New 'Knight and Day' trailer: Suddenly, I get it

I finally just realized why I’m psyched for Knight and Day. I can totally relate to a woman (Cameron Diaz) who wouldn’t, at first, be all that excited to be essentially held hostage by a spastic, possibly mentally unstable man, played by Tom Cruise. But then you realize how fun it could be — he’s always going to kick ass, and you get to use double guns — and you kinda warm to the idea. Especially after the beach scene, which makes you think fondly of Cocktail. If Knight and Day is half as fun as Mr. & Mrs. Smith was, it’ll be a good summer action flick. Watch the latest trailer embedded after the jump.

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  • Woot

    I am moderately surprised that this movie doesn’t look like it will suck.

    • Alia

      Likewise. Plus, I’m sort of intrigued as to how they will handle the fact that she’s three or four inches taller than he is.

      • Christine

        He usually makes the crew dig a ditch for his female costars to walk in when they are next to him-seriously

  • amie

    It does look like some cheesy good fun. I’ll go see it.

  • jenn

    It looks like a fun movie…but Tom Cruise is just so yucky.

    • Devin

      I thought the opposite. I can tolerate Cruise, but Diaz I can’t stand.

    • EAP

      Why did people forget that Tom Cruise was the biggest movie star in the world 7 years ago?

      And NOW he’s yucky. He’s a good actor, his personal life and his beliefs have nothing to do with his talent.
      This looks like a fun movie.

      • RThomas

        That was before he opened his mouth and let his stupidity show. Yucky’s the perfect word for him now.

    • avenger

      Hey, if its wrong to love Tom Cruise (as insane and cooky as he is) then I don’t wanna be right…his insanity is like part of his charm or something–plus you have to admit that smile is infectious

  • Ally

    Ehh…I’ll probably Redbox it

  • Juuust a little outside

    Tom Cruise the person is such an unappealing entity and totally douche-like, howver, his talent is undeniable. When he is good, he is one of the best, but still, his personality is so off-putting that I find myself watching his movies long after the theatrical run and surprisingly going “dang, that was really good!” MI:3 was a top-notch action movie, for which Tom Cruise the actor is perfect, but the person keeps people increasingly away from what turn out to be really good movies.

  • Lou

    People still pay to see Tom Cruise movies?

    • J

      And why aren’t they calling this MI:3 1/2 ?

    • ian g

      Your mom still paying for your groceries?

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Hmmm this certainly looks better than the movie Killers with Katherin Heigl and Ashton Kutcher…but can I overcome my animosity towards Tom Cruise? Probably

  • TorontoTom

    I think this will be yet another Dud of the Summer of ’10. Both of the leads in K&D are way past their original point of appeal. This thing could be officially sponsored by Cheeze Whiz. Looks lame.

  • Kate

    I saw this trailer the other day and now I am a little more confused about the plot, at first I thought it was the hostage situation, now I kind of am thinking she used to or is a spy too and he is somehow on the outs. I am a little confused.

    • um…

      Isn’t it obvious…Cameron Diaz is basically a Hostage…but then she falls for Tom Cruise…so she starts helping him out. How she got those gun skills during the motorcycle scene…nobody knows. :)

  • Steph

    I really dislike Tom Cruise, but I cannot find it in myself to hate these trailers for this movie. Dare I say- it looks…good.
    The bullfighting/motorcycle scene looks really good. I can’t believe that I actually want to see this.

    • Carrie

      Same here, Steph. I don’t even like Cameron Diaz either but, strangely, I wanna see this movie.

  • lalala

    Bleh, the trailer doesn’t look as interesting to me, maybe I will netflix it later.
    What I don’t get is the total outright hate for Tom Cruise. It is because of his “religion”? I assume most people started to really hate him after his Today show interview about post-pardum (sp?) depression. But if Brooke Shields, the person he targetted his comments at, can forgive him and actually be friends with him… And you always hear about his extreme friendliness and professionalism on the movie sets. He’s not out driving drunk, doing drugs, etc. I’m not even his fan (the only movie I ever saw of his was Jerry Maguire). I’m just baffled about the extreme hate for him. I reserve “hate” for those that actually actively try to hurt people. I just wonder about this, if someone can give me some insight.

    • KEVIN

      Wow, I completely agree with you! Why is the viewing public so forgiving of drunks, addicts, abusers, etc. But Tom Cruise is unforgiveable for being…outspoken??

    • Catherine

      Well said. I don’t get it either as I found him to be no less worse or better than most of the celebrities!

    • Marcelo

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  • Lu

    MY hesitation comes from Cameron Diaz not TCruise. I am not a CDiaz fan, like I cringe when she speaks, but this seemed like it would be a fun rental movie some day.

    • Madd

      Same. I actually still love Tom Cruise, but Diaz annoys me.

    • Devin

      I agree.

  • David

    I agree. The first batch of trailers released a couple of months ago painted the movie as a action-comedy with Diaz being held as a “hostage”. The new trailers are now taking a more serious action movie tone with Diaz’s character suddenly appearing more confident with a gun. It’s never a good sign for a film when its advertising strategy and its perceived target audience changes so suddenly. It usually means the movie itself is all over the place and the studio is having a hardtime figuring out how to market it. Not too excited about Cruise, but I do like the director whose last outing was 3:10 to Yuma. Granted, he had better talent to work with last time with Bale and Crowe.

    • Jacob

      This trailer is almost identical to ones already previously seen, save for a few more “moments.” This screams action-comedy, just like the other one’s did.
      If anything, this film’s marketing needs to lighten up on the action stuff, and focus on the romance, so as to pull in the hesitant female demographic willing to endure a little gun-play in exchange for little lovin’.

    • kim in kentucky

      I agree — the first ones made it look like a light comedy (for women) with a little action (for men) thrown in

  • petuniafromhell

    aurght!!! I try really hard to hate Tom Cruise or at least make non-stop fun of him but I the end of the day, I’ve enjoyed the movies he’s made after the “couch” incident.

  • Ayn

    Ick. Can’t stand Cruise.

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