'Real Housewives of New York' reunion recap: Only part one?!

real-housewives I have two major complaints with part one of the Real Housewives of New York reunion: First, there was no performance of “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” LuAnn’s terrible dance/spoken word song about proper upbringings. And second, there was no Sonja Morgan, my reason for waking up in the morning… or at least for sitting through an hour-long reunion special. Sonja can distract us from all of this crazy with her wild dancing and low-cut dresses. Though disappointed, I had my glass of Pinot Grigio ready to go (which was very necessary), and soldiered on.

The ladies were seated according to the “teams” this season ended with — Ramona, Bethenny, and Alex on one couch, and Jill, Clueless Kelly, and LuAnn on the other. Andy started things off by addressing an otherwise nonentity this season, Alex, and the “most memorable one-liner of the season”: “You are a mean girl and you are in high school, and while you’re in high school I’m in Brooklyn, trying to survive in this economy, working.” While Alex took a backseat towards the end of the season, early on she was in the middle of the Jill-Bethenny feud. Cue clips of Alex describing her role as the messenger of Bethenny’s missives to Jill, saying she had a “job to do,” as if Jacob himself had reached out and touched her, asking Alex to protect the warm light of the Island. To Andy, Alex asserted that she wasn’t a different person this season, but merely one that was no longer suppressing her emotions and opinions. She even challenged darling LuAnn, (“let me finish, dear” ) by calling her out on her hypocrisy, and continuing an assault of Jill throughout the night.

Onto the Renewed Ramona Coaster. The crazy-eyed blonde won me over this season with her haircut and unabashed love for her husband.  Ramona explained that she regretted her harsh words to Bethenny on the Brooklyn Bridge: “If I had to erase one comment out of all my comments, that’s the one.” Kelly, out of nowhere, piped in: “Oh really, not that I’m stupid?”  Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, go back to your gummy bears.  You’re out of your league with these ladies! You just set yourself up for a verbal Singer smackdown that probably wasn’t even that much fun because it was so obvious:

Ramona: “I don’t know Kelly, I call my daughter stupid sometimes.”
Kelly: “Don’t call your daughter stupid.”
Ramona: “I really don’t, I just said that as an example to make you feel better.”

After the break attention turned to Bethenny, looking radiant a mere 12 days after her giving birth to a baby girl. She teared up when talking about baby Bryn, how lucky she and Jason had been, and how she really did have it all now. Discussing Bethenny’s post-baby weight, Jill awkwardly complemented the new mom multiple times. She spoke over Bethenny and Andy, trying to be heard — “It went back to normal like that! You look great!” — like a puppy beginning for a belly rub.

The central conflict of this season has been the monstrous fight between ex-best friends Bethenny and Jill. It divided the ladies and still is very much alive and unresolved. The back-and-forth she-said-she-said was excruciating to listen to. According to Bethenny, the central factor leading to the demise of their relationship was that Jill has let the “fame” and notoriety of the show change her for the worse (Kelly pointed out that the fame has gotten to everybody.). Of course these accusations were directed right back at Bethenny (who is choosing to document her pregnancy and marriage on her own reality show…).

To me, these fights are much less interesting than any frivolous fight about a Fashion Week seating or Hamptons dinner party invite. The downfall of the Real Housewives, particularly this season, has been that it is incredibly too self-aware. Yes, this is a reality show and the reality for these women is that bloggers like myself are writing about them, but it’s tiring to watch women bicker about who planted a story in Page Six over and over again. My initial attraction to the Housewives franchises and many others like it was the voyeuristic nature and the unknown world in which these “characters” lived. The Hills has strangely attempted to avoid the celebrity aspect of its cast members onscreen, which I have to say I like much more. Yes, it’s impossible to avoid that people will recognize the ladies on the street, but I miss the early days when they were worried about social obligations that only their New York circles were aware of, not two million others.

And in case you were wondering, Simon looks bloated because he quit smoking! (Good for him).  Just how much weight did he gain? (Andy, you’re shameless!) A measly six pounds, but don’t worry, “He’ll be back in speedos next year,” said Alex. God help us.

Stay tuned for part two, PopWatchers! The drama continues as Kelly tells Ramona her “blood type is Pinot Grigio” (point for  Kelly!), and Sonja finally arrives on the set.  Are you tired of the Jill-Bethenny fight? Should Kelly come back for season 4? Let us know!

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    • susan

      You’re a jerk. She did not look fat. She acted like a desperate please-love-me puppy dog but she did NOT look fat, she looked gorgeous. She needs to just let the whole Bethenny thing go. Bethenny doesn’t love her and only used her for a shoulder to whine on until she met a guy. Boring.

      • Jenn

        Susan Saunders, is that you???

      • Jeni

        Her hair was out of control, and not in a good way. She needed a little less hair. It was a little too shaggy dog

      • LOSTinNYC

        Betheny has always been a self providing woman who didn’t “Need” a man and didn’t rely on Jill for squat! Jill should just go back to being the fabric queen of NYC and stop insisting that Betheny needs to forgive her. To heck with that. Love Betheny and Ramona and Alex. Only ladies I’d ever want to lunch with. And Kelly, your rubber room at Bellvue is waiting for you!

      • Michelle

        LMAO @ Jenn!!!!

      • Cathy in NY

        I so agree that Jill needs to let it go – ’cause Bethenny has CERTAINLY let her go!
        I actually had to turn it off, watch something else that had A LOT more joy in it and then come back to it this morning after my shower!
        Whoa! I don’t know if I can watch these beeyotches anymore. None of this disgustingness was fun this season.
        At least the ATL girls KNOW they’re a hot mess! LMAO!

      • Lauren

        Good Job Susan defending Jill. lol She doesn’t look fat. But she looks like a cheap hooker? Jill is old and bitter. I am all about loyalty and Bethenny thanked her for everything. At first I was on Jill’s side but then I saw the season play out. Bethenny tried, Ramona tried, Alex tried to repair the relationship. Jill refused and gossiped and was rude and adament that it was over saying “I’m Done” but when Bethenny said she is dove via Alex then Jill gets remorseful. She is a old haggish looking troll. Jealous and insecure.

      • jos san fran

        LAUREN, do you know how stupid your comment makes you look?

      • jos san fran

        LAUREN the comment about “mid west”

    • wakeforce

      That was a low blow. Why are women so critical of each other, yet when a man does it, you get all huffy. Don’t understand that.
      I agree about the fighting about planted stories. We have no way of knowing if any of it is true, so only fight about what we see on the show.

      • KC

        That’s no woman, that’s a troll, baby

    • TT44

      I’m not going to call her fat, but that hair was ridiculous.

    • Jethro

      Did Jill’s shoes match her dress! A guy could figure that one out!

      • huge fan

        no they matched her braclet – it looked good

      • Kooka-Doodle

        Was that a corn-cob on her wrist?

      • gussie

        Those shoes were awfull! I don’t care how much they cost, they made her feet look huge. She should have gone for a different color, maybe blue!

      • Fashion Guru

        Jill looked like a frumpy old Jewish mother with very uncomfortable shoes as she stormed out of the studio.

    • Amber

      She didn’t look fat and I COVET her shoes but yeah, that hair…too much. She was trying to look TOO young. She reminded me of some mobsters girlfriend out of “Goodfellas”

      • nancy

        Yes, “Jersey hair”.

      • Kooka-Doodle

        Covet those shoes! Yikes, looked like she took some Zarin fabric remnant material and glued them around a pair of Payless Shoes.

      • Tara

        Those were awesome Laboutins !!!!

      • myprettypony

        nancy: she’s from long island, not jersey. thanks.

      • UsualSuspects

        Jill maybe from Long Island but that hair WAS from Jersey, lol

      • A

        Laboutins or not, the color of them was awful, like clown shoes.

      • Lauren

        First of all Jill shoes were amazing. Kooka-Doodle is some fat or frumpy middle america woman without taste. Those are the kind of people who shop at malls and think Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous with great style. Jill’s clothes and accessories were great but not for a 60 year old jewish woman.

      • Forgetabboutit!

        Lauren, you are ignorant. Do you shop at Saks? The average person doesn’t. You probably live in a trailer.

      • Jennifer

        Where is Lauren from? The malls in large cities are filled with boutiques and high-end retailers. Also, style is a matter of personal preference. Finally, Jill looked like an idiot in those shoes in my opinion. They would look better on someone who is younger and with a more appropriate dress. That is the second time I have seen her in those shoes, and she just can’t seem to get it right. If Lauren disagrees, she is just a trailer park hillbilly without taste.

    • Karen

      I was so irritated that Jill lied again and again and again through her teeth right to everyone’s faces. What is up with that?? I just rewatched the clip where Alex and Ramona both clearly state that Jill told them not to film with Bethanny and she just lies lies lies until she is caught and then adjusts her lie or tries to change the subject. Doesn’t that irritate the heck out of the women?

      • Delena

        If Jill’s lips are moving you know she’s lying. I was so happy that Bethenny told the truth last night, and didn’t let Jill weep her way out of this. Team Bethenny all the way! Suck it Susan Saunders.

      • jennrae

        I heard she used several media consultants to prepare for the reunion. You could tell that she was doing that, “I’m faux-taking responsibility for things” by saying “I shouldn’t have done that” whenever anyone accused her of anything. Except for when she was asking for proof, haha. If Alex and B didn’t come loaded with emails and newspaper articles as evidence then it must not have really happened, right?

      • Callie

        But even more than “I shouldn’t have done that” … “and so do we all.” And how about “When I said we were done, I didn’t mean we were done.” Geez, Jill — that’s just plain pathetic.

      • Sussie Q

        That’s the problem with a lie, you can’t remember how your lie went down.

      • Annie

        I know… *SIGH*… it is getting tiring of seeing Jill squirm out of the trouble she stirred up by denying or placing blame elsewhere. I really lost a lot of interest in RHONY after this season due to Jill’s antics and Kelly’s mental breakdown.

    • Sam

      Ramona is the only one who looked FAT! Look at the way she is sitting in the promo picture….like she’s desperately trying to suck it in!
      I felt sorry for Jill as I do think she was trying to make amends finally. I don’t understand why everyone LOVES Bethenny. She was really cruel again last night and if you take everything into consideration, she not completely innocent. Wouldn’t it have been so nice for Bethenny to have used Alex for her “branding logo” so she wasn’t “trying to survive.” Alex was quite forgiving which seems like a much bigger deal than what Jill has done since it could have helped her financially and even more so since the brand has grown. Alex also didn’t mind using Jill when it was convenient and by the way, your boys were a bit out of control. A fact that was noted by so many others besides Jill.
      A very disappointing season…

      • carlinemom

        I don’t think Ramona looked fat. I did think Jill looked tired and beaten down – and when I mentioned this to someone else, she said, “Jill probably planned to look tired and beat-down so that people would feel sorry for her!”

        THAT is the reputation Jill has earned for herself.

      • Marti

        I think it was the cut of Ramona’s dress. Full skirts are tricky, especially when seated.

      • Zarins Go Away!

        Oh Gloria, please stop commenting on these boards in defense of your daughter. Seriously you’re not changing anyone’s mind, and calling teeny Ramona fat is PATHETIC.

      • JJ

        Ramona did NOT look fat at the reunion. Ramona is rocking that bikini body which looks astounding for a 54 year old woman.

      • savannah

        i have to agree about jill and her attitude. she was a sweet person on the first season and i did like her but it does seem that fame and everything else did go to her head. it is a ashame that she was not willing to say sorry and shut her mouth after that . u can not say sorry then come back with an insult. that would just piss me off if sum1 did that to me. i would havehit her but i live up town and thats the way that things are done where ilive. they should all get hobbies and jill should try to learn that money dnt buy u class. it buys u more friends and more attention. but at the end of the day she has to look in the mirror at her horrible troll face and think that he was anidiot for how manyweeks on tv

    • annmary10

      I thought Jill looked beautiful last night. What bothers me so much is that Alex will forgive all the remarks made about her house, children, husband, yet when it comes to Jill she is like this evil person. I use to like Alex, yet she has lost her way. I still believe it all comes down to her losing her job last year, then had to take on a ‘less paying’ job and there is nothing wrong with that, except she resents the fact she does not have what Jill has. She said it herself she wants to live in New York City, previous seasons show Alex and Simon thinking people would think less of them due where they live {go figure}

      • jennrae

        I think when you let things go for so long you end up disliking the person more than if it was just one argument. Everyone looking in thinks you’re irrationally angry, when in fact it’s like a dam broke within you. I don’t think she wants what Jill has; I think she wants Jill to stop acting like she should want what Jill has.

      • JackHole

        I think Jill did look good last night, but even if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

      • Jenn

        Stop it Susan Saunders, you’re killin’ me. (Google “Susan Saunders Jill Zarin” to understand this comment.)

      • Ann Coulter

        Jenn (Alex) is that you? how’d you know about the Susan Sanders thing?

      • Enceemmm

        I have to ask…are we all just be snarky or are Laboutins the new payless knock off of actual Louboutins

      • KMarie

        I agree Alex and Romana are jealous of Jill and they feel “cool” hanging out with Frankenstien aka Bethany

    • J

      **COMPLIMENTED. why does ew.com not have proof-readers?!

    • Deb

      I’m no Jill fan, but aside from those god-awful green shoes, Jill looked great. Her melodramatic, “I don’t remember being that way even though Bravo has plenty of tape” attempt to whitewash her behavior, however, was not too attractive. If she was in factsincere when she expressed that she did not like who she’d become this season, I hope she can find her way back to the old Jill – with or without Bethenny.

      • savannah

        all the ladies are catty and cruel and they should all b ashamed that one day their children will see this. women should stick together …even though that almost never happens. this was just rich women with no real problems spending money and playing the blame game oreven better who is the biggest diva. jill looked horrible and ramona is a beautiful woman for her age. i love alex and her new strength and i dnt want to offend anyone but i aM SOOOOOOOO OVER KELLY SHE IS CRAZY.

    • Janiequoa

      Are you kidding me? She was wearing Balenciaga!!!

      • Me

        I don’t care what it was – it was too tight, too bare, too short and too young for her.

    • myisiawhite

      I don’t think she is fat.

    • hnycviewer

      Jealous much ? Bethenny, Ramona, and Alex should go away, please.I had a hard time watching them this season.Alex just chronically wants to be part of the “popular club” and is happy to sit at their table.For past years, she was the target, so now kelly has gotten her role and Alex has been going doubletime.She should take it out on those truly who scorned her:Bethenny,Ramona,her new besties.Isnt it ironic?

    • jos san fran

      she doesn’t have a great fashion sense, her clothes look like they’re from the mall clearance rack

    • jos san fran

      she has no fashion sense, her clothes look like the clearance rack at the mall

    • shefra

      I was annoyed by the way Romona was all of a sudden Jill’s enemy. And Jill was sad to watch. She did make her bed. But when you look at the things that Bethenny and that Romona have said–even that Alex has said about Kelly–justified or not, there is no one in the room who has the right to judge Jill. I found it really interesting that Bravo chose to cut Jill’s wanting to make-up with Bethenny off camera. We knew nothing about it until the reunion. Bethenny had an agenda. She had already signed for her own show, and the drama that occurred helped Bravo and Bethenny actually. Since Jill ended up the injured party, and since she was supposed to be Romona’s friend of 15 years, and since she was supposed to be Bethenny’s friend, it would seem that the mean-spirited nature of the reunion was just too harsh.
      I get why Alex was so into beating on Jill. She finally had the courage to have a voice with two strong women behind her.
      Bottom line is that Jill did not behave well this season. But Romona did not behave well throughout the season, either. She redeemed herself and the girls stood behind her.
      Jill had no redemption.
      But what Jill has that Bethenny does not is a loving, supportive set of parents and a sister–in addition to her husband and her daughter.
      At the end of the day, that kind of healthy family and the love and the values the give and teach just might give you the sustenance that reality tv does not.

  • Jen

    I felt that Bethenny was spot on in what initially started her and Jill’s fight. The fame did get to Jill and I don’t think its a stretch to believe she would tell people not to film with Bethenny. I feel as if this was a major PR spin opportunity for Jill to get people to like her again and it failed.

    I also love Ramona. The end.

    • Sara

      Allegedly, she had FOUR media consultants prepare her for the reunion. She is on MAJOR damage control mode.

      • James

        One would think/hope that at least one of these consultants would tell her how ridiculous/pathetic/sad she looks constantly running out of rooms crying that she’s done and can’t do this anymore.

      • Coco

        She had four media consultants? Then why did she keep storming off the set, didn’t they tell her what to expect?

      • KC

        She just can’t help it – no matter how much she was coached (and that’s pathetic in itself) she can’t handle having to answer to her actions. I’m surprised she didn’t have notes.

    • mom52

      And you don’t think that the fame went to all of their heads’ Bethenny in particular? I don’t for one minute condone any of Jill’s actions this season, but Bethenny should own her part of it. She used Jill and then threw her aside.

      • Dee

        I was disgusted by last night’s show. Yes, Alex and Bethenny were wronged BUT…their true colors came out in Part 1. All the did was attack, attack, attack Jill and Kelly. Bethenny and Alex came off as bitter old women who can’t let go of a grudge. If Kelly is that emotionally in trouble, then why rip her apart constantly? Alex and Bethenny are the biggest B words in NYC.

      • Jen

        I don’t think she necessarily threw her aside. Of of her “best friends” was going around telling other people to not film with her and therefore let her fail in regards to her own show, telling everyone who would listen about their fight, playing voicemail messages that she saved up?

        With friends like that, who needs her? I’d want her out of my life too.

      • Jody

        Mom 52, I so agree with you.

      • MamaD

        When Jill realized she couldn’t ride Bethenny’s coat tails to the next level she set out to do anything she could to bring her down. Friend??? I define it differently.

      • Anderson

        Jen, I so agree with you.

      • melly

        I never heard Jill say she was used by Bethenny all I heard were bitter words spewing from the dragon’s mouth because she was no longer the center of attention.

      • ginger

        Bethenny did own up to it. And I don’t believe she used Jill and threw her aside. I think it became too hard to support the needy pile Jill became. So Bethenny found love and has a family, big deal and good for her! It’s a not so nice person that asks other cast members not to film with Bethenny. And Kelly needs help. Really. Needs. Help.

      • Delena

        Bethenny didn’t throw Jill aside. Jill used Bethenny to gain popularity and attention. And when Bethenny surpassed her in media attention and fame, she CUT HER OFF. Unlike Jill, Bethenny is an independent woman living her life. While Jill is a clingy, desperate,narcissistic,succubus who was trying to leach off of Bethenny’s success. Jill wanted to destroy Bethenny, rather than see Bethenny become more successful than her. Jill hasn’t changed. Today on her twitter page she was whining about how Bethenny let this happen to her. That woman is crazy. Jill got her just desserts last night, and it was delicious.

      • MorgaineSwann

        Bethenny absolutely did NOT use Jill! Jill tried to ride her coat tails, even to the extent that she called the Today show and asked why they had B. on the show instead of her! Who does that? An out of control egomaniac, that’s who. When Bethenny got her own show, Jill set out to destroy her with the audience and get her kicked off RHNYC and asked people not to film with her. Her plan failed, and Bethenny came out with her fans more devoted to her than ever. One of the best things about Bethenny Getting Married is that there’s no Jill, no Krazy Kelly and no LuAnn. I thought B. let Jill off a little too easily, but I was happy to see that the smackdown will continue next week. Jill deserves everything she’s getting and more. She should be off the show completely, as should Kelly.

      • Annie

        Did you not watch this season??? Bethenny owned up to it numerous times and thanked Jill. She even thanked her at the Reunion Special. Get your facts straight.

  • Kate Sabota

    At first I didn’t like Sonja but she definetely grew on me. I could do without the airheaded Kelly but she does add alot of comic relief.

    • amanda

      I LOVE Sonja! Anyone new always takes awhile for the viewers to adjust to to get to “know.” She’s so smart, sees beyond the obvious, is a total sex fiend, lol, and reminds me of Samantha from Sex and the City.

    • Marti

      I like that Sonja is very level headed, objective and kind, but also a little nutty. She’s going to be the proof that you can have good TV without back biting melodrama.

  • Julia

    It was nauseating watching Jill try to suck up to Bethenny. She really needs to move on.

    • LadyJNewYork

      I totally agree with you!! She’s a grown woman, Bethenny does not want Jill in her life and Jill don’t get it! Especially when she said Jason doesn’t like you, LOL.. Move on Jill, isn’t Luann your new BFF.

      • Marti

        I think Jill’s motivation re: wanting Bethenny to say, “yes, we’re still friends” is akin to wanting to win. Just an observation…

    • Theresa

      And, it’s all about jealousy. She feels that if she is aligned with Chefenny she will also bask in the glow of stardom and exposure. That’s it, plain and simple. The more famous and successful that Chef became, the more Jill wanted to ride that coat tail!

    • Protruding Parotid

      Chefenny is so doggone witty and tells it like it is. Jason is a very lucky man.

      • jennrae

        That’s why people love her. Someone asked why, well that’s why! She sees reality as it is and not as she wishes it to be. People, myself included, tend to see things with a bias, they find a reason why something didn’t work out that let’s them off the hook or softens the blow–Bethenny doesn’t do that. She can take it. She looks at the situation honestly and sees it for what it is, good and bad. Her wit isn’t malicious; she’s not trying to hurt anybody, she’s trying to make you laugh. Kelly is the polar-opposite, the least self-aware and just plain aware person on the face of the planet. If I were Kelly I would say, ‘yeah, sometimes I am kooka-doodle-doo, that was hilarious!’ We’ve all been joke fodder with our friends before, I would hope, and as long as it’s funny or at least smart then long-live comedy! Bethenny’s humor is both, but besides all that, she has a real job. She did the show to bring exposure to her business while the others did the show to make themselves famous, and now they sell books to squeeze money out of their fame while there’s money to be made.

    • Kama

      Ah, but I think we might be missing a key ingredient here: Jill is as much trying to win back public favor as she is trying to win back Bethenny’s friendship.

      • melly

        spot on kama

      • DiMi

        Absolutely, Kama. If Bethenny forgives her, Jill thinks everybody will say, “Bethenny forgave her, so we can’t be mad at her now.” The problem with Jill’s self-delusional strategy is:
        1. She keeps lying about her behavior, forcing the other housewives to reveal new awful things that she’s done. Bethenny and the others have actually been protecting her by not explaining her behind-the-scenes manipulations, but Jill’s lying so much she’s forcing them to expose her. If she hadn’t been so deceitful, they would have continued hiding that information. They’ve hid it all season.

        2. Bethenny isn’t renewing the friendship so the strategy is failing on every level.
        3. We’re not buying it, and she’s pissing people off even more by thinking we’re too stupid to know the difference between a sincere apology and a manipulative one.

        Jill is actually making herself look worse. I knew she was mean, but I didn’t realize what a liar she was and how much even her so-called enemies had been protecting her.

      • Theresa

        Anyone who thinks that Jill is really upset about losing a dear friend, is misguided. What Jill wants is to win this argument. The moment that Chefenny would give in, Jill would slay her with her victory sword. She’s an overly ambitious and jealous woman. Chefenny is also not an angel, but for now, she is the winner. Sorry Jill!

    • TTJones

      Jill was more interested in the drama of the fight rather than talking to or making up with Bethenny. Only after she saw how badly it played and what a mean b**ch she looked like, did she want to make up. And now, she’s still trying to look like a righteous victim and it’s still not working. Surprise!
      Oh, and despite the fact that I dislike her intesely, I have to diagree with the comments that say Jill looked bad. I thought she looked beautiful. (A b**ch, but beautiful.)

  • Bea

    Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton! Kelly should definitely come back next season and make appearances between visits with a shrink.

    • clair Luz

      I think her friends Gweneth and Rachel are feeding her “pithy” comeback lines and quotable one liners to use in the show because she is too stupid to think any up. The problem is that she is also too stupid to say them at the correct time. Hence the Al Sharpton, satchels of gold weirdness. She did finally use the Ramona/wine blood type quip at the right time but it was fairly obvious she is way too hairbrained to come up with it on her own.

      • cubsfan

        And what was with Kelly telling Alex to cross her legs. Everyone rolled their eyes.

      • Karen

        Actually I was briefly frightened when Kelly told Alex to cross her legs because I had a fleeting moment of respect for her. Very unsettling. Thankfully I’m back to my senses recognizing that she’s cuckadoodledo.

      • Delena

        I’m sure Kelly had some “media consultants” help her come up with the pinot grigio remark. We all know she’s way to dumb to think of something that funny by herself.

      • jennrae

        She tweeted it at the time they filmed the reunion with her other favorite quips, “zip it” and “holy sugar.” It was obviously something she had already latched onto, and I agree, she probably doesn’t even understand the concept of blood-typing.

      • reality time

        Oh Kelly is a crazy person and says crazy things. See, Kelly lives in a dimension that’s about one foot to the left of the rest of us where everyone has viper heads and lies all the time and there are no cars on the street so she can go jogging and gummi candy is a vegetable. Kelly doesn’t exist in the same place that we do. So she says weird hydra things about things that are “concocted” as if she has any functional barometer of what’s real and what’s not. Kelly needs to stop implying that she has a grasp on our reality, because she so clearly doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with that! I wish she’d just live her reality and let us live ours and there would be peace, in both worlds.
        funny clip a reporter wrote

  • Gladys Ormphby

    It’s all about Sonja

  • lee

    Talking to Kelly seems like talking to a 3 year old. If she doesn’t like what you have to say she whines and tells people to stop talking. She is so irritating!!! Get her off the show!

    • Jeff

      Unfortunately I have to agree with you. Before this season, I was glad she was coming back because I loved watching her run into walls while trying to fight with Bethenny. Now I feel like she’s got genuine issues and it’s wrong of me to want her to stay for my own amusement.

    • ann

      i agree with you lee kelly needs to go and so does jill

      • jjc

        No..let them both stay and guaranteed Jill will start attacking Kelly next year!
        But PLEASE don’t bring in the party planner person, what a bore!

    • jennrae

      Kelly is a bully. She gets her say and then she doesn’t want to hear a conflicting word out of anyone else. If you disagree with her you are “fighting” with her, or being negative. I don’t know how she has made it to 42 acting this way. A lot of people must just give up with her.

      • Forgetabboutit!

        I still will never forgive Kelly for saying to Bethenny…”I’m up here and you’re down here.” I would have socked her in the mouth!

    • Kelly is Stooopid

      I agree about getting her off the show. Simply for the sake of her minor children. There is something VERY WRONG WITH KELLY BENSIMON. Whether is is mental issues or drug issues (or both). But something is not right and she needs to go. I feel sorry for her kids. (The same goes with Danielle on RHONJ)

  • lbw

    Kelly must go, she adds nothing and has no brains. Maybe a better fit for her is the RHOOC. Jill tried way too hard and just didn’t look good – kind of feeling sorry for her!

    • STL Fan

      agreed — but sadly, I do enjoy watching Kelly trip over herself every week. I think she came on this show b/c she has this insane beleif that others want her life but she’s a freak! the crazy fake tan, the bleached teeth, the non-sensical rants — such a train wreck, and I can’t help looking1

    • Marti

      Kelly, without Bethenny, is fine. Her cluelessness made me laugh. But she is so freaked out and frightened by Bethenny – that’s what makes her go so completely nutso. And I say this as a Bethenny fan.

      • DiMi

        Actually, she’s jealous of/obsessed with Bethenny. Bethenny is everything Kelly pretends to be and isn’t – a smart, funny writer.

      • mcs1006

        I agree Kelly is obsessed with B and is very scary… remember the infamous meet last yr btwn the two… you know… your down here and i’m up here… then she leaves and pops out at her at the doorway of the bar? Kelly creeps me out… she is gross…

      • KC

        Why does she get so freaked out by Bethenny? Bethenny obviously does nothing to her to cause it…

  • CW

    love it! this is def the most entertaining housewives reunion. The tension is real. It doesn’t feel as staged as the other housewives. There is truly mutual dislike across the group because these 6 women are so busy trying to upstage one another (and ultimately upstage Bethenny). Jill is truly a disgusting human being.

  • Kelley

    I never thought I’d say this but I love Ramona. She has made this whole season for me. She is much needed comic relief. I also think Sonya is a fantastic addition.

    • mariposa

      Ramona had me rolling, especially with the “No I really don’t call my daughter stupid, I just said it to make you feel better.” I can’t wait to watch the rest of the reunion, no one is gonna let Kelly get away with the “I’m done with this, or I was bullied.” She is the one that chooses not to get help, and letting her get away with stupid comments without taking her to task is enabling her stupid, crazy behavior

      • Anderson

        Agreed about the Ramona line on calling her stupid. I couldn’t stop laughing after she said it.

      • Leslie

        hahaha thatline between Ramona & Kelly was my favorite exchange of the night. Ramona was great.

    • will

      In the beginning of the season, I didn’t think Ramona had changed but as the season went along you really do see a change. I think it was HUGE for Ramona to apologize to Bethany for the Brooklyn Bridge fiasco. The old Ramona would have justified the attack and NEVER back down.

      • Jeff

        Agree 100%. Ramona used to be a little too over-the-top for me, but now that she’s taken the edge off, I really appreciate her for who she is. She wants to be a good friend; she just needs to filter her thoughts.

    • Marti

      Totally agree!

  • Shelly

    I would much rather hear about the trip with crazy Kelly.

    • ani

      yes! i am waiting for that part. but i’m just setting myself up for disappointment as kelly will remain in denial and oblivious to reality.

      • KC

        Well of course because she was bulled! Bethenny bullied her several times, by calling herself a chef, by being witty, and by having had a one night stand in her life. :)

  • Rosebud411

    I laughed myself silly at your comment about Alex delivering the message “as if she was touched by Jacob”. MADE MY DAY! :)

    • sharsie

      Jacob remark was awesome!

    • sandasavi

      Oh how I miss my Lost. I think in a way Alex was touch by Jacob. Thank God or she would be off the show and I really like her now that she let herself be heard. Can’t believe how rude Jill was to say she never considered her a friend but she sure did act like she was trying to be her friend in past seasons by going to her house (and then bashing her in interviews). Jill just keeps digging her own reality show grave.

      • jennrae

        Or the Saks Fifth Ave event when she said she only invited her closest girlfriends…Alex was there.

      • reality time

        okay lets get the real story here.
        what the show lets you see are snippets
        the reunion is bringing out the truth behind the rifts.
        first of all the falling out between bethenny and jill happened months before the show aired and jill saved the voice message to air it on the show and to form an alliance of hate against bethenny.
        at first I did not get the whole “get a hobby” comment being so upsetting.
        jill using her husbands illness as a reason for the rift was a lie and so was the voice message.
        the truth as it turns out to be was Jill was jealous of bethenny.
        alex brought that out and so did ramona.
        jill found out bethenny was getting her own show and was getting more gigs and she became jealous and wanted in on the fame.

        she conspired to have people not film with bethenny and conspired to paint bethenny in a bad light throughout the season so that noone or her fans would not watch bethennys show.
        that in a nut shell is why bethenny is not forgiving Jill- its not the whole voice message or bobby was sick thing that caused the rift it was Jill trying to sabotage Bethenny’s livelihood.
        that is unforgivable in my book and Jill knew the truth was going to come out thats why she was desperately trying to make up with Bethenny. Like alex said before jill is “fake, Fake, Fake”~

      • nashvillekate

        Whoa! Reality Time, you put it all together there! I have to admit that Jill’s “upset” wouldn’t be nearly as egregious had it been founded on genuine concern for her husband’s health…. And why didn’t Jill address the fact that Bethenny tried and tried to resolve things with her, only to be spurned by Ms. Zarin?

    • Nancy

      I loved this recap and I ESPECIALLY loved the little LOST reference in there. Touched by Jacob indeed – Alex was a new woman this season! Also…I miss lost. :(

  • JP

    They all should come back with that other girl who seems bat$#!t crazy

  • Betsybug

    I realized last night that you never see Bobby Zarin and Les Grossman in the same place at the same time.

    • Amanda B

      LOL Betsybug. That is the funniest thing I have seen all day!

    • KC

      LOL I noticed that this morning when I saw a clip of Les on tv – hey that’s bobby!

    • Gina

      I completely agree Bettysburg it took me a minute but they do look almost identical. Bobby should make a cameo in the new Les Grossman movie lol!!

  • Paula Campbell

    Can’t stand to watch Kelly. Am already worried that without Bethany there won’t be anything to watch–definitely not Jill, not Luann; okay to watch Ramona, Alex and maybe Sonja. But please, no more Kelly. She needs professional help.

    • sharsie

      I think Alex may be gone next season…. not sure though!

      • sandasavi

        And, if so it is nice to see her on Bethenny’s show from time to time. But, I don’t think they will get rid of Alex because she really shined this season and people like her a lot more.

      • Karen

        I read on another board that Jill started the rumor that Alex was leaving. I kind of believe it. As it turns out Jill admitted she hasn’t been asked back for next season but no one had received an invite at the time she was commenting. I don’t think Alex will leave.

      • nashvillekate

        Alex leaving? I sure hope not! She has been an example of grace under fire – all those comments about her house, her husband, her children, etc., and she was gracious about it until Jill overplayed her hand. If anyone must go, it ought to be The Countess. Only rarely have I seen anyone as pompous, useless and narcissistic as she is. I think Jill and Bethenny’s travails would never have gone as far as it did had Her Highness kept out of it. And her accusing Alex of trying to “play God”? Way, way, way out of line!

    • Dwight Schrute

      I heartily agree with you Paula. I watch this show for entertainment and to watch someone who, in my opinion, has a mental breakdown in real life is not entertaining. Bravo is doing her no favors putting her on this show.

      • Psychology 101

        Pleeez….I’m so tired of this bleeding heart defense of Kelly. She is a narcissist, passive-aggressive sociopath, who is clueless that she looks like an idiot.

      • mariposa

        Spot on! Letting Kelly continue with her barbs, digs and nonsensical talk encourages her to continue. To not call on her lies and innuendoes is enabling her, she has continuously called them bullies and put herself in the same category as true victims of bullies, children, enough is enough.

      • Karen

        I’m with Dwight on this one. Psych101, I think we agree with you too, but the very fact that she is quite possibly seriously mentally ill or on drugs makes it less fun to watch. I wouldn’t defend her for anything but at some point it seems abusive to continue to exploit her. If some doc analyzed her and said she’s perfectly healthy and just dumb, I’d go back to loving it.

      • Psychology 101

        All people need to take responsibility for their actions and stop making excuses. If you truly believed that Kelly has a drug or mental illness problem, she should not have custody of her children, so if you think so, do something about it. I don’t believe she has a legally defined mental problem, other than the normal syndromes many people have…I just believe she is just dumb as a stump. As for her drug problem, that’s a possibility, but, nonetheless, it is still not an excuse.

      • Kelly is Stooopid

        Amen to your comment. As I’ve said before, for the sake of her minor children who HAVE to be affected by their mother’s absurd behavior, get her off this show.

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