'Bachelor Pad' contestants revealed. At least two don't annoy us.

bachelor-padImage Credit: ABCThe 19 Bachelor and Bachelorette alums that will compete for a “second chance at love” (and cash) on ABC’s six-episode Bachelor Pad (premiering Aug. 9) have finally been revealed. According to People‘s tone-setting swimsuit gallery, they include:

• Craig McKinnon, Bachelorette season Ali
• Jonathan Novack, Bachelorette season Ali
• Jesse Beck, Bachelorette season Ali — now with a buzz cut
• Tenley Molzahan, Bachelor season Jake
• Wes Hayden, Bachelorette season Jillian
• Ashley Elmore, Bachelor season Jake
• Elizabeth Kitt, Bachelor season Jake — now a blonde
• Natalie Getz, Bachelor season Jason
• David Good, Bachelorette season Jillian
• Gia Allemand, Bachelor season Jake
• Gwen Giola, Bachelor season Aaron — now looking… different
• Jesse Kovacs, Bachelorette season Jillian
• Jessie Sulidis, Bachelor season Jake
• Krisily Kennedy, Bachelor season Charlie
• Juan Barbieri, Bachelorette season Jillian
• Michelle Kujawa, Bachelor season Jake
• Kiptyn Locke, Bachelorette season Jillian
• Nikki Kaapke, Bachelor season Jason
• Peyton Wright, Bachelor season Andy

I feel like this show is the closest we’re going to get to another season of Paradise Hotel, so I’m hoping there’s plenty of sex and backstabbing. (In fact, it would be brilliant if like on Paradise Hotel, they had to hook up or go home. The show will feature some kind of weekly eviction after all.) What do you think of the cast? Happy that Craig and Jonathan will be back under the same roof? (The men and women will live together.) Do you believe Michelle, who really, really, really wants a husband, will find one in this group? Who are you prepared to dislike most — Craig, Wes, David, or Juan? Can hot nanny Elizabeth play coy again and not kissing anyone, even Kiptyn?! Who else wants Gia to end up with Jesse Kovacs?

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  • Dana

    I loved Paradise Hotel, they should bring that back!

    • Katie G

      Paradise Hotel was awesome, and they did try to do a second season some years ago… totally wasn’t the same. Those insane people were like lightining in a bottle, and I don’t think that can be re-created!

    • Nayeli

      JABI agree that there can be problems with dantig friends because as soon as it looks like your dantig through your friends, the other people of the gender in your friend network starts to wonder about your motives about being their friend and pull away thus ruining other friendships. So don’t just make friends with people with dantig in mind but just as actual friendship and don’t date just any friend. But the more real or actual freinds that you have with the opposite sex not only allows you to become comforable with that gender, it will also gives you some insight in to that gender as they will answer questions about their gender that your same sex friends may only have the superficial answer to and you can see them in action for yourself. And frankly these friendships can be really fun as long as you let your self loose and be willing to try things that your gender pretends to all hate. And some people just have to learn that the world does not revolve around having sex. Just because there is the biological and emotional need for it, does not mean that you have base your life on it. If a person can learn that then all your relationships can be more fulfilling. The people who refuse to learn this, will miss out on so much. Live your life, have fun and meet people of both genders, not just your own because that is how it was done in the old days. The lady’s knitted will the men folk played billiards in the parlour. Things have changed and in many ways for the better. It does not have to be the boys vers the girls but we can lift each other up and work together. Hmm but that is argument for another type of blog. So what have I been trying to get at all this time in a spew of verbal diarrheaIs is that no, I agree, don’t date your friends and don’t make friends’ to date either else they are objects and it is so fake. But normal some friendships die and some become very deep. These are no longer just your run of the mill friendships at all but something more. And if you are attracted to each other then maybe ones may be worth taking that next step. The problem with modern dantig is that everyone is looking for this Romeo & J passion but those passionate often philzel out just as quick as they started because anger is just as powerful and spite is more destructive. If you don’t have things in common and have that friendship, what will hold you together? So you need both Passionate love and friendship love.

  • Madd

    NO CRAIG M!!!!!
    And Melissa Ryecroft is hosting, correct? As I explained yesterday, I didn’t see her season of The Bachelor but in everything else I see her on she annoys me to death.

    • REally?

      I love Melissa

      • HateJake

        I Love Melissa too… she is sweet and talented and unlike most of these whackos, has some class.

  • Andrew

    Not David the Barbarian!

  • Ooh Yeah!

    Yeah for something like Paradise Hotel meets Big Brother. This is a rather wise move by ABC (surprisingly!)…

    Both are such crappy shows (PH/BB) but combine them both and it could make a good guilty pleasure. With no Rock of Love this season, I am IN (or will at least give it a try).

  • Laura

    Craig M and the Weatherman, reunited!
    Plus Michelle’s crazy ass and Wes’s trademark brand of obnoxious… this will probably be a really entertaining guilty pleasure.
    Just get rid of Melissa Rycroft.

  • RK

    What’s the object? Get out disease-free?

    • Ambient Lite

      Ha, ha – love it!

    • Nicole

      lol amen to that. considering 80% of us women get hpv by age 50 chances are those sluts will pss diseases around. hahaha at women on this show having class.

  • Julia

    half of these women contestants have psychological problems and most of the men are potential abusers. ABC should be ashamed.

    • LoliRyder

      Mostly agreed. I wish it was a little more potential of people actually hooking up vs. melting down.

    • Doreen

      ikr? well said

  • nodnarb

    How is this any different from a brothel?

    • Rupert

      Everyone gets paid?

    • Mark

      It will take about two months to make $250,000 in this house.

    • RK

      Well, it is run by a Fleiss…

    • Nicole

      in a brothel those women actually get paid. these women humiliate themselves and their families free. oh wait i suppose the free cocktails, room and bored is enough payment for these low lives. i will admit though they make excellent entertainment.

  • Theresa

    There are a lot of people from the same seasons. I was hoping for Michael or Reid from Jillian’s season. No one here I’m especially excited to see again but enough crazies to make for a good show.

    • Lindsey

      Love Michael and Reid. Unfortunately they’re both in relationships now. They would be great hosts though.

  • Dana

    Jonathan was our weekend weatherman I wondered what happened to him

  • Sarah

    OH YUCK! I can’t believe you invited these crazy ass psycho’s back, the only few I am the least bit interested in seeing again are Kiptyn, Tinley, Jesse and Gia! Everyone else sucks! Especially Michelle and Craig THEY NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!

  • Dee

    Whackjobs! I am so in!

    • Cupid’s victim

      I love that you’re upfront about it. What’s wrong with having guilty pleasures?

  • Stef

    i thought jesse kovacs was deanna’s season? wasn’t he the one she chose in the end (and later broke it off with of course)?

    • Stef

      oops wait nope, got the wrong jesse (there are an awful lot of bachelor/ette jesses though aren’t there?)

      • Cupid’s victim

        Yes, I’m not sure I’m recalling the correct one. Is this the Jesse that was really sweet but seemed too young but after his hometown visit, melted all of our hearts. He had a twin, right?

      • Lizabeth

        No, that was Michael. Jesse was the one who Jillian sat in the snow with on a one-on-one date and then he had that big brother who seemed ridiculously sexist, if I’m remembering right.

      • Me

        Jessie Kovacs was in Jillian’s season, he was the one with the winery, and took Jillian home to the vineyards. His brother was not sexist, but he described Jessie as a little young still, and he wasn’t certain Jessie was ready to settle down. I remember this is such detail, as I went to high school with both Kovacs brothers, so it was wierd/exciting to see Jessie on the Bachelorette. It was also nice to know what the “Welcome home, Jessie and Jillian” signs along the street finally meant.

  • Here & There

    Well, if Melissa’s hosting, I’m watching. How soon before Craig kills Jonathan? David kills Juan? Wes plays his guitar? Michelle goes psycho? Will Craig & David have a bro-mance? Oh the drama.

    • Sarcastic Pr*ck

      This must mean Wes has a new CD to promote! Oh, I’m so in!

  • Strups

    Omg these are literally the craziest of the crazies (with a few exceptions)!! This is amazing. HAHAHAHA My husband was dying to see a Craig M and Dave showdown actually, so this is perfect. HAHAHA Only thing that would make it better is Kasey and his freaky tattoo.

    • Ember

      Seriously!! Usually there is just one crazy per season, but this will have many crazies all together!

    • James

      Well, excited to see Nikki, Tenley & Kiptyn and even Gia, but these others have me wondering. If you see the People mag link above, you can definitely tell that this is about getting hot people together (each one looks like a model in their swimwear).

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