'Glee' Exclusive: Season 2 preview!

season-2-gleeImage Credit: Adam Rose/FoxIt’s going to be hard for Gleeks to face the long, hot summer without any new Glee episodes, now that the first season has sadly come to an end. But those rabid fans are in luck: EW has some scoop on what we’ll be seeing next year. “We’re plotting the first 11 and we already know the first six of them and they’re really big fun, moving episodes,” says co-creator Ryan Murphy. “We always go back to the idea of how does our society treat and feel about funding for the arts, and the answer is not very good.” Here’s what else Murphy says to expect in Glee‘s second season:

  • More Musical Tributes: “The Madonna episode was so popular, I think I’m gonna do two tribute episodes — one in the fall and one in the spring — and we’re figuring out who those artists are.”
  • New Characters: Murphy already let it slip that Susan Boyle might be appearing but he and producers are also looking to add some new members to the club, including a boyfriend for Kurt. “I just want him to be an everyday dude,” says Murphy. “And I want him to be sort of struggling [with his sexuality] and Kurt helps him deal with it and in the process they fall for each other.” Also look for a potential love interest for Mercedes and a Carrie Underwood-esque, Christian country singer who will be a rival to Rachel. “When people hear we’re going to do that, they will expect that we’re making fun of her,” says Murphy. “We’re not. The show is about inclusiveness and about giving voices to a lot of people.”
  • A Major Season Finale: “I know that season two ends with Nationals in New York. I don’t know if they’ll make it — we haven’t figured that out.”

What do you think PopWatchers? Are you more excited about season two? Or are you still going through Glee-withdrawal?

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  • Chaddogg

    If Ryan Murphy is looking for artist-themed episodes, I’ll offer these 2 for consideration:

    1) Bruce Springsteen: for a show about a down and out, former manufacturing city and the struggles of growing up in a blue collar town, this one is a slam dunk.

    2) Garth Brooks: lots of GREAT material/good love songs, plus I’d love to see how they’d work in songs like “The River” or “Standing Outside the Fire” into a storyline….

    • Nala

      Have you actually seen the show? Garth…Bruce?

      • Dav

        Have YOU seen the show? They’ve done everything from Sinatra to Kiss. Not to mention some Billy Joel and John Mellencamp. I’m sure they would be able to fit them in. Oh, and BTW, they already did a Springsteen song and it was great.

      • Lacy

        Umm… Garth Brooks is amazing. So is Reba McIntyre. They have enough #1 hit songs each to fill an entire episode. Oh, and Dolly Parton is an obvious, but still awesome idea.

      • Greg

        Forget about who’s seen the show: do you really think Ryan Murphy reads this?

      • Angela

        If they could get the publishing rights I would rather see a Michael Jackson tribute.

      • DC

        well they pulled off Bon Jovi…

        Well Bruce may be a bit of a stretch, I think it is do-able. Maybe Billy Joel? Garth Brooks would be good too… can you imagine “Thunder Rolls” if they ever got into any kind of abuse storyline?

      • Snsetblaze

        How about Carly Simon, Neil Diamond or James Taylor?

      • Nik

        thank you

      • CV

        What about Fleetwood Mac? I think that would be awesome!

      • Dave

        I say Elton John and didn’t they say that they’re probably doing Brittney Spears?

    • Di

      Sounds like a really promising season plan. I do hope they work on the writing especially in the artist tribute episodes as although I liked the performances in the Madonna ep, the story lines felt too forced and clunky to me. And the writers really need to come up somewhat plausible if Susan Boyle will appear on the show… I mean, as much as I like her singing, what possible reason is there for a big voiced, Brit to be in Lima, OH? I’ve heard J Lo is being courted as well… Dueling lunch ladies? Interesting, but I really want the show to focus on the cast that is there as I don’t want it to become “cool stunt casting” as they will obviously center those episodes around the guests without moving the overall story lines along… unless they do non singing roles like Josh Groban did… Cautiously excited

      • Mark

        So true. Growing up miles from Ohio I can tell you no one famous really goes there. Plus, its turning into a dump.

      • Kory Adams

        HEY :(

      • Brunette

        Wow. Way to be totally ignorant, Mark. Stars come to Ohio all the time, for both work and play. And it’s far from a dump. Just because you’re bitter because you live on the wrong side of the river in the boondocks of Kentucky where even your cousin refuses to marry your sorry self, don’t take it out on us.

      • Katie

        Wait a second you are mad about one person making fun of your state so you turn around and attack another state? You were right to defend Ohio, its a great state, but so is Kentucky.

      • J

        There doesn’t need to be a big song and dance about Susan Boyle’s appearance, maybe just something like:
        New Kid: Not just anyone can sing
        Rachel: Don’t say that
        New Kid: Oh come on. It’s not like the dinner lady can sing
        (Cut to SuBo)

      • aek582

        I am from Kentucky, and it is not the boondocks. There are “famous” people that come here as well. So get over it “Brunette”. And we don’t marry our cousins, etc.

      • Ohmi

        “Josh Groban and I are going to LA in our limos.” So there, all you non CA or NY states.

      • Elizabeth

        God I love ignorant people!

        Hey Di, Mark: way to live up to the stereotype that people have of Ohioans.

    • E

      Forget Garth and Bruce. I want a whole episode dedicated to “Weird Al” Yankovic.

      • Gump

        Hear hear!!

      • Flyer

        It would be fun to have Weird Al play a wacky local DJ – the “Dr. Demento of Lima, OH”! (Fans will know the appropriateness of that.)

      • sam

        They should do it where Mr Schue asks the kids to make their own parody songs.

      • Louise

        That is a FANTASTIC idea! Weird Al!!!

      • beepela

        Wow. That is genius. Can we start the “Put Weird Al on Glee” facebook page?

      • b

        Hell yeah!

        And Flyer and beepla – both excellent suggestions.

        If someone makes the FB page, I am THERE.

      • Snsetblaze

        Great idea. I also think Wierd Al should be the next American Idol judge.

      • liz

        that would be so fun!!

      • Jeni

        The page is there- type: weird al glee into search. The group is growing slowly, let’s see if we can make the membership jump!

      • Jeanne

        Oh Yeah! Love weird Al! They could do a show about Parodies(or song writing via parodies) and he could be their ‘mentor’ or something that week!some of them could do a version of White and Nerdy?

      • JImi

        I’m in! Love me some Weird Al! Polka Your Eyes Out! lol

    • Scobes

      I think the the tributes should be for those with enough variety and pop culture impact to warrant it. Maybe this is too “Across the Universe” but the only other musical act I can think of is The Beatles.

      • Scobes

        and of course, Michael Jackson.

      • Lore

        But The Beatles tribute should be in the series finale :)

      • Lights

        Yes, this would be perfect.

      • Wendla

        I love this idea! The Beatles are truly amazing! A lot of their songs are about peace and unity (Esp John Lennon songs). So I think the Beatles would be SO AMAZING! The other songs they did by the Beatles were amazing (Imagine-that was really John Lennon, and Hello Goodbye.) !!!

      • Cathy

        I hate to pop your bubble but they’ve already done a Beatles song. In “Hell-O” they performed “Hello, Goodbye” by the Beatles.

    • Mary

      Both great suggestions, but I kind of doubt Springsteen would give permission to use his songs. I know he won’t release them for American Idol so not sure he’d feel differently about Glee.

      • Stephanie

        He already did. Matt Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth sang “Fire” in episode 16.

      • b

        Taylor Hicks sang Dancing in the Dark in AI season 5.

      • JJ

        I sang Sweet Caroline in the shower this morning.

    • Arcticrose

      I can see a few Bruce songs in there. Potentially I can see “I’m On Fire” as a huge hit. But Garth Brooks? Nah, I can’t even come up with a likely scenario for any of his work.

      • seemamago

        what about garth’s “standing outside the fire”? there’s already two handicapped characters on the show; i think they could work it in nicely.

    • Ariettty


    • salsal

      Garden State soundtrack theme episode

    • Daisy Steiner

      I would love a Bowie episode. He’s got some awesome classic songs and some great 80s cheese to go along with them. Plus, Bowie’s style would lend itself to some awesome costumes.

      • Cordawg

        Definitely Bowie. First of all, “Under Pressure” is an amazingly catchy song for those unfamiliar with anything beyond “Let’s Dance.” Next, they should do something like “Kooks” or “Lady Grinning Soul” to take one the off-kilter nature of Glee-Clubbers in a high school. Finally “Heroes” for the big finale. Bowie has a theatricality (ahem) and range that would make for great choral music.

        I’ll join your “Put Weird Al on Glee” Facebook page if you join my “David Bowie is a Gleek God” Facebook page.

      • liz

        Rebel, rebel would be awesome for Puck..and I’d love to see a production number out of Major Tom

      • Jeni

        Bowie would be awesome- and he’s got such a variety that it should be easy to wrap a good story around them

      • Lauren

        “Under Pressure” would be an amazing song for the show. My picks to sing it are Finn, Mr. Shue, Puck, and/or John Stamos’ new character.

    • Lights

      I’d rather see them do a Beatles tribute!

    • Cami

      In a bruce springsteen episode: “I’m on Fire” would be great for one of the guys or maybe even one of the girls.
      “Cover Me” for Finn to sing to/with Rachael

      I would also like to see them sing a Killers song but have no idea which one it would be.

    • Alex

      Wait what about the KING of Pop Micheal Jackson. They have to have a MJ tribute.

    • Rachel


  • pokerface


    • B

      Well, I like it! Although it does spoil the fact that they will win Sectionals and Regionals and whatever else to get to Nationals. I know the show has 2 years, so I wonder if they are considering writing to a conclusion, at least for the current crop because unless they’re VA, they should all graduate sometime.

      • Flyer

        Yeah, the only other way I can think of to end Season 2 at Nationals in NYC is if they lose again but take a bus trip to Nationals as a learning experience. That could be fun to see them experiencing the big city and deciding whether they eventually want to leave Lima for the bright lights, or would actually be happier staying in a smaller town.

  • nikki

    Sounds good to me. I can’t wait!

    • Miss Talk

      I would love a JANET JACKSON TRIBUTE!
      Rachel: Ms Berry if you’re NASTY
      Quinn: Pleasure Principle
      Will&Emma: That’s the way love goes
      Kurt: Again
      Tina/Mercedes: Black cat
      Finn/Puck/artie: Control
      Glee Cast: Together Again.
      Please make it happen, Mr Murphy!

      • lisa

        @ Miss Talk. Yes, yes, yes. Janet would be awesome. I think that Glee is so brilliant that I could even get into a Reba, Garth or Dolly ep. Bowie and Bruce are excellent suggestions too. What about Aerosmith? or the Rolling Stones.

  • cocomama

    Can we get some Michael Jackson or Prince songs on this show?

    • Robert

      YES! I want to hear/see Kurt unleash his inner King of Pop–I know MJ’s in there somewhere…

      • kay

        No, no, no. There is no MJ inside our dear Kurt. His soul contains Bette Midler!

      • blaaaake!

        no, his soul contains Liza.. with a Z…

      • Snsetblaze

        Bette Midler would be a good themed episode (or a good guest star – perhaps as Shue’s mom?)

      • Brien

        They already had Shue’s mom show up in “Acafellas.” She got hit on by Josh Groban after their performance. Easy to forget her, since Shue’s dad is Victor Garber.

    • Kylie

      It’s not that easy. A lot of musicians don’t want to give Glee their songs. Coldplay has already turned them down.

      • Nessab

        Of course they turned them down. Most of Coldplay’s songs are rip offs.

      • Nerdy Ted

        Kylie, dearie…get with the program you twit. Coldplay BEGGED GLEE to take their songs after they saw how HUGE the show has become. They apologized after initially saying no. Learn to report the ENTIRE story…and not just the part that seems to taint your head.

      • Jay

        Coldplay doesn’t give their music to anyone.

        I was actually kinda surprised when Will and April did “Fire”, cause Springsteen’s awfully picky when it comes to those things.

      • Victoria

        Coldplay actually changed their minds and gave consent.
        It would be stupid of them not to!

      • Kaitlin

        That’s all great but what I really want to know is WHEN IS JONATHAN GROFF COMING BACK?

      • Di

        I had also heard that Coldplay had turned them down, but it was early in the life of the show, and when they realized that the show was generating massive interest in the songs/artists that were performed on the show, they relented (perhaps they realized how lucarative it could be, or they didn’t know that the show would be of such buzz generating quality)

      • Big Wave

        Jay – “Fire” is not a Springsteen song. He performed it back in the day during one of his tours but it was originally recorded by the Pointer Sisters.

      • Kieran

        @Big Wave: I recall the Pointer Sisters’ version of “Fire,” but I was sure it was a Springsteen tune. Out of curiosity, I checked Wiki, and it says, “‘Fire’ is a song written by Bruce Springsteen and originally intended for use by Elvis Presley.” It’s a cool song in all its versions.

      • Brunette

        Haha, I hope Ryan Murphy ensures that they NEVER play Coldplay, not even in the background of a scene as payback for them being too good for the show.

      • Grammar

        Bruce wrote it, others recorded it, and he put out his own single version of it in 1987. End of story.

      • Celimene

        Further proof that Coldplay is chock full of massive tools.

    • Strepsi

      My choices for tribute episodes:

      DOLLY PARTON: as the mother of this Christian Country singer, Dolly has a song for every style and mood.

      CHER: As Puck’s mother. Cougariffic! Plus, Cher is if I recall the only artist to have #1 Pop hits for 4 consecutive decades! With Kurt singing “The Shoop Shoop Song” and Will singing “If I could turn back time” and Sue singing “Heart of Stone” and Puck singing “Just Like Jesse James” and Rachel singing “We All Sleep Alone” — do you BELIEVE?

      • Jennifer

        Josh Groff’s character was a senior. He graduated. Unless they flunk him so he can stay on V.A. like that waiter guy.

      • E

        Oooh, I kind of love the idea of Cher. We’ve already seen Puck’s mom, but that’s fine; it’s not as if Madonna was in the Madonna episode.

      • CC

        I *think* Elton John has as well.

      • Mary

        Cher is too old to be Puck’s mom. Maybe his grandma.

      • Jenn

        We already met Puck’s mom in the episode where he and Rachel hooked up. Cher as Santana or Britney’s mom might work? Those girls need more of a back story.

      • PixxieTrixxie

        Trust me, Cher is waaay too old to be anyone’s mother on this show – well, she could be Sue Sylvester’s mother.

    • Justme…

      I am sooo down with Prince…maybe a little Let’s Get Crazy, or, Adore if Will and Emma really hit it off!

  • E.

    His plans for next year sound great! Hope all these storylines get played out properly (unlike, say, the Jesse plot from this season). Liking his plans for Kurt especially, and the idea of ending with Nationals in NY.

    • Jenn

      Maybe Jesse can come out of the closet and be Kurt’s “everyday dude.” That would be an interesting twist.

      • E.

        Yum! Love this idea. I’ll all for anything that keeps J. Groff involved in the show… I think he’s dreamy and supertalented.

  • Summer

    oh no….I’m on board with just about everything except the tribute episodes! Madonna was good, but not great and these eppys take away from the overall arc of the show…it’s awkward!

    • CH


    • BT


      • SusanS

        100% agreed. Focus on the main characters and the plot, not stunt casting & themed music.

    • anonymous

      I’d like one a season rather than one every half season. Just enough to add variety and be a fun “filler” episode.

    • Mary

      Please god NO, no more “tribute” shows. NO, no, a thousand times no.

    • MG

      I actually thought the Madonna episode played into the arc of the show appropriately. I thought the bumpy stuff was with Jesse and Shelby- one minute they both wanted to be involved in Rachel’s life, the next they didn’t. Thought it was a great episode with the Madonna stuff- Like a Virgin was my favourite scene- it was perfect!

    • Castiella

      Same here! They went WAY overboard with the themed episodes in S1. I was hoping they’d have learned that lesson by now. If they MUST do tributes, they need to pick artists with huge, diverse catalogues. Billy Joel, The Stones, The Beatles… maybe Michael Jackson.

    • Colleen

      Agreed! Madonna was great, but enough with the tribute episodes! Especially if it’s some garbage like Britney Spears. Keep it classy!!

    • Kieran

      I’m not crazy about the tribute shows either. I like it when the music has variety.

    • Lights

      I liked the idea of the tribute episodes, but would just prefer that they be for artists I actually like — and not pop music!

  • j

    how about a storyline for mike (aka other asian)? he’s the best dancer and he actually seems interesting!

    • Deb N

      I love him!!! I don’t know if he can sing but man can he dance!!!!

    • Marc

      I find him so cute! He needs a boyfriend too!

    • Ariettty

      Agree! Love to watch him dance and the camera seems to find him in every seen anyway, so let him be a part of the group.

    • steph

      Totally agreed! Mike Chang needs some speaking part love!

    • Ash

      He was in Step Up!! That’s why he can dance so well. Looooved him then, love him now!

  • Katie

    The Smiths night! Please? Too angsty not to take advantage of!

    • Clayton

      The Smiths would be a fantastic theme. I would love that!

      • Joelle

        Yes – good god – yes! With a guest appearance by Morissey!

  • Gleek

    Nice… but still going thru withdrawal…when does the DVD come out for Season 1 – Part 2??

    • vicelynn

      Season 1 is being sold only as a complete set in September. They are offering a Gleekbate of some sort for people who already purchase Part 1 since there is no Part 2,

      • meg

        just a question – where did u hear this? not that i don’t believe you… i just bought the first half of the first season and was so disappointed when i scoured the internet and couldn’t find any talk of a second-half DVD

    • Huh?

      Um, sorry, but how can you be going through withdrawls? It was just on last night.

  • sandy

    wait… how do they get to nationals if they didn’t even place at regionals?

    • Ray

      It will be the following school year/season.

      • lele

        Yeah, but if regionals aren’t until the end of the school year, when are nationals? Won’t they have to win regionals next year to get to nationals?

      • Amanda

        Nationals are at the very end of the school year, if not summer

  • Rion

    PLEASE tell me Terri will be a series regular next year. I love her!

  • Stacy

    I love the idea of exploring how the arts has no funding. It’s a real issue faced in every school in America, how talented kids can’t do what they love because there’s no money.
    Loving the idea of a country girl on Glee, I’d love to see her kill some Reba or Dolly or something.

    • Stacy

      Oh, and if they do make it to New York, I fully expect them to see the all-white production of the Wiz. With a boozy April Rhodes.

      • moonbeam

        Wouldn’t that be Wicked?

  • Margie

    I’d like to see the singing spread around to the other kids. Rachel and Finn are fun, but the others sing well too. Wouldn’t a good Glee Club have depth to its talent?

    • Di

      Second that! Mer/Kur/Tin/Art have gotten their shots, and I’d like to see storylines maybe an episode focusing on Mike/Matt/Brit/Santana and how they’re always in the background. Glad we got some taste of Santana/Naya – she really has a nice voice! Really curious about the others.

      • Mo

        I agree. Brittany’s character is too stupid not to evolve more! “I think my cat’s been reading my diary.” Fabulous! I saw a Hulu clip of Heather Morris and it would be great if she got a chance to really break out.

    • springs

      Do you watch Glee? Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Kurt, Puck, Quinn, and more recently Santana all have gotten solos (they just don’t get them as often as the leads).

    • Zoey

      I would LOVE if they would let Puck sing more prominently ’cause that boy can sing! Oh, and Santana’s got an amazing voice too. I’m not especially fond of Mercedes but I do agree that the solos and songs should be split up more evenly.

  • Your mom

    More Santana and Brittany for Season 2!

    • vicelynn

      They have already been bumped up to series regulars so we will def see more of them.

  • Jon

    Make Harry Shum Jr. aka Other Asian and Dijon Talton Kurt and Mercedes’ love interests. I don’t understand the point of adding two more male characters when they already have two already.

    • Strepsi

      MIKE + KURT FTW.

      He’s already well liked and undefined enough to be closeted, he likes football and dancing, what’s not to love?

    • Feili

      I agree — except it ‘seems’ that Harry doesn’t have ‘an actor’s voice.’ [cf his non-speaking role in Step Up 2 and TV interviews (on line); And why wasn’t he credited on any of the songs on the Glee 1 CD?

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