Harry Potter series done filming: Where do the stars go from here?

harry-potter-castImage Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty ImagesGet out your time-turners, folks, because we’ve reached the end of an era. On Saturday, filming of the Harry Potter series came to a close. Warwick Davis, who plays Professor Flitwick, tweeted out the news: “Today is officially the last day of principal photography on ‘Harry Potter’ – ever. I feel honoured to be here as the director shouts cut for the very last time. Farewell Harry & Hogwarts, it’s been magic!”

It must have been a sad day for all the actors involved, especially the trio of young stars who have charmed audiences around the world since Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone was released back in 2001. (Fun fact: Considering the first movie started filming in October 2000, the Harry Potter films were in production for exactly nine and three-fourths years.) We’ve gotten the chance to watch Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint literally grow up before our eyes, and although so many child stars find themselves forever stuck in a proverbial Azkaban of type-casting, these three seem to have bright futures ahead of them, as people actually take them seriously.

So, I’m wondering: where do they go from here? Sure, they still have another year of promotional appearances for the two Deathly Hallows movies before they’re through with the Harry Potter universe, but once their time as part of the most successful franchise in film history wraps up, what avenues will they pursue? Allow me to put my divination skills to use as I predict the future for the magical trio:

Radcliffe has already stated that he’s going back to Broadway to star in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Following that, I’d expect a slew of very serious roles for the actor. In the same way that fellow former-mega-franchise-stars Tobey Maguire and Elijah Wood have sought out heavy roles in smaller productions like Brothers and Green Street Hooligans, Radcliffe may gravitate to darker fare.

Grint will probably keep doing what he’s been doing for the past few years: starring in cool, quirky British movies that don’t make much of an impact in the U.S. After roles in Driving Lessons and Cherrybomb, the star will open his latest film, a comedy called Wild Target, which is released Friday in the U.K. If I had to guess, I’d say Grint’s career will resemble Hot Fuzz star Simon Pegg’s. He’ll be a strong comedic draw in Britain, and while people in America will always like him, he won’t feel the need to be an A-List leading man.

Watson’s future is a little less clear. She’s repeatedly said that she’s not in love with acting. My guess is that if she does pursue the art, she’ll display a surprising range, along the lines of Keira Knightley’s — and she’ll always look great on the red carpet.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Now that they’ve graduated from Hogwarts, what’s next for the Harry Potter stars?

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  • sam

    love all of them and wish them the best <3

    • darclyte

      Agreed. I could see Rupert having a career like Colm Meaney or Stephen Fry, as a character actor popping up in all sorts of tv and films. Should she decide to continue acting, I see also see Emma having a career somewhere between Keira and Helena Bonham Carter. Dan is the most puzzling, but I can see him sticking with theatre with film roles from time to time. All the best to a great cast!

      • helen

        Of all the actors picked for the characters, the only one I was ever disappointed in was Emma. She seemed to be given only one range. The boys have tried other things but she’s never even ventured out of the role. She may not have to do anything else for the rest of her life, but I don’t see her continuing to act unless she gets a range.

      • @Helen

        I beg to differ. I thought Emma was amazing in Ballet Shoes and Tale of Despereaux. She’s proven that she’s not just interested in pursuing a career in acting, but also fashion, education, and whatever else she sets her mind to. The girl is brilliant, classy, elegant, funny, and gorgeous. She’s got it all. She can do whatever she wants to do and she will.

      • amazing

        love them. they should do porn now.

      • Doris

        “Grint’s career will resemble Hot Fuzz star Simon Pegg. . .” Maybe he’ll play the VERY young Scotty in Star Trek: the Earliest Years!

    • amazing

      wish them the best in the porn industry.

      • Kegan

        You are sick. BTW Daniel Radcliffe is already doing porno

  • nikki

    I totally see them going that route too. It is officially the end of a magical era.

    • Celia

      It definitely is the end of an era. I just can’t believe they’re done!! That 16 months of filming flew by so fast. Heck that 11 years went by even faster. I’m in shock.
      There will never be anything like this again, so I’m proud that I got to experience it. It’s not really the end, because all the fans will cherish the books and films for years to come and will pass them on to other generations who will fall in love with the story too.
      All the Harry Potter actors are such brilliant young people who will go on to do even more wonderful things. I love all of them and I’m anxious to see what they do in the future. Dan, Rupert, and Emma have already gotten off to a wonderful start!

  • Andrew

    I am so sad they finished filming the series. i think every single one of them has a bright future ahead of them.

  • SXiPPY

    As long as they don’t end up in some celebrity sex tape, they’ll have definitely succeeded. Daniel seems poised to remain successful and I think venturing out into Equus early on was a smart move. Rupert, eh…I’m inclined to agree with your prediction. Gingers have it rough on U.S. shores. Emma, she may do a Natalie Portman and go to school only to realize how much she misses acting. Pervs trying to obtain upskirt photos of her, be damned, she’ll be back into the acting game even if it is only relegated to London’s Wes End.

    • mary

      there already is a topless photo of emma watson out there. my husband saw it on totallycrap.com

      • @mary

        It’s fake. The guy who created it, just got sent to jail.

  • yoursTruly

    As long as Watson can learn to relax her forehead and eyebrows, then she’ll be brilliant. Not the best way to portray her emotions.

    • @yoursTruly

      Hermione is a tense character. She’s always worried about something, so it wouldn’t be authentic if Emma played her relaxed. However, I think all of them have gotten better. Dan’s more in control of his mouth. Rupert has gotten loads better. And Emma (who’s always been great) has also improved. Who cares about her eyebrows and forehead? It’s supposed to move unless someone has had too much botox.

      • p

        This generation’s mark hamill is not daniel radcliffe, he can actually act more than a one-note performance. No, this generation’s mark hamill is the more obvious answer of hayden christiansen. He can’t act at all and is easily the worst actor in the new-cgi star wars trilogy.

  • Nathan

    Radcliffe will be this generation’s Mark Hamill, I doubt he’ll ever get past being Harry Potter. Emma Watson on the other hand will be fine, heck she already is.

    • Mc Prophet

      Totally agree with you about Daniel Radcliffle- he won’t be able to shake the “Harry Potter” stigma because he was cast specifically to embody that role. So in a way he’s worse off than Hamill because no one had a pre-existing notion of what Luke Skywalker looked like. Plus, Radcliffe keeps getting more awkward looking with age (borderline fugly) and that will destroy any hopes that he has at “leading man” star quality.

      • 4rocket

        I strongly disagree. Even if he never appears in a film that can match Harry Potter’s success, he’ll have plenty of good fortune as a dramatic actor, both onstage and on the big screen. He’ll probably end up a critical darling, appear in roles that always garner him great acclaim. And most importantly, I think due to the fact that he is financially set for life, he will always have the freedom to do whatever the hell he damn well pleases. He doesn’t seem to be concerned with becoming a big-name actor, I think he is content doing what he loves at his own pace. I’m not worried about any of the three actors, to be honest. I think whatever path they each choose, they’ll be just fine. The Harry Potter film franchise might just be the first to showcase all-around success stories for child actors.

      • Sam

        However, Hamill, while known throughout the world as Luke Skywalker in the visual medium, HAS carved out a pretty good place in the voiceover world. His work as the Joker in “Batman: the Animated Series” was easy to spot….but there are some roles he’s done where you have to look up the cast list to find he played a role.

        Plus, there’s no hours-in-the-makeup-chair involved!

        These three will be fine…if nothing else, they won’t HAVE to work a whole lot….their residuals alone would support most families comfortably.

      • Rory T

        Whether your opinion on his looks is correct (I have no opinion myself) I do not see that being a career killer. Sure he may not be the action hero superstar a la Tom Cruise, but how is Ashton Kutcher’s latest movie doing? Look at the “best” actors for the last few decades (I can not speak to much before the 70’s), Hoffman, Nicholson, Pacino, Deniro, Hanks, Penn, Crowe, DD Lewis – not exactly hotties.

      • GavinStrick

        Rory T; in their youth, Russell Crowe, Daniel Day Lewis, and DeNiro not “hotties?” In which Universe?

      • Rory T

        Deniro has always been a less than stunning guy. My point is that acting ability can (not alwyas) trump looks for male actors. If he can act, he will be employed.

      • Blue Buddha

        @Rory T: I have to disagree with you about Pacino. He was a very good looking man in The Godfather. But I agree; looks have nothing to do with great acting.

    • Baco Noir

      Couldn’t disagree more either. He’s already proved his chops in Equus in London and Broadway, something Hamil never attempted. He’s already moving beyond Potter with material like this. Not saying he’ll be the ‘leading man’ type, but he won’t be making grade z movies and bad video games roles.

      • Julie Dunagan

        Actually, Mark Hamill proved his chops on Broadway. He played the lead in Amadeus and apparently got great reviews. I understand he wasn’t cast in the movie because of his Star Wars associations (major drag).

      • Alexander

        Mark Hamill DID star on Broadway in Amadues before they filmed the movie. Tom Hulce played the part in the movie version.

    • helen

      He already has.

    • Jason

      Does that mean he will star in a remake of Corvette Summer?

    • Michael S

      Funny how you put it as Mark Hamill went back to the stage after star wars, having appeared in a couple cameo roles, like Jay and silent bob strike back.

      • Juan

        I so enjoyed this video Emma. It is so amiazng how fast things happen. Just when you think you conquered one thing, something else opens up. I enjoy social media. I have clients popping on to my Face book and are amazed of all the learning they can find there. Hey, that’s why I love working with TSA. People leaving comments and interesting posts on my wall.Thanks,Donna

    • @Nathan

      I saw Dan in Equus, December Boys, My Boy Jack, and Harry Potter never crossed my mind once. He will have no problem. Considering the people they’ve all been working with for the past 11 years, none of the HP actors will have to worry about finding jobs. Kenneth Branagh is the one who originally suggested Daniel for the role in Equus.

  • Johnification

    I’m looking forward to Radcliffe in H2$…one of my favorite shows, and he’s acting opposite an actress I went to school with! I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps doing stage work off and on throughout his career.

  • Jose

    Frankly, I really don’t care that much what the actors do after Harry Potter ends, I’ll be to busy being devastated that its all over!

  • talkin’

    Radcliffe has parents in the business and grown-up does not resemble little Harry so he will be OK. Rupert still looks somewhat Weasely – no offense meant. Hope he stays grounded. Emma is a beauty with a brain. Acting really is the last thing she should contemplate.

  • Dave

    I love all three of them and I hope they have continued success in their careers. I’d mostly love to see Emma Watson continue to act. Hopefully she’ll finish her studies first, but afterward, I hope she’ll return to the screen. She has a magnetic presence and always seems to have a glow about her. I would absolutely love to see her have a career akin to that of Keira Knightley. I hope your predictions for all of them will prove to be true.

  • Bee

    love love love emma and really hope she DOES pursue acting cus she’s great and there’s lots of potential there still. plus she’s gorgeoussss.

  • Zoey

    9 and 3/4 years…ha, that’s cool! As for where their future is headed, your predictions seem pretty much spot on, although I’m inclined to disagree with the Keira Knightley comparison…I’m sure Emma Watson can be a better actress than her.

  • Skip182

    Where do they go from here? Statistically, at least one of them will probobly go to jail, rehab, or the cemetary.

    • Tarc

      Um…statistically, all of them will go to the cemetary. What’s your point?

    • Jennieo


    • Nope

      I doubt any of the three will end up in jail or rehab.

    • @Skip182

      I think your statistics don’t apply to them. British actors don’t tend to go the same route as the crazy Americans one. They all have such great people around them who support them and protect them from nonsense unlike celebs like Lohan, Spears, etc.

      • Milovan

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  • Allie

    i don’t think that emma has ever said she doesn’t love acting, just that she wants to do other things as well. i think emma said something about filming during the summer and other breaks. on imdb, napoleon and betsy is still there, but no new info. wonder what will happen with that. rupert will probably take a career path like richard armitage, only working in england for the most part like you said. i’d see daniel radcliffe on broadway! wonder if he can sing! since how to succeed is a musical, so he probably can sing.

    • Deborah

      Emma seems to be doing quite well here at Brown University…not succeeding-do you know how tough it is to get accepted here??

  • JPX

    “Where do the stars go from here?” Into obscurity.

    • Frodo

      To HOBBITON!!

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