Lady Gaga wears beekeeper hat, embarrasses her little sister at high school graduation

lady-gagaImage Credit: Splash NewsIt can’t be easy to be Lady Gaga’s baby sister — talk about big shoes (literally!) to fill. Well, Gaga predictably stole the show when she showed up at her sister’s high school graduation from her alma mater, Convent of the Sacred Heart, wearing a lace pantsuit and beekeeper’s hat. Yes, a beekeeper’s hat! Nope, she wasn’t auditioning for the sequel to The Secret Life of Bees, just going to cheer on little sis. And as if the hat wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, check out her see-through lace pants, and dramatic (and dangerous-looking) heel-less platform shoes.

What do you think PopWatchers? Proper wear for a family gathering?

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  • Maserda

    OMG: couldn’t she just have gone without the gettup since it is her little sister’s say?

    • Millie

      Come on, GaGa. You could have toned it down for your sister’s graduation.

    • MultiPass

      That family is tight, I would not feel bad for her little sis. Her sister probably helped her dress up and come up with the idea! She wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

      • Betty

        nice family, matrimonialmatchmakers

  • laura

    embarrasses her little sister at high school graduation …. not only her sister but me too!

  • LoveMeSomeSchue

    I cannot be the only person who thinks this woman(?) is a jackass…

    • katy

      I’m right there with you… Cannot. Stand. Her.

      When will pop musicians start, er, making MUSIC again?

      • Jack

        WTF are you talking about she’s the only pop artist who makes her own music and shes constantly writing while shes on tour she already wrote her third album, Shes bringing show biz back! who wants to see celebs in jeans takin out there trash or going to the super market!

      • Terry

        How is Lady Gaga bringing show biz back? By copying almost everything Madonna has done? Her Alejandro video is like Madonna’s Like A Prayer video. The song Alejandro is like Madonna’s La Isla Bonita. This woman is hardly original and no way is she bringing show biz back.

      • Alexis

        The Alejandro video was intentionally similar to Madonna’s, she was recognizing her as an influence. Gaga knows her art is great, yet is able to acknowledge other artists/musicians/pop icons for their accomplishments as well. She would be photographed no matter what she wore, and i’m pretty sure if she toned it down for her sister’s graduation there would be even more press about it. Gaga wearing a plain black dress with plain heels would cause a riot. Her music is not only “catchy” but it has a purpose as well, for instance her Alejandro video was a direct commentary on her position on the don’t ask don’t tell policy, and her activism and support of it being repealed.

    • J

      You’ve got me on your side. I just don’t understand her at all. Freaking idiot. Her poor little sister…
      Katy-“Pop” musicians don’t make music anymore. They use auto-tuner and shake their ass-instant star! Its disgusting. I just keep hoping that one day people will wake up and realize what music is supposed to be.

      • Terry

        They have woken up and realized what music is supposed to be. They’re listening to real artists like Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, Train, Fray, Kings of Leon, etc. There’s good music out there–they just don’t have to resort to controversy like Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert for attention.

      • shawn

        If you dont like it fine but what gives you the right to say you know music. Who cares! people like what they like. Deal with it, if you dont like it… quit looking up Lady Gaga, your hate is making her stronger by having her name go around. :) thank you for that tho!

      • shawn

        Terry about your attention thing… your talking about her now? So it works! :)

      • True Blue

        So Terry, according to you only rock musicians are REAL musicians? Hmm, that sounds pretty open-minded. You know, just because you don’t like a certain genre of music doesn’t mean that it isn’t valid. It takes talent to make good pop music, just as it takes talent to make good rock music. And I’m pretty sure that there are just as many crappy rock musicians as there are crappy pop stars, don’t act all uppity about it.

      • Kath

        Dave Matthews Band? TRAIN?! I’m waiting for you to extol the virtures of Nickelback now. That’s about the only way it can get worse.

    • Diggity

      This is pretty bad. When she’s not done up, you can’t recognize her. She could have gone and made it about her poor sister. Ugh.

    • ks

      count me in! I dislike her as well

    • Barry

      She is a complete a$$!!!

  • Jill

    She couldn’t have been inconspicuous on her sisters’ big day? Kind of selfish.

    • Mothra

      Unless Little Sis thought it would be cool to have Big Sis thumb her, ahem, nose at the nuns, totally agree with you guys. It is, however, quite possible that Little Sister, being a nut having fallen from the same tree, LOVED having La Gaga show up in drag. Just a thought… ;)

      • MelindaB65

        I was having similar thoughts–who says that her little sister was embarrassed? I would have been, and agree that her clothing was inappropriate both for the venue and the occasion, but who knows what her sister thought?

      • True Blue

        Baby sis probably wanted to point her out to all her classmates and say “There’s MY sister”, and make her friends feel inferior. Kind of like getting a new car and showing it off to all your friends by driving it to school, except better.

  • Elizabeth

    Well, at least she kept in mind who was supposed to be the focus of attention for the day, right?

    • anne


  • PDT

    Probably had all the nuns in a tizzy. Hilarious.

  • Momo

    Well, I really hope her little sister was OK with that, being that it was her day and all..not Lady Gaga’s.

  • Coco

    Not cool to upstage people at their own events… that’s like wearing a white dress to a wedding but worse. Poor Lil Gaga :( Classless

  • Sarah

    She actually wore pants?

    • daisyj

      Looking at the picture, I’d have to say no.

  • lettergirl

    ugh…are her fifteen minutes up yet???

  • Henry

    Her little sister will be less embarrassed living off of big sis’ residuals one day. Suck it up, baby girl.

  • d

    Awesome, with awesome sauce. I’m sure baby Gaga loved it.

  • Q

    Look, for all we know, her sister thought this was awesome. seriously, until someone comes up with a quote about the sister being upset, it’s none of any of our business. Except to say, man, those pants are unflattering.

    • **

      Those pants. REALLY unflattering. My first thought when clicking on it, other than the hat should have been some color other than black, was “I thought Lady Gaga was thin.”

  • Jeff

    i just hope she and her sister talked before hand and she knew and approved her outfit, or was the one that said dress in one of your get ups. Otherwise, I lost some respect for Lady Gaga.

  • sparkle the gym bag turd..turdturd e turd..

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