'Transformers 3': Victoria's Secret thinks Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the Megan Fox replacement

rosie-huntington-whiteleyImage Credit: Todd Williamson/WireImage.comVictoria’s Secret released a video last night congratulating Angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for landing the plum role replacing Megan Fox in Michael Bay’s upcoming Transformers 3. (Bay apparently wanted to imbue the role of Shia LaBeouf’s breathless and running babe with deep theatrical chops.) While Paramount has yet to confirm the casting, a proud Victoria’s Secret  is crowing over their leggy girl hitting the big time: “Go get ‘em Rosie!” the lingerie giant preens in the video (embedded below).

The movie will mark Huntington-Whiteley’s acting debut, unless you count the impressive S-shape she is able to contort her body into in the video. So does this young woman, with the superhumanly long torso and legs, make you any more interested in a Transformers threequel? Will she fight for world salvation in a bikini or a more sensible pair of boy-cut briefs?

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  • Martin Haro

    What a cheese move.

    • Moe

      Yeah you’d think they would actually try to improve the movie and not ruin it! The people working on this movie are f^cking stupid!

      • Emma

        Her name isn’t as hot either. Just sayin’

  • Mark

    The ironic part is no way does a nerdy-looking doof like LaBeouf get a girl who looks like either one of them.

    • yes

      “Not quite a hunk, not quite a nerd, he’s Shia LeBeouf!” – Homer Simpson

      • Jennifer

        WTF!!!!!! ive seen the other vids u made but im a tranceformers fan an U SIR DID A WONDERFULL JOB ON THIS ive never seen the show but the stylle/edits/sync was awsome 10/10 which remindes me what the hell is a brony? a brownie/horse?

    • haha

      shia is hot. and Sam is cute!

    • sugar and spice

      if billy joel can marry a christie brinkley, i can sure as hell believe shia could score a model. and have u even watched him in interviews? amazing. i prefer him over the so called “pretty boys” zac efron and rob pattinson any day of the week.

      • Shiny

        Didn’t Christie divorce Billy Joel?

      • AD

        @Shiney-what’s your point? Christie Brinkley, dated, married, and had a child with Billy Joel. Because they got divorced (years later) doesn’t disprove the point that they other post made, a man doesn’t have to be a model to attract one.

      • pish posh

        that’s the problem. women always get the short stick (no pun intended) when it comes to the dating department. somehow ugly old men think they can get whoever they want and they DO. personally, i’m holding out for someone attractive. i don’t care if people think it’s shallow. i fail to believe that women can only get guys that are substantially less attractive than they are. hold strong pretty girls. you deserve better

    • whatevs

      I agree, Mark. I think they try take out any possible hair of realism in the franchise. Shia is really a gross looking guy.

      • Emma

        I figure that neither Mark nor “whatevs” are female. Shia is very hot. Maybe not in the traditional sense (hello Orlando Bloom!) but in the 21st century, you-people-like-enormously-disproportional-lips-on-women way.

      • Evanftw

        Nope, I’m female and find Shia very unattractive. Just my opinion.

      • Dylan

        I like Shia’s personality, but if you saw him on the street you would not find him attractive, end of story. The only thing that’s sad is that once again (and again and again) the disposable, interchangeable eye candy is the female character, who will be obligated to do the standard Maxim photo shoots and pose seductively on Shia’s arm at premieres. The reverse situation, with a smoking hot male beefcake as eye candy in a movie centered around a sort of quirky plain Jane who has to save the world, just doesn’t happen.

      • Gabby

        @Emma: I actually understand why a lot of women would find Orlando Bloom classically attractive, but aside from when he was Legolas, I’ve always found him more greasy looking than attractive. :-/

  • frank

    you know, if you gave her black hair, she kinda looks like megan fox…

    • Shannon

      I though the same thing.

      • Shannon

        ^ *thought

  • LOL

    Funny how both Transformers flicks made a ton of money yet I can’t find one person who saw either one.

    • will

      I saw both and enjoyed them . You can’t see me, but am not ashamed to say they are really good movies.

      • pish posh

        you should be ashamed will. fine. enjoy them. but don’t claim they are GOOD.

    • Sarah D

      I saw them both in the theater. The second one is GAWDAWFUL, the first one was a lot of fun!

    • cb

      they are good I saw both and have watched both multiple times on my pc. I’m eagerly awaiting t3

  • Stacie

    I hadn’t really planned on seeing a Trans3 so this doesn’t really effect me. Her lips are very large though.

  • avenger

    Oh, for the love of god, I miss Megan Fox already. She’s the replacement, nothing good can come of this

    • Kylie

      seriously. there are so many hot actresses that are genuinely talented, why pick a model? Katie Cassidy would have been perfect for this.

      • will

        Well imgage is everything, I would prefer someone that can act and looks good for the role, not the role that makes them look and act good.

      • pish posh

        well,, will, then you would prefer anything else OTHER than a michael bay movie. He’s not known for the quality of his films, nor the caliber of his actors.

    • randi

      i second that! i can not see any good coming out of this – megan was part of everything from the beginning – her character is great – shia and her seem to really have good chemistry together – the dynamic between the two characters is awesome! this is a truly idiotic move and i think fans are going to be left disappointed!

  • D’s Advocate

    Movie tickets are ten bucks. The Victoria’s Secret catalog is free. Do the math, Bay.

    • Emma

      Exactly. Not to mention, she’s probably a foot taller than Shia and only has one facial expression: pout.

  • Tformers.com

    Micheal Bay SUCKS! He has to have all the skin and celebrities to make up for his lameness.

  • Chichi

    Girl has a look on her face like she’s not sure if she locked her front door.

    • wtf


    • mal

      her nose looks like she walked into the front door…….

      neck shots and down for this movie, i hope

  • T

    She looks like a Koala bear

  • Rob Grizzly

    I’m glad they’re still considering actors for acting roles. And I’m even more glad we can believe geeks like Sam Witwicky can score with super model level chicks

  • Shiny

    Casting a real actress would improve the torturous experience for moms and girlfriends who have to sit through this mess. Boys go to see the robots, so why not splurge and spend a bit more on someone who can actually act? Or is Bay making the point that actors are not necessary to sell tickets?

    • Ugly Jenny

      I couldn’t agree more. As soon as I heard any model would be Megan’s replacement, my eyes did an involuntary eye roll. Is acting quality not important? I’m not saying Transformers is the next Citizen Kane, but at least pick someone who has at least acted before instead of looking at her model portfolio.

    • Ceballos

      No to be a Bay apologist, but I don’t necessarily think the role of “girlfriend in ‘Transformers'” requires a serious actress. If Bay wants to hire a Victoria Secret Model for a role that is TOTAL eye candy, then what’s the big deal? (Although, that COULD be my guy bone talking.)

      Don’t get me wrong…I love great actors as much as everyone else. But Bay’s already cast Oscar nominee John Malkovich and Oscar WINNER Frances McDormand in this thing to fill that quota. I don’t really need to see the likes of Carey Mulligan being wasted as the eye candy in “Transformers 3.”

      • Kelsey

        As eye-rolling as it is to have Transformers turned into a three-hour beer commercial, what kind of person would wish this kind of non-role on an actress of actual talent?

      • thin

        Yep, I agree too. It’s a dumb role to start out with, so I don’t think it really makes much difference at all who they plug into it. It’s not like Megan Fox was bringing anything spectacular to the table.

      • Shiny

        But think of Karen Allen in Raiders or Sandra Bullock in Speed? Bay could scare up more fans if Shia had a human being acting next to him instead of one of those wooden puppets from Team America. In fact the wooden puppet from Team America would be the better actress, and all Bay would get from the experience would be a few splinters instead of the clap.

      • thin

        Both of those are much better-written parts than what has been given to “Sam’s girlfriend” so far. If you have an interesting role that needs some acting talent to deliver, you get an actress that can act. If you’re casting someone who just needs to know how to run and look worried sometimes, it doesn’t matter who you put into the role.

  • Ayn

    Transformers 3 must really suck if he feels the need to bring in a pretty face like a VS model… wow. My son is 5 and he likes the movies for the special effects and the robots so we’ll probably go and see it, but he’s not really going to care if the chick is Megan Fox or from the pages of VS.

    • Bobby

      Exactly.Nobody really cares who the actors are.We just want to see a bunch of robots kicking the snot out of each other.

      • me

        the hot chicks don’t hurt though

  • Jacob

    So does talent in acting not matter for Bay?? if i wanted to see a Victoria’s Secret model i would simply get a free catalog from the store. But i guess acting talent doesn’t really matter to Bay anymore.

    • cassie

      Agree… but are you suggesting that Megan Fox HAS talent? Because I have yet to see any proof of that.

    • thin

      I think the fact that Megan Fox was cast in the first place should answer whether or not Bay is concerned about acting talent, at least for this role. The bar here has not been set very high.

  • andy a

    These movies don’t NEED actresses. Her role is to play the “hot girlfriend”. She’ll do just fine. Congrats to Rosie! Transformers producers, please include a scene where she contorts her body into an impressive S-shape. Thank you.

    • Psac

      Yes, agreed, a mandatory part of the role!

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