Jake Harris confronted by his father on 'Deadliest Catch': It's only going to get tougher to watch

deadliest-catchOn last night’s episode of Deadliest Catch, an ailing Capt. Phil Harris caught his son Jake, who’d been slacking off on deck, stealing his prescription pain medicine. The confrontation that followed (Phil: “I want you out of my life. You’re out of my life…. You’re nothin’ but a thief. A thief and a liar”) was painful to watch. Especially if you knew that in next week’s episode, Phil suffers the stroke that eventually took his life.

I don’t know how we’re going to get through the June 22 episode and those airing after it, which will follow Phil’s final days since he insisted cameras keep rolling. (At the end of this post: Discovery’s detailed description of the rest of the season). But I feel like we owe it to him. We’ve been with him for six seasons, we can’t leave him alone in the end. Not when he wanted a great ending to his story.

As for the rest of last night’s tension-filled hour, the opening footage of that Coast Guard rescue of the fisherman who’d suffered a heart attack at sea was unbelievable. You felt like you were on that helicopter, looking down at the stretcher blowing in the wind, and you were helpless. So much of what we see the crab captains do on this show is mental — figuring out where to put their pots, watching over their crew — that it was awesome to see Capt. Sig muscling the Northwestern into the dangerous harbor at St. Paul at night. I have no idea how the Time Bandit’s Mike Fourtner kept working after that 60-pound chunk of ice fell 25 feet from the crane above him and landed directly on his head. And do not even get me started on Jake Anderson, who breaks my heart time and again. He was making ice angels on deck when Sig was getting the news about Jake’s missing father’s truck being found? Really?

What’s still to come on this season of Deadliest Catch:

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 11 – Tuesday, June 22 at 9PM ET/PT The opening episode includes Phil’s initial stoke and the quick action taken by his sons – Josh and Jake – and the rest of the crew to get medical attention.  The severity of the situation weighs heavily on the close-knit Cornelia Marie crew as they pray for the best and are left to wonder who will take the boat out without Phil there.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 12 – Tuesday, June 29 at 9PM ET/PT The rest of the fleet begins to hear the unsettling news of their friend and fellow skipper.  Captains Sig Hansen, Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand and Keith Colburn all react with stunned disbelief while still keeping an eye on the turbulent waters, as the Bering Sea stops for no one.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 13 – Tuesday, July 6 at 9PM ET/PT Josh and Jake Harris continue to watch over their dad at the Anchorage hospital.  They are joined by Johnathan Hillstrand as well as Phil’s inner circle of biker buddy friends.  Ever the stubborn fighter, Phil rallies in the ICU.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 14 – Tuesday, July 13 at 9PM ET/PT Despite small signs of encouragement, Captain Phil loses his battle.  He passes away surrounded by family and friends.

AFTER THE CATCH (SEASON FINALE): Tuesday, July 13 at 10PM ET/PT The fleet wraps up its time at the French Quarter’s Blue Nile bar in the season finale of AFTER THE CATCH.  Captain Phil Harris is remembered in true ‘Nawlins style as fans pour onto Frenchmen Street for a traditional, raucous Jazz Parade.  The celebration brings together all the captains to pay tribute to their friend and colleague.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 15 – Tuesday, July 20 at 9PM ET/PT The news of Phil’s death reaches the rest of the fleet.  Captains Keith, Johnathan, Andy and Sig all struggle to come to terms with their friend and colleague’s passing.

DEADLIEST CATCH: CAPTAIN PHIL HARRIS REMEMBERED – Tuesday, July 20 at 10PM ET/PT A special one-hour look back at the life of Captain Phil Harris, skipper of F/V Cornelia Marie.  The special includes never-before-seen footage, interviews with fellow captains and deckhands and memorable “Phil moments” from the past six seasons of DEADLIEST CATCH, from behind the scenes and fan remembrances recorded at CatchCon 2010 and Phil’s public memorial service in Seattle.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 16 – Tuesday, July 27 at 9PM ET/PT –SEASON FINALE– On the finale of the sixth season of DEADLIEST CATCH, the fleet is still absorbing the news about Phil.  But the stormy waters of the Bering Sea never take a break, and the Captains and the crew must soldier on in the race to make their quotas, as the Opilio season comes to an end.

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  • Marty

    it appears they are showing episodes out of order, wasn’t Phil waiting to pull into St. Paul Island at the end of last week?

    • dave davis

      maybe jake will get help he needs,this is every day life in america, a lot of people are going thru the same things,i give jake praise becauce the first step to recovery is to addmit he was an addict.i will miss cptn phil


        jake will need alot of help ,not only with his drug addiction…but alot more with the guilt he will carry, his dad was a strong man, who left huge boots to fill ! jake needs to understand , things said in the heat of anger,do not mean they were how his dad really felt, phil was sick, and more than that , heartbroken for his boy.
        my heart and prayers go out to all who knew phil,and have come to think and love him as family(as i have all the. crews ) GOD bless you all and bring you safe into port always !

      • Kristina

        I agree with you. The fact his son recognizes he has a problem is a HUGE step. It is sad that Capt. Phil Harris has died. I feel a loss inside when I watch clips and see him. Even though I never met them in person I feel their loss.

      • Julie G.

        Dave Davis I could not agree more with your comment. Your last sentence says it all, I will miss Capt. Phil.

        And Jake if you are reading these comments, getting over drugs ain’t no big thing. It is easy when you put your mind to it, it is simple when you get right down to it. I should know. Clean, and off crack, meth and pain pills for three years now. “Steady as she goes.” I woke up one day, and I realized this wasn’t for me. I love you Jake, and your in my prayers. Josh- stop beating your brother up. You screaming at him does no good. It might make you feel better for a minute or two, but as one oldest sibling to another, you know in heart it is not the way to get him to listen.

        The show will not be the same without Phil. However, as his legacy unfolds, we are privilege people you and I, to have witnessed his wonderful life. Revealed to us, through the beauty and love of his beautiful sons.

    • homer5ox13

      I’m a little puzzled by the running order, too, and are there actually TWO season finales, one on the 13th and another on the 27th?

      • Melissa

        The season finale on 7/13 is for After the Catch. The finale on 7/27 is for Deadliest Catch.

      • Beth

        After the Catch has a season finale and then Deadliest Catch has a finale

      • Theresa

        The season finale on 7/13 is for “After the Catch”. The one on 7/27 is the “Deadliest Catch” season finale.

      • Lori

        The 13th is the season finale of After the Catch and the 27th is the season finale of Deadliest Catch 2 seperate shows

    • Larry

      words are like bullets an you can’t pull them back.Phil said it at the time he ment it..been there be for…OK Al

  • al

    He said he did not want his son in his life. I guess he got his wish.

    • jmo

      Shame on your for such a flipant comment. That’s seriously messed up to say something like that. Count yourself as fortunate for having parents in your life past the age of (how old is Jake?) 25.

      • Dave

        It takes a real man to say that to their son,so many parents turn their head the other way.

    • Elizabeth

      Stay classy Al… what an @$$

    • molly

      Hey al – shut up…

      • Donny

        I was thinking the same thing-it is me me me me me, hey look at me poor me his Big mouth runs in his sleep!

    • djt

      al..we want u out of our life..can we please get our wish??

    • Dracula

      What kind opf a piece of SH*T do you hvae to be to say something like that. Hopefully there really is karma and you sill die homeless and alone.

    • medicha

      Al…karma does catch up to those who truly deserve it…good or bad…and unfortunately..you’ve got your foot one step inside the “bad” door. Shame on you!! So mote it be.

    • P Dukes

      Al you are a heartless bastard!!! I bet you do not have very many friends in your pathetic life and the one’s you do have problably don’t like you either. Grow up Prick!!!

    • john

      your a ass

    • Flynn

      SHUT UP, you brainless, insensitive FOOL!

    • Deb

      You must be the coldest hearted person or maybe you’re too ignorant to understand pain. Yes Capt. Phil said that to Jake but as a parent you say things that we regret but I’m sure he didn’t mean it and for you to even make a remark like that just shows that you were never taught compassion. I pity you and your sad life.

    • Bob

      After that comment Al I’m sure I am not alone in saying the same wish is being requested by fans for you all over the net!

    • michelly

      douche bag.
      al, i mean you, in the slim chance there was a doubt in anyone’s mind.

    • kim

      Wow…you are seriously the biggest piece of s#i$ ever!! KARMA…you will get yours for that one

    • Bunny

      Even though Phil said he wanted Jake out of his life, did you quit watching there??? By the end of the show Jake said he was going to go to meetings and Phil said he would go with him. Doesn’t seem to me he really wanted him out of his life. Phil understood Jake’s addiction because he had been there himself.

    • Micah

      I can not believe you said that

  • Jules

    Watching that scene last night broke my heart. And poor Jake Anderson. Can’t the kid catch a break?

    • Gee

      I was thinking the same thing about poor jake A. Last season it was his sister, now this season his father? LORD!

      That whole scene with Phil and Jake H, My jaw was on the floor! I mean this whole season of DC has been a bit macabre knowing what was coming, but that revelation was a real tear jerker.

      • Theresa

        I actually saw the ‘addiction’ in Jake a few episodes ago. This was no shock to me… I’m surprised more people did not catch on to it. RIP, Phil.

    • heej

      He leads the Coors Light Crap Count

    • Mike

      Jake knew he hit rock bottom and being in similar rock bottom situation, that hit me hard watching him react that was when it hit him how bad he hurt the one person he loved the most.

      • jmo

        You have to feel for the poor guy, I mean, you said it, he hit rock bottom, but to have to do it on camera too….rough. All the best to Jake and to you Mike.

  • seriously

    it’s all very sad. captain phil was always my favorite. let’s hope his father’s death pushes jake to get help and not further into drug addiction.

  • no Daisy

    You said it well when you said we need to watch because, after 6 seasons, we owe him to watch his saga come to an end. I wholeheartedly agree. This season has been tough to watch knowing what was coming but watch I will. RIP Cap’n Phil.

    • raven

      I sure hope it turns out that way. I know phil spoke out of fear and anger and we’ve all said things we didn’t really mean at one time or another. still, it must be so difficult for jake to carry around the memories of that time. he sounded so broken trying to tell phil how sorry he was and how much he loved him as phil was telling him he never wanted to see him again. hindsight is 20/20 but a guilty memory haunts with more pain than you can even imagine!

  • max

    To the people that think Phil meant what he said,,,[HIS SONS WERE HIS LIFE,,,HE LOVES JAKE mOre than we can imagine…I have been the Dad who loves the son,,and the son that His dad died while he was on the water???{and on drugs????[I have never went a day not missing my Dad???But being the BEST i CAN {could do more}to make my dad happy,,He is watching Jake keep doing what you do,,,being the best you can,,,{YOUR DAD KNOWS HOW MUCH you and jake LOVE HIM,,,—– everybody that says Neg…things!!!

    • AD

      What in the world are you babbling about?

    • Theresa

      wow… fine example of scatter-brained…lol.

  • molly

    You are missed Capt Phil…blessings for the entire Harris family and those on Cornelia Marie

  • Chris

    What in the world is Max trying to say??

    • Kelly

      i was trying to figure that out myself :P

    • JJr

      I was trying to figure that out myself. I guess he has a new way of typing and adding {[}[ to a paragraph.

      • SA

        I think it translates to he lost his Dad to the sea and he has a son who is fighting an addiction.

  • sandasavi

    This has been the hardest season to watch, knowing we will be watching Captian Phil leave us. I love this show and as I really like all the Captian’s I always rooted more for Captian Phil and the Cornelia Marie. I love how real Phil is with his son’s. The reaction to his son was real and I think even though he said get out of my life he was reacting with such devestating news that his son had problems with drugs. He wants his son’s to be successful and he wants them to take over the business and he knew his time was ending soon and it just dissapointed him. But, Phil leaves him son’s something no child can ever forget, love. I guess I have to prepare to cry every Tuesday night.

    • julie

      sandasavi..i feel the same way. i was crying so hard last night when the program ended, that my husband thought that something had happen to me. this is a very hard show to watch this year, but like everyone else has said, that we owe it to Phil. he is watching too.

    • jmo

      Very poinant. I agree that (while I love the Hilstrand and the Hansen brothers) Phil and the boys were the reason I kept watching. But you know, how many people have a chance to work with their fathers? Those short years gave them an insight to their father that they would’ve never had otherwise. That’s some comfort, but you’re right, it’s been a hard season to watch. RIP Phil.

  • Melanie Rickmar

    I felt heartsick after the episode. Not only about Phil but also about Jake. I wish there was some way of knowing if Jake is okay. What terrible things Phil said that he has to remember forever. Even though I know Phil didn’t mean what he said.

    • bebop

      I know in February Jake was arrested for DUI and hit and run in Seattle. I’m sure he has a tough road ahead of him.
      Did Phil say last night that he knew Josh doesn’t want to be the skipper?

    • famdc

      hello people yes his father said terrible things to him but did you not see the rest where his father is upset but forgives him because he was honest and told him to get help they hugged and told each other they loved each other. did you not see phil was already showing signs of the stroke before he got upset with his son. do you not see that? yes i feel sorry for jake and josh but his father told him he loved them if the cameras are truly in order the man knew if the sons look at that it was his way of saying goodbye.

  • Kelly

    to see phil’s face and to hear the shakiness in his voice when he was telling jake he’s a liar and a thief.. you can tell how broken up he was about it.. heartbreaking. and all of this happens right before the beginning of the end. i will be spending my tuesday nights crying watching this show til the end of the season!

    • lou s

      It semed obvious that this wasn’t the first issue between Phil/Jake. I replayed it a few times and this was a personal issue that finally hit the fan and has nothing to do with fishing.

  • Melissa

    This has been the best season of Deadliest Catch so far, even though it is completely breaking my heart. I got tears in my eyes when Phil couldn’t focus, they spilled over when he caught Jake stealing, and I completely lost it when Johnathan’s lip started quivering and he had to excuse himself from the table on After the Catch. RIP Phil. May the crab farts be plentiful, wherever you are.

    • Leona

      I watched last season and Phil and the boys captured my heart. Can someone tell me the channel that it is on? I am devastated by Phil’s passing. I would like to resume watching.

      • jESSI

        It’s on Discovery on Tuesday nights. 9:00E

  • Trevor

    Captain Phil you were the man on the Bering Sea. You were an awesome father to your sons. You will be missed Brother. Now you are looking down from the wheel house of the Corniella Marie 2 in the sky. God Speed my friend

  • J

    I agree that Phil did not mean what he said. You can tell how much he loved his children. Sooo sad. I dont think I’ll be able to watch the remaining episodes. This is deffently real life…not reality tv.
    I think Max’s heart was in the right place even if his post was a bit confusing. ;)

  • Ed Schiffi

    I’ll miss Phil, it’s almost like I knew him. The Deadliest catch is the only “real” reality shpw on T.V.

    • carlie

      I agree,Ed. Why has this show not won an emmy? It is hands down superior to all of those manufactured sit-coms or another horrible new show I watched for about 5 minutes last night, “Jilian” who visits fat,f—ked, up hoarders and humiliates them into losing weight.

      Personally I like to feel that I am learning something other than several hours of electroninc anesthelia when the TV shuts off at night. RIP Cap.Phil, you leave behind a bug gruff heart. 2 broken heared sons and several million fans around the world who admired your chutzpa, humour and love.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Interesting observation Boy, I miss Eco-Challenge. Screw Amazing Race and Survivor, Eco-Challenge was the real deal.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I’m also missing a punctuation mark. Can you guess what and where?

        COMING SOON: The Missing Mark — a new reality show where people try to find the punctuation errors in blocks of writing. Intense!

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