Sarah Palin's boobs are real, get over it

Sarah-PalinImage Credit: JASON SZENES/epa/CorbisIn an interview with FOX news host Greta Van Susteren, Palin tried to put what she kinda ickily termed “Boob-Gate” to rest. The blogosphere had been all squirrelly the last several days after pictures of Palin in a scoop-neck t-shirt led some to wonder whether she’d snuck in a little silicone. Palin and Van Susteren engaged in some disingenuous back-patting for their five-minute discussion on the matter. Breast implants, no breast implants? Van Susteren brusquely wondered, after clearly having been given advance permission by Palin’s camp. “First Greta,” Palin smiled approvingly, “you now why we love you? Because you’re not afraid to ask the questions, and I gotta respect you for asking the question.” (Really?) Anyways, they’re real and …. even I cannot bring myself to type the obvious Seinfeld reference. For all of Palin’s and Van Susteren’s  faux outrage over our easily distracted mainstream media (that includes you, Greta!) and the feminists who had not rushed to Palin’s defense, Palin was right to say the subject was a waste of her and our time.

Regardless of whether you think the former Alaskan governor is the best or worst thing to walk across a national political stage, regardless of whether she makes you crazy or gives you hope, regardless even of whether you think she’s attractive or ordinary-looking, let’s all agree to look at her mouth when she’s talking. (Hey, lipstick!) Eyes up, grow up! Too often when we talk about women, be she Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or singer Susan Boyle, the conversation inevitably begins and ends with their appearances and the tone becomes sneering and small and cruel. Sarah Jessica Parker’s 40-something face in Sex & the City gets savaged by male movie critics, the same fellas who ignore or talk with some affection about Alec Baldwin’s bloated barrel gut in It’s Complicated. Is Sarah Palin complicit in this whole non-story? Oh I dunno, and I don’t really care. But I do care about what it says about our ongoing reduction of the girls and grown women in our public and personal lives.

PopWatchers, should Sarah Palin really have to dress in layers? Can you stand Greta Van Susteren? Do either of these women really give a fig about the physical knocks Hillary Clinton has taken her whole public life? Is the very existence of this post another example of a “bored, idle blogger with nothing else to talk about”? Let’s all go save a whale or something.

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  • Stacey Blaze

    They don’t call her Sensational Sarah for nothing. The threat to wear “layers” was ominous and chilling. Collective punishment is just wrong.

    • CC



      • LOL

        Palin’s “boobs” are her fans.

      • @LOL

        So true.

      • Dwight K Schrute

        Women hate her so much. Just because she’s more attractive than 99.9% of women her age.

      • also @LOL

        So funny, and so true.

      • Katie

        @ Dwight K Schrute

        Sure, women hate her because she’s “prettier” than them, however, as a woman, I hate her because she makes us look bad. The thought that some believe she actually represents the women of America disgusts me, because it seems like most women in America are (a lot) smarter than her. I don’t hate her because she’s pretty, I hate her because she’s an airhead who thinks she knows everything.

      • Favreau

        Unlike you, of course, right Katie?

      • Katie

        @ Favreau

        I never said I know everything. But wouldn’t you rather have someone running your country or state or city making decisions on your behalf that is smarter than you? Marketing her as an “average American woman” doesn’t exactly scream, “yes, I’m qualified for the most powerful position in America!”

      • Mike

        “Dwight K Schrute” was clearly a joke, Katie. Watch “The Office” and pull the broomstick out.

      • Steve

        @Mike, many people use funny names on blogs – it doesn’t mean that their comments are actually jokes. Also, many many people, like you, write rude, offensive things on these comments. It seems to me that what “Shrute” wrote could have very easily been taken in a negative way. And, Katie, I am with you 100%.

    • Frank Lee

      “regardless even of whether you think she’s attractive or ordinary-looking” — Who the heck doesn’t think Palin’s attractive? Morbidly obsese feminist lesbians?

      • Will

        I think all the lies and hypocrisy she says makes her very unattractive.

      • jared4ever

        I guess Eva Braun thought Hitler was attractive too, Frank. There’s more to attractive than looks.

      • David Hughes

        will what lies has she told.Of course you don,t have to answer that for you must have voted for obama

      • Matt

        I think she’s attractive, her views are another story.

      • jodipo

        Hey David, your an idiot and you should not be so eager to let everyone know.

      • Archie

        @jodipo: That should be “…*you’re* an idiot…” Ahh, priceless.

      • Archie

        @David Hughes: I presume that they define “lies” as: Anything with which they do not agree.

      • Kevin

        Once she opened her mouth, any mild attraction quickly faded away for me.

      • wtf

        agree with Kevin. I dont find redneck stupidity too appealing

      • Yarbels

        Yes Morbidly obese feminist lesbians and Democrats who have their own hottie Nancy Pelosi. The real obnoxious female in politics? None other than the ever expanding Mrs. Obama and her “large following”

      • Yarbels

        Katie said “I hate her because she makes us look bad.” No Katie you do that all by yourself! Go away no one likes your type as I am sure you noticed many years ago,you sad little person.

    • rob

      Sarah Jessica Parker has been miles beyond hideous since birth, it has nothing to do with being over 40, although her mention is appropriate since her looks are a solid metaphor for Palin’s political abilities.

      • Mic

        Yeah, between the horse face and the horrible fashion, I could never figure out why Parker gets so much press.

    • Kelly

      All the name-calling, all the distraction all the divisiveness: it’s why Sarah and other ‘talking headpieces’ are *Dangerous* to this country, to the world and to mankind. They distract from the real problems, the frank discussion of the solutions and their respective costs and this drama and squabbling prevents people from participating in democracy in a meaningful (positive and productive) manner.

      Our Founders could have foreseen these levels of squabbling because they knew it existed before them. They were aware of the history of a 30 year was which ravaged Europe and killed a fifth of the population. They built our governments protections as best they knew how into a system designed expressly for changing. To no ones surprise, the very dynamism of change is now crippling our ability to use that wonderful tool of our system of government. It isn’t “government’ failing the People, but “We the people” failling ourselves.” Those who have bedazzled us are making a killing in profits that are undeserved and bought at the cost of the ‘common good’. While we bicker and childishly point and whine, we ignore that we are all someday food for bacteria; our offspring will perish because of this avoidable behavior and failure of reason.

      While we indulge in every inane manner of pastime mistaking it for ‘freedom’, we miss our opportunity to really LIVE, to express ourselves as a people and to make a difference for anyone but ourselves. This overindulgence, this selfish ignorance and the refusal to behave like there ARE consequences has dire results.

      We as a nation, have just lost one third of our best fishing waters, a history of developing this natural resource to produce livings for millions of Americans. The policies, the conduct, and actions should be examined now and we will find at the root of all the damage is simply: GREED.

      Sarah’s tits are dangerous because she uses them to promote her greed, to distract from what needs doing and the worst thing is not any of the above: the worst is that she’s an example of all the rest of us: greedy and selfish and delusional that everyone but us should change.

      No go to rooms and don’t come out until you’ve thought about it.

      Your Mother

      • Vee

        Kelly that was awesome! loved it!giggles

      • who cares

        while i don’t disagree with what you are saying, it just seems like a waste to post such a well-thought out, well-written assessment of american values on a web article about sarah palin’s tits.

      • anb

        Well thought out well written assessment? I thought it was gibberish. And, in fact, indulging ourselves in every inane pastime is in fact freedom. Kelly telling me what I should do and what I shouldn’t is not. Sorry that the rest of us don’t live up to your example, Kel.

      • Cliff

        ANB, I think the issue is less about the past-times themselves, but about the indulgence in them to the exclusion of all else, and the greed that’s used to acquire what’s needed to indulge in those past times. Freedom is a privilege, and yet more and more it’s used as an excuse for irresponsibility/lack of personal responsibility.

      • Cliff

        Alright, I typed in a rush and am correcting myself on “pastimes” before someone else does….

  • Maria

    It would have been nice if Sarah called out Carly Fiorina over her mean girls comment regarding her female rival’s hairdo. THEN I’d have some sympathy over having to deal with such a stupid issue. As it is, her outrage, again, is selective and self-serving. And faux.

    • Azarkhan

      It would be nice if you would call out Jerry Brown for comparing Meg Whitman to Joseph Goebbels. Unless of course, you are a hypocrite.

      As for this ridiculous story about Ms. Palin, it was fueled by leftist bloggers/idiots who wanted to take attention away from her role in Tuesdays primary wins by Republican women like Nikki Haley and Carly Fiorina.

      • Maria

        What does Nazism have to do with Sarah Palin?

      • Erin

        Speaking of hypocrites….

        Azarkhan you are continually calling people closed minded yet you continually insult people for views that don’t agree with your own and don’t agree with Palin. Hypocrite much?

      • Kelly

        Sarh didn’t campaign these guys into wins in primaries… she waved those magic boobs and they won. Wonce again proof that the sistas are adopted. I think someone with wits once said “idiots will glomm onto reality while the rest of us are watching the boobs.”

    • Cliff

      Azarkhan, you confuse two entirely different points. The comparison by Jerry Brown (merited or un-merited) was based on his assessment of Meg Whitman’s behavior/policies–entirely different from talking about someone’s hairdo and thereby making the conversation about appearance rather than substance, don’t you think?

  • Mr Spock

    I am not looking at her at all when she talks. She’s a joke who is trying to divide and distract. Her talking points are all either lies or unimportant. The people who she says she supports are being taken for ride while laughs all the way to the bank. She never met an issue she did not abandon.

    • Azarkhan

      No need for you to look or listen. Closed minds like yours do not appeal to Sarah Palin. She is an independent woman and thinker.

      • Reverie

        Wait. So “closed minds” like ours don’t appeal to a woman that doesn’t know basic geography?

      • Joseph

        You really don’t think Sarah Palin has a closed mind? Seriously?

      • val

        LOL. Sarcasm, Azarkhan, you’re doing it right ;)

    • Kelly

      Well, I for another boob, never look at the pictures of Sarah talking, I only listen to the words… I think all this talk about ‘support’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘open-minded’ is really only empowering to sexist power hungry boobs, like Sarah Palin’s.

    • chris

      Liberals operate from a foundation of emotion and feelings.
      Conservatives operate from a foundation of logic and thoughts.

      Liberals view people in terms of their membership in groups.
      Conservatives view people are individuals.

      Liberals think government made America great.
      Conservatives think that freedom is what made America great.

      Liberals think that people are too d*mn stupid to be free.
      Conservatives think that people should be free.

      • Ted

        Way to oversimplify….
        Funny though that the conservative party can tout these ideals, yet like all political parties, never actually put those beliefs into practice.

      • Veracity

        Yeah, conservatives think that people should be free. That’s why they want to control our bedrooms. They want us to be free to do what they want us to do.

      • Archie

        @Veracity: *Real* conservatives don’t care what you do in your bedroom — which I assume are things unspeakable. May I suggest Googling “Barry Goldwater”?

      • butt head

        Look up “conservative” and “liberal” you dumbass.

      • @chris

        “Freedom” made America great? What about the suppression of minorities, women, etc? The centuries of slavery? Yeah, freedom definately has made America just a bundle of joy.

      • Mic

        Liberals right social wrongs
        Conservatives write pointless lists of political stereotypes

      • Aly

        that would be accurate if you replaced people with big business

      • AZITDAD

        Ahh, yes. Slavery. The thing which Democrats fought to uphold. Including Segregation (which is still a basic tenant of Liberialism. I mean, have you SEEN any interracial couples in the movies or on TV?) And lets not forget the infamous Jim Crowe laws, all of which were written by Southern Democrats. Yes, FREEDOM in in fact the opposite of Liberialism.

      • Cleetus

        LOL, conservatives operate with logical thoughts? Sure pal. I think they are still looking for Noah’s Ark.

      • Yarbels

        Heck yes why don’t the Democrats take their slaves and move back down south? We don’t need their kind here in America

      • Canbuhay


        Actually, it’s:
        Liberals empower gov’t to take everyone’s else money to fight what they see as social wrongs.
        Conservatives empower the local people to fight social wrongs.

        By the way, your comments is a nice “list of political stereotypes”

    • Yarbels

      “What does Nazism have to do with Sarah Palin”? easy one they hate her and some Republicans don’t. You Nazis are just so much fun!

  • Liberal and proud

    She should have stayed in Alaska. At least she was only harming moose and bridges there.

    • JC

      OK ur Gay

      • JP

        Wow. Good comeback. Did you (oh, sorry, I meant “u”) get someone to help come up with that?

    • Vince

      This woman is one big nut case

    • sodakhic

      Liberal maybe, but I wouldn’t be too proud of that comment.

  • CC

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    • Azarkhan

      Methinks that is all the Shakespeare you know.

      • Sharon

        Wow great comeback there, Azarkhan. You really defended your girl Palin

      • Dwight K Schrute

        Sharon you are an idiot.

      • CC

        The only Shakespeare that happens to pertain to the subject at hand. Garsh. Guess you done tol’ me.

      • Sharon

        @Dwight: And you are about as ridiculous as your namesake.

      • bigref

        The quote is:

        “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

        You are quoting a misquote, which does seem to represent the way you derive your opinions.

  • Fiona

    She can probably truthfully say “no, I did not get breast implants.” But my cosmetic surgeon hubby is fairly certain, looking at the photos, that Palin had a lift done. They look bigger and rounder now because, after all those kids, she had them put back where they belong. Betcha money…

    • Sela

      Has your husband seen the photos of her in Kuwait years ago?

      Your husband is wrong. She had the same size breasts then.

      • Fiona

        Those pictures in Kuwait were taken not long after her last child was born. So yeah, if you think a nursing mother’s boobs naturally look the same nearly two years later, I guess my husband is wrong. Newsflash: that doesn’t happen, and it doesn’t take a plastic surgeon to figure it out. Duh.

    • Sarah D

      Good for her if she did get a lift after five damn kids! I’ve got one and my last one on the way, I’m totally getting these suckers put back where they were after I’m all done breast feeding. I think Mrs. Palin was glad to talk about this, it’s cheesecake compared to being asked questions about politics.

    • Dylan

      Who the HELL cares? The fact we’re discussing this proves Karen Valby’s obvious point.

    • Jen

      It’s baffling that people don’t seem to understand that a certain bra can make your boobs look radically different. We’re used to seeing Sarah Palin in power suits and parkas … god forbid she gets to run around in a T-shirt once in a while without people getting all in a lather.

  • Sela

    Good post… It’s honest and responsible.
    BTW, Greta is a long and known Hillary supporter so she does care about the hits she has taken.

    I am a democrat but I wouldn’t say I’m far left. The “liberal and proud” poster on here is way. Why doesn’t Sarah Palin have a right to travel the lower 48 states? Why doesn’t she have a right to giver her opinion and YES, even run for elected office some day. I think the far-left look like a bunch of intolerant bigots in regards to Sarah Palin. They have only made me sympathetic to her. And yes, I started to listen to what she is saying and I find myself agreeing with her words more than not.

    • Sarah D

      Then you aren’t a very sincere Democrat. Her policies are tow the line Republican, plus she’s been known to fudge the truth and be vindictive. Fudgeing the truth is pure politics beings vidictive is NOT what Democrats are about.

      • Azarkhan

        LOL! Telling lies is ALL that Democrats are about.

        BTW, I am sure that you are a “sincere feminist”, if by feminist you mean a woman who kowtows to the leftist party line of NOW.
        Fortunately for women in America, Ms. Palin is not interested in joining your club. She is too busy creating a conservative women’s movement.

      • lettergirl

        i’m sorry, i think i knocked myself laughing so hard at this totally ridiculous comment. ah, sarah D…a true politician is all about being political and vindictive when it suits their own self interests (regardless of what party they affiliate theirselves with). i could give or take sarah P, but i feel pretty sure that she just went to victoria’s secret and got a good bra. it must be a slow news day if THIS is what is being reported. isn’t there some kind of major disaster in the gulf going on right now? good comment, sela!!!

      • sodakhic

        Liberals aren’t vindictive. Ha What the hell do you think they’ve done to Sarah for the last two years.

      • Skip182

        It’s hard for a liberal to be vindictive of her when the only things she’s ever done are abondon the people of Alaska and lose the election for McCain.

    • levelheaded

      I think we can all agree that to be a politician in our country, no matter what party they belong to, they have to be liars and a little bit nuts.

      That being said, I find it appalling how much we go after in politticians in such a mean and intolerant way.

      I don’t agree with pretty much anything Palin says but I could not believe how the media took Palin through the ringer.

      • Ashleigh

        Agreed. I mildly to vehemently disagree with almost everything that comes out of her mouth, but whenever I hear the insufferable, sneering commentary start up about something that’s invariably irrelevant to her politics views, I change the channel/turn the radio off.

    • Brian

      Ms. Palin does have the right to travel and give her opinion and if the wing-nuts want to pay her a ton of money to speak, good for her.

      What she does not have the right to do is lie, delibrately confuse and obfuscate the important and serious issues facing this nation. She is not helping solve any of these problems, just stroking the fires for her own gain. I do take issue with her abusing whatever authority or privledge she has been given.

      • Mic

        she does have the right to lie, delibrately confuse and obfuscate the important and serious issues facing this nation, and she exercises that right frequently, just like most politicians on the right and the left

  • My country, tis of thee

    Sad to say, but liberals, aka lefties, aka dems aka progressives hate intelligent and sensible women….and men. They prefer electing misfits as long as they are from the dem party. That is why we are in such a dire financial, international and national situation. Let us make sure we correct our mistakes in the next elections and hire people who believe in this country, our people and our constitution. My worry is that it might be too late.

    • Vince

      Well lets see now who votes for Repubs?
      Mazis, red necks, skin heads, hillbilles

      • Vince

        Ouch meant to say NAZIs

      • Azarkhan

        Based on your post, correct spelling was the last thing we expected.
        FYI, for your future smears, it is “hillbillies”, “redneck” (no space) and “skinhead” (no space).

      • @Arzarkhan

        You really seem to know a lot about skinhead lingo (or wait, i’m sorry. Did you say it had a space?). Maybe because you are clearly one of them.

      • jctv

        ah, love the liberals. they LOVE you–until you disagree with them and suddenly you’re a nazi/redneck/hillbilly who hates blacks/gays/everybody. can’t we all just get along? sometimes someone just simply disagrees with you. it doesn’t make them a nazi. grow up and learn how to have an intelligent debate with someone without accusing them of being racist or simple minded. you act like liberals are the only ones who went to college.

    • Shana

      I’d really have to disagree with you here. The last Republican administration was the one who put us in such dire financial situation, by spending more money than was coming in. The Bush administration along with a Republican Congress passed tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, the prescription drug benefit for seniors and started two wars without figuring out where the money was going to come from. That’s what helped put us in such financial distress. Along with the recklessness of the banking industry which stemmed from the deregulation that began during the Reagan administration.

      And I find it extremely ironic that you claim that liberals don’t believe in our Constitution. The Bush administration did everything in their power to take away our civil liberties. Maybe you think warrantless wire taps made us safer, but it is clear that the actions violated the Fourth Amendment protecting us against illegal search and seizure.

      Now I am a liberal. And I did vote for Obama, but I am a little offended that he hasn’t done MORE to restore the civil liberties the Bush administration tried to take away.

      And whether you think we elected a misfit or not, keep in mind that 66 million of my closest friends voted for Obama. That’s about 8 million more than voted for McCain. Most popular misfit in the room, I guess.

      • Anna

        Actually, at the very least the unreasonable lending practices that the Democrats forced through (their argument was that not doing so was “racist”) were primarily responsible for the subprime mortgage crisis. So no, unfortunately you can’t blame Republicans for everything that’s wrong with America’s economic situation. I agree that Bush’s outrageous spending was antithetical to Republican values, but many of the policies that led to the financial crisis were in place before Bush came into power. You’re just regurgitating the party line that the Democratic Party constantly feeds to their most gullible followers – everything you said shows you have selectively exposed yourself only to the viewpoints you agree with and are incapable of thinking for yourself. A parrot.

      • jctv

        good job, anna. and yeah….bush had his problems, but to say it’s ALL his fault shows you are drinking the kool aid. how do you explain this administration spending more money in TWO years than ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED? sure, i’m all for helping those that can’t help themselves, but i draw the line at full out social welfare. i work for a living, why can’t you? also, i’m curious as to why we are doing EVERYTHING in our power to take on failed policies? they don’t work in ANY country that adopted them, what makes the govt think they will work here? you can say what you want about bush ‘stealing’ your civil liberties, but at least he isn’t showing up at your door stealing your hard earned money. big govt (no matter WHAT the party) is not good for anyone. i don’t need some elected official holding my hand telling me how to live. what ever happened to freedom?

  • The truth

    Regarding hits against Hillary and Sarah…Sarah has tAken many more than Hillary, and frankly, Hillary earned her hits, but Sarah didn’t.

    • really

      You’ve got to be a teenager… what you said is at the very least, mathematically impossible. Hillary has been in the public sphere for years. Palin is an infant compared to Hillary when it comes to political battle scars.

    • Azarkhan

      Absolutely correct! Hillary always had “feminists” and the main stream media on her side.

      However, those self-proclaimed lovers of diversity and free speech have always hated Ms. Palin.

      • really

        Lovers of diversity and free speech could not support Sarah Palin and be able to sleep at night. Every self respecting feminist can see that Palin is subjected to treatment she wouldn’t be subjected to as a man, but every self respecting feminist can also see that the more power a person like Sarah Palin gets, the closer we all are to doom.

      • Democrat

        Awww…poor Ms. Palin. She is the “hated” one. Yeah, she is sooo ahead of Hillary. (That was sarcasm, by the way). Sarah has lived such a hard life compared to Hillary. Sarah gets accused of a boob job, and Hillary has a husband who can’t keep it in his pants. Hmm…yeah, Sarah has really suffered compared to Hillary. Poor Palin…always getting bashed by haters HAHAHA yeah right. Turn on Fox News Azarkhan…you will find a whole host of Palin supporters

      • Aly

        Clinton used to get criticized for wearing pantsuits. The idiocy of these posts exemplifies why I’m non-partisan. Everybody always accusing everybody else of doing the things they themselves are guilty of. Either it’s all wrong or none of it is.

      • Luddite

        Honey, I get behind Sarah’s right to say whatever she wants (hooray for free speech!). I hate that she is subjected to sexism from both sides of the aisle. But. I vehemently disagree with just about everything she stands for.
        You seem to be getting bogged down in this idea that disliking Sarah Palin makes one anti-woman or a “feminist” (instead of, you know, a feminist). In fact, blindly approving of Sarah JUST BECAUSE she’s a woman would be about the least feminist thing I could do. I owe her the courtesy of evaluating her as a politician based on her political beliefs, not on whether or not she has a vagina.

    • Jackie Venice

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks for that laugh. Palin didn’t earn her hits? Have you been living on Mars? Every time Palin opens her idiotic mouth, she says something ore stupid than the time before.

      Palin has definitely “earned” her hits. And she’ll keep on earning them as she is one big joke and we are all laughing at her expense.

      • Jackie Venice

        Oops, I meant “more stupid”. Damn Dell isn’t working right.

  • Ktct

    Drill,baby,drill suddenly cares about the environment?

    • sodakhic

      She held the oil companies accountable in Alaska, including environmentally. More than we can say about Obama, who has taken more BP cash than any politician.

      • Ktct

        I would love to have what you are smoking.

      • JD in Alaska

        WRONG!!!! I live in Anchorage and I can tell you right now that you are WRONG!!!!

        Stop drinking the Faux News Kool-Aid. It makes you more ignorant than you really are.

      • Brian

        Oh that’s why when BP’s feed into Alaskan Oil Pipline sprung a massive leak, Ms. Palin did such a fine job holding them accountable that they would never think of doing anything reckless and unsafe again.

  • Tom

    Be serious. If any Democrat had a boob job Faux News would suspend its regular programming to provide 24X7 coverage of the major news story. Glen Beck would be sobbing over how the fabric of our nation had unraveled.

    The woman is 46 and has had a bunch of kids. Those things were probably dragging on the ground. If she had some work done, whatever.

    What really gets me is this is another example where even talking about the the issue is being declared “off limits” when it would be considered not only fair game, but major news if a Democrat did the same thing.

    • Azarkhan

      Are you sure you haven’t spent more time gazing at your navel then Fox News.
      The woman is beautiful, intelligent and conservative. Get over it.

      • @Azarkhan1

        You are all over this post, insulting people whose views do not compare with your own. We know that you loooooooove Ms. Palin and think she is soooo beautiful, however many boob jobs she has done. But seriously, this is an OPEN POST. Meaning that everyone can say if they don’t like Palin, without having you constantly shoot them down because their views don’t match your own. So why don’t you just express your opinion in your own post and leave everyone alone. Or are you still too busy protecting your precious Palin?

      • Tarc

        OK, there seriously cannot be anyone on the planet that really thinks Palin is *intelligent*. I’ve grown slime mold that was brighter than Palin. Find a clue phone and pick it up – pronto.

      • Coyote

        She’s pretty, stupid, and well, stupid.

      • Kevin

        Well, one out of 3 ain’t bad… she most certainly is conservative. Now “beautiful” and “intelligent”… that’s another story.

  • mark in nyc

    I really don’t like a thing that Sarah Palin stands for or is in any way and think she is a moron.
    But if she did or did not get a boob job….it is none of our biz. The news focuses on the stupidest things.

    • Skip182

      Agreed. I can’t stand the woman, but it’s none of my business what she’s had done. Why is that worth the time to ask? She’s a public figure in politics (kinda) and there are more important things to ask her.

  • UGH

    I’d hit it but I’d have to tape that yap shut.

    • Azarkhan

      As if a clown like you would have a chance in Sarah Palins world.

      • no fan of palin

        azarkhan! are you really john mcain or todd palin cause you sure is kissin some booty.tell me where is palins world is it near uranus

      • No Fan of Azarkhan

        Yeah, and quite clearly you would? What are you her husband? Or some person that is hired to kiss her butt?

      • Casey

        Not gonna lie, Azarkhan, your devotion is kind of a turn on. Bet she’d appreciate you real good if she knew you existed ;)
        You’re definitely winning brownie points by posting all over this board though, keep at it.

  • Garry

    All a big misunderstanding, which occurred when the question was asked, “Is that boob Sarah Palin for real?”

    • Azarkhan

      How many days did it take you to come up with that “joke”? Five, ten???

      • No Fan of Azarkhan Again

        Arzarkhan…go get a boob job to match Sarah’s. YOU ARE THE ESSENCE OF WHAT CLOSE MINDED IS!!!! You can’t even take a joke.

      • Tarc

        It’s shooting fish in a barrel. Palin is so ridiculous and pathetic, it takes no effort.

      • Garry

        Why, is that how long it would take you?

      • Mic

        Azarkhan- try to focus on quality, not quantity. The Spock comeback was good, and I was laughing pretty hard at the methinks line, but the last couple snaps sounded like something a kid would say.

    • Glory

      Gary, I liked it! LOL!

    • Coyote

      Nice one!

  • allie

    I’m an Independent and would rather vote for a goat than Palin BUT this is so freakin’ sexist I cannot stand it. Male politicians would never be questioned about whether they have had certain parts of their anatomy enlarged, lifted or tucked – why should women?

    • The truth

      If you vote for a lefty, you would be voting for a goat.

      • gato

        bleak response……….try again

      • Tarc

        I love Newspeak.

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