Peter Facinelli was aiming for 'satire' with f-bomb-laden acceptance speech at MTV Movie Awards

When Twilight/Nurse Jackie actor Peter Facinelli took the stage at last night’s MTV Movie Awards to accept the vampire film’s award for best movie, he dropped a truly alarming number of f-bombs — and caught the poor exhausted censor off-guard. Thus, the presumably virgin ears of those watching the MTV Movie Awards — consistently a bastion of prudish propriety on a cable channel whose finest moments tend to involve same-sex lip-locks, binge drinking, and/or naked people — were totally scathed by the profanity. Horror, naturally, abounded.

Today, Facinelli sent the following statement: “My acceptance speech was meant as a satirical commentary to poke fun at the record breaking number of f-bombs dropped during the show. Secretly, I hope that David Mamet tuned in last night in case he’s prepping a revival of Glengarry Glen Ross.”

MTV’s statement read as follows: “The MTV Movie Awards is a live televised event known for irreverent comedy and a party atmosphere where our guests speak more freely than they otherwise might. While we aired the live broadcast with a delay, we were unable to mute every word that some might find objectionable.  All of these words will be muted in subsequent airings. We sincerely apologize to those in our audience who were offended by any objectionable words that might have slipped by for the live airing.”

Come back tomorrow when we print apologetic caveats regarding Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson’s decision to “rock out together,” as well as retract Betty White’s clearly erroneous statement that her ovaries have been declared historical treasures.

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  • pokerface

    it was funny , if youre twelve you shouldnt be watching this show any way.. get over it

    • turbo

      If you’re 18 and older then you REALLY shouldn’t be watching this vile garbage either, unless your IQ is under two digits… like most americans

      • Matt

        Wow, hating on America for no apparent reason…what the hell?! If you didn’t watch the show, what the hell are you doing reading and commenting on this post? And by the way, the average American’s IQ is 98. To have an IQ under two digits would mean your brain literally does not function…like Turbo’s brain wasn’t functioning when he wrote his comment.

      • brian

        Do you work at Applebye’s, Turbo.

      • helen

        Oh blah blah blah and a big f*ck U too turbo

      • AJ

        I watched the Show and Im older than 18, I think its just something interesting to watch. And saying that most Americans are stupid doesnt make u any better either….

      • JaySin420

        I bet Turbo has a Justin Bieber poster on his wall.

      • dntbstpd1

        Definitely…he’s got bieber fever! lol

      • suki

        Go away troll.

      • lsnkittie

        Are you gay.. you must be, that’s why you are soooo jealous of the people on this show…

    • darclyte

      I got that Peter was mocking the over usage of F-Bombs throughout the show. It’s the over usage of F-Bombs that was ridiculous, not Peter’s mocking of them.

      • Aly

        Isn’t that like yelling to mock others who are yelling? Just contributes to the noise.

      • Aly

        plus South Park did it much better back when everyone made such a big deal about NYPD Blue getting to use the S bomb.

      • Dan

        I got it too, but it wasn’t necessary to contribute to it. Next time, take the high road Peter.

    • darclyte

      Also, I guess it proved that Peter and Tom Cruise are NOT the same person. They actually shook hands as Peter hit the stage.

      • Merry Bear

        Camera tricks.

    • Kieran

      Actually, it was only funny if you were 12 years old. Otherwise, it was just boring and redundant. It was not creative enough to be even mildy offensive.

    • Hello!

      Those 12 year old were the ones that put in a million votes for the winners. Why wouldn’t they be watching? You think that if the majority of the voters were mature adults that the same people would have won those awards.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      It was funny, if you’re 69 you shouldn’t be watching this show anyway because…you know.

  • Wil

    It is sad to see one of the actors from “Damages” be brought into this crapstorm of Twilight.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Maybe that actor was there for damage control?

  • whatevs

    I’m offended that MTV thinks that the cussing was the most offensive part of the show.

    • Emma

      What, you’ve never seen a woman’s crotch light up before?

      • Miss Talk

        Seriously, Xtina never looked more desperate of attention. The F-word was not the most offensive part (hello! it’s MTV, meaning Jersey Shore and Kanye’s imma let ya finish) but the lightening croth, Katy Perry’s boobies all over the place singing about melting popsticles… What the F?

      • news flash

        16 million American viewers watching MTV on a family night..Now that is OFFENSIVE

    • helen

      Considering that MTV no longer plays music, I can’t understand all the big deal. I mean, some of the s*it they air is more disgusting than the excessive use of the F bomb

  • DT

    Andrew Dice Clay was banned for life for saying the f-word in the ’80s. What are they going to do now? If they go that way, there’ll be no one to host, present, or accept awards next year. Bring back Dice if they’re going to give all these other people free rein. (I don’t want Dice back. It’s just a little hypocritical that they’ve taken a ‘whatever” attitude now when the show was kind of tasteless back then, too.)

    • Emily

      Maybe he’ll host the show next year…or, they can just leave the sensors on the whole time, so we can’t hear anyone say anything, but we can see who is winning what to the sound of bleeeeeeeep…

  • Katja

    LOL this whole article was great, in particular: “Thus, the presumably virgin ears of those watching the MTV Movie Awards — consistently a bastion of prudish propriety on a cable channel whose finest moments tend to involve same-sex lip-locks, binge drinking, and/or naked people – were totally scathed by the profanity. Horror, naturally, abounded.” Seriously, anybody who was at all offended by his or anyone else’s swearing has no business watching anything on MTV because my god, the F-bombs are child’s play next to the glorified debauchery that this channel airs daily.

  • Paul

    I’m more offended at Jersey Shore than a few f-bombs.

    • starr

      my thoughts exactly.
      However, I do have to give credit to Peter Facinelli for coming up with a f***awesome acceptance speech. Seeing as I appreciate satire, irony, and sarcasm, his speech totally made my night…especially since i was supposed to be writing a paper :P

    • Matt

      Agreed. It’s not the word itself that is bad, it’s the way the word is used, and he didn’t use it in a terribly negative way. I’d rather my kid hear a few f-bombs then watch that garbage.

  • m

    That’s what happens when you live in the Fastlane

    • Mar

      LOL! Well played, sir.

  • Kylie

    I’m pretty sure we all know that Peter’s speech was a satire since he all but said that before he let the f-bombs drop. At the end of the day, it was 11 o’clock on a Sunday. No one under 13 should have been watching anyway. And anyone older that was offended needs to get with the times.

    • Matt

      Yeah, wasn’t it rated TV-14 or TV-MA anyways? If there are parents out there upset that their 11 year-old heard a few f-bombs, maybe they should pay more attention to the ratings.

    • Heloisa

      COMPLETELY right. I agree with her :)

    • Nicole

      Totally agree. I thought it was quite obvious that Peter was making fun of the overuse of the f-word by continuing with the f-bomb streak that was going on all night. I thought it was funny and a fitting way to end a show that allowed so many f-bombs to go on all night. Peter was calling them on it, and even said he’s never heard the f-word used so many times in one night.

    • Sammie

      My kid (who’s 9) laughed while the f-bomb was being dropped. Come to think of it….I drop the f-bomb a lot and my kid laughs at me.

      Damn prude parents make me sick

      • george

        You let your 9-year-old stay up late, watch this crap, and swear in front of them? I wouldn’t be criticizing anyone else’s parenting if I were you.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Sounds like you’re an idiot and you’re setting your kids up not to learn anything either. Good luck to them.

      • dntbstpd1

        Geroge and BlackIrish4094 need to get a life…not everyone was necessarily in the same time zone. The show got over fairly early in mine. PLUS, a swear used correctly is always a good lesson to teach your kid! :)

    • Randall

      “At the end of the day, it was 11 o’clock on a Sunday.”

      This sentence is really funny.

  • captain canuck

    I don’t think Peter Facinelli knows the meaning of the word Satire. Sad really.

    • Chris

      Actually, I think he does.

  • Evan Meadow

    Did anyone not realize one of the show’s sponsors was Orbitz therefore dirty mouths were encouraged?

    “Fabulous!” and all that.

  • Chad

    I know poor taste and MTV go together (remember the good ‘ol days when MTV was a music video channel?)…but I just watched the show and all the f-bombs were stupid. It’s lame. Almost as lame as their cliche “lesbian” kiss done annually. Good grief…please go back to playing Bon Jovi and Poison videos…at least those were interesting to watch.

  • Bear

    “Satire”, the number one excuse of lame idiots when they fail to such an exquisite degree.

    Face it Pete, you’re just a schmuck. Own it.

    • Jack Secret

      Agreed. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do something.

    • strickens_girl

      Thank you, Bear.

    • The Truth

      Don’t give them that much credit. Their handlers thought up the satire excuse for them.

  • Chappel

    I’m sure the kind of people who say “Dude, that was SICK!” thought it was amazing.

  • offendedbyeverything

    there was nothing remotely offensive or even slightly edgy about the tepid paint by numbers affair of last night’s broadcast. the f bombs were erroneous status symbols that felt as natural as a day trader wearing crocs to work. the only thing unnerving about this awards show was the sheer lack of talent or originality in the room.

  • Becca

    I personally wasn’t shocked or offended or anything… I’m a teacher and trust me, kids hear and SAY way worse at times!

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