Courteney Cox talks 'Friends' movie: What would the gang be up to these days?

friendsImage Credit: Everett CollectionThe other day, Courteney Cox told the LA Times that she wishes Friends could go all Sex and the City and make a movie. “I wish we could do that with Friends,” Cox said in an interview with the newspaper. “The thing is, the characters from Sex and the City hopped all over Manhattan. On Friends, we were always stuck in the apartment and that coffeehouse.” But this is the (theoretical) movies, Court! I bet they would totally build you more sets! Maybe even let you shoot on the streets of real Manhattan (with armies of real paparazzi handily nearby), which would be a huge step for the Central Perk gang. In fact, that could be the plot: The Friends find out they’ve been in L.A. in a fake coffeehouse and improbably large fake apartment, and then they must learn to navigate the streets of real Manhattan! Okay, hopefully the idea Cox says Jennifer Aniston has for a plot is better. Or not — according to Cox’s rep, “There are no plans at this time to move forward with a Friends film.” Well, shoot. You know what? We here at PopWatch are going to imagine what the characters might be up to now anyway (and be sure to tell us in our poll after the jump if you’d even see a Friends movie):

Monica & Chandler: They’re still together and experiencing no major marital problems (because anything else would send me into a deep, dark depression). Maybe they could be struggling with some weight issues together, since that’s so totally in right now — and the lady can cook. But seriously, that’s really all the tension between these two that I can survive. Please, none of that Steve-and-Miranda-from-the-first-Sex and the City-movie stuff here.

Ross & Rachel: That said, I’m totally fine with breaking up Ross and Rachel. Or at least nearly breaking them up — I’m seeing a plot centered on Rachel fleeing their wedding (in designer gown, natch) as a call-back to the pilot (and to his disastrous wedding history). The wedding is set to take place in the backyard at Monica and Chandler’s suburban home, and the gang must reunite to bring the quintessential will-they-won’t-they couple back together. This way, we’ll get cameos from all their great parents, plus any random characters who could reasonably be invited to the wedding (you know that means Janice). And, as a bonus, we’ll spend most of the film with Ross and Rachel not together — are they not so much better apart?

Joey: Clearly, we go meta here — his eponymous NBC sitcom tanked, so he returned to New York to be closer to his friends and help his sister (we need more Drea de Matteo in our movies), who’s on the run from the law after blowing someone up on some street called Wisteria Lane.

Phoebe: She and Mike (that’s movie star Paul Rudd to you) open up a nostalgic 1990s-throwback coffeehouse, complete with “Smelly Cat”-friendly open mic nights and plaid shirts, which are so totally cool again. His buddy, Jason Segel, also shows up, just because. Also, there are massages available at the coffeehouse, because that would just be awesome.

So what do you think, PopWatchers? Would you want to see a Friends movie? What might happen in said movie? And vote in our poll below!

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  • !!

    I love your Pheobe and Mike story line!! That could be a whole new series in itself! But I don’t think Ross and Rachel should be broken up AGAIN, in the finale they were together forever

    • HD

      I wouldn’t hesitate to see this movie because the expectation would be so high that even if they failed it would still be funny as hell. Hope that makes sense. Unless Michael Patrick King writes, directs or ruins it.

      • Anon

        Pass. I’d rather see a Gilmore Girls big screener.

    • joblo

      Friends movie? YES PLEASE! Joey’s sister returning? NO THANKS – let’s pretend that ‘Joey’ never happened okay?

      • Melissa

        How about we take Drea as Joey’s sister but still ignore the whole “Joey” fiasco?
        And who wouldn’t see a Friends movie? Seriously, that would be awesome!

      • Steve from Canada

        She’s awful in everything! YUK!!!

      • Vince from NYC

        I may be the only one.. But I liked the Joey spinoff and was sad when it was cancelled.

      • Dan

        Vince: That was the problem, you were just about the only one!

      • Sadie

        No Drea at all, in any shape or form. I found Joey too painful to watch more than once. What a way to ruin a good character. I have to agree, pretend that show never happened.

      • amj

        Vince..I too liked the Joey spinoff…first time I have heard anyone besides myself admit to it.

      • tessa

        i agree…no Joey actors pleaseeeeeee

    • Nirveeze

      Love the idea. Plus, the cast seems to get along so much better than the cast of SatC, especially the girls, who are the bigger stars at this point. I know Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are still close, I believe. Of the group, they’re THE biggest.

      • Alar

        I always found the boys in the show to be most entertaining. Most of the comedy is centered on Ross and Chandler, and Joey gives a little of his own. Of the females the better one is Rachel. While i find Monica and Phoebe irritating. Monica in particular i cant stand her, she is never funny, even when dressed up as a fat girl.

      • @Alar

        I guess thats what makes it rounded in someway for everyone, b’c we seen Monica to be the funniest. Monica cracked us up in every show, where Rachel didn’t and we agree that Phoebe was just irritating. We NEVER seen why people were in ‘awww” of her. Lisa is the same in everything she plays,.. the ditsy blonde, boring. But loved all three of the guys!

      • amj

        @ @Alar—I have seen Lisa in some really great work on cable and on her webisodes as a shrink on the Internet..funny stuff and so not like the Phoebe character.

      • Stephanie

        I would have to agree. Phoebe got on nerves alot during the 10 season but I still liked the character sometime. Monica got on my nerves also with the having to win at everything thing! But I loved Rachel and all the guys!

    • chris

      yes to the movie. :/ to a ross/rach wedding breakup. i don’t think i could take that again.

      • chyna

        i can bc i know they wood make it

    • Thomas

      I thought that already was a show…Darma and Greg or something like that. Haha! Quirky though, for Princess Sophia Banana Hammock and Crap Bag.

      • Rude boy

        Hey dude its not Princess Sophia its Princess Consuela

  • Jenn

    I would totally watch this movie!

    • LOL

      If SATC can do it, why not “Friends?”

      • anna

        I think because of what the article said about the SATC girls bouncing around NYC and that working for the movie and Friends always being in the apartment and central perk and that not working for the movie. If they change around the setting of the movie, that wont work. sorry. keep it on the small screen.

      • amj

        I would love to see a change..I don’t need to see Central Perk I just need to see my Friends.

    • KRG

      And One of those Suite Deck boys could come back as Ross’s son! He could be totally crushing on Phoebe’s neice so that Giovanni Ribisi can make a cameo;-)

  • Stacey

    I could see it centering on Ross and Rachel’s long awaited wedding. Emma will be school age by now, even older for the sake of the movie. Rachel caring about this wedding could be going bridezilla as she plans it. Ross worried that this marriage might not last… Given his former divorces/annulments. Assuming that she and Ross headed for Paris in the wake of the finale; they will be back in New York or planning to head home. So we open up in Paris. We see the rest of the gang back in New York. Joey having failed in L.A. is back in New York trying to make a go at it on broadway or trying out for a New York based show. Chandler and Monica are raising their twins, and might have adopted another. Maybe they are getting restless of surburbia. And planning to move back to the city. Phoebe I don’t know. She might be a mother. A free spirit mother with a daughter of her own. She could be divorcing her husband or having marital problems. I think FRIENDS could work as a movie. So you never know…

    • m

      I never really thought of Ross and Rachel going to Paris after the finale. I assumed that Rachel got another job in New York and they stayed there.

    • A

      Rachel had to choose at the end of the series between the job in Paris and a job in New York. The job in Pairs was going to pay more, so she was planning on taking it. When she got back together with Ross, it’s safe for us to assume that she decided to take the job in New York instead.

      • A

        Actually Ross bribed her old job into taking her back so she wouldn’t leave, but she chose Paris because she wanted to go. Then in the finale, she chose Ross over Paris.

      • second A

        sorry, i didn’t realize we had the same name there. We are 2 different people

    • KRG

      Appeal to the younglings…You could have one of those Suite Life on Deck boys come back to again play Ross’s son Ben. He has a major crush on Chandler, Phoebe’s neice. This way there is a cameo by Giovanno Ribisi. the triplets have formed a hit band;-)

      • amj

        Love it!

    • springs

      Okay, I voted no in the poll because while I love Friends, I don’t really think it’ll work as a movie. But I like your scenario better than the article’s.

    • George

      This would totally work, all friends coming back to new york city somehow and in the run up to ross and rachels wedding, there could be a ‘Hangover-esque’ plot, with the guys away on a stag and the girls on a hen night and obviously theres a will they wont they situation but its all happy endings (or a cliffhanger for a sequel ;) ) hope this all makes sense!

    • Mark

      I love your plot, the best of the ones I’ve read, including the EW take. Ross & Rachel’s zany wedding, with everyone back. I would pay $10 to see them on the big screen, provided the show’s best writers return to make it hilarious & sweet and it focuses on all 6 of them, not just the bankable ones (Anniston). Also I’m giving a shout out for my two favorite characters- Phoebe & Monica. I love the whole cast and Mon & Chan together was perfect, but Lisa Kudrow is a brilliant comic actress and made Phoebe funny & likeable instead of one-dimensional and dumb (watch Lisa K as a bitter spinster in “Opposite of Sex”- so not Phoebe but hilarious), and Courtney Cox took Monica’s unattractive qualities (anal, ocd) & made them very funny and even endearing. Bring the parents back too! Btw, Best episode of the series- Christina Applegate crashes
      Thanksgiving dinner and demands custody of “Emmet” if R&R should die.

    • Stephanie

      I love your plot!! That is the exactly the same kind of movie plot I was thinking they should make! It would be a great movie. But I would have Phoebe and Mike with a kid or two and maybe Mike makeing it big with the piano playing. But everything else prefect!!

  • J

    I would love to see a movie and I think Ross and Rachel should break up. They are really better as friends and should realize that in the movie. I think Rachel should get back together with her old assistant Tag (the hot Eddie Cahill) who has matured enough to be in a real relationship. They had great chemistry together.

    • llevinso

      Ugh, I hated Tag. Ross and Rachel should stay together.

    • Joe81

      How could you say that. Ross and Rachel are perfect together. I would kill myself if they werent together

  • dan

    I have abolsutly no idea why they couldnt make a funny movie that would rake in the money….My ealry 30 something age group would go multiple times and most certainly buy the the cast together and hope the movie goes through!!!!!

  • mark

    Title of Movie: Friends: The Reunion (lame, but what movie title isn’t).

    Setting: Joey is broke, unemployed and bored and sits online a lot of the day – he spends a lot of time on facebook, upon which he comes across his old’s friends websites. He emails each one and arranges a get-together for the weekend.

    The gang meets up at Rachel’s beach house in California (turns out she is a single, successful fashion designer for a t.v. show).

    Monica and Chandler come, still married, leaving the kids at home. They have been successful at a catering business where monica does the cooking and chandler does the advertising/marketing.

    Ross has gone the cougar route and is dating an older woman because a) older women have already been married and b) he doesn’t want any more kids.

    Phoebe comes along but brings her girlfriend (she has discovered – shocker – she is a lesbian afterall) Janice (also turned gay following too many failed relationships with men).

    Sounds so good…….!!!

    • What???

      Oh dear god no!!!! I am all for making a movie, but that plot would ruin everything!!!!!!

    • b

      Uh, David Schwimmer is 43. A little too old to be “cougar bait.”

      And yeah, failed relationships with the opposite sex is really what “turns people gay.” What decade are you from??

    • llevinso

      I’m sorry but this plot sounds horrible.

    • Angie

      Well, the cougar could be Isabella Rossellini from his ‘list’.

    • JDDG

      absolutely no way! i dont want to see the friends completely different, it should pick up pretty much from where it left off

    • Care

      Yuck! Not for that plot at all. Completely agree that you don’t “turn gay”. Phoebe was definitely hetero. And Rachel and Ross are together for good.

    • michael

      i like ur story more

    • Reality.Bites

      Not only shouldn’t you be allowed to write movies, you shouldn’t even be allowed to watch them.

    • Stephanie

      OMG!! No way!! That plot for a moive sucks!! It would totally ruin the characters and who they are! Monica quit the catering thing in like season 4 and Chandler wouldn’t work so hard to get the ad job to just quit. Rachel would be Ross becuz in the finale she choose him over PARIS and Phoebe would never “turn” gay over bad relationships becuz she never had any bad ones! And even though Ross has had bad relationships he loves marriage and wants more kids with a wife. And Joey would NEVER sit all day on Facebook! Porn maybe but not the internet or Facebook!!

    • veighvee

      hahahaha! you’re kidding!

  • RH

    I’d pay to see it!!


    Make the movie. I will be there with bells on.

  • Marten

    The plot for the Friends movie has to be about all of them trying to find Marcel the Monkey. It’ll be called “Still Friends: The Search for Marcel,” and it will be awesome.

    • StrawberryFields737

      Oh my God, YES!

  • Sarah D

    I would end the movie the way the series should have ended: with Rachel and Joey together. That is all.

    • LOL

      How awful.

    • nodnarb

      Rachel and Joey together was the low-point of Friends IMHO.

    • Dave

      Rachel and Joey’s relationship was the absolute lowest point of the entire series. The writer who came up with that storyline should have immediately been fired.

    • MB

      I am in the minority in that I love Joey and Rachel together. I would love for them to reunite in a movie.

    • Miss Talk

      Rachel & Joey together???? They should have never even kissed on the first palce. Or maybe you want Ross to kill himself? That’s mean!

    • Jen

      Rachel and Joey were never meant to be, but I didn’t mind the story arc. I think the Rachel/Joey relationship was worth all for the episode the one where ross is fine. That episode is hilarious, but fans would be outraged if Rachel/Joey were a permanent thing.

      • springs

        That episode was great. Who wants Fajitas!

      • Stephanie

        Yea I agree that episode was great and I didn’t mind the Joey/Rachel becuz I knew they wouldn’t keep them together.

    • llevinso

      I almost stopped watching the show while Rachel and Joey were together. It was horrible. Rachel and Ross were meant to be.

      • Emily Taylor

        I o so agree Rachel and aRoss are ment to be I was so happy the way it ended

    • Mel

      I like the way you think! The series totally should have ended with Rachel and Joey together.

  • Jason

    I’d play off a joke from the series finale, in that Phoebe will have written an off-broadway musical based on the gang and their lives. This is what brings them back to their old neighborhood for a trip down memory lane. We then find out that Gunther has been selling his overheard stories about Joey to the Paparazzi, Janice is the new occupant of Monica’s old apartment, and that crazy Eddie (Adam Goldberg) is squatting in Chandler and Joey’s old apartment on a permanent basis.

    • anonymous

      Odd, but could be amusing when she forces Joey to audition when he expects to be given the lead just because they’re friends…

  • ryan

    I don’t think changing from a 3 camera sitcom format to a one camera feature film route. I think they should revisit the rumor from a few years ago and do a series of specials. Either way Monica and Chandler should be the picture of suburban bliss with her up against another picture perfect mom. Ross and Rachel should have problems with their own relationship and should never have married but the film should end with them finally tying the knot. with pheobe and joey anything goes

    • Dave

      I agree about the changing of the format. The Sex and the City movie worked because the show was a single camera show with no audience/laugh track, so the movie felt genuine. A show like Friends or Seinfeld (multi camera and live audience) would feel odd in a different format. They should just do a Thanksgiving special (almost any fan agrees that the Thanksgiving episodes were some of the best episodes of the series, and honestly some of the best episodes of any sitcom). They could maybe make it an hour long, and I think it could be really great. I think this would be their best chance at putting out a quality product that all the fans would love.

      • miv

        YES!! This could be the best.

  • Stacie

    No way! I would never see this movie. I loved the TV show, but some boring movie made up just to separate them for two hours, then put them back together again (thanks SATC) sounds lame.

    • Jeremy


  • Bee

    i’d love a movie and it would make biiiig money. i believe it will happen someday lol but i hope it’s actually good

  • nodnarb

    Gunther dies, and the Friends reunite for his funeral.

    • Levente

      Poor Gunther. He never wins…

    • ben

      that actually sounds like a pretty good reason to reunite although I don’t want to cry in the first few minutes of the film

      • KRG

        Gunther is now one of the richest men in NYC and he offers Monica a restaurant. He is now engaged to Rachel’s sister played by Christina Applegate.

      • amj

        Gunther dies and leaves the coffee shop to the 6 of them in his will….?

      • Nee Nee

        amj – that is genius!

    • meter

      Gunther can’t die. He’s an essential part of the show. should be the same in the movie.

      • jordan

        surely him being the reason they reunite because of his death would make him “an essential” part of the movie in an ironic way.

    • Jessie

      P’haa shame on him, he was always so annoying ;]

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