Diddy in 'Get Him to the Greek': This guy deserves his own movie

get-him-greek-combsImage Credit: Glen WilsonRussell Brand was so funny in a minor Forgetting Sarah Marshall part that he’s now reprising the character as a starring role in Get Him to the Greek. I saw the spin-off last night, and while Brand once again draws copious LOLs as debauched Brit-rocker Aldous Snow, Get Him to the Greek introduces a scene-stealing supporting actor of its own: none other than Sean “Diddy” Combs.

As Sergio Roma, the chief of fictional label Pinnacle Records, Diddy is basically playing a way over-the-top version of himself, the chief of real label Bad Boy Records. “The music business is failing,” Sergio announces to a room full of employees in his first scene. This is, of course, an actual problem faced by Diddy at his day job. Sergio then berates his underlings in a way that will ring bells for anyone who’s seen MTV’s Making the Band, though he gets to use lots of colorful profanity since this is an R-rated movie instead of a basic-cable series. He’s the demanding boss we all know him to be, only meaner, crazier, more absurd.

That off-screen context isn’t the only reason Diddy is totally hilarious in Get Him to the Greek, though. He shows real comic timing and chops throughout the movie. One scene where (SPOILER ALERT) he appears as a disembodied head in another character’s hallucination had me and my friends rolling in the aisles. Even if Diddy weren’t playing off his own public persona, he still would have been one of the best things about this movie — so much so that I’d buy tickets for a Sergio spin-off movie in a flash.

Anyone else see Get Him to the Greek this weekend? Do you, too, want to see more of Diddy’s character?

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  • elena

    Sergio chasing the two boys, then getting hit by a car, then continuing to run (and the scene before, where he was blitzed out on jeffrey)…Diddy deserves some kind of recognition for those scenes. He was over-the-top hilarious. The movie, on the other hand, eh?

    • elena

      I think I meant…eh, it was okay. The other way I just sound Canadian…

      • Strepsi

        Then I think you meant “meh”, eh?

      • Dizzle

        Don’t you mean ‘I just sound like a stereotype of Canadians’.

      • Ted

        “Go sue Napster you Danish tw*t!!” hahahaha

      • ono724

        After having lived across the river from Canada for 40 years, I can say that “eh” is far from being stereotypical.

      • JaySin420

        Diddy was very funny in this movie but that doesn’t mean he should go make a ton of movies now.

        Some roles are just perfect for certain people (Rourke-The Wrestler) and this was one of them.

      • TahaaNairobi


  • elena

    Let’s not faff aboot eh?

  • JB

    The movie is fun and Diddy is great in it. I agree that the performance is worthy of its own movie. Lets give Diddy some credit here. He wanted to be an actor, did theatre, and some good supporting work. He put some work into his craft, and it shows in this movie.

  • Ben

    COULD NOT DISAGREE MORE. Diddy sucked in it, he seemed like he was trying too hard. I was annoyed as hell by his performance. He was funny maybe once, but aside from that his charater seemed to have no real structure at all.
    Craig T Robinson should have played that role.

    • Bubba

      Why not Craig T. Nelson, or for that matter Charles Nelson Reilly??? Diddy is not funny, and he should have quit while he was ahead.

      • Bubba’s mom

        Now Bubba, what did I tell you about whining?

    • George

      I disagree Ben. Craig T Robinson is overstaying his welcome. I just think you’re trolling.

    • GB

      everyone is entitled to their opinion. but i think u are crazy! i think as a ceo…diddy is an egotistical successful jerk off…but in GREEK? He was a comic genius. they wrote his part perfect. i died laughing

  • Madd

    I actually didn’t find Russell Brand funny in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Inside You was funny, but besides that? Plus, it’s not like he wrote a Dracula musical with puppets.

  • celia

    I Saw the movie because of the tom felton cameo (which was pretty funny) but i thought diddy’s character was the best thing about the movie. i loved the part about the furry walls and sergio wanting to cover his whole house in it. lol. Russell Brand is a terrible actor. His facial expression never changed once in the whole movie.

  • tamby

    The question a story like this raises is: Can someone be such an obvious douche, such a total crapsack, that even if he’s talented or good at something, you can’t enjoy it because you can’t get past the desire to kick him in the face?

    • Dave

      Very well said, Tamby. I was having the same problem myself.

    • @tamby and Dave

      Soured much?

      • 4 tamby and Dave


  • Mr.Marcus

    The Movie Was Hilarious from begining to end! Much better than the hangover over jona hill and yes russel brand rocked it great duo. Diddys character was funny also..

    • Karina

      i agree get him to the greek was hilarious!! though i wouldnt say much better that the hangover…they are pretty equal for me. both great :D

    • Liz Lemon

      I think The Hangover was brilliant and definitely funny from beginning to end. Get Him to the Greek had a lot of funny moments, but it also had a lot of weird ones. The random/awkward threesome was so out of place.

  • Walter

    Diddy was annoying. I have nothing against using the “F” word, but I hate it when writers fall back on profanity because they think it’s funny. How about actually giving the actors some clever and/or funny dialogue instead of just saying f*** (or in Diddy’ case, mindf***) over and over again.

  • David

    why are most of you illiterate? seriously, check your spelling sentence structure. the comment section here has a spellcheck for crying out loud. it shouldn’t be all that difficult.

    • Heather

      Oh the delicious hypocrisy. If you’re going to bash people for spelling and sentence structure, use your Shift key and capitalize! Laziness, my dear, pure laziness.

      • Levi

        haha… I was thinking that too

      • Meeeeeeee

        So many people make grammar/spelling mistakes when picked people up on grammer/spelling. I find it hilarious.

  • LOL

    Has anyone seen Doc Jensen?

  • a person

    he was the only good part of the movie..besides Tom Felton!! but i would never see a spin off of Get Him To The Greek because it was TERRIBLE!! Forgetting Sarah Marshall was much much better!

  • Roma Detreiler

    Russell Brand was perfection! A very funny, thoroughly enjoyable movie.

  • JJ

    Diddy’s “angry black man” was very offensive and racist.

    • marc Goudeau

      thats ridiculous, no it wasnt, and thats coming from someone who is very against racism

  • minnie swirl

    No he doesn’t.

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