Dakota Fanning skips 'Eclipse' screening to take a test. Where are her priorities?

Dakota-fanningImage Credit: Sharky/Splash NewsAccess Hollywood got the real dirt from Eclipse co-star Dakota Fanning: Rather than attend a pre-junket screening of the highly anticipated Twilight sequel, Fanning told the show she instead was busy taking the ACT, a college entrance exam. And then she had to go and be charmingly self-deprecating about it all, admitting to guessing on some of the answers. I don’t know what’s up with Fanning, between the test-taking, college-experience-wanting, and the overall healthy future planning. But I find myself continually disoriented by her when I compare her to some of her, um, less studious-seeming peers. When EW’s Adam Markovitz interviewed her last year in the run-up to New Moon, she squeezed in a call to him just before class. At her actual high school. Do young stars even go to high school? I hadn’t realized. Am I the only one who assumes the ever-precocious Fanning will just take over the world one day?

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  • sam

    Emma Watson and Dakota Fanning might be the only intelligent young women in Hollywood so I wouldn’t be making fun of Fanning for taking the ACT

    • K

      She’s not making fun of her, it’s called sarcasm (hence the tag at the top of the article).

      • Zach

        Because it takes a tag to recognize sarcasm these days…God, Betty White was right. Our generation is stupid.

      • Max

        Betty White didn’t say this generation is stupid, rather, she said that technology has hurt being able to think on their feet without having Google…no wait, this generation is stupid.

    • LOL

      Dakota vs. Stupidity. Round 1 to Dakota.

    • mary q contrary

      The only thing going on here is giving kudos where they’re deserved. The girl has her head screwed on right. Pointing that out was the purpose of the whole article.

    • dipshat

      Sam may be right!

  • aughra

    Wow! A real role model for young women. From Hollywood. How did that happen? You go, girl!

    • Miss Talk

      Every child star has two choices: either to pull a Brooke Shields/Natalie Portman/Cosby Kids which means, to go to college and then to live a decent life, either to get trapped by Tinseltown and if you’re lucky enough, to end up wearing a scram bracelet or skanky revealing outfits at the tender age of17.

      • Dan

        Don’t forget the Jodie Foster–the role model for all the above.

      • Laura

        Dan, Jodie Foster is not a role model in any way these days.

      • Jay

        And why is Jodie Foster no longer a role model, Laura?

      • Ashleigh

        Yeah, I have no clue where this sudden hostility towards Jodie Foster has came from. She’s an incredible actress who has managed to keep herself out of the tabloids. That is a herculean feat in Hollywood when you’re a former child star. Is it…because of the lesbian rumors? I mean, people can’t be that douchey can they?

      • Robyn

        I think Laura is referring to a recent incident wherein Jodie Foster allegedly attacked a 17 year old boy who had taken pictures of her and her children. Supposedly she grabbed his arm and poked him and caused bodily harm. But, her rep says that the 17 year old kid is a actually a professional paparazzo. He denies it so it’s he said-she said right now.

      • jaded

        I think that the difference between the Brooke Shields/Natalie Portmans and the Lindsay/Brittanys is that the latter were never parented and were seen as the family meal ticket. While Brooke Shields definitely had a stage mother, she was still a parent to her daughter. I’m guessing that Dakota Fanning’s parents ARE parents to her and her siblings. And PARENTS teach their children that education is important.

  • Jose

    Good for her!
    And we know what the SAT is, no need to explain it.

    • Zach

      Yeah, but do you know the difference between the ACT and the SAT? Or can you just not read?

      • KS

        Aw snap, Zach, you are on FIRE with your comments. Zing!

      • matt

        How is that a zing?

      • KS

        I was being slightly facetious there, Matt.

  • Dewkitty

    Kudos to her for being responsible, mature, and keeping her feet on the ground. Definitely a bright future for her, whether it’s in show business or whatever she pursues. Her parents should be held up as an example of how to raise a child star the right way.

  • EMF

    Sounds like some Jodie Foster or Brook Sheilds would have done. Good for her.

    • EMF

      Sounds like something Jodie Foster or Brooke Shields would have done. Good for her.

    • Jane

      Foster graduated from Yale and Shields from Princeton, so yeah, it is exactly what they did.

  • Josh

    Good on her. Lord knows, we don’t need any more Lindsey Lohans or Miley Cyruses. One of them and all the others is plenty.

  • Nathan

    The test probably had a better plot.

    • jj

      yes! friggin hilarious! the fact that anyone ever gave stephanie meyer the time of day is a travesty in and of itself.

    • dee

      LOL A+ comment.

    • Dave

      Guaranteed taking the ACT is more interesting and exhilarating that watching Twilight saga Eclipse for two hours. Dakota Fanning apparently knows that.

      • Kalie

        Yes, that’s exactly why she skipped out on the screening. She thinks “Twilight” sucks. That’s also why she signed on to be one of the stars of the movies. Or, perhaps there was just a scheduling conflict and she knows that her education is important.

      • Dave

        Yes, I understand that there was probably just a scheduling conflict. I was joking. Pull the stick out of your a$$ and go back to bed with your Robert Pattinson cutout.

    • Dominic

      I hear someone optioned the test for six figures…no word on who is attached to direct yet.

  • Ceballos

    Funny piece on a great young actress who, most importantly, seems to have her head on straight…

    …so why’d you have to go and ruin it by picking a hideous accompanying photo that makes her look like Garth Algar?

    • Nathan


    • Ha!


    • Ambient Lite

      That is a babe. She makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.

    • Psac

      Worse, maybe they just blew her “normal kid” disguise. Like having an article about Superman and having a picture of Clark Kent!

  • Bee

    this makes me like her even more

  • John

    Just another reason to fall in love with her. And I love the quirky-nerdy picture of her up there. Girl got skill, smarts, and looks. God bless her.

  • robinepowell

    She has smart parents that keep her grounded, unlike so many parents of celebrities these days.

  • Tori

    I wouldent get to excited about it yet.The olsen twins went to college for one year before becomeing full time party girls. That said i really hope she pulls a Jodie Foster/ Natalie Portman and gets a good education and becomes a functioning member of socity. I am rooting for you Dakota!!!

    • Max

      Yeah but she doesn’t seem like a party girl. Weren’t the Olsen twins already infamous for their partying ways, at least one of them?

      • Drew

        No, the Olsens were pretty squeaky clean til they turned 18. And honestly they still kinda are. Calling them full-time party girls isnt quite accurate. They actually run their clothing lines (unlike most celebs who have clothing lines). They seem pretty work oriented. They just dress weird.

      • MomC

        I actually saw a quote pertaining to this the other day. The Olsen twins really do run their line. Michael Kors was discussing being in Paris at a fabric shop trying to create his line and looking up to see them there at the same time doing the exact same thing. I would not really consider them party girls. You do see pictures of them out socially, but there never seems to be the stigma attached to them that other girls provoke.

    • Dave

      The Olsen twins are no where near being party girls to the extent of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears (circa 2007). Sure they party now and then, and they dress weird, but I think they actually work pretty hard and are decent people. They both seem to have control over their lives.

  • chattypatra

    Kudos to her for not being an airhead!

  • Rebecca

    who is she trying to kid with those (ugly) glasses?

    • mary q contrary

      You’re a gem, Rebecca. Now turn that frown upside down and examine why you feel it necessary to dog on a teenager, who deserves nothing but a good, old-fashioned pat on the back.

    • Dave

      Who are you trying to kid with that (ugly) attitude.

      • but

        Rebecca didn’t go to college…Rebecca, did you even finish high school? Don’t be bitter, life at Walmart is not that bad.

  • erf

    Her parents should’ve written on raising kids in show business,not
    Britney Spears’ mother. Go,Dakota!

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