Kristen Stewart leads the Week of Apologies

In refreshingly non-cynical news this week, looks like owning up and taking the high road is a trend. First, we have Eclipse star Kristen Stewart, who has apologized for comparing the experience of being photographed by paparazzi to that of a woman being raped in an interview with British Elle. “I really made an enormous mistake — clearly and obviously,” Stewart told People while in Korea to promote Eclipse. “And I’m really sorry about my choice of words. ‘Violated’ definitely would have been a better way of expressing the thought,” she added. Stewart played a rape victim in 2004’s Speak, has done public service announcements for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN). “People thinking that I’m insensitive about this subject rips my guts out,” she said. “I made a big mistake.”

Meanwhile, in a phone interview this morning with Today‘s Matt Lauer, MLB umpire Jim Joyce talked about his emotional apology to Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga for an admittedly blown call that cost Galarraga a perfect game Wednesday night. Joyce told Lauer his emotional state had quickly transitioned from “an all-time low” right after the game to “an all-time high.”

Joyce cited the overwhelming support he’s received from his family, both teams’ organizations, MLB, and especially the fans from the Detroit area who were heartened by his instant apology. “I’m very Irish and I’m very emotional,” Joyce told Lauer, who has been upholding Joyce’s apology on-air all week as a great teaching moment for kids. “I couldn’t walk away from that the next day. You can’t walk away from what you have to do.”

Watch the video ahead. It’s safe to assume that if Joyce had been in the studio, Lauer might have crushed his hero with a huge hug. “Safe!” Joyce would have determined in tearful call of redemption. But the phone thing worked just fine.

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  • Ayn

    I think that the umpire making an aology is a great lesson for kids; however, the damage is done and you can’t go back and fix what can’t be fixed. Nonetheless, good on him for admiting his mistake.

    • kate

      Still, baseball is a game where bad calls are made that affect the game all the time. It’s heartbreaking that the bad call here was the final one to ruin a perfect game, but his instant apology and (even more so) Galarraga’s extremely gracious acceptance and forgiveness is a great baseball story. Everyone involved was as classy as could be about the whole thing.

      • Noodle

        Except for the commission or league or whatever that won’t overturn the the obviously erroneous call. MLB really needs instant replay.

      • kate

        Heck yeah. As a ball fan, you just get used to the fact that there are going to be bad calls, and sometimes it will affect the outcome of the game. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it should change! Instant replay is definitely needed.

      • S.O.

        The one now who looks bad is Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. He had to he chance to overrule the call & give the pitcher the perfect game. But NO, he said it was the nature of the game. Oh come on? The Umpire’s admission that he made the bad call makes it blatantly obvious to the entire world that was a perfect game. It should be recorded as the 21st Perfect Game in MLB history (with a *)

      • WhatThePuck

        Baseball + Instant Replay = 5 hour game. As if the sport doesn’t move slowly enough for TV already.

      • Jason S.

        BAseball’s only slow if you’re an idiot who needs things force fed to them every few seconds. It will always be the best sport in America!

      • WhatThePuck

        Thanks Jason for calling me an idiot for expressing an opinion. You are a typical holier-then-thou baseball fan. Idiot.

    • stan

      Baseball is a stupid, mindless sport. Kristen Stewart looks like she has too much eye makeup and a case of Down Syndrome.

      • Laura

        How classless and rude. Try to find something positive to add to this planet.

      • Juuust a little outside

        Stan is mindless and stupid. WHen it comes to his behavior, he decides to leave the c and the l out of class.

      • liz

        LOL! What a pathetic douche.

      • stanisdumb

        @stan – and I’m sure you’re an athletically gifted male model with a high IQ.

      • Ra-Ra-Retard

        I like baseball and I’d LOVE to give Kristen Stewart a pearl necklace with that top.

      • Xicon

        @Stan – Bad trolling apparently still gets you somewhere.

      • tkav3

        Stan, I’ve always wondered why people like Sally below post their dating site crap black white cupid droll but now I realize they are targeting worthless nothings like yourself! Go check out the site and get off the boards!

      • ME

        I agree with Stan.

    • paul

      It can be fixed. Bud Selig only has to rule that the batter was out after the appeal and evidence is heard. just like the pine tar game was replayed 20 years ago. Whether Selig has the courage to fix it, is another question entirely.

      • nicerose

        It can be fixed. Whether Selig has the courage to fix it, is another question entirely.

  • Buffy Freak

    When will these Twilight moveis end so we can stop be subjected to the whining of that sourpuss Kristen Stewart. Seriously, if fame is so freakin’ hard, go get a job in a coal mine or as a nurse or at an Arby’s drive through.

    • K

      She didn’t say it was hard. She is concerned about her privacy being violated. Just because you’ll famous, doesn’t mean you give up your privacy. Even though people like you will say these actors chose to have their private lives violated.

      • Buffy Freak

        She’s not saying it here in this instance. But she is almost always whining about it. And you’re wrong about “people like” me. I do not think that famous people should have to give up their right to privacy….but is one of the sad realities of fame and always has been.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Actually your privacy is exactly what you agree to trade of when you become famous so so she should deal or get another career like the other poster said.

      • thin

        No, it isn’t. They agree to be in it and promote it, and that’s about it. You don’t get to dictate what they owe you because their film was a success.

      • Gabby

        @thin: Exactly.

      • Lola

        Actually, choosing to be famous DOES include giving up privacy. No one forced her to become an actress and/or audition for Twilight. And there are plenty of ways to be involved in acting that doesn’t involve being famous.

    • mariposa

      well said. Fame is a choice and she made that choice with every film of the twilight series after the first one. She sure hasn’t whined about the money. her insensitive remark shows her character or lack of. how she get a job as a military person in Iraq, there are 18 year olds in combat zone that would show more maturity than her.

      • T

        Fame isn’t a choice. Becoming an actor or enterainer is a choice, not fame. She acted in a movie that got huge. She chose the movie not the fame. I think its a bit sad you’re passing judgement on someone for being insensitive or immature without even meeting this person. What’s that say about you?

      • cheese

        Although I don’t like Kristen Stewart either…I have to agree with T…

      • kayla

        Oh please, this whiny brat is free to STOP making these horrifically (to her) popular movies and go get a job ANYWHERE else. She chose the money AND the fame. And she is free to leave at any time.

        She is insensitive, immature and unbelievably stupid.

      • Brooke

        She’s probably NOT free to stop if she’s contracted for all of them.

      • kayla

        Brooke – then explain why she keeps making more than just Twilight?? (i.e., Runaways, etc).

        pssst – the answer is $$$$$$

      • Brooke

        You asked why she kept making horrifically popular movies. I don’t think Runaways counts in that category.

      • slackerj

        “Fame isn’t a choice. Becoming an actor or enterainer is a choice, not fame”

        You’ve got to be kidding, in the entertainment industry success = fame.

        So unless your telling me it was her goal to be a failed actress your point makes no sense.

      • Juuust a little outside

        Mariposa, will you set the example and go to Iraq?

      • IndyStacey

        I don’t think anyone could have predicted the cult-like following the Twilight movies have inspired. She is young, she was even younger when she signed on for these movies. She wants to be an actress; that does not equal wanting fame.

        She apologize for not expressing herself well. She is a gifted actress and a beautiful soul. And I hate Twilight.

      • Are you for Real?

        @T–I sort of agree with you but I have to say that most actors are wishing for fame. They may not get to choose it but you can sure bet they want it. I don’t think anyone could say that they didn’t expect the Twilight series to be huge and not result in fame for Kristen Stewart. To think otherwise is naive. Just saying!

      • Jaz

        Brooke – WRONG. She did not contract for all the movies at the outset.

      • James

        Whatever. I have less respect for her now that she apologized for something that she clearly shouldn’t have. I hate it when people defend themselves out of pressure from the media or agents or PR reps. Ridiculous.

      • Ariel

        The rape comparison is horrid. She should just keep her mouth shut and be grateful she’s having this success. With the money she’s made she could always move off the grid like many, many stars do. She is choosing to stay where the paparazzi follow her. Yes, the paparazzi suck. They are intrusive. Maybe if people didn’t buy all these lame magazines and watch all the celebrity shows it wouldn’t be an issue.

      • G

        Sorry, T, fame through acting IS a choice. Fame through being a victim of crime or some other random event is not a choice. Please, if you’re going to be in a MOVIE chances are you’ll become famous. If you don’t want to be famous, don’t act in movies. Community theatre is calling, Kristin Stewart.

      • ME

        When twilight first came out K-Stew was excited about all the attention and fame, because she thought it would bring attention to her other smaller films that no one cares about (it obviously didn’t work), so she DID in fact choose this. She’s not the only celeb on the face of the planet who gets followed and has their picture taken. It comes with the territory. I just really wish she would stop complaining. It’s not doing her any favors. I can’t even began to like her, because she comes off so idiotic and whiny. Grow up already!

    • Michael Compton


      • KCH

        She made a choice to act in film and promote those films. That’s her job/career.
        She didn’t make the choice to have paparazzi follow her 24/7 and take pictures of her on her hotel balcony with a zoom lense from hundreds of feet away or have bodyguards have to manhandle her through crowds. You don’t have to like her or her movies. NO actor should have their privacy invaded like that.

    • jimmyjo

      Amen, ungrateful brat she is. Can’t wait until her star fades.

      • EEK

        Spoken from someone who has not had their privacy invaded on an hourly basis. The issue isn’t fame, it’s the Culture of Celebrity which has given these vultures a meal ticket. That is a relatively new phenomenon, much younger than the concept of fame. I recall even Julia Roberts said in an interview recently that if she were a young actress starting out now, she’s not sure she’d do it, it is so much more invasive and pervasive than when she was younger. And she was one of the most photographed women on the planet.

        I know! Rather than not being able to waitfor someone’s star to rise or fall, why don’t you go out an do something meaningful for your own life and stop worrying so much about someone else’s.

      • Frankie

        People need to stop the whole “she’s an actress and didn’t ask for fame.” It is an occupational hazard. If you’re a mailman you’ll have to deal with dogs. You want people to pay to see your movies, paps will take your picture. She can still live. As an actress you work being someone else, so Stewart be someone else. And she’s 20 not 12, she should know better.

  • Sarah

    Glad to see both the pitcher and umpire show such good sportsmanship and class. I feel bad for both of them.

    • Lorie

      Me, too. Classy moves from both parties.

  • HoneyB

    Silly me, I thought she was apologizing for her poor acting…

    • Madd

      Hah! She was good in Into the Wild, but that’s really it.

      • Melissa

        I thought she was apologizing for how horrible the Twilight movies are, but, y’know…

      • thin

        I liked her in Adventureland, too.

      • ME

        She plays herself in Adventureland.

  • India Andrews

    Personally, I live in Los Angeles and have seen how the paparazzi act first hand. Rape can be mental and emotional, not just physical, and that’s probably what Kristen meant. In that spirit, I think the use of the word rape was appropriate. Violated seems too tame.

    • D

      Good Point. Thanks for the insight.

    • Marie

      I’m sure it’s intrusive but I think being raped is a bigger violation.

      • sara

        My God, the stupidity of some posters around here is frightening. To think that having your picture taken can be in any way even remotely compared to the vicious and unspeakable act of rape is thoroughly disgusting. Where do you these people come from???

      • lisa


      • Brooke

        Where do they come from? A patriarchial culture, of course.

      • Foxx Talltrees

        I agree with you 101%. There is no comparison. To make such a comment is just (I have no words & I have to keep it clean. Sorry, I’m too p.o’d for my brain to work right) You cannot tell me TV & film actors get into the business for the love of the “art”. It’s money & fame all the way. These actors (not just her) who complain about having their picture taken have the opportunity to either choose another career or lay low for a few years then if they still love acting so much, do stage work or small indie films. Every time a pix ends up in a magazine or on the internet, their net worth increases. Sure the paparazi are bottom feeders but if fans didn’t buy the mags (I’m included in this crime) there wouldn’t be a need for the pictures in the first place. As an earlier poster said, this has been going on since forever.

      • steve

        Preach, Foxx Talltrees!! I’m sick of all these whiny, crybaby PERFORMERS (not just actors, BTW) who complain about their lack of privacy, but keep on performing IN PUBLIC anyway. Either get out of your CHOSEN profession or STFU. End of story. Period.
        Oh, and you’re completely correct. Rape = paparazzi? Sorry, but that’s one song Lady GaGa DIDN’T write – for a very good reason!!

  • AshleyBrooke

    I’m from Detroit, and as much as I’m glad that Joyce apologized, what I don’t get is why this baseball commissioner refuses to correct the call. I can see if this wasn’t the ituation. But Joyce made a bad call, and admitted he did so, and it should go in the books that he pitched a perfect game. I’m glad though he got a nice Corvette! =)

  • m

    I’m so tired pof this girl. This f****** girl cant act, isnt pretty, and does nothing but appear to be stoned out of her mind in every interview. Every movie she plays the same damn awkward, moody character, i’m tired of her. For how much hate megan fox gets from this website(mostly due to her looks), I put her leaps and bounds above kristen stewart

    • Michael Compton

      Stewart really doesn’t even act….She poses. She adopts a sullen expression in various poses/locales. She attempts to look brooding and thoughtful (fail). How can anyone consider what she does acting? I guess she’s pretty enough, if you like that sort of look, but acting? No. Not yet.

      • m

        Shes like any other actress who does one movie and gets lauded for her singular performance. Then she does another, and another, and another, and people realize she can only play the same character.

      • Laurie

        Unfortunately she can only work with the material given to her which is pretty poor. She has been good with better scripted movies. If you read the books Bella is pretty one dimensional and the most boring character. She is just reflecting that.

      • m

        Uh well she played bella swan also in adventureland, in the land of women, into the wild, the runaways. one note garbage

  • raquel

    could someone point me to an interview where kristen ISN”T complaining and whining about fame? i mean really, every job has negative points but when you are getting paid millions for glorified make believe then you should probably learn to deal with it.

  • Rush

    From his angle and with the timing, I could see why he called him safe. But there should have been a check from a second umpire.

  • JP

    1. Fame is NOT a choice. There are some who do everything to be famous and get nowhere; there are those who try to avoid it and get thrust into it. The public determines who’s famous and who’s not.

    That said, there are those who avoid over-exposure – Michelle Pfieffer is one. Kristen Stewart, at this point of her career, doesn’t have the power to determine that for herself. Her point is well made – the paps are animals.

    2. I’m not a baseball fan, so can anyone explain why Bud Selig would not correct the call for the official record? I don’t understand, since the ump admitted the mistake and the replay showed it.

    • m

      Its insane. If he overturned it, everybody would be happy and joyce wont be dragged through the mud for the rest of his life.

      • JP

        I did see that the game has already gotten its own exhibit in the Hall of Fame. I guess that’s something.

    • BaseABallBerryBerryGood

      Incorrect calls in baseball never have been overturned. The rule of the game is that the call on the field is final. Period. Error/hits can be changed by the official scorekeeper but calls by umpires are not subject to review.

    • Are you for Real?

      Actually JP, many instances of fame really are a choice. Any actor has the ability to choose independent films or stage acting which rarely results in this type of paps following. There are many successful actors that have chosen well and don’t have this type of intrusive fame. You can also choose to live somewhere away from all that as well. And, to say that actors like Kristin Stewart playing the lead in a huge series like Twilight didn’t want fame or expect fame…well that would just make her ridiculously naive. It’s not hard to see how others have been hounded. I agree that paps should back off a bit and it is highly annoying, intrusive and terrible to have them following you but that is why she has a successful career.

      • Hedwig

        You know Twilight is an independent film, right?

      • Are you for Real?

        It’s not exactly what most consider a true indie film. The point is still valid.

  • krysta

    she dont have to apologize for that.. thats what she feels and choice of words… if you will correct her why the hell we have freedom of speech!!! she dont have to say sorry to those people who didn’t understand what she said!! i feel sorry for her!! keep safe kristen.. i hope you’re fine and always be fine!!♥♥

    • mia

      newsflash, we understood what she said. And she is a stupid, ignorant, heartless imbocile.

      • KCH

        Mia – do you know Kristen Stewart personally? Making hatefull judgements about her like that is just sad. I suppose you haven’t said anything in your entire life you’ve regretted. If you did and apologized, you probably had to only apologize to one person. Not the entire freaking media.

    • Brooke

      Of course we have the freedom of speech. As you will notice, no governmental entity is trying to prosecute her or outlaw the use of rape analogies, as inappropriate and offensive as they are.

    • Michael Compton

      Freedom of speech?? lol. So….She’s free to say what she likes, but we’re NOT free to express an opinion about it? Nice.

  • Morgan

    “People thinking that I’m insensitive about this subject rips my guts out”

    Oh great, now she’ll have to apologize to victims of disembowelment.

    • Diane

      LMAO. Out of all the comments, that one made me laugh the most. Thank you!!!

    • Sara

      Ditto Diane. Thanks for the laugh!

    • Kellie

      Maybe she was making a reference to Hari Kari?

  • dose

    Stewart needs to just shut up and suck it up, no one forced her into this position.

  • Lizzie

    Kristin Stewart should not back down from her analogy. I agree with her. What the Photogs do is reprehensible. It IS a violation and it IS very much like rape. They take all the control away from the victim, the taunt them, bully them and the victim has no recourse. Pap’s should be illegal IMO.

    The Ump is cool for being so sorry and the pitcher is awesome for being so gracious. Frankly, this is some of the best press MLB has had in years.

    • Mr T

      I agree about the papparrazzi, but ask any actual rape victim if getting raped and being harrassed by photographers are the same thing, or even close.

    • kayla

      Lizzie – you are horribly horribly ignorant. And I really hope you never ever find out just how ignorant of the facts you really are. My God.

      • sAYwHAT?


      • Are you for Real?

        Agreed Kayla…I pray that Lizzie doesn’t have to experience being violated in the way that you are when you are raped. This is a horrible injustice that can affect a person’s pschye for an entire lifetime. I agree the paps are horrible and very intrusive but it’s still not rape. Even Kristen Stewart knows this statement was ridiculous in this context.

    • Cat


      • Cat

        with Lizzie.

    • Kay

      Kayla, Lizzie isn’t ignorant. I am not famous and I am not an actress, but having a bunch of overly aggressive, stink an disgusting men shoving their cameras in my face would seem like rape to me. No not sexual rape, but the rape of my rights, my privacy and dignity. And to all the people who say she “chose” this, she did not. She chose to act, to make a living this way. She did not choose for the public to be interested in her private life, in every second of every move she makes. Actors have rights. I go to the movies to watch their films, not to see a picture of them in some private setting… just my two cents..

      • Marissa

        In today’s world, you can’t “choose” acting and not “choose” fame. If you become a successful actress, you also become famous. Everyone who goes into acting knows that invasion of privacy is part of the job, like it or not. If you don’t want paparazzi following you constantly, don’t become an actress. I personally don’t feel much sympathy for someone who gets paid millions upon millions and gets to travel the world. Kristen, appreciate the success you’ve had; no one wants to hear you complain.

      • Oh Please

        Um, she chose to be a movie star, something you have to fight HARD for against huge odds – but she didn’t choose fame?? No dear. Not how it works. Most actors (the OVERWHELMING majority) are not famous and are not movie stars. She ABSOLUTELY chose this, 100%, and it is a very, very privileged thing to be able to do. Movie stars are treated like exotic royalty around the world, paid obscene fortunes, have opportunities and perks beyond imagination. Part of the price is people want to see pictures of you. DEAL.

      • jen

        Oh please! She CHOSE to act. It was not forced upon her. She chose to work in a profession that if – horrors – she was successful enough she was fully aware people might want to – oh dear God no – take her blessed picture. The poor poor thing. Maybe we should all hold a benefit and raise money for the poor dear so she can find an island to hide out in. Oh wait, she can afford to do that herself. Lord.

      • Kay

        Marissa, their are many successful theater actors and actresses whom earn a small fortune every year. But because its not main stream, they are not hounded by the paparazzi. Why should they be? Why should anyone be stalked? There are thousands of millionaires who make 10X more than actors but they’re not hounded… I’m sorry but to me success does not come hand in hand with fat oily disgusting parasites breathing down your neck. Once apon a time actors where recognized because of their skills. Now its what bikini did she wear in her own private backyard. The PUBLIC demands the pictures… not the actors…

      • Kay

        Jen, do you have a problem with other peoples success? Hmmm, because sure the hell sounds like it…

      • mariposa

        She also chose to be in a film from a book that was a best seller with tweens, we all know how rabid they are. It wasn’t War and Peace. She knew it would give her exposure, lots of it and lots of money.


      I totally agree with Lizzie. If Kristin Stewart feels that a mob of photographers invading her personal space is like a gang rape, then she is entitled to her feelings and should not have to apologize for them. I can’t understand why this type of behavior has not been outlawed.

      • Kate

        “I can’t believe this behaviour isn’t outlawed”. How naive are you? Why isn’t it outlawed? Because the studios and the actors WANT those photos and the free publicity that goes with it. Every time a magazine cover runs a story Kristen/Rob Is it Over? the execs cheer and so does Stewart as she knows that’s where her value comes from.
        If she didn’t want her photo taken she has two options – use some of her millions to buy a ranch in the hills somewhere and quietly work on this creative writing that according to her interviews she loves so much or don’t provoke the paps.
        How many photos do you see of LADIES like Emma Watson or Scarlett Johannson? Very few because who wants to see a poised young woman drinking coffee, studying at college or sitting at a fashion show?
        How many of Kristen? Tons. Because obscene hand gestures, wearing your boyfirends clothes, holding “rolled cigarettes” and wearing marijuana leaf bikinis are all begging for attention.

    • steve

      let me clarify this:

      Anyone who agrees with *Lizzie’s* horrible statement should:
      1) have their picture taken by paparazzi, and then
      2) be raped
      Then you can report back & *tell us* which one was worse.

      • Hounds of Love

        People are taking Kristen’s comments waaay out of context. She did not compare her ordeal with the paparazzi to the ordeal of a rape victim. People forget that the word rape has more than one meaning. It doesn’t just mean sexual assault, it means to abuse something in an extreme manner. Which is an appropriate way to describe being followed by paparazzi. They ruthlessly violate your privacy with no regard for how they cripple your life and your sanity. And I’m sure many people criticizing her for her comments have used the word rape to describe rather minor things, e.g. “I feel like my ears are being raped by listening to this song”. So please people, get off your high horses and stop acting like you’ve never used a poor choice of words. The girl has apologized, let’s move on, it’s not the end of the world.

      • Christine

        I get so annoyed when people are hypersensitive over word choice! I have no desire to ever see the Twilight movies, but it is so stupid to demand an apology from Stewart. Guess what everybody, “rape” can mean more than sexual violation, and is defined by Merriam-Webster as also being merely “an outrageous violation.” We use metaphor and hyperbole all the time to better communicate and express ourselves. Clearly Stewart did not literally mean that the paparazzi are sexually violating her. Grow up people, understand how the English language is used, and stop making it so that people feel as though they have to walk on eggshells while speaking!

      • Gabbie

        Have you been raped? If not, then shut your mouth. I have and I would rather get my picture taken every day then go through that nightmare again. Yes, rape does mean more than one thing in our language. But, the most common use is sexual violation. She did PSAs for rape and when she said this it really made me angry. She needed to choose her words more carefully.

    • tipsy

      The whole Stewart brouhaha is really sad because her choice of words overshadowed the main problem here that nobody seems able to solve – outragous behavior of the razzi. It`s their constant and relentless pursuit that drove many celebs into saying or doing stuff that backfired on them while razzi keep doing their thing unscratched. I don`t think that Stewart`s words were worth all the fuss and certainly not all the condemnation she got when those who really need to be condamned are now playing a side insulted on the behaf of rape victims. Gimme a break! haven`t heard much complaint from actual victims in this case but only from people who “stand up” for them without being asked to do so.

      This rmeinds me of the backlash Daniel radcliffe suffered because of another poor choice of words. Spekaing for charity for prevention of suicides among gay youth, he said “I hate prejudice” or something like it and before you know it, he was crucified for saying “hate” while real hate-mongers were forgotten subject matter.

      So celebs don`t have it easy. Damn if they say something, damn if they don`t.

  • Madd

    Way to miss out on an Arrested Development quoting opportunity, Kristin Stewart.
    “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

    • Katja

      LOL that is the FIRST thing that crossed my mind when I saw her statement.

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