miss Talk

        Am I the only one who saw that she’s definitely into Robert and desperately tried to hide it? Fail, Emma!

      • Gloria

        Right, because if a teenage girl doesn’t like Robert Pattinson she must be either gay or secretly in love with him and trying to hide it. Oh boy. I guess I am gay cause I don’t find him at all attractive, at all.

      • well

        Twitards strike again

      • Get Real

        Sorry, she didn’t come across as funny, she came across as sour. She’s clearly no fan of his and knows nothing about how to be gracious. She didn’t have to gush over him, but she wasn’t even polite and her “joke” fell flat. He got the laugh with his comeback.

  • Botmo

    You miss-quoted. Do you have an agenda?

  • Mel

    I’m definitely not Team Emma. She was not very gracious. It would be interesting to know what happened when they met back stage, because she seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. Pattinson has spoken in the past about shallow actresses in Hollywood, and there he was seated next to one for probably what was for him, an interminably long segment. I thought Pattinson used humor to deflect Emma’s lack of charm. Well done Pattinson. Not so well done was the camera man’s steadfast refusal to give us any glimpse of Robert after Emma came on. That’s what made it an interminably long segment for the viewers.

    • K

      Mel, I think it’s completely obvious that they are both just joking around.

      Also, since the segment was focused on AN INTERVIEW WITH EMMA about Scream 4, of course the camera is going to be on Emma most of the time.

      • yeah

        completely agree. I like Rob, but it was an Emma Roberts interview, so why should the camera be focused on Rob?

      • Thats why.

        Becuz Emma really wasn’t the attraction – she was a guest. ROBERT PATTINSON was the attraction, guest and ratings and Leno’s peeps know that. And when she spoke that fact was made even more apparent.

      • jennrae

        Just because you may not have been watching for Emma doesn’t mean no one else was, so of course the camera wasn’t going to be on RP the whole time. Standard practice is the first guest sits there and minds his manners while the second guest is interviewed. THE WORLD DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND THE TWILIGHT KIDS! Rob Pattinson was a guest and Emma Roberts was a guest, period. Speaking of being diplomatic, Pattinson fans are anything but. Emma could never win in this situation because his fans would defend him murdering her on the air, if necessary. Twihards are hardly impartial.

    • Beth R.

      I agree with Mel. Maybe I’m really bad at reading the mood, but Emma did not seem to be joking around, or at the very least, she’s bad at it. That wasn’t sarcasm or teasing, it was a lack of tact and diplomacy. I thought she came over as rude and Rob did the best he could to deflect with humor. Both seemed extremely uncomfortable to me.

      • lalala

        I think you’re not reading the mood correctly. It was obvious to me Emma was joking, and obvious to Rob that she was joking. After she admitted she was Team Jacob, she looked Rob in the eyes and said sorry that she liked Jacob, and Rob made that joking comment about her having no taste, and she laughed at his comment. Definitely nothing rude about her behavior. Then she joked about sitting next to him for the rest of the time because of this. I honestly don’t believe why so many people here thought she was rude to him. Can’t you guys tell if someone is joking or not? Rob obviously could tell she was joking, look at his face, he’s totally in on the joke.

      • Sam

        Deflect what with humor? What exactly did he have to deflect? That she is on Team Jacob? Ho too could have been gracious about it and say ” that’s okay, Taylor is a wonderful guy” They were both playing around and if they weren’t, both were equally childish about the situation

      • Benny

        Mel-I agree with you. Emma was cold right from the start. I am not a Twilight girl, but I am a Rob fan. Also, Emma would not speak to Rob when they were all standing at the end of the show. He looked uncomfortable. I don’t think she likes him.

      • Linda

        I have to say as someone who is not team anyone that I happened to see the interview and she came off as hostile toward Pattinson and I had this strange uncomfortable feeling that she was not joking and being deliberatly rude. I have rarely had that feeling while watching Jay Leno and I usually read people and situations very well and something was off and it was definetly coming from Roberts. Not usually wrong about stuff like that and I don’t think I am now. Watch it and see what you think.

      • Kathy

        Have you seen the video of after the show where he walks past her while she is being interviewed? Watch that and see if you think they were joking.

    • Zazazing

      I’ve never understood why they make a person who has all ready been interviewed sit there for someone else’s interview. Unless they are both there to promote a film they co-starred in, it seems idiotic to make them sit there.

    • hannah86

      wow, just because she’s not on the side of a fictional character doesn’t mean she shows no class. It wasn’t like she was asked if she enjoyed Martin Scorsese films and she said, I’m actually more into Bryan Singer, but I love your glasses Mr. Scorsese. There’s no way Robert Pattison would actually be hurt that she chose Team Jacob. I don’t think he gives a crap. He just knows how to quip and make a funny.

      • Mel

        I went back and watched it again. Emma set the tone when she answered Leno’s question about meeting Robert backstage. When she said meeting Robert was interesting, in a rather sarcastic tone, and didn’t let the audience in on why it was interesting she opened herself up to negative conjecture. Emma is entitled to her choice of fictional characters, but she needs to express herself better. I still fault Leno’s camera crew. You could hear Robert laugh a few times while Emma was being interviewed, even though Emma never looked at Robert. Had the camera shown more than his ankle, people probably wouldn’t have been left with the impression the two actors were awkward with each other. I’ve seen many a Leno dais where the camera showed all the guests. Case in point Heidi Klum and Robert on Leno. That was hilarious. Fans who make threats or take all this to a menacing level need to get a grip. This isn’t reality folks. Put your passion into something like cleaning oil off something.

    • Poor Mel

      Rob talking about shallow girls in Hollywood? How about him telling his gf to take that cigarette out of her mouth and stick that finger of her elsewhere. You twifreaks are so retarded that you can’t see any faults in your own people. And since most of you twifreaks are not of age and can’t get in to clubs, your Saint Rob cannot handle his alcohol well. Great role model that guy….PLEASE

  • Emma

    friendly banter all around. no REAL tension there. Robert has just never felt very comfortable during interviews.

  • Heather2

    The entire thing was awkward between them because the whole she’s dating his supposed gf’s ex right now fiasco. But clearly Rob was just making a joke and trying to be funny, but there was still some obvious tension there.

  • tellusataletunes

    It was explained somewhere else that she also explained that it was because she and the kid who plays Jacob were both in some movie (Valentine’s Day?)together.

  • MAKA

    I honestly have no problem with anyone saying they’re team Jacob but Emma was unclassy and without reason rude to Rob. He was a gentleman and let it go but dissed her right back so way to go Rob. I loved him on Leno. Great intervie

    Her page does not exist anymore. Maybe she got inundated by a lot of “tweets” from Rob fans LOL

    GO ROB

    • kate

      “he was a gentlemen and let it go but dissed her right back so way to go Rob.”

      Contradicting yourself within the same sentence, nicely done. p.s. they were joking. Get your head out of Pattinson’s ass.

    • Gladys

      Her twitter page was shut down because she was getting death threats from Robert Pattinson fans. They think she hurt his feelings by not being team edward.

      • murley

        wow, that is scary pathetic. poor rob to have fans like that. how embarrassing for him. not his fault of course but still.

      • Kim

        She was not getting death threats. Talk about blowing something out of proportion. Her rude behavior came back to bite her in the butt and she couldn’t handle it. Even her tweet after the show was sarcastic towards him. She was rude through out the whole segment, it wasn’t just the Team Jacob thing.

      • KIM THE SPY

        How do you know everything that she was getting? Did you hack her account and see all her tweets or just the few you saw on the internet? Some, I repeat, SOME twilight fans are extremely pshycotic and it would not surprise anybody if they did something extreme. Some of those guys really cannot tell difference between reality and fictional anymore

  • Heather2

    But that aside. Rob’s segment beforehand was great. Him talking about his dad was one of the best interviews I think he has ever done.


      I agree completely. I’ve mostly been put off by him, but during his interview, he was comfortable and charming, especially with his parents.

  • susan

    wow. I just watched her interview on the nbc website (for some reason, I’m not able to play nbc clips when they are posted to EW), and she totally lacks charm. Pattinson played it well. Emma is the one who made the comment about sitting next to each other for a few minutes, and it was clear that Pattinson found it shocking, perhaps rude. To me, she came off as a b**** from the get-go, starting with her about meeting Pattinson “it was quite an experience.” Her tone was full of sarcasm. I’m disappointed, because she has potential to be a good actress; too bad she comes across as an obnoxious person. Pattinson’s comment about her not having taste was more clearly a joke, definitely playful. Watching the two of them, I’d have to say that Emma was the “downright rude” one. And while I’ve read the Twilight books and seen the movies (matinee only, won’t pay full price), I’m not a “Twi-hard.” I did it to be social, since a bunch of friends were talking about it.

  • Tay

    uh? Emma Roberts is the one who came off as vaguely rude… not a big deal though, they were clearly joking around.

  • lea

    I’m team emma.

    Don’t kiss his ass, you’re not his cheerleader. Good for you girl.

    • Nene

      So her condescending and sarcastic manner is “not kissing his ass”? There was nothing wrong stating she was Team Jacob. I was her attitude that was bitchy. They were on Leno, not Jerry Springer. She should’ve been polite. Being polite wouldn’t have made her an ass kisser.

      • Benny

        Nene–Yes, she was cold from the start. It did not matter which team she was on. She gave out plenty of attitude, I agree. Of all the guests that they could have picked to sit next to him, this was the wrong choice.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    You all realize that once the Twilight series is over, so is his career.

    • Mel

      If done well, Water for Elephants has the potential to be another huge hit for Pattinson. After that his star will be as bright as his movie choices are wise.

      • Heather2

        Ignor him. He makes this exact same comment on all the Rob threads.

      • Jose

        He will ruin the movie!

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Ummm, yeah, not going to happen, unless people go see it for Witherspoon or Waltz. I don’t think he can carry a movie. You could have stuck any actor into the that role in Twilight.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Poor Heather2, the truth hurts. Have some subjectivity.

      • petuniafromhell

        I think he should take a break after the T movies and go to acting school…the maybe he’ll have a chance.

      • Heather2

        RS, yeah poor poor me. It must infuriate you that I am so positive and happy all the time instead of following around and posting negative comments 24/7 about a person that I hate.

      • S

        Rob and Kristin both had a movies come out after New Moon, ad they both flopped. People are in love with Bella and Edward and not Rob and Kristin.

      • Benny

        Agreed. He has a long way to go. He is only 24.

    • lalala

      How will his career be over. If anything Emma Roberts has no career She’s lame and he’s not. You do understand that we can’t have people like Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, or Brad Pitt at the top anymore. They’re old. People like Rpattz and Zac Efron are becoming the new top dogs. Water for Elephants was a supreb book and he can act. Twilight is just horribly written. With the right script and director, Robert Pattinson can definately rise to the top.

      • Heather2

        While I don’t agree with everything in your comment, I do agree that people need to give him a chance to prove himself outside of the Twilight franchise. Those scripts and material are horribly written, and I personally feel that the cast has done the best job they could with what was given to them. With that said, Bel Ami and WFE is going to show what he is made of. The same that Into The Wild, Adventureland and The Runaways did for Kristen Stewart. Everyone judges Rob just based on his character of Edward Cullen based on their biased negative opinions of Twilight. That is not fair.

      • lalala

        Hm, weird, more than one person can have the same username lalala?

      • Luke

        uhmm Heather, Check Box office mojo. He has had 2 movies since twilight and they both flopped just like Kristins last movie. What made them popular will also be their downfall.

      • TBFan

        @lalala: Apparently, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt can still be all at the top. They pull in huge numbers at the box office still. Too old, bah! Johnny Depp will still have it going on in 20 years.

    • Nene

      He just finished filming Bel Ami. He’s now filming Water For Elephants. He’s scheduled to shoot Unbound Captives. I think that shows he’s got a great future beyond Twilight.

    • Tim

      Just like his last 2 movies- BIG FLOPPER!. Nobody wants to see Robert Pattinson they want Edward.

      • Linda

        Just to be clear Pattinsons last movie was not a flop. It recouped its cost several times over and that means it was a success. Was it a blockbuster-no. But it was not filmed or marketed as a blockbuster. It was a small independent film that made more than enough to make it a profitable film. Also, it should be said that almost all of Kristens films have been small independent films which rarely ever make any serious money but are usually made by people who have a serious feeling for the script/subject. Kristens films are usually reviewed very well by critics.

      • DAN

        LINDA- the runaways made 3 million. It cost them 10 million to make. The movie was advertised quite a bit especially since they had that kissing scene with her and Dakota. reality check- IT WAS A FLOP!! Where were her twilight suporter there?
        Remember Me made 19 million, Yes it only cost them 16 million but that’s still pretty low for a romantic movie with a worlwide star with a huge fan base. Letter to Romeo made more than that and the actress there is no where as big as him. By the way, it was done by Summit Entertainment. That is NOT and independent film production company. I bet you didn’t even watch either of those. Miley’s films made more than that and she doesn’t have that many crazy fans anymore. Wake up lady!

    • Beth

      Rob Pattinson has already made millions from acting, and I imagine that he will be an awesome singer, songwriter, and overall talent for as long as he wants to be. If anything, Twilight probably slowed his career down because it’s going to be hard to be seen as anyone except Edward after the movies are over. Emma Roberts is just trying to convince everyone she has taste and class. Yea, like comic-book CGI wearwolves, Emma.

  • Suzy

    It’s as clear as Edwards goods hair days…Emma WANTS team Edward-badly! Though not wonderfully tactful-it is one approach to have a man get your attention. She could’ve softend up her approach ever so slightly…but he took the bait. Parents watching and all!

    • Sissy

      Eeww. His mouth probably taste like an ashtray just like Kristin. They are perfect for each other.

    • Kathy

      Good point.

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